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3×12 Wake Me Up

3×12 • Wake Me Up…
19 October 2012
Written by: Scott Andrews 

Previously on Liberty City:
Adam and Ava confront Madison
Galvin warns Tori about reuniting with Garrett
Lisa makes a very special offer to Garrett concerning his job at LCPD
Jamie and Shirley discuss Jamie’s impending nuptials and future
Madison leaves town, per the request of her ex-husband and daughter

SCENE ONE: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

The Buzz Café is draped with a warm-colored tint to it. The fall light shines through the crystal clear windows, and the sound of its patrons filling the atmosphere of joy and light. Out on the lanai, Courtney Willis enters into the café looking well rested and glowing with happiness.

As she makes her way into the main establishment, she walks up to the counter and is greeted by Braden Montez. He greets, “Hey Courtney, long time no see! How have you been?”

“Hello Braden. I’ve been busy. Just got back from my summer in Europe. Enjoyed my time and I’m happy to be back in Liberty City. What’s new with you?”

“Oh nothing. Mathew and Ameera are happier than ever. And Shontelle seems to be settling in fine,” Braden responds handing Courtney her regular coffee with an extra shot of espresso.

Courtney smiles and responds, “Good I’m glad. Find love in any of the right places?” “No. How about you?”

“I did find love in Europe. The purest love a person could possibly find,” Courtney responds with a big grin upon her face.

SCENE TWO: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

[ The role of Dillon Smithson will now be portrayed by Connor Christie ]

Dillon opens up the door to his mother’s home, and makes his way quietly into the home. As the door closes, Jamie exclaims from within the kitchen, “Dillon! Is that you?” “Yeah mom, it’s me,” Dillon exclaims back.

Jamie rushes her way out of the kitchen and into the living room, and immediately hugs her son. She states, “Oh Gosh, you’ve grown so much! How was summer camp? Did you enjoy it? Were the kids nice to you?”

“It was fine mom. It was summer camp. I’ve gone every year since I was six. The kids haven’t changed much,” Dillon slyly responds. “I sent you away a refined young man and you returned a teenager with an attitude. Got to love those hormonal changes.”

“Yeah I guess so,” Dillon responds. Jamie snaps and questions, “Excuse me? Did you say something?”

“No, ma’am. I didn’t.”

“I thought so. Now go upstairs and wash up. Lunch will be ready anytime now.”

As Dillon storms his way upstairs, Jamie shakes her head in disbelief. She remarks out loud, “Hard to believe my little man is growing into a young man.” After she lets out a big sigh, she remarks, “I’m getting too old for this job.”

SCENE THREE: Liberty City Hotel, Room 534
}300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

[ Due to the absence of Terri Conn, the role of Leah Brighton will be portrayed in this episode by Melissa Archer ]

Leah enters into her living quarters of her hotel room. She quickly tidies up her coffee table, and makes sure all clothing items are kept folded away in her armoire. As she puts the final articles of clothing away, a knock is heard at her door. She quickly makes her way to the door, peaking her eye through the peep-hole of her door.

She opens the door to see Anneliese Perry standing in the doorway. “Anneliese,” she greets, “Thank you so much for coming.”

“Of course. I don’t generally receive personal calls from Liberty City residents,” Anneliese remarks. “Oh, of course. I just needed someone to make a personal call right now.” “Is everything okay?”

Leah signals Anneliese to sit down on the couch. She states, “Things are going well if that’s what you want to know.”

“Then why would you invite me here, Leah? It doesn’t make sense,” Anneliese responds.

“I’ve been trying to conceive and it’s not working.”

“You’re knowingly trying to conceive?”

“My boyfriend and I have been discussing it. Things are moving rather quickly and I think it’s the step we want to take.”

“But you’re unable to achieve a pregnancy?”

“No. I’ve achieved numerous pregnancies. It’s keeping that is the problem,” Leah confesses.

Anneliese questions, “You’ve suffered a miscarriage?” “Several. That’s why we want the baby so much.”

“Leah, you’re putting your body through something extreme. It needs time to heal.”

“I don’t have time to heal Anneliese. If I don’t have this baby, I’ll lose Galvin. He was so upset when we lost the baby. I just want him to be happy and give him this baby,” Leah pleads with Anneliese.

Anneliese’s face grows into a worried state about Leah’s demeanor and words.

SCENE FOUR: Bunker Hill Medical Center
1201 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Jason enters into the newly build medical center, where he sees his father standing at the main desk. “Hello dad,” Jason greets in a surprising shock to his father. Derek turns around and responds, “Jason! How have you been? Did you enjoy your summer break?” “Of course I did. It was fun. I always wanted to visit Europe.”

