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1×11 The First Goodbye

1×11: The First Goodbye

Previously on Liberty City:
Susan arrives at Dustin and Monica’s doorstep and accuses Monica of cheating.
Cristina Goes to Logan with News of Tim’s Possible Death
Brenda gives stern warning to Roxanne.
Natalie warns Jennifer about their past mistakes.

Scene One: The Johnson Estate
Jennifer walks out of the kitchen into the main hallway. She walks up the stairs with a tray of breakfast foods, and begins to walk down the hallway to a pair of double doors. She opens one of the doors and walks in with the tray. She sees Logan sitting in a wire chair, staring out of her window. She says, “Good morning, how long have you been up?

Logan snaps out of her trance and replies, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What was the question?” “How long have you been awake?” “I don’t know, an hour or so I’m guessing. I can’t even remember the sun coming up.

Jennifer picks up a plate with eggs, bacon and toast. “I brought you some breakfast. You should be something,” Jennifer suggests. Logan gives a small glance of a smile and says, “You can leave it there, I’ll eat it later. I want to take a shower first.

Jennifer smiles, puts the plate back down on the tray and says, “Okay, I’ll be downstairs if you need me.

Scene Two: Leah/Dan’s Residence
Dan walks out of the bathroom after taking his morning shower. He walks back into his bedroom where he sees Leah sleeping. He quickly dresses himself and walks back over to Leah, leaning over and kissing her forehead and running his fingers over her hair.

He walks down the stairs and walks into his kitchen, where he pours himself a cup of coffee. He walks into his living room and up to a window, where he looks outside to see a mother and her child walking on the sidewalk, teaching them how to ride a bike.

He then hears someone say, “Good morning sunshine.” He then confusingly turns around and sees his sister, Natalie sitting in the lounge chair directly across from the window on the other side of the room. She says, “What? Surprised to see me?


Dan replies and says, “No. Not surprised. A little shell shocked. How’d you even get in?” Natalie smiles and replies, “The spare underneath the mat? You really need a more original hiding spot for a spare key.” Dan then comments, “I wish you would’ve called.” “I would have but see my brothers seem to have issues picking up their damn phones when their sister calls so I just decided to stop by.

Dan sighs and apologizes, “I’m sorry Nat. Things have just been hectic lately. Lots going on.” Natalie leans her head, gets up off the chair and walks over to her brother, places her hand on his shoulder and says, “I heard about Cassandra’s condition possibly being irreversible. I’m so sorry Dan. And Claire, how is she?

Dan walks towards the couch and says, “Well, Cassandra is gone. Patricia took her to Boston without consent..” Natalie then interrupts saying, “She took Cassandra? How is that even possible?” Dan explains, “We don’t know. She’s her mother I guess and must think she made the best possible choice for her daughter. As for Claire,” Dan begins to say with a smile coming across his face, “She’s gorgeous. She is getting better every single day. Progress is always happening.

Natalie smiles at Dan as he begins to sit on the couch, about to break into tears. Natalie walks over to her brother and embraces him in comfort.

Scene Three: The Johnson Loft
Cristina rushes into the living area where she rushes to find her cell phone. She then hears a knock at the door. She as turns around the answer the door, she knocks her knee into her coffee table, in which she limps her way over to her door.

As she opens the door she is greeted by Donna Roberts. “Donna,” Cristina says. “I wasn’t expecting to see you. Please won’t you come in.” As Cristina extends her arm to allow her to enter Donna says, “Thank you. I wasn’t expecting to see you either Cristina. I thought Logan would have killed you by now.” Both ladies laugh as Donna continues on, “I’m actually here to see Theo. I imagine things haven’t been too great since, you know.

Cristina ignores the comments concerning Tim and says, “Theo is in his room. He should be out soon.” Cristina walks back into her living area and picks up her phone and jacket. Donna says, “Cristina, is everything okay?” “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just running a tad behind. I have to get to the store and make sure everything is running smoothly. I’ve been taking some time off since the news, so I have to go in today and make sure people are messing with my store.

Donna walks towards Cristina and says, “I can go for you, if you’re not up to it. I can call from there and tell you everything. It’d honestly be no problem at all.” “No, no. I have a few errands to run after. So if you don’t mind, could you stay to keep an eye on Theo? I don’t want to leave him here alone.

Donna nods in agreement. Cristina gives her a hug and says, “Thanks. I’ll be back in an hour or so.

Donna looks around the loft, picking up a photograph of Cristina and Tim left on the table. She smiles. She then finds herself walking down the bedroom hallways. She opens the first door, and finds herself in what seems to be Cristina’s bedroom. As she arrives to the next door, she opens it to find Theo not asleep but seemingly pleasuring himself. “Oh god,” Theo moans out, only to then realize Donna was in the doorway. “Oh shit,” Donna exclaims as she slams the door shut.

Scene Four: Leah/Dan’s Residence
Natalie and Dan continue their embrace. “I’m sorry Natalie. I didn’t mean for you to come over and for me to break down,” Dan exclaims. “It’s fine. This is what sisters are for, to comfort their brothers. It’s actually nice to see my older brother actually express emotion.” Dan nudges Natalie in a joking way.

Dan then says, “I should go check on Leah. She’s probably awake and wondering where I am.” Natalie gives her brother a supportive look and says, “Tell her I say hello and apologize for keeping you from her.

As Dan walks up the stairs, the door bell rings. Natalie yells upstairs to Dan that she’ll get it. As she opens the door, her mother Susan. “Mom. What are you doing in town?” Susan replies, “Visiting my children, dealing with the blonde thorn your brothers bed. And now I’m here to see your other brother. What are you doing here?

I’m here visiting Dan. He wouldn’t return my phone calls. He’s upstairs now with Leah.

