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2×11 The Second Goodbye

2×11: The Second Goodbye 

Previously on Liberty City:
Lisa questions Mathew and Braden.
Adam’s wife surprises him, while he’s in bed with Diane.
Dustin tries to get Jamie to come home with him.
Lisa’s secret accomplice is Roxanne.

Scene One: Liberty City Court House – Room 400, 1230 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.


Lisa opens the door to her office and enters in. As she grows her bag and coat down onto a chair next to her bookcase, she makes her way over to her desk. As she sits, she flings her red hair back and begins to dive into the paperwork that awaits her.

As she begins to push herself into her paperwork, her phone rings. She picks up and begins to have a conversation with an unknown person on the other end, “Hello? How did you get this number? I thought I told you not to contact me. I told you if I needed you, I would contact you. Do not call this number again.”

As she hangs up, she slams her phone onto an empty part of her desk, and goes back into her paperwork.

Scene Two: The Stevens’ Residence, 46 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Braden and Mathew gather their things before setting out on their day, to investigate, themselves, about the supposed disappearance of Roxanne. “Should we wake mom up before we go and investigate this ourselves? Maybe she knows something,” Braden says to Mathew, hoping to prolong the process they were about to embark on. “No. Let her sleep, we can do this ourselves,” Mathew responds. The two leave as quietly as possible, to not awaken Brenda.

However, in her bedroom, we see Brenda eavesdropping on the men in her life, waiting for them to leave. When she knows it’s clear that they’ve left, she rushes out of the bedroom. As she begins to shuffle through paperwork and newspapers.

Boo,” an unknown person says, startling Brenda. As she turns around in a panic, she see’s Roxanne standing in the corner. “You’re dead,” Brenda states trying to piece together what’s going on in front of her eyes. “And Hello to you too,” Roxanne replies.

Roxanne, you died. I saw you die.” “No, Brenda. You saw me dying and found it was your responsibility to let me continue to die. Isn’t that why you brought me to that basement.” “Roxanne, you know that isn’t what I tried to do.” “Isn’t it? Only your problem now is that you have no physical proof I’m still in the basement.”

Brenda quickly grabs her bag, and rushes out of the door. Roxanne stays behind, laughing to herself.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Sophie enters into The Buzz Café and immediately approaches the counter. The hostess asks her what she’d like, to which she replies, “Just a cup of tea please.” Upon receiving her cup of tea, she walks over to the side cart to grab herself a napkin, stirring straw and cream. She is then approached by her sister, Monica. “Oh, Monica. You startled me. I didn’t know you were here,” Sophie remarks. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just coming to get a quick bite to eat. I was hoping we could talk? We haven’t talked much since you got into town,” Monica replied.

As the two settle down at a table, Sophie asks, “So Monica, why did you want to talk to me? You haven’t made an effort since I came to town.” Monica pondered how to respond for a few seconds before responding, “Sophie I know things are tense between us. I’m not naïve. You came to town and made it very clear you weren’t happy about my relationship with Dustin. But I don’t think that should stop us from being sisters. We were so close growing up.” Sophie smiles and then replies, “Yeah. We were close. I was close to both my sisters, but I guess that isn’t possible now.” “Problems with Jamie?” “You know I’m having issues with Jamie, don’t pretend like you and Dustin don’t talk about it Monica. You’re not that dumb.”

Monica reaches out her hand to Sophie’s and says, “I know. But I’m here. I want to be that sister again. And I will do anything-” Monica is quickly interrupted by her cell phone. As she excuses herself, she exits out into the inside lanai.

Clearly worried by the caller, she answers the phone, “Hello?

Scene Four: Liberty City Police Department, 1228 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Mathew and Braden enter into the LCPD, where Mathew works. They quickly move to Mathew’s work station, and he boots up his computer system. Braden pulls up a seat next to Mathew and they quickly begin to look into Roxanne’s past. “Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, we could get caught,” Braden expresses to Mathew.

Mathew gives Braden a look and says, “Boy, you’re crazy. This is why we have these resources. We’re cops, we don’t do shit.” “No wonder you took the job then, get paid for doing nothing.” Mathew scoffs and smacks Braden’s arm. “Okay, got it. Printing now,” Mathew says and quickly runs to the printer before anyone sees what he’s printed.

Braden is approached by Daniel Smithson who says, “Braden, is that you? Man, I haven’t seen you in the longest time! How’s your mom?” “Hello Mr. Smithson, it’s nice to see you as well. My mother is doing well. Busy with work,” Braden replies. “I know how that one feels. You’ll have to tell her I said hi.”

Daniel walks off, and Mathew quickly reappears, telling Braden to hurry along, they had to go back to the house before Brenda woke up.

Scene Five: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda quickly enters and makes her way through the hospital, making it past many of her co-workers. She was stopped only once, but explained she was only there to get some paperwork from her office, since she was off that day.

As Brenda quickly makes her way into the basement where she left Roxanne, she enters into the room where she left the body. However, the body was missing. “I told you there’s no evidence Brenda,” Roxanne says, popping up behind her.