Jason takes a look around the newly built structure and remarks in praise, “Wow! You did an amazing job dad on the building of the medical center. I didn’t think it’d truly happen.” “Thanks son. I didn’t think it would happen, either. But luckily we broke ground right about the time you left,” Derek says. “Is that a jab at me?” “Oh no, of course not. We just got some surprising funding over the summer.”

As the men walk into the main offices of the medical center, both Derek and Jason sit down as Derek hands Jason a glass of water. “So,” Derek begins to ask, “What happened in Europe?”

Jason smiles and responds, “Everything happened in Europe.” “Everything? Sounds like someone found a woman.” “No dad, the woman; the woman of my dreams. She’s everything I never thought I’d find again.”

SCENE FIVE: Jason’s Pub
|48 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

The door to Jason’s Pub opens up and Galvin walks steadily into the establishment. Upon his entrance, Galvin scopes out the pub to find Tori and Garrett sitting at a table adjacent to the entrance of the pub. He slowly begins to merge his way closer to his estranged brother and his wife, who are patiently awaiting his arrival.

“Hello guys,” Galvin greets almost unwilling to even give an emotion to his voice.

“Hi Galvin,” Tori exclaims with slight excitement in her voice. Garrett greets, “Hey bro. What took you so long?”

“Oh, traffic sucked. People coming and going now that the summer is over and classes are back in bloom.”

“How’s Leah? I haven’t seen her out in a while,” Tori says inquiring to Galvin. Galvin lets out a slight smirk and responds, “She’s fine. Been a bit under the weather lately, but over-all, she’s fine.”

“That’s good to hear,” Garrett remarks.

SCENE SIX: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Dustin opened the door to The City Art Gallery and entered into the establishment with great vigor. “Jamie,” Dustin exclaims out, hoping to catch the attention of his ex-wife. As she continues to exclaim out, each time much louder and powerful than the last, Chelsea finds her way out from the back room of the gallery.

“Excuse me,” she remarks. “Can I help you?”

Dustin’s attention turns to Chelsea as he responds, “Yes. I’m looking for Jamie Lane. Is she here?”

Chelsea responds, “No. I’m sorry. She isn’t. May I ask who’s asking for her?”

“Umm,” Dustin begins to respond, only pausing to question whether he should or not. “You can tell her that Dustin just came by to see if she was picking up Dillon.”

As Dustin begins to walk out of the Gallery, Chelsea chimes in, “So you’re Dustin?”

“Yes, I am. How do you know who I am,” Dustin remarks as he stops himself from exiting becoming slightly intrigued by the thought of how much knowledge Chelsea truly knew about him.

SCENE SEVEN: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Intrigued by Courtney’s very ominous response to his question, Braden follows Courtney to the side bar, where she stood grabbing several napkins and a stirring straw for her drink.

He asks her, “That’s all?” “That’s all what,” Courtney responds as if she hadn’t a clue what he was speaking of. “You know what I’m talking about Courtney. Now spill it. Or I’ll go digging.”

Courtney lets out a giggle and responds, “Go digging? What are you going to do, involve the cops?” “My father-in-law is a cop you know. I could have him go digging for me,” Braden responds.

As the pair look at each other, they both break their seriousness and break out into immediate laughter.

Breaking from their laughter, Courtney remarks, “There’s really nothing to speak about. I’m not even sure he’s thinking about me. He could be moving on right now.”

Braden asks, “Does he live in Liberty City or somewhere else?” “Liberty City, but who knows if I’ll ever see him with how busy work is about to become,” Courtney responds.

As she takes a sip of her coffee, she exclaims, “Shit! I’m late for work. I’ve got to jet. Catch up later Braden!”

“You too! Good to see you,” Braden quickly says as she waves his goodbye to Courtney.

SCENE EIGHT: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

In his room, Dillon continues to unpack his bags after returning from camp. At his door, Jamie knocks and slightly opens the door. She questions, “Can I come in? Or is the teenage monster going to yell at me some more?”

Dillon lets out a slight laugh, hoping his mother did not hear and responds, “Yeah, sure.” Jamie smiles and makes her way into her son’s room carrying a plate of food.

“I thought you might want some home-cooked food since you’ve been at camp for so long,” Jamie remarks to her son. Dillon responds, “Thanks. But I ate on the bus.” “Okay, I’ll leave it your desk.”

As Jamie places the plate of food on her son’s desk, she sits on the edge of his bed and slowly begins to help unpacking his bags.

