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2×04 Hello Friend

2×04: Hello Friend 

Previously on Liberty City:
Susan confronts Jason and advices him to move out.
Cristina finds a new friend and employee in Tori, despite knowing her past.
Donna reveals the truth to Jennifer.
Dustin and Jessica are shocked by how Jamie responds to them.

Scene One: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina sits down in her bedroom in front of her vanity. She grabs her brush and begins to slowly brush her hair, gently and caringly. As she continues to brush her hair, hands begin to massage her shoulders, leading her to close her eyes and let out sweet sighs of enjoyment. As she begins to really enjoy the mystery hands, the doorbell to the apartment rings, snapping her out of what turned out to be a daydream.

As she puts her brush down, she hurries herself to the door, where the bell rings again. She pulls the chain lock out and unlocks the door, opens it and sees Donna standing there. Both ladies just stand there and look at each other, not knowing what to say, making things extremely awkward.

Scene Two: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Both Jessica and Dustin sit in the living room, debating each other back and forth about their first visit with Jamie at the hospital since her accident. “Did she really say that?” questioned Jessica. “Yes, she did. I heard it,” said Dustin. As Jessica continues to pace back and forth Dustin says, “Do you mind sitting? Pacing back and forth isn’t helping the situation hun.” “Oh sorry,” Jessica snipes. “Is it making you nauseated or is that just Monica?” “That’s not nice, your mother and I raised you better than that.

Jessica takes in a deep sigh and finally sits down. “I know. It’s just, mom thought you were her husband,” she says in a concerned voice. “I know. But you know what the doctor said, memory loss is expected after this kind of trauma.” “But so far back that she still thinks you’re married to her? Obviously she doesn’t remember the divorce.” Dustin lets out a sigh and confesses, “I know. And that’s going to hurt for Derek. And it’s best we don’t tell Monica either.” Jessica turns her face to Dustin, and gives a look of disapproval.

At the top of the staircase, behind the couch, Monica is seen standing, eavesdropping on their conversation, placing her hands on her stomach. “Like Hell that bitch will steal you two away from me,” Monica says in a whisper and walks off towards her bedroom.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane walks into The Buzz Café and walks up to the main counter. The barista asks her what she’d like to drink. “I’ll just have a coffee, black,” she orders. “Oh and a cinnamon bun! Thank you!” She then takes a seat and nearby table. She quickly looks at her watch, to see the time. “Expecting me to be late?” Adam asks.

Diane turns her head, sees Adam and just smiles. “No, right on time. I actually just ordered,” Diane replies retaining her smile. Adam takes off his jacket, and takes a seat at the same table with Diane. As the barista comes over with Diane’s order Adam says, “Is there any way I could get what she’s having?” The barista nods and walks away. Adam looks at Diane and says, “Coffee black?” “You remembered. And don’t forget the cinnamon bun.” “Well I remember when we were younger it was just the coffee. You’re living on the wild side now.” “Hey, working as a lawyer makes me live on the wild side every day. I mean, I’m always on call for my clients. I mean, I have one living with me now.

Adam questions, “A client living with you? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?” Diane takes a sip of her coffee and says, “Usually, yes. But this is just a divorce case. And the poor thing was going to live in a hotel, and I didn’t see it fair. And her family is in a tough spot right now, so I figured why not offer up my home?” “You always were a generous, warmhearted person.

Both Adam and Diane exchange smiles, showing a connection between each other.

Scene Four: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda walks up to the Nurses Station. There, she asks, “Okay, so who has a chart for me?” A resident nurse says, “Here’s one, Exam Room 1.” Brenda picks up the chart and walks behind the curtain of Exam Room 1 and greets a child, no older than 10 and his frantic mother. “Hello, I’m Dr. Brenda Montez. What do we have here?” Brenda introduces and asks. “Well, this is my son and he was outside with his friends riding his bike. And he fell off and scraped his knee and I didn’t know what to do.” Brenda then looks at the boy and goes, “And what’s your name?” “Tony,” the boy replies. “Well Tony luckily for you and your mother here, this is an easy fix. All we need to do is clean up your wound and give you a stitch or two. And maybe something to make sure the pain stops. How does that sound to you?” “Good,” Tony says with a smile.

