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3×08 Keep Your Enemies Close

3×08: Keep Your Enemies Close

Previously on Liberty City:
Shirley returns to town with her husband.
Lisa returns to town with her own agenda this time.
Donna and Theo talk to Detective John Marley in hopes of finding his attacker.
Courtney and Amanda Joy have a disagreement about Cristina’s company.
Dustin loses custody of Isaac to Monica and Keith.

Scene One: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

The scene opens with a view of Jamie sitting on the couch in the living room, looking over the agenda and plans for her upcoming wedding to Derek, who himself walks into the living room holding two cups of coffee. “Here you go,” he says to Jamie, handing her one of the cups. As she extends her hand, baring look up from her plans, she says, “Thank you.” “You could barely take your attention away from those wedding plans long enough to give a proper thank you to the man you’re marrying through those plans.”

Lifting her head up and letting out a small perk, she turns to Derek and says, “Thank you very much for my coffee, sir. You are a life saver.” As the pair shares a slight giggle, they lean into each other, exchanging a loving kiss between them. Impressed and satisfied, Derek asks, “So what is it exactly are you working on?” “Well I am so happy you asked! I’m working on the seating arrangement right now. Because you know how it can be, someone can’t be seated next to the other person, and that person can’t be near the third person, who wants to be near the fourth who doesn’t want to be near the first.”

Why don’t we just tell people to stand in a line in a numbered fashion,” Derek jokes. Jamie laughs and asks, “You’re making a mockery out of me aren’t you?” “Of course I am.” Jamie then takes her notepad and whacks the side of Derek’s arm in a playful way.

As Derek begins to try and explain himself, the door bell rings. Jamie gets up and as she heads for the door, she says, “Don’t you think this is over for you Mr. Spencer, nowhere near over.” As Jamie opens her door, her look turns into a sudden shock. “You’re here,” Jamie says in a shocked, yet questionable tone.

Surprise,” Sophie exclaims.

Scene Two: The Johnson Estate
721 San Quentin Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Logan walks into her parlor from her outside terrace. She walks in on the phone, holding a conversation with an unknown caller. She discusses, “I know Gina, I know. But since I haven’t been working there’s nothing I can do to help you out. You’ll have to speak to Theo about that since he’s in charge. No, I do not have contact with him. Because he and I are not on solid terms and I just don’t think it’s appropriate to try and tell my son how to do his job.”

Getting irritated by her conversation, a knock is heard at her front door. She finishes, “Gina, I have to go. No, someone’s at my door. Okay, you too. Thanks. Bye.” As Logan opens the door, she is greeted by her daughter, Meredith. Meredith, featuring a brand-new makeover and attitude, greets, “Hi mom. Surprised to see me?” “Yes. I wasn’t expecting you back in town. I thought you and Shaun were-” Logan says before being interrupted by Meredith, who continues, “Working on our marriage? We were until I told him some news he did not like.”

And what, pray tell, would that news be,” Logan asks. Meredith sighs and says, “That I’m pregnant.” Taken aback, Logan’s worry turns into a growing smile of happiness.

 Scene Three: The Smithson Residence
46 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Dustin sits on his couch, holding Isaac in his arms. Realizing these were his last moments with his once-thought son, he says to him, “You know I never wanted any of this for you. I wanted to protect you from all the dramas of the world. But I guess I failed you. I may not be your daddy, but I love you. I’m the luckiest big brother. You’ll always have a home with me. Never forget that.”

As Dustin continues to gaze into Isaac’s eyes the doorbell rings. Knowing very well who it was, Dustin leans in and kisses Isaac softly on the forehead before getting up and heading to his front door. As he opens the door, he see’s Monica and Keith both standing there, awaiting to take claim of their son.

Hello Dustin,” Monica casually says. Dustin responds, “Hello, hi dad.” Keith responds with slight emotion, “Hi son.”

Both Monica and Keith enter into the home. As Dustin goes to hand over Isaac, he stops and says, “Wait. Before we do this, I want to make one thing abundantly clear. I do not approve of this relationship or the court’s decision. But you’re both family and people that I’ve cared for. And this little guy, I know, is going to have the best life possible. And that he’s always welcomed here in my home.”

Son that means the world–” Keith says before being interrupted by Dustin, “That doesn’t mean things are the way they were. But for this little guy, I’m willing to try and accept things the way they are.”

Monica interrupts and says, “Listen, we have a couple of more things to do. You know, say our goodbyes before leaving town. So we best be going.” Dustin kisses Isaac on the head before passing him off to Monica, and giving Keith the bags he packed. As Monica and Keith leave, Dustin closes his front door, and as he heads back into his living room, he is left with the reminders of his fallen marriage and lost child.

Dustin sits down on his couch and picks up a photo with him and a pregnant Monica. Gearing up with hurt and rage, he throws and smashes the photo frame against the wall as he collapses down in tears from the pain.

Scene Four: Liberty City Hotel, Room 534
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Leah rushes out of her bathroom within her hotel room, hobbling on a shoe-less foot in a cocktail dress, neatly done up for an obvious special occasion. “C’mon, where the hell is my shoe,” Leah exclaims impatiently looking around her hotel room. Catching her eye, she finds her shoe beneath of sofa. Hobbling over, she goes to put her shoe on as a knock is heard at the door.

Leah exclaims, “Hold on! I’m coming!” A nervous Leah looks the peephole of her hotel room door, and then takes a deep breath, then hopes her door. She is greeted by a dashingly looking Galvin Gregson, who greets her with a rose saying, “For you.” “Awe well thank you so much. It’s beautiful,” Leah responds with a genuine smile on her face. “Are you ready to go Ms. Brighton?” “Hold on, I have to grab my purse.”

As Leah grabs her clutch, she and Galvin head out for their first official date.

Scene Five: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Still in a surprised shock by her sister’s appearance, Jamie responds, “Oh my God! What are you doing here?” After exchanging an embracing hug, Sophie responds, “Well, a sister needs someone to help plan her wedding, yes?” “Sophie, you and I both know that you do not help ‘plan weddings’ so why don’t you explain things to me.”

Clearly out of place, Derek remarks, “And that would be my cue to leave you ladies.” “Baby you don’t have to,” Jamie responds. “No, I should go. Plus, I have a meeting with your father. He wants to do the whole ‘She’s my baby girl’ talk. So I got to suck it up and go.”

Derek turns to Sophie and says, “Welcome back Soph. We missed you.” “Thank you Derek. Glad to be back here. Good luck with dad.” Bug eyed and ready, Derek kisses Jamie as he leaves the house. Sophie remarks, “Oh he loves you. And he has no idea what kind of trap he just walked into, doesn’t he?” Jamie laughs and responds, “No. He doesn’t. But you and I both know daddy and how he operates. He’ll be fine. So tell me, why are you here?”

Sophie settles into the couch with Jamie and explains, “Well after I left, returning home was like I had never left. Eric had everything under control and Morgan was as much of a beautiful little boy as I could have ever imagined. And then I got to thinking, why am I so far away from my family? You know, what’s keeping me here? And it was just my husband and my son.”

Jamie interrogates, “So?” “So we decided to give up my practice and move here,” Sophie responds. “Move here? Meaning to Liberty City?” “No silly. I’m moving to Timbuktu. Of course Liberty City!” As Jamie and Sophie share to joy over her good news, another knock is heard at the front door.

As Jamie makes her way to the door, she opens it and is greeted by her mother, Shirley. “Mom, Hi. This is a very busy day I guess,” Jamie greets. Confused, Shirley responds, “What do you mean busy day?” “Hi mom,” Sophie says. “Sophie?! My darling Sophie! Oh sweetie how I’ve missed you,” Shirley exclaims embracing her daughter. “Oh, I never thought this would happen. My three daughters living in the same town.”

More like two,” a voice states. As the ladies turn their attention to the front door, Monica stands there, looking at her mother and sisters as they bond with each other.

Scene Six: The Johnson Estate
721 San Quentin Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Honey, you’re pregnant? Oh that’s amazing news,” Logan beams with pride. She asks, “So why aren’t you as happy as I am?” Meredith takes a deep breath and sweeps the hair away from her face. She responds, “Because Shaun doesn’t want the baby.” Confused, Logan sits her daughter down onto the couch and asks, “What do you mean Shaun doesn’t want the baby?”

He said a baby would complicate the relationship. And it doesn’t want the responsibility of a baby in his life,” Meredith says. Logan questions, “Well what do you want?” “I want this baby. It’s the one thing I’ve wanted my whole life. It’s already a part of me. This baby is me.”

Logan grabs Meredith’s hand and tells her daughter, “Then that’s what you do. You keep this baby and you give it the best possible life it could have. Screw the men. What do we need them for?” “But he’s my husband mom. That’s the issue. I married him for better or for worse.”

Well when the time comes, he’ll come around. I know he will. I have faith in that,” Logan assures her daughter embracing her.

Scene Seven: The Grove
26 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Entering into a crowded The Grove, Leah and Galvin are immediately escorted to their table. A shocked Leah remarks, “Wow. They’re seating us right away. That’s never happened before.” “That’s because I called beforehand about our reservation so we did not have to wait,” Galvin responds after pulling Leah’s chair out.

Impressed Leah responds, “Well then. Aren’t you playing mister nice, huh? Are you trying to woo me back into bed or just prove that you’re a gentleman?” “Maybe a bit of both,” Galvin responds which brings out a genuine laughter between the two. “You are quite the comedian, aren’t you?” “Do you find me comical?” “Slightly.”

As their date goes on, they continue into their main courses and continue to enjoy their own company. Leah asks, “So, what brought you originally to Liberty City? I mean, was it work or was it personal?” “It was complicated,” Galvin reveals. “What do you mean complicated?”

Galvin takes a sip of his wine and confesses, “I came to town following my sister-in-law for my brother. She left and he needed someone to work for him to find her; being a private investigator I agreed to it. And once I found her, I didn’t give her up. I wanted to keep her safe from my brother.” “Why,” Leah questions.

Because my bother and sister-in-law’s marriage has been falling apart at the seams, and I wanted to keep it from exploding. My brother has always been number one in getting what he wanted. Tori doesn’t deserve that. She’s always been so kind to me, but my brother found her, and he’s in town.”

Leah asks, “Why didn’t you feel like you could tell me this?” “Because I had feelings for Tori long ago, but I didn’t want you thinking I’d be conflicted by anything for you,” Galvin says shaky in his voice. Leah reaches out her hand into Galvin’s as comfort and affirms, “Galvin, I like you and I know you like me. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for people you care about. Why wouldn’t I be okay with that?”

Galvin looks into Leah’s eyes as he leans in and they share a passionate kiss.

Scene Eight: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Monica, honey, I didn’t know you’d be here! How are you doing,” Shirley greets to her daughter. Monica smiles while hugging her mother and says, “I’m fine. Just came by actually to say goodbye.” Confused Jamie asks, “Goodbye? You’re going somewhere?”

Yes. Keith and I are–” Monica beings to state before being interrupted by Sophie, who questions, “Keith as in Keith Smithson?” “Yes, he’s my husband. We’re leaving town with Isaac in a few. I just wanted to say goodbye to Jamie; didn’t think the whole family would be here, which is nice to see.”

Of course it’s good to see. I love having all my daughters in one place at one time,” Shirley says gathering her daughters together into a group hug. Jamie asks, “So when do you leave town?” “Once I leave here. Keith and I want to make it to Boston by nightfall.” “So you’re moving to Boston?” “No. We don’t know where we’re moving to right now. But Boston is our first stop with getting out of town.”

Sophie asks, “Are you ever coming back to Liberty City?” “I’m not sure. Maybe not right away, but there’s always hope down the line,” Monica responds with a sense of unknown within her voice.

Scene Nine: The Pub
48 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Derek arrives at The Pub, a rundown bar on the outskirts of the city. There he meets his future father-in-law, Donald Lane. “Derek so nice of you to join me,” Donald robustly greets. Shaking his hand, Derek responds, “No, thank you sir.” “Please, call me Donald. We’re going to be related and all.” “Okay, Donald.”

As they get settle in, Donald asks, “What can I get for you? A pint?” “No, no. I’m fine. I have work in the morning,” Derek hesitantly responds. “Aha, smart man. I like that, self-aware of that kind of stuff.”

As the two men sit in awkward, uncomfortable silence, Derek breaks it by asking, “So, I hear you and Jamie’s mother are moving permanently to Liberty City?” “Yes. Yes we are. And we’re both very excited about that,” Donald responds. “You don’t seem too excited about it, sir?”  “Well Derek, when you get to be older like I am, change isn’t easy. And there’s leaving comfort ability and things that you know and recognize. But to be closer to my children is most important.”

Amen to that,” Derek says as they clink their drinks together, continuing to enjoy their company.

Scene Ten

As Leah and Galvin walk back to her room, they pause outside the door. “I had a wonderful time tonight, thank you so much,” Leah states to Galvin. He smiles, leans in and kisses her and responds, “So did I. You’re welcome. I’ll call you.” As Galvin walks off, Leah enters into her hotel room and leans against her door and smiles.


Logan walks into her parlor with a tray of tea and settles in next to her daughter. The pair bond, while rubbing and caressing Meredith’s already growing tummy.


Monica gives her final round of hugs to her mother and two sisters. As she walks out the door, she turns around and with a smile says, “I’ll call you all when we get to the Boston.” And with that, she walks away from the home. Closing the front door, Shirley joins Jamie and Sophie, gleaming about their all living in the same city.


Derek and Donald continue to bond over their drinks in The Pub. They share chummy laughs and heartfelt bonding moments, showing a true and complete connection between the two. Outside the pub, Dustin Smithson looks in on the air, clearly upset that another connection of his past as moved on beyond him.


In a car on the road, Monica and Keith drive together with their son. They interlock hands, as Monica lets out a relaxing smile. As we see them drive off, a sign reads “Thank you for visiting Liberty City. Please come back soon!”

On the Next Liberty City:
Eric and Sophie settle into their new home.
Mathew has a talk with Shontelle about why she’s in town.
Tori and Garrett come face-to-face and make some realizations about their marriage.
Ava makes it known she will not forgive her father for his betrayal.