“Mom, I don’t need help unpacking. I can take care of it myself,” Dillon remarks in disbelief of his mother touching his belongings.

Jamie jumps back and responds, “Okay. I’m sorry. Just thought you would want some help is all. Trying to be motherly is all.” “I get it, and I appreciate it. I’m just adjusting to being home is all. I need some space,” Dillon responds.

“Okay. I respect that. Just know that no matter what, I’m still your mother and I can still bug you all I want,” Jamie jokes with Dillon. As she moves a piece of Dillon’s hair out of his face, he jerks and makes a face that of a teenager annoyed by their parent’s over-bearing protections.

Jamie jumps and apologies, “Sorry! I know. Leaving now.”

As Jamie gets up and heads to the door, Dillon says, “Mom. Thanks.” Jamie pauses and responds, “You’re welcome. Dinner is in a couple of hours.”

As Jamie closes the door, Dillon immediately takes the shirt that his mother was to put away and unwraps it. He breathes a sigh of relief; happy his mother hadn’t seen what he was hiding.

SCENE NINE: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As Chelsea stands in the main space of the Art Gallery, she begins to struggle while holding a large piece of artwork. As the artwork begins to slip from her fingers, she questions to Dustin, “Do you mind?” Taken aback by the question, Dustin jumps in his place as he swiftly moves to help Chelsea with the handling of the artwork. As he helps Chelsea place the artwork down against the wall, he repeats his own question, “So how do you know who I am?”

“Excuse me,” Chelsea inquires. Recollecting to a few moments ago and re-phrasing his question, Dustin states, “Well when I told you to talk to Jamie about seeing if she was picking Dillon up, you mentioned that I’m Dustin, so I was just wondering how you knew that I was Dustin.” “Oh,” Chelsea says in a slight embarrassed chuckle as she wipes her hands together, hoping to bring some of the feeling back to her fingers after holding the painting.

“Jamie is my employer Dustin, so she’s going to talk about who you are,” she explains in a brief statement. Pressing his lips together slightly and nodding his head in agreement, Dustin responds, “So she talks about me? Seems pretty close for an employer, don’t you think?”

Not impressed by Dustin’s viewpoint, Chelsea let’s out an intriguing smirk. “I never said we were close,” Chelsea responds with a snarky tone in her voice. “I only said that she has talked about who you are.” With a shocked expression on his face, Dustin defends, “Whoa I’m sorry if I upset you. She probably didn’t tell you I could be a bit of a jokester and button-pusher.”

“Oh no, she told me that. Growing up with older male cousins, you kind of get used to that kind of behavior.” Turning the conversation back to his main question, he asks, “So did Jamie say where she was going?”

“Yes,” Chelsea responds. “She said one of the parents from the camp would be giving Dillon a ride home today, and that she would call you when he got in and was settled.” Satisfied with the answer given to him, Dustin begins to head toward the door, stating, “Okay. Well, thank you Ms.,” Dustin pauses as he’s aware of Chelsea’s name.

“McIntosh. Chelsea McIntosh,” she says filling in the blank left empty by Dustin. As the pair shakes hands, Dustin extends, “Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of each other.”

“Don’t be so lucky,” Chelsea jokes back as Dustin exits the Art Gallery.

SCENE TEN: Liberty City Hotel, Room 534
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Still concerned with Leah’s demeanor, Anneliese questions, “Leah you’re speaking about this child as if it’s the key your relationship with Galvin succeeding. Are you sure about this?”

“Yes I’m sure. It’s everything we want to happen in our lives,” Leah comments. Anneliese questions, “Leah is there something else going on that you’re not telling me about?”

Looking bereft, Leah places her hand over her mouth while thinking about a way to respond correctly to Anneliese’s question. Taking a moment to herself, Leah makes her way over to a dresser drawer, and immediately takes a folder out from underneath a folded pile of clothing.

“Is it,” Leah responds, handing over the folder to Anneliese.

Confused, Anneliese asks, “What is this?” “It’s proof,” Leah responds.

“Proof about what?”

“Proof that Galvin’s in love with his sister-in-law,” Leah remarks with a frightened tone of her voice. Opening the folder, Anneliese see’s pictures of Tori and Galvin during the time of Tori’s arrival into town.

Confused, Anneliese questions, “What is it I’m looking at?” “Look at his eyes, there’s passion there that I’ve never seen before,” Leah replies, becoming anxious.

“Keep looking,” she encourages. As Anneliese continues to look at the photos, some appear to show Galvin and Tori in intimate corners with each other.