As Brenda washes her hands and wets of cloth, she looks in the mirror of the exam room. In the mirror she sees Roxanne Stevens. Startled by what she sees, she quickly lashes herself around, only to not see Roxanne anymore. As she looks bad into the mirror, Roxanne is no longer there. “Doctor, are you okay?” asks the mother. “Yes,” says Brenda. “Now let’s get to cleaning this shall me?” Tony nods, and Brenda begins to clean the wound, focusing on her work and not the vision she just had.

Scene Five: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Hello Cristina, may I come in?” asks Donna standing at the doorway. Cristina extends her arm to welcome her in. “Donna I wasn’t expecting to see you, especially after how I ditched you last time,” Cristina said as she closed the door and followed Donna into the living room.

I know, but you were busy with work. And I’m sure it all went fine?” “Yes, it went fine. Thank you. So how are adjusting to life back in Liberty City?” asks Cristina. “Oh fine. Logan is still amazing company as I’m sure you’re aware of,” Donna says to which Cristina nods in agreement. “And I’m just adjusting to life. Living at the Hotel right now. But considering renting an apartment or something.” Cristina says, “Apartment? You’re moving here?” “Yeah, I mean do you object?” Cristina shakes her head, approving of the idea.

Donna looks down at the coffee table, and there she sees plans for Tim’s funeral. “Oh, I interrupted. I’m so sorry Cristina. Do you want me to go?” “No those are from last night. Actually, that’s a lie. They’re from a few nights ago. I’ve been meaning to bring them to Logan to finalize and then send off,” Cristina says. “You have to finalize with Logan?” “Yes, I mean Tim may have been my husband but he was her son. And I may hate her, but I can’t be nasty.

Donna grabs Cristina by the hand and says, “Be nasty! After all she put you two through, pay her back. You were his wife, you were meant to spend life together. You’re honoring him by doing this.” “I know, but I feel like he’d want me to involve her.” “Did she involve you in any of her decisions?

Cristina stands there and ultimately debates whether or not she’ll finalize the plans with or without Logan. “If I do, it could piss her off. But then again, she could try and change them if I show her.” “So then what’s your decision?

Cristina picks up the papers, grips them tightly and bites your bottom lip at the thought of the decision she needed to make.

Scene Six: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Jessica and Dustin sit and ponder what they are going to do about Jamie. As they continue to sit, the door bell rings. Dustin pops up and walks over to the door. Upon opening the door, he is greeted by Jamie and Monica’s younger sister Sophie. “Hello Dustin. Long time no see?” greets Sophie. “Sophie, it’s wonderful to see you,” Dustin replies.

Aunt Sophie? Oh my goodness! It is you!” Jessica exclaims. “Oh my little Jessie, how are you doing? Everything going good?” “As well as could be expected. Did you hear about mom?” “Jamie? What happened?” As Sophie turns to ask Dustin the same question, she spots Monica at the top of the stairs.

Hello sister,” Monica says. “Hello Monica,” Sophie replies, in a deep tone. As Monica steps down the stairs, she hugs Sophie, who quickly pulls away. The action leaves Monica dumbfounded. “So what’s going on with Jamie? Will someone share this information with me?” Sophie demands. “Well I figured that’s why you were here,” Monica says. “I didn’t ask you Monica. I asked Dustin and Jessica,” Sophie bluntly replies to her sister.

There was an accident on the way home from seeing you and Grandma,” Jessica confessed. With a look of horror, Sophie asks, “Did she survive?” “Yes, but there’s complications. But doctors seem optimistic.” “I need to see her, now.

Okay, I’ll take you and we can go together,” Monica says. “No,” Sophie objects. “You’ve already hurt our sister too much. Just stay out of this. Jessica, can you take me?” Jessica replies,
I would love to, but I actually have a meeting with my lawyer.” “Lawyer?” “Yes, I’ll explain over coffee tomorrow. Okay, love you.” Jessica then kisses Dustin and Sophie, grabs her purse and leaves.

