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1×10 Revelations

1×10: Revelations

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Brenda tells Braden to stay away from Roxanne.
Diane has an intense reunion with Adam.
Patricia sits by Cassandra’s side.
Jessica tells Jason she wants a divorce.

Scene One: The Stevens’ Residence
Brenda opens the door from the bedroom to enter into the Hallway. As she begins to walk towards the kitchen, she hears the sound of papers coming from a room behind her. She then realizes the door to the Study is open. She walks to the door slightly ajar, and opens it more to see Mathew sitting at his desk looking over his paperwork concerning his divorce.

 As she makes a subtle movement, Mathew notices her in the doorway and says, “Oh, baby I didn’t see you there.” “I didn’t want to disturb you. You seemed deep in thought,” Brenda replies. “Yeah, I was. I’m just trying to figure these divorce papers out; looking over everything from the marriage to recant her spousal support filing. I never wanted it to get this far.” “I know Mathew, but she’s the one who made the decision to leave town and visit her parents, very well knowing that there was a big chance the marriage would not reconcile itself,” Brenda assures to Mathew, hoping to relief his stress load.

 Mathew looks at Brenda, realizing she’s dressed for work and comments, “Well don’t you look gorgeous today.” “I look gorgeous every day,” Brenda jokingly says. “I have to go to the hospital today. Cassandra Brighton isn’t doing any better, so I might have to change her meds.” Mathew opens his arms, hugs Brenda and says, “Well baby, have a wonderful day. Save some lives. And maybe I can stop by between my shifts for lunch?” “I’d like that. Just give me a call when you can,” Brenda says as she walks out of the study, and leaves for the day.

Scene Two: Dan/Leah’s Residence
Leah comes down the stairs, and walks through the living room and into the kitchen where she finds Dan sitting at the table, enjoying a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal. “Good morning early bird,” Leah greets to him. Dan smiles and replies, “Good morning. Oh, by the way your mother left early this morning.
She left? I thought she was down here or still in bed?” “I woke up a while ago to find a note saying she went to the hospital to see Cassandra.

Leah picks up the note, looks at it and reveals, “She left this last night. She never even came home.


Scene Three: Liberty City Memorial
Patricia lays asleep in a chair, with her head next to Cassandra’s body and her hand holding her daughter’s hoping for a chance of her to wake up. As she awakens, she sees the light she had once seen before. Behind the light, she sees Cassandra. She begins to reach out only to not be able to reach her in time, awakening from her sleep. She is awoken by Brenda Montez. “Ms. Brighton,” Brenda begins. “You’ve been here all night. Don’t you think you should go home to rest?” Patricia gives Brenda a look of shock and says, “No, I think, no I know I should stay here with my daughter. I’ll never leave her side.

Brenda nods and then says, “We need to discuss her treatments.” “Her treatments? Why, is she coming back to us? Is she coming out of her coma?” “No, she’s actually not coming out. And in order to further her progress of potentially coming out I’d possibly like to try new treatments.

Patricia looked up at Brenda with a confused looks. “Cassandra has been the coma for a while, and we think something else might be at the point of the issue keeping her from waking up. We’re hoping to try and trigger something to wake her up,” Brenda tries to explain. “New treatments? I thought you said what you were giving her was the only thing that wouldn’t kill her. Are you purposefully keeping her in this coma?

Brenda takes a breath in and reveals, “No. But we’re trying to open her up into coming back to you and her daughter. I checked on Claire, and she seems to be doing well.” Patricia questions, “Claire? Who’s Claire?” “Your granddaughter. I thought you knew that Dan made the decision on Claire.

Patricia turns to Cassandra, looking at her body and holding her hand, and quickly begins to calculate things inside of her mind.

Scene Four: Town House #2
Diane walks out of her bathroom, fully dressed in jeans and a red shirt. She then walks over to her dining room table, where she gathers her paperwork and stacks them into a neatly looking pile. As she begins to gather things for her briefcase, she hears a knock at her door.

 As Diane begins to open the door, she yells out “Who’s there?” to which a voice replies “Jessica Spencer.” A relieved look appeared on Diane’s face. She opens the door and says, “Jessica. Please come in.” As she extends her arm to welcome Jessica in she says, “I wasn’t expecting you. To what can I thank for this pleasant visit?

 Jessica turns to Diane and bluntly says, “I want a divorce from Jason, and I want you to be my lawyer.” “A divorce? Are you sure? I mean, last I heard you and Jason were happily married.” “About as happy as he is with his mistress. I’m tired of coming second to everything and everyone else in his life.

 “Well are you sure you want to divorce him? You don’t want to try and work it out?” Diane questions. Diane then extends her arm to her couch, signally it was okay for Jessica to take a seat. Jessica responds by saying, “I love him, I do. But I just don’t think I can continue all of this. I should be first in his life. And I know I took the vow for better or for worse, but I didn’t agree to being ignored. Nor did I agree on being his second choice.

 Diane sits next to Jessica and assures her, “If this is truly what you want, I will help you every step of the way.” Jessica turns to Diane and says, “It’s what I want. Honestly and truly. Especially while I still have some years left in me.

 Diane gets up, walks over to her dining room table, and gets a pencil, pen and sheets of legal paper and says, “Well then, let’s get started shall we.

Jessica smiles, clearly hiding back her emotions of hurt and love, as if second guessing what she was about to embark on.