Why are you doing this,” Brenda asks. “I’m doing it because you deserve it. You thought you could put me here and no one would find me? I told you the games had begun, and of course, I am a cunt, your words exactly.” “I get the damn point Roxanne. What is it you want from me?” “I want you to leave.”

Brenda, clearly confused, replies, “Leave? What do you mean leave?” “I mean, leave Liberty City.” “I can’t leave Roxanne, it’s you who should leave.” “Oh, you’ll leave or everyone will know how I sat down here to spend my final hours on this earth and they’ll find my body through an anonymous tipster. And on my body will be your personal chart with your handwriting.”

Clearly pissed, Brenda attacks Roxanne, causing her to struggle. “Kill me now, and you’ll have to run.” Coming to her senses, Brenda lets go. She then asks Roxanne, “So you want me to leave town? Why?” Roxanne dusts herself off and replies, “As payback. Why should you get to live your life here while I have to live it out dead.” “You’re alive, though. You can say you left town for a while cause you needed a break.” “No, you can leave your son and Mathew. Maybe that son of yours will actually grow some hair on his ball sack without you hovering.”

Roxanne collects herself and heads towards the door and leaves with, “You have an hour to pack your backs and get out of town. Under an alias, leave a note for them if you wish. But keep in mind, you tell them, they’ll never understand.”

On that note, Roxanne leaves, leaving Brenda to stand in the room, facing the decisions she has to make.

Scene Six: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Still on the phone on the lanai, Monica speaks to an unknown person. “I thought I told you not to call me. No you cannot come to Liberty City. Because? Because I said so. You knew what you were doing. This cannot end. You won’t interrupt my life with Dustin and our child. Do not call this number ever again.”

As she hangs up the phone, she walks back into the main part of the café and joins her sister, who seems to be gathering her things to leave. “Are you leaving? I’m sorry if my call took a while, it was the hospital confirming my appointment,” Monica says. “Your appointment,” Sophie asks. “Yes, the baby is due in the next week or two. We’re very excited.” “Oh well I’m happy for you both. Will you be here for the birth?” “I doubt it Monica.

Clearly saddened, Monica asks, “Why? I thought we were going to try and patch things up between us?” Sophie replies, “I know. But my family needs me at home. My husband and son miss me, and I’ve been gone longer than I expected. Plus, my practice needs my attention. You understand right?” Monica nods in agreement.

Sophie places her hand into Monica’s and assures her, “We’ll reconnect. And I’ll even work on Jamie. We need to be a sisterhood again.” Monica lets a tear shed, and thanks her sister. “Please let me know before you leave town, okay?” Sophie nods in agreement.

As Sophie walks out, Monica looks down at her phone, remembering the phone call she just had and places her hand over her stomach.

Scene Seven
Brenda arrives at her home, and picks up an old photograph and her and Mathew on their wedding day, and another of her and Braden when he was little. Realizing there was no way to face her loved ones right now, she rushes into the bedroom and begins to pack several of her clothing and misc items.

She then sits down at the kitchen table and begins to write three separate letters, one joint to both Braden and Mathew, and two separate ones to each of them. She puts the letters into an envelope and seals it shut with an old-fashioned sealer. On the front, she write “To my boys” and places it up against the centerpiece on the table. She then looks back one final time, and leaves the home.

Mathew and Braden then arrive back, obviously missing Brenda’s leave. They discover the envelope on the table and read it, out loud–

[ In Brenda’s Voice ]
To my boys, 

It was never my intentions to hurt you. To know that my actions could’ve ripped this family apart again is too much on my shoulders to hold. I hope in time you both can come to peace with the decision I’ve made, and will both live on. Who knows when or if I’ll ever come back. I’ve included three documents: a letter to you Mathew and a letter to you Braden, both explaining my reasons for leaving you and my resignation, which I’ve sent to the hospital. 

I love you both and you will forever be in my breaking heart. 



Mathew looks in the envelope, and does not find anything left. Both men seem confused and upset that she would have left town on such a short notice.

Lisa is seen in her office, wrapping up her days work. Her door opens, and she is startled to see Roxanne, standing there. She questions, “I thought you weren’t going to come back to Liberty City?” Roxanne smiles and answers, “I had my own loose ends to finish up.” “So she left town?” “Yes, I suspect so.” Roxanne throws three documents onto Lisa’s desk. She asks, “What are these?” Roxanne replies, “Letters to Mathew, Braden and her resignation from LCM. Find ways to sneak them into the house one-by-one, starting with Braden’s letter. I want them to slowly move on, then be reminded of the woman who left their lives on such a short notice.”

But why? This isn’t what I signed up for Roxanne!” “You’ll do whatever you’re instructed to do. I got you this damn job as District Attorney. You’d still be at the bottom if it weren’t for me.” “Where are you going?” “To live my life, without the worries of Liberty City, cause I’ve won,” Roxanne replies, turning around and smiles. Lisa replies, “Won what?”

Roxanne pauses, smiles and replies, “Everything I’ve ever wanted out of life.”