Sophie looks at Dustin who says, “I’d take you, but Little D is with Derek so I have to go pick him up.” Dustin then grabs his coat and leaves. “So I guess you’re stuck with me,” says Monica with a hint of happiness.

As Monica goes to leave, Sophie grabs her arm and says, “Listen, you may have been making nice with Jamie before she left but you’re not making nice with me. What you did to her and her family is disgusting. If you had done that to me, you wouldn’t be breathing right now but I guess Jamie is nicer than I am.” In a stern look and tone Monica says, “Listen Sophie Alexis Michaels, as your older sister I may forewarn you, while you’ve been away playing perfect family with your husband, I’ve been here battling every single person in this family, all because Dustin and I love each other. People like you just can’t understand that. You will not analyze me or treat me like one of your patients.” Sophie with a demeanor of someone who had just been insulted to all high Hell replies, “I listened. Now you listen, I’ve watched you for years go after everything Jamie had. Took you years but you finally got Dustin, but it took you opening your legs to get him. You brought him a thrill, but it will only be a matter of time before the thrill dies. And I assume it will be when your child comes. So live in this luxury for as long as you can. Because I assure you, it won’t last long. I didn’t come to town to bicker or play games; I came to see Jamie and her family, not yours.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
As Brenda finishes up Tony’s injury, she wraps a bandage around it. “Okay, that should be it. But I’m going to send you home with a few more bandages for the next few days as he’ll probably continue to ooze. But come back and see me in about two weeks and we’ll see how you’re doing,” Brenda says to Tony and his mother. “And you young man, be more careful. Pretty soon you’re going to give your mother gray hairs like I have from my son. And remember, wear a helmet.

As Brenda leads them out of the exam room, and over to the Nurses Station, she grabs the mother more bandages. As she hands them to the mother, she once again sees Roxanne. She quickly sends the mother and son on their ways, to go rush after Roxanne, who sneaks away. She then receives a text message from a Blocked Number that says: You’ll never catch me. Brenda texts back sayingWho are you? And automatically receives a message back saying the Blocked Number is No Longer Available. Brenda leans up against a post, feeling beaten and defeated.

Scene Eight: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
So how is business? You a hot shot lawyer of the town now? Adam asks. “Yeah, I guess you could say I am. And business is good. I don’t go up against the D.A. or anything so I mean, I’m level-headed at least,” Diane replies with a slight giggle.

How about you? What business are you in?” Diane asks. “I do construction, carpentry. Just living life, making up for lost time now.” Adam and Diane both catch each other eyes, only for Diane to notice the time. “Wow. I sure have lost track of time.” “Really? Got a hot date?” As Diane gulps down her final sip of coffee she replies, “You could say that. Busy gal. You’re not the only one I had plans with today. But it’s been great fun, we need to do it again.” “Yeah, maybe over an uninterrupted dinner?

As both Diane and Adam get up, they are bumped into each other. “Yeah, I’d love that,” Diane says. As they both lean in closer to each other, Diane’s phone interrupts them. “Oh shoot. I have to go, it’s a client. It’s very important.” “Okay, see you later!” Adam then goes and leaves, with Diane leaving the opposite way. Both turn to look back at each other, but at different times, realizing the other person could possibly be the missing link in each other’s lives.

Scene Nine
Cristina walks Donna to the door. “You sure you wanna do this?” Donna asks. Cristina replies with a positive, “Yes, you’re going to deliver it for me?” “Yes. Don’t worry, I have your back.” Donna then leaves, leaving Cristina with just a smile of satisfaction.

 Diane goes to leave Buzz, and runs into Jennifer Johnson. Both ladies exchange pleasantries and both go their separate ways. As Jennifer orders her coffee, an unknown voice calls out, “Jennifer? Jennifer Hughes?” Jennifer turns around and is shocked by who she sees and says, “Galvin? Is that you?