“You don’t know what these even mean Leah,” Anneliese says in hopes to comfort Leah. Unconvinced, Leah responds, “I suppose. But they look far too close for comfort.”

Anneliese puts the folder down, turns to Leah and assures her, “Leah you know that Galvin loves you. When you two are around each other, he has eyes for no one else. You’ve got to put this Tori woman out of your mind. You have Galvin; you don’t need a baby to keep him. Babies should not be used that way.”

Perplexed by the confliction of her heart and her head, Leah takes a deep sigh out as she contemplates her next move.

48 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Sitting at a table with his brother and sister-in-law, Galvin takes several sips of his beer while snacking on some of the bar snacks provided by Jason’s.

“So you’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately, what is that about,” Garrett asks of his younger sibling. Swallowing one of his many sips of beer, Galvin responds, “I haven’t been that absent, have I?”

“You kind of have,” Tori remarks interjecting the conversation in a non-judgmental tone. “Well,” Galvin begins to respond. “It’s nothing serious, honestly. I’ve just been focused on getting my ducks in a row.”

Chucking, Garrett teases, “Ducks in a row? What are you, fresh out of high school?” “No smartass,” Galvin responds, throwing a broken piece of a pretzel at his brother. “I’m just focusing my time on my future. You know, making those important decisions about my life and where I’m headed.”

Peaked with intrigue, Tori twirls the straw in her drink and questions, “Does that include a proposal to one very special lady?”

“It just might,” Galvin distantly responds with a somewhat disappointed, yet convincing smirk on his face, before repeating: “It just might.”

SCENE TWELVE: Bunker Hill Medical Center
1201 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Walking through the hallways of the newly developed Medical Center, Derek questions his son with more interest about the supposed dream girl that Jason had met during the summer months. “So, how serious are things with this so-called dream woman?”

“Dad, I’m not twelve or sixteen. I’m an adult. I take things very cautiously,” Jason assures to his father, despite his obvious over the moon glow of discovering that new love feeling inside of his heart.

Realizing he might only be slightly embarrassing his son, Derek assures, “Okay, okay. I won’t press this issue. It’s just nice finally seeing you happy again, son. And if this mystery woman makes you happy, then I’m happy.”

As Derek and Jason make their way outside of the Medical Center and towards the nearly emptied parking lot, Derek questions, “So tell me one thing. Where is this woman from? I mean, you met her in Europe, so what part of the country is she from?”

“I never said she was from Europe, I only said I met her in Europe,” Jason answers. “Oh, then where is she from,” Derek questions, taken aback by his son’s answer.

“She’s from here, Liberty City,” Jason responds with a slight smile on his face.


As their night out comes to an end, Galvin shakes Garrett’s hand goodbye as they go on their own separate ways. When approached by Tori, she remarks, “You found a good one in Leah, Galvin. I don’t think you could’ve done any better.” Kissing his sister-in-law on the cheek, Galvin reluctantly responds, “Yeah, I know. I’m lucky myself.” As Garrett and Tori walk towards their car, Galvin looks on as he wonders if he truly could do better as he heads towards his own vehicle.

As Jamie prepares to put dinner on the table, Dillon comes down the staircase and surprisingly hugs his mother, who is taken aback by Dillon’s surprising affection. As he takes his place at the dinner table, Derek walks through the front door and happily greets Jamie with a kiss on the lips. Dillon’s face makes a gesture of semi-disgust at seeing his mother kiss someone, leaving Derek and Jamie chuckling at his reaction. They sit down together to eat the meal cooked for them by Jamie., as one cohesive family.

While gathering her belongings, Anneliese heads toward the door to leave Leah’s hotel room door. “Leah,” Anneliese states. “I know you think you’re aware of what you’re doing, but I just hope you think about what we’ve discussed.” Smiling in assurance, Leah opens the hotel room door, to be greeted by Galvin, who was returning from his own evening out. As Anneliese and Galvin exchange brief pleasantries, he greets Leah with a passionate kiss, as she closes the door, leading to what could only be believed as a night of passion between the lovers.

Arriving into the Liberty City Hotel after a brief visit to her work, Courtney makes her way towards the elevator up to her room, only to be stopped by a Hotel employee and was instructed someone was awaiting her in the Lounge. Peaked with intrigue, Courtney fluffs herself up a bit before making her way towards the lounge. Sighting a darkened male sitting at the bar, she slithers her way over and is greeted by Jason Spencer, the male she had met while on her visits to Europe. The pair embraces in a deeply passionate kiss, before walking towards the elevator to head to Courtney’s room for a night of pure passion.

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