Susan enters the home and questions, “And how is everything with you since our last visit?” “Fine. Nothing has been happening.” “Are you sure? Have you ended it?” Natalie looks at her mother with a look of guilt and says, “Of course I have. I haven’t seen him since I went to see you. I’m avoiding the situation.” “But has he called you? Tried to make contact?” “What do you think? He’s a guy whose dick speaks for him. Of course he’s made contact, just not the kind of contact he most wants.

Susan grabs her daughter by the arm and says, “Natalie Diane Smithson I raised you better. Now when you came to visit me I told you to end it. And to come here and know that it still isn’t over?” Natalie rips her arm out of her mother’s grip and says, “Tell Daniel I’m sorry I could’ve stay. I have some things to attend to.” “Natalie, I’m sorry. It’s just think of your family and those you’re hurting with this secret. Think of the people who are going to be directly and indirectly impacted by this. I had so much hope for you as my daughter.

Natalie turns around and says, “Don’t worry mom, there’s still hope. I’ll end it when the time is right.” Natalie then exits the home, and makes a call. All you hear is Natalie saying, “Hey, it’s me. You know where to meet me, one hour.” Natalie hangs up the phone and walks off to her car and drives off.

Scene Five: The Johnson Estate
A ring at the door goes off repeatedly. Jennifer rushes down the main staircase from leaving Logan yelling, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” As she opens the door, Natalie Smithson immediately walks into the house. “Natalie, you can’t just walk into someone’s house, especially one that isn’t mine,” Jennifer says.

Natalie turns around and says, “Jennifer, shut up and listen.” Jennifer’s facial expression turned from pissed off to offended. Natalie continued, “You don’t have to worry about your past coming to haunt you, your debt to me is void.” Jennifer then says in a snarky tone, “Careful what you bring up, I don’t need anyone hearing you wave your mouth about and what do you mean it’s void?” Natalie explains, “It’s no longer an issue Jennifer. It’s petty to hold something so insignificant above your head.” “Natalie I have no clue what angle you’re trying to play and I’m not liking it.

No angle Jennifer, just trying to be the bigger person. You deserve not to live with something hanging over your head. Take it as a gift,” says Natalie as she begins to walk out. Jennifer then blurts out, “Natalie, thank you.” Natalie then opens and closes the door to the estate, leaving once more.

Scene Six: The Johnson Loft
Donna opens up the fridge to see what there is to drink. There she sees a bottle of merlot. She then thinks out loud, “Hmm, girl has some taste.” As she pulls out a glass, she pours herself some wine and quickly takes a sip. As she swallows the wine, she leans up against the fridge and holds her glasses against her chest, sighing relief. Just then, Theo walks out of his room and into the kitchen. He glares at Donna, her glass of wine and goes and sits on the couch.

Donna says, “I don’t think you should drinking that.” Theo replies with attitude, “I’m 21, I can do whatever the fuck I want.” Donna in shock replies, “Okay, I apologize. I also apologize for earlier, I was told you were sleeping.” “No, you were told I was in my room. Don’t lie to me.” “I apologize again. It’s just, I wanted to see how you were doing.

 Theo slams the glass down on the table and says, “What is it with you people and seeing how I’m doing? There’s such a thing as a phone or knocking or hell, even coming to important events like funerals. Guess you could make it this time.

 Theo gets up and storms off, with Donna saying, “Theo it’s more complicated than you could even begin to imagine.” Theo replies, “Donna, I’m 21, not eleven. People should start treating me like I’m an adult and stop trying to fix me. Especially when there’s nothing to fix.

Scene Seven: Natalie’s Apartment
Natalie paces in the space between her couch and the table in her living room. She continually looks at the clock on her wall. She then hears a knock at the door. As she approaches and opens her door, Jason Spencer walks in. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” says Natalie. Jason smiles and says, “I almost didn’t come cause I thought this was trick after ignoring my calls.” “I did that with good reason Jason, and you know exactly why.

Jason wraps his hand around Natalie’s waist and says, “Jessica is filing for divorce, we don’t have to hide this anymore. We can be together.” As he goes in for a kiss, Natalie pulls away and says, “No! I won’t be the reason for the divorce.

Jason explains, “Nat, it was coming for a while. You and I were getting closer and she and I were growing apart.” “Jason, I’m sleeping with my cousin’s husband. It’s not right, it never has felt right.

Jason confusingly questions, “What are you saying Natalie?” Natalie firmly says, “It’s over Jason. I can’t continue this affair, especially against my niece.” Jason in a fit of disappointed rage grabs Natalie and says, “I said I loved you and my wife is divorcing me. This is our chance to make it right and be together. Don’t you love me?” Natalie in a state of fright replies, “Yes, I do love you.” “Then what’s the issue?” “It isn’t enough Jason. I’m hurting my own family.” “So what? It’s not like she loves me anymore, we can be together,” Jason argues.

Jason then looks at Natalie’s packed bags and goes, “Are you leaving?” “Yes, I am. It’s best for everyone if I leave town. Jessica will never have to know it was me who her husband was sleeping with, and you can move on in whatever direction you want.” “Don’t do this Natalie, we can be together, have faith.” Jason pulls Natalie into a hug. Natalie fights back tears and says, “People like me shouldn’t have faith. What I’ve done in this past year alone is not excusable. This is what has to be done, fresh start, new persona.

Natalie takes her keys and places them into Jason’s hand and goes, “The apartment is yours. I know Jessica kicked you both out and you’re staying at Liberty City Hotel. It’s the least I can do.

As she picks up her bags and begins to leave she says, “And to answer your question, she does love you. Go save your marriage, people would kill for what you two have.” And on that, she exits.