 Scene Five: Liberty City Memorial
Brenda closes the door to Cassandra Brighton’s room, and puts her chart into the folder on the door. As she turns around, she catches the eye of Roxanne. Upon seeing her, she quickly follows and grabs her by the wrist. She begins to drag her into a conference room and Roxanne publicly screams “Get off me. What are you doing?” continually until inside of the room.

As Brenda slams the door shut, Roxanne lets out “Are you crazy? Hell, even I know the answer to that one. You’re crazier than a serial killer. Charles Manson could learn a thing or two about you.” Brenda slams her charts down on a table and let’s out in anger, “You desperate little slut. How dare you file for spousal support from Mathew. What’s wrong? The corner you used to run taken over by someone younger and better?

Roxanne recants by saying with a devious smile, “Nope, no corners. Braden knows all my pleasure points, and he hits them every single time again and again.” Brenda releases all of her force and smacks Roxanne across the face. “Never speak of my son in anyway. His name comes out of your mouth again, and I’ll make sure next time I’ll smack your mouth off.

Brenda grabs her charts and as she begins to leave the room Roxanne says, “You’re a bitch.” Brenda turns around and releases, “And you’re a fucking cunt,” and slams the door leaving Roxanne there holding her chin.

As Brenda composes herself, she walks back over to Cassandra’s room and peaks into the window, and see’s Patricia speaking to her daughter. Patricia notices Brenda in the corner of her eye and goes to the door, closing it behind her and says, “I’ve made my decision.

Scene Six: Town House #2
Jessica sits on the couch, sipping a glass of water. Diane comes in with her legal sheets and says, “Okay I just got off the phone with my partners. The papers for your divorce are being filed as we speak.” Jessica turns to Diane and smiles her a soft smile, which did not look all too sincere. Diane tilts her head and says, “Jessica, are you sure you want to do this? All I have to do is make a call and you’re off the hook.” “Diane, I’m sure of this. I don’t want to remain in this marriage.” Diane smiles and says, “Okay then. Where are you staying? At the house with him?

 Jessica replies, “No. I kicked him out and then moved on. My mom and Derek live there now. I just stay where I can. I can’t go back there because mom is out of town, I don’t want to live with dad or Monica, and Dan has his own issues with the baby.” Diane recants by saying, “Then you can move in here.” Jessica looks at Diane in shock and says, “But I can’t. I couldn’t ask you that.” “Well it’s good you didn’t ask me because I’m offering. The guest room is open and it can get lonely. And you don’t have to permanently stay. You can stay until you get your own place or something.

 Jessica looks at her phone and says, “I should go.” As she gets up, she hugs Diane. As she begins to exit she turns around and says, “Diane,” to which Diane turns around and responds, “I know.” Jessica smiles and leaves.

 Moments later, Diane hears her phone go off. It alerts her that she has a new text message from Jessica which reads Thank you. Diane smiles and says out loud, “You’re welcome.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Memorial
Brenda opens the door to the NICU to see both Leah and Dan sitting beside Claire. She opens the door again and says, “Leah, Dan it’s lovely to see you both.” Leah turns around and says, “You too Doc. She seems to be doing well, doesn’t she?” “She is. Much better than she was on prior visits.

 Dan then questions, “When can we take her home?” Brenda replies, “When the time is right. She still needs to stay. Hopefully she can leave the NICU soon and can have a bit more care.” Leah then asks Brenda, “How’s Cassandra? Any news?” Brenda confusingly replies, “I thought you knew, Patricia left with Cassandra.” “Left? Left where,” Dan asks. Brenda sighs and replies, “She made the decision to take Cassandra away for treatment more focused on her case.

 Dan and Leah both look at each other with worry and leads for Leah to run out of the NICU towards her sister’s room. As Leah walks into the door way, she sees the her sister’s bed is completely empty. At the moment, her phone begins to ring and realizes it’s from her mother.

Leah: Mom? Where are you?
Patricia: Don’t worry, we’ll both be fine.
Leah: Mom, you just can’t leave with Cassandra and say it’s fine. She’s in a damn coma. Bring her home now!
Patricia: Leah, I can’t do that. We’re going to Boston so she can get better. I promise she’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me.

 As she ends her sentence, Patricia hangs up the phone leaving Leah with a dead tone. She confusingly looks at her phone, as if she had just heard the last words from her mother.

 Leah walks over to the empty hospital bed and lays down and balls up into her own tears, realizing what exactly she has lost.

Scene Eight
Diane sits at her dining room table, looking over the notes taken concerning Jessica’s petition for divorce. At that moment, a knock comes upon the door startling her. As she opens the door, she sees Jessica at the door with her bags. Diane gives her a warm, welcoming smile and helps her bring her bags in.

Brenda comes home to find Mathew sleep on the couch. She grabs a blanket on top of the couch and drapes it over him, kissing his forehead. She drops her bag and coat on a dining room chair, and walks into her bedroom and sits down on the bed.

Leah continues to cry on her sister’s now empty hospital bed. Dan rubs the little hand of his daughter. He then arrives at the doorway of Cassandra’s room to find Leah crying on the bed. He then goes over and comforts his girlfriend.

Patricia continues to drive. She says, “That wasn’t as hard as you said it could be.” She turns to her and looks at Cassandra, who is sitting upright and perfectly well. She says, “Good job mom. In order for me to get well, this had to be done. I can’t go away until I’m safe.

Patricia smiles and says, “I know honey. We’ll be back, someday.

 Cassandra then fades away, as Patricia follows an ambulance out of Liberty City.