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Welcome to Liberty City Online, your home to the online web serial, Liberty City! Currently in its fifth season, here you will find all of the information concerning the series from in-depth character bios, full-length episodes, and detailed history surrounding the serial and website.



Season One (2010)

Season Two (2011)

Season Three (2012)

Season Four (2013)

Season Five (2022–2023)

00 Recap Recap Recap Recap Recap
01 The Pilot The Aftermath, Part I What If? Ruins of the City V (Writer’s Cut)
02 Three Years The Aftermath, Part III Never Be the Same Again Redemption is Near Meet the Carraways
03 A Secret Comes Out Admission Submission A Match Made in Hell All In Love is Fair Balancing the Boundary
04 The Wedding Day Hello Friend Welcome Home, but Not to My Family It’s All Coming Back to Me I Came Back for You
05 A Change Is Comin’ Unfamiliar Settings The Intervention Every Now and Then Conflicts
06 Honeymoon Is Over Memorial Address My Life is Your Life The Verge Don’t Know You Now
07 Honesty Ghostly Sights It’s Over for You No Longer Bound Truth
08 As I Am Timely Matters Keep Your Enemies Close It’s All Relative Instant Love
09 Good News, Bad News Savings Of a Lifetime, Part I A Murderer is Loose Are You Home? Eyes of Lust
10 Revelations Savings Of a Lifetime, Part II Take a Chance Dancing Queen Horizon
11 The First Goodbye The Second Goodbye The Third Goodbye The Fourth Goodbye The Fifth Goodbye
12 The Aftermath, Part II Hurts Just a Little Wake Me Up Over to You Now
13 Thanksgiving, 2011 Unexpected Arrivals Memorial Changes
14 My Dirty Little Secret, Part I I Found You Tate
15 My Dirty Little Secret, Part II Let You Go Cut Loose
16 Decision Gained, Decision Lost Second Chances Not the Enemy
17 Climbing Up a Wall The One Finalization
18 So This is Love? Broken Home All the Lies
19 Death and a Wedding Thanksgiving, 2012 Thanksgiving, 2013
20 Season of Truths Let it Snow Bound and Broken
21 Is It Me You Want, or Is It Him? The End of the Road, Part I Frozen, Part I
22 I Choose You! The End of the Road, Part II Frozen, Part II