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1×05 A Change Is Comin’

1×05: A Change Is A Comin’

Previously on Liberty City:
Jamie and Jessica rush to the hospital in the wake of Cassandra’s accident.
Monica and Dustin ponder their heartbreaking news.
Monica makes a phone call to a mystery person.

Scene One: The Smithson Estate
The scene begins in what seems to be an empty bedroom. Dustin then walks out of his bathroom and into his bedroom with nothing but his light blue pajama pants on. He then sits on his bed to ponder what’s gone on in this life over the past year. He then opens up his bedside table’s drawer, and pulls out an old photograph and him and Jamie, the door bell rings sending him into a jolt.

Dustin then swiftly puts the photo back into the bedside table, and hurries downstairs. He looks out of his blurred stainless glass front door, to see a blonde, hoping it was his wife. He opens the door, only to see his ex-wife Jaime standing there. “You seem shocked to see me, expecting someone else?” Jaime asks of him. He replies, “No, no. I was sleeping and just woke up, that’s all.” He then opens up his arm to signal that she could enter his home, and then shuts the door, with a look, a look that of a guilty man.

Scene Two: The Spencer Residence
Jessica walked up to the front door of her home, feeling relieved that she was home after a long day running errands, such as grocery shopping, as well as shopping for new curtains, since the ones in the dining room were falling apart.

As she unlocks the front door, she begins to feel like she could finally relax with her husband, who had promised to spend the night with his wife, despite a busy schedule at the hospital. In anticipation of seeing her husband, she quickly forces her key into the lock, only to drop the key, picking it up and looking at the door, to see that Jason had opened the door for her, greeting her home with a witty remark, “Wow. Looks like I still make you weak at the knees, don’t I?

Jessica then looks up to her husband with a smile, while getting up and walking into her home, replying, “Only in your dreams Romeo.”


So, how was your day? Anything exciting happen at the hospital?” Jessica asked of her husband, as they both put away the groceries she had brought home.
Nothing much. Not many people needed surgeries done lately,” replied Jason. “How was yours?”

Jessica sighed and replied, “It was okay. I was busy running errands all day. Had some dry cleaning to drop off, had to buy new curtains for the dining room, grocery shopped. Oh, and I went to visit Cassandra for a while.” Jason paused, turned, and replied, “You were at the hospital to see Cassandra and not me?

Yes I did. I went to visit my friend. Sorry that couldn’t match up to your schedule, if I had known you weren’t doing anything, I would’ve seen you as well.

Jason then grabs his wife and picks up her onto the kitchen counter. “What are you doing?” questions Jessica. She then quickly answers her own question “Oh” And then intensely kisses her husband, leading them to leave the kitchen, upstairs into their bedroom.

Scene Three: The Johnson Guest House
After hearing the news of her sister’s impromptu attack on her own son, Jennifer Johnson was filled with worry; worry that she could lose her sister next. She had been staying at the guest house ever since her husband passed away in September of 2009, to stay close to those who matter to her. She was beginning to get antsy about seeing her sister so she begin dialing the number to the LCPD.

Hello. Yes, I was wondering if visitors were allowed for a Ms. Logan Johnson? They are? Great, until when? 5PM? Okay, excellent. Thank you very much, have a great afternoon.

Instinctively, Jennifer hangs up her phone, picks up her purse and jacket, and goes to exit her home, only to be greeted by Natalie Smithson. “Natalie, I don’t have time-” in which Natalie interrupts, “I don’t care. We have big problems. I think we’ve been had.” Jennifer then replies with a cocky, “Been had? By who? I had nothing to do with what you’ve done.

Natalie then walks up to Jennifer and sharply replies, “You’ve known all along what I’ve done, and that affects your little friend and her so called ‘true love’. If she finds out, you’re going down with me, I’ll make sure of it.

Is that a threat Natalie? Because I think you’ve learned by now I don’t respond so perfectly to your little threats,” reminds Jennifer, which leaves Natalie in a glare.

Scene Four: The Smithson Estate
So, how’s Monica?” Jamie politely asks her ex-husband. “She’s fine. Called last night, said she’d be home soon,” Dustin replied. “Home soon? She still isn’t even home? Wow. Some wife, huh?

Dustin then retorts saying in a very firm tone, “Hey, she’s a very good wife, my wife…” Jamie then interrupts, “Yeah, where have I heard that before. You know, you’re so quick to defend and stand by her, yet you can’t fucking stick by me while I suffer through cancer? Damn it Dustin, what the fuck did I do that was so wrong in your book?

What did you do wrong?” retorts Dustin, and continues, “Why is it all about you? Huh? The universe doesn’t revolve around your damn emotions.”

Jamie then gives Dustin a firm glare and replies, “Well maybe it should then. Because maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t actually be so messed up. Maybe my ex-husband wouldn’t have slept with my little slut of a sister, and ruined a marriage and family.

At that moment, Monica walks up to the front door, but refrains from entering her home, at the sound of Dustin and Jamie fighting. She then looks down at her belly, lightly places her hands over it, and sighs in worry.

Scene Five: The Johnson Guest House
Jennifer walks back into her living room, from the kitchen with two bottles of water, one for herself, one for Natalie Smithson.

So, since I’m kind of in a rush, let’s skip to the dirt, k? Who’s found you out?” questions Jennifer.

You mean, who’s had us out?” Natalie rudely replies. “Well, I was told by a source..
Jennifer then cuts off Natalie with, “A source? You came here to tell me what a stupid source has to tell you?

Natalie then gives a quick nod and look to Jennifer to acknowledge her being correct.

Listen, come back in ten years when your ass is out of jail,” replies Jennifer, as she gets up and opens the door, to signal to Natalie that she should leave.

Fine, have it your way. But when your friend finds out what you did to her all those years ago, you’ll be the one who’ll be coming back, from the grave,” Natalie replies, as she hastily gets up and leaves the residence, slamming the door behind her.

Jennifer then leans up against her door, with a look of worked-up frustrations just dying to escape.

Scene Six: The Smithson Estate
You know I had no intentions of hurting this family when I slept with Monica. It just happened,” Dustin proclaims to Jamie, hoping to get her to calm down.

Cancer just happens. A plane crash in the ocean just happens. An affair on your wife? That is not something that just happens Dustin. An affair comes over time. You were clearly unhappy at some point in a marriage, and I guess I’ll never know why,” Jamie replies, on the verge of tears.

At that moment, Monica then decides to walk into her home and exclaiming, as if she knows not of Jamie’s presence, “Honey, I’m ho-. Oh, Jamie, I didn’t realize you were here. Is everything okay?

Everything’s fine hun. It’s just nice to have you home, finally,” Dustin says as he greets his wife with a kiss, shutting the door, and taking her coat and suitcase. “Yes, everything’s fine. I just came over to, ah, check up on you, see if you were home yet from your little trip,” Jamie replies, acting as if her little argument with Dustin had not happened.

Well, excellent. Now that you’re both here, I have some exciting news to share with you both. I first want to apologize for such a long absence, especially during this difficult time within the family. But I come back bearing excellent news. I prolonged my trip because, I’m pregnant,” Monica exclaims.

Dustin, in a great burst of happiness, quickly pops up and hugs his wife. Jamie, looking a tad bit muddled says, “Pregnant? Well, this is just a miracle isn’t it? Well, be sure to call mom and tell her the exciting news.” Jamie then gets up, and sees herself out of the residence, as Dustin and Monica continue to embrace each other. As she leaves, Monica glances at the door with a sinister glare, as if she knows something the other two did not.

Scene Seven: The Spencer Residence
Jason is seen, waiting naked in bed for his wife to come back and join him. “Are you almost done in there?”

Almost, give me a minute!” Jessica exclaims from inside the bathroom. Immediately following, she opens the bathroom, to reveal that she is in one of Jason’s over-sized t-shirts, with her hair tussled in a very post-sex sexy, and in heels posing very seductively in the doorway, teasing her husband.

Now there’s something I’d love to see greet me at the door every night,” Jason says to his gleaming wife, as he positions himself, ready to make love to his wife. “Looks like someone else agrees with you on that one,” Jessica so coyly replies looking at Jason’s crotch.

Jason then seductively whispers to his wife, “Come here then, we’ll test it out.” Jessica laughs, and begins to walk over to her husband. As Jason goes to turn out the light, he accidentally knocks over his watch, causing Jessica to bend down to pick it up.

Then Jessica’s hand picks up her keys, and is back outside of her home, with her groceries. She looks up to the door to see it still closed and locked. She then picks herself up and unlocks to the door, pushing it open to find an empty house. The look upon Jessica’s face shows it’s clear, she knows, Jason has not returned home as she had just envisioned for herself.

Scene Eight
Jamie is seen outside of the residence she used to live in, and looks in the side window on her ex-husband and his new wife, as they embrace each other in happiness.

Dustin stops embracing his wife, and then both wife and husband embrace their unborn child, growing inside of Monica. Dustin then scoops up Monica, carrying her upstairs to their bedroom.

Natalie is seen opening the door to her apartment,. She then grabs a photograph of herself, and her brothers, which seems as recent as a year ago. She then says to herself, Stupid bitch. You won’t ruin my family. Natalie then re-looks at the photograph before chucking it across the room, smashing it into a wall. Realizing what she’s just done, Natalie quickly tries to pick up the pieces in a panic, causing herself to break down into tears. She leans up against the wall, holding the broken picture frame close to her chest.

Jennifer walks down the stairs of her home, holding a old wooden jewelry box. She sits down on her couch, placing the box on her coffee table. She opens the box to reveal a photograph, which we do not see. She then looks over to a picture frame containing a photo of her deceased him, and says in a resentful tone, “I’m sorry.” She then walks over, and turns down the picture frame, grabs her purse, and leaves her residence.

Jason Spencer walks up to the front door of his home, and checks his watch. Realizing that the time itself it 2:40AM, he notices that the front door to his home is cracked up. Entering his pitch black home, he switches on the lights, only to be startled by his obvious disgruntled wife, sitting, glaring at the door.

Welcome home sweetheart,” Jessica greets to her husband.