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1×03 A Secret Comes Out

1×03: A Secret Comes Out

Previously on Liberty City:
Cassandra has her baby, via C-Section; both in worrying conditions.
Jaime gets in a mini-heated argument.
Dan leans on Leah when he goes to see his daughter.
Logan gets a shocking admission from her sister.

Scene One: Liberty City Memorial, NICU
The sight of her small niece was frightening to Leah. Seeing such a small child in need of help to do things she did so normally was heartbreaking.

 *Flashback Begin*
Leah: C’mon Cass, let’s go!
Cassandra: Hold on Leah, I can’t get my bike

Unknown female: Leah, meet your sister, Cassandra
Leah: Mommy, she’s beautiful. Can we keep her?
Leah’s mother: Yes. She’s ours, forever.
*Flashback Ends*

Leah, are you okay?” Dan questions as he walks in. “You’ve been in here for hours. You haven’t eaten or showered either.

Leah then replies, “I’m fine. I can’t stand to leave her. I feel like I should be here for her, since I’m the reason she’s in this mess.

Dan then squats down to Leah’s level, and assures her, “Baby, the doctor’s would’ve told us if her condition was going to change. Maybe you should visit Cass today? You haven’t visited her since the incident.

I can’t visit her. I’m not ready,” Leah replies in distress.

Well, did you call your mother? Let her know what’s going on?” Dan questions.

Leah turns to Dan and sharply replies, “Let her know what’s going on? Are you serious?

Scene Two: The Johnson Loft
A key locks into place, and opens up the door to the loft apartment where Cristina stays. Cristina opens the door, and enters into her empty loft. She drops her keys onto the table next to the door and hangs her coat up.

 As she walks into her loft, she hears someone knocking at the door. