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3×11 The Third Goodbye

3×11: The Third Goodbye 

Previously on Liberty City:
Rebecca and Michael both attempt to make efforts to settle into jobs.
Donna reveals her plans to divorce her husband to Jennifer.
Bridget turns down Brian’s advances.
Leah and Galvin have a romantic evening.
Meredith reunites with her husband following a confrontation.

Scene One: Town House Nº2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Madison walks down the hallway to Adam and Diane’s front door. As she reaches the door, she fixes her jacket to fit in an almost perfect fashion. She then knocks on the door with a steady, consistent knock.

Inside, Adam walks up to the door and quickly opens it. Face to face, Adam and Madison exchange the same look, however, both for two very different reasons. “Hello Madison,” Adam greets to his ex-wife. Madison gives a disingenuous smile and responds, “Hello Adam.” As Madison walks in, she sees Diane sitting at on the couch. Confused, Madison questions, “What is this? You told me we need to talk.”

We do Madison. And it’s about what you’re doing to cause a riff between Adam and Ava. And how it’s truly wrong of you to do it,” Diane remarks. Madison lets a slight unimpressive chuckle out from beneath her breath and remarks, “Listen lady, you don’t know what’s going on between Ava and her father. She’s hurt by her father’s betrayal, with you none the less.”

That’s what you’d like us to think Madison. But we know what you were doing and how you were planning on putting Ava against me and Diane for your own personal gain,” Adam makes known. Madison responds, “Now that is one carefully thought out concoction. And where would you get an idea like that?”

From me,” a voice says from behind Madison. As she turns around, she sees a very disgruntled Ava standing there, with her arms crossed.

 Scene Two: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jamie and Shirley enter into the café from its main entrance. Laughing and smiling, the pair grab themselves their separate drinks, and take a seat at one of the open tables on the main floor. As they settle in, Jamie opens the conversation, “Thank you for coming dress shopping with me.” “Of course. Who would give up the chance to go dress shopping for the best day in their daughter’s life? Marrying the man you love and committing yourself to each other,” Shirley remarks with a smile.

Thank you. It’s nice having you in town. Both you and dad. Speaking of dad, how is he? And how is the house hunting going,” Jamie asks. Shirley responds, “Your father is doing well. I think all the time with your Aunt Linda really started driving him insane. And as for the house hunting, we saw some condos and apartments. We want something cozy, yet big enough for you, your sisters and your brother.” “How is Thomas? I haven’t heard from him in a while.” “He is doing fine. He and Sarah are enjoying life in California. And he misses you and your sisters.”

Speaking of sisters, how is Monica? You heard from her since she left town,” Jamie questions as she takes a sip of her coffee. Shirley enjoys a sip of her tea and responds, “Actually, I talked to her a few nights ago. She and Keith settled into Boston. And she’s really happy. And that little Isaac is getting so big. Speaking of children, are you and Derek thinking of having a baby together after the wedding?”

As Jamie takes another sip of her coffee, she chokes a bit as her mother questions her about the impending question of children with Derek.

Scene Three: Liberty City Police Department
1228 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Sitting at a desk covered with paperwork, Garrett begins to feel over-whelmed over the prospect of his new job: police officer at the LCPD. Taking several deep breaths in, he begins to shuffle his way through his piles of work ahead of him.

As he briefly looks up, he sees Tori entering in through the main entrance of the police station, with both of her hands held behind her back. Surprised, he questions, “What are you doing here?” “We had plans for dinner tonight. Remember? We made them weeks ago,” Tori responds looking aimlessly at the amount of paperwork on her husband’s desk.

As Garrett begins to take a worried look upon his face, Tori remarks, “But obviously that’s not going to happen, is it?” “I’m sorry sweetie. It’s just, the department has been in such chaos since the interim Chief of Police has been trying to find a way to keep his job stress-free. And since I’m the new hire, I get his caseloads.”

Tori lets out a look of understanding, pulls out a bag of food and says, “I understand. That’s why I brought you some food from Jason’s. I figured you’d be swamped with work right now.” “Thank you. You really are amazing,” Garrett remarks as he grabs the bag of food from his wife.

As the pair exchange a brief kiss, Tori remarks, “So I’ll see you at home?” “Hopefully, if I don’t get swallowed whole by paperwork,” Garrett jokes. “Okay. I’ll see you tonight.”

As Tori leaves, District Attorney Lisa Daley struts her way into the LCPD.  As she walks up to Garrett’s desk, she greets, “Garrett Gregson?” “Yes, that’s me. Who is asking,” Garrett responds. “I’m Lisa Daley, District Attorney of Liberty City. I’d like to have a brief meeting with you. Join me in the main conference room.”

As Lisa heads to the conference room, Garrett reluctantly follows behind her.

Scene Four: Liberty City Hotel, Room 419
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Arriving at her hotel room, Tori enters inside and immediately begins to tidy it up, after rushing out of her home to meet Garrett for their scheduled lunch. As she begins to get intensely into her cleaning, a surprising knock is had at the door. As she pauses in her work, the knocking begins to slowly become more persistent and heavier in their repetition.

Becoming heavily annoyed, as she goes to open the door, she blurts out, “What!” As the door opens, she sees Galvin standing there, looking increasingly concerned. She asked, “Galvin, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?” “No. Nothing is okay with you getting back together with Garrett,” Galvin states as he invites himself into her hotel room.

Not believing what she was hearing, Tori closes the door and quickly places the palm of her hand onto her forehead. She observes, “Galvin, you came here, banged on my door to tell me whether or not I should get back with my husband? Are you high?” “No. I’m just trying to save you for another heartbreak you don’t deserve,” Gavin exclaims.

Taken aback by his efforts, Tori displays a confusing look upon her face.

Scene Five: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
1281 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Holly exits off of the elevator, with her two children by her side. She walks up to the main desk and asks, “Hi. I’m here to see a Dr. Jason Spencer. Is he here?” “Holly,” Jason exclaims from behind her. “Dr. Spencer it’s nice to see you again.” “You as well. Follow me.”

Jason takes Holly and her children to his private doctor’s office, where he closes the door. Jason questions, “Now, who do we have here?” “This is Faith and my son, Andrew,” Holly states. “It’s Drew mom. Not Andrew,” Drew states in his teen attitude. “Andrew watch your tone. Dr. Spencer is helping us right now. You should be thankful.”

Oh, it’s okay. I’m used to moody teens and grump old folk. You see everything in this place,” Jason jokes. Holly chuckles and says, “That’s a good one. I thank you for this Dr. Spencer. You didn’t have to do this.” “Jason. Call me Jason.” “Okay, Jason. Thank you, again.”

Scene Six: Town House Nº2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Shocked by her daughter’s presence, Madison asks, “Ava, what are you doing here? I thought you were–” “–At the hotel? Yeah. You’re not the only one who can manipulate someone mom,” Ava interrupts. Adam remarks, “You’ve been caught Madison. We know your plans to manipulate Ava against me.” “And it almost worked,” Ava remarks.

Dumbfounded, Madison remarks, “Well. Don’t we all think we’re smart? There’s no proof to your claims. You’re all desperate for a way to up one on me.” “I saw you with Amanda Joy Willis at The Grove. I heard you talking about your scheme towards me and dad. You can’t deny that mom,” Ava remarks. “Yes I was with Amanda Joy, but it was a business dinner. Nothing more, nothing less. It was purely business between two businesswomen.” “No mom, it wasn’t. Stop lying.” “Honey, why would I lie to you? You’re my daughter, I love you.”

Adam grabs Madison’s arm and states, “Because you wanted something to hold over me Madison. Well you’ve lost. So give it up.”

Scene Seven: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Still taken aback by her mother’s question, Jamie re-iterates, “Children? Me and Derek?” “Yes, I would assume you two want to try and conceive and have a family together. Am I wrong,” Shirley remarks. “No. I mean we’ve talked about it. But then there was the accident and the memory loss. And since then, talks have been tabled because of the wedding.”

Just because discussions have been tabled doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be had. Don’t you think you should bring it up again,” Shirley remarks. Jamie takes another sip of her coffee and responds, “I don’t know. I mean, I had such difficulties conceiving Dillon with Dustin. I’d hate to put Derek through that difficulty, too. It wouldn’t be fair to him.”

What wouldn’t be fair is making your husband believe that there’s a concrete chance of conceiving when you’re not even sure you can. You two should talk about it.” “We will, when the time is right. I want to focus on the wedding right now, though. That’s most important to me. The sooner I’m Mrs. Derek Spencer, the better I’ll actually be.”

Now, that has a ring to it, doesn’t it,” Shirley observes. Jamie smiles and responds, “It only has a ring to it because I love him mom. I really love him.” “I know you do sweetie. And you two are going to live happily ever after.”

Shirley takes Jamie’s hand into hers and they share genuine smiles.

Scene Eight: Liberty City Police Department
1228 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Garrett walks into the conference room, where Lisa Daley sits in the main chair. “Take a seat,” Lisa demands. Garrett questions, “Ms. Daley, what is it that you’re inquiring of me?” “I have been discussing with the Mayor; she and I discussed who would be a suitable fit as a permanent replacement for our last Chief of Police.” “Daniel Smithson. What happened to him?”

Lisa leans up from within her chair and responds, “Daniel Smithson was an up-standing citizen. Until he married the mother of his child, left his girlfriend of several years and began neglecting his duties as an officer. In the end, he divorced her and left town abruptly with the baby earlier this year.” “Sounds like a character to me,” Garrett remarks.

Lisa continues, “Since then, we’ve been transitioning between several interim Chief of Police, and we believe it’s time to settle on a permanent replacement.” “Okay, and that has to do with me because?” “Because the Mayor and I want you in the position. Your impressive record from California alone is good enough to keep you in the position for several years at the very least.”

Listen, I’m just starting to get my marriage back on track. If you had asked me weeks ago, I would’ve jumped at it. But–,” Garrett begins to state before being interrupted, “But nothing. You’d be a fool to turn down this opportunity Mr. Gregson. You honestly think you belong as a desk with miles of paperwork building up? You’re worth so much more.”

As Lisa throws the paperwork onto the table, she leans in close to Garrett’s face and leaves with her final remarks, “If I were you, I’d take the job. You have until the end of your shift to let us know. It’s up to you Mr. Gregson. Don’t fuck this up.”

As Lisa struts her way out of the office, Garrett looks at the paperwork in intense thought of what decision he may or may not make.

Scene Nine: Liberty City Hotel, Room 419
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Heartbreak I don’t deserve? You must be high on something,” Tori remarks in disbelief. Galvin responds, “I’m high on love. And I can’t focus on that love because you’re about to lose every single ounce you could be getting from someone else.”

Galvin I think it’s great you’re in love. So go be with her. Don’t focus on me. I’m happy with Garrett.” “No. You’re wrong. He did this to you before and he’ll do it to you again.” Tori exclaims, “Do what!” “Leave you! He was too focused on his career to see the beautiful woman he had standing in front of him. Trust me on that one Tori,” Galvin pleads.

Tori walks to the door of her hotel room, opens it and in a subdued tone says, “Galvin, I think it’s time for you to go.” As Galvin goes to leave, he remarks, “Tori, trust me on this one, please.” “Galvin leave before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. Please. For your own sake go,” Tori says, leading Galvin to leave the room.

As Galvin finally exits the room, Tori closes the door and leans up against the door, taking deep breaths in and closes her eyes, unsettled by the things Galvin said.

Scene Ten: Town House Nº2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Go get your damn hands off of me. You don’t own me. I’m not your property anymore, remember? You divorced me,” Madison exclaims in rage. Diane interjects, “Madison, what you’ve done is wrong and immoral. How do you expect to live with yourself?” “How do you expect to live with yourself Ms. Taylor; knowing you’ve broken up a family?” “I live just fine, thank you. Because Adam’s relationship with myself ended when you came to town, and only began back up when you were served divorce papers.”

Standing there, Madison flashes back to the night she received the divorce papers:

[ In Adam’s Voice ]


I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, I won’t be showing up. I understand the hurt and deception you must feel, but we must be honest with each other, you deserve all the happiness in the world; happiness I cannot bring to you anymore. I’m setting you free and I don’t expect you to understand this right now, but it’s what right. You deserve the world, and I can only offer a continent to you. 

Deepest love, 


Madison picks up the divorce documents, already pre-signed by Adam. The documents are also pre-dated back to 1993. The documents have been re-contested to December 2011; showing that the pair had previously been filed for divorce, but it had not been sent in for finalization.

As Madison makes her way back into present day, she remarks, “I loved you. I loved you every second we were married. And you could just throw it away? Did I mean that much to you?” “You meant a lot to me Madison. But it wasn’t enough. I didn’t love you enough to keep you trapped in a marriage that neither of us were happy with. So I let you go,” Adam remarks.

Mom, you need help. You’re not well,” Ava states. Madison wipes her eyes of her tears and responds, “Then come with me. And we can be together, you and I. Just like when you were a little girl.” Ava pushes her mother’s hands off of her. She tells her, “No mom. I can’t do it. I’m staying here in Liberty City with dad and Diane. It’s where I want to be. You need to be alone.”

Confused, Madison asks, “Where am I supposed to go?” “Anywhere but Liberty City,” Adam remarks. Madison gives off a look of confusion, to where Adam continues in a stern voice, “I want to make something clear: I don’t trust you Madison Lee. And I never will again. I want you to leave Liberty City and never return again. You’ve inflicted enough pain on our daughter. I will never accept you back in my life. Ever again.

With a shaken look in her eyes, Madison grabs her handbag, and as she goes to exit, Diane stops her and says, “Madison, you’re doing the right thing.” “He’ll get tired of you. He got tired of me, he’ll get tired of you. And I won’t be waiting when that time comes. I refuse to lose this battle. You just wait. Ava, darling, I love you. One day we’ll be together again,” Madison remarks as her final words.

As Madison leaves the town house, she wipes her eyes and gracefully walks off, as graceful as she did when she arrived earlier in the day. Inside of the town house, Adam embraces his daughter, clearly upset by the deception of her mother.

I’ll be fine,” she states. “I’m just going to go lay down, if that’s okay?” “Of course, you can stay for as long as you need to,” Diane states. “Thank you guys. I don’t deserve this.”

Of course you do. You’re my daughter and I love you,” Adam says as he embraces his daughter tightly, before leading her into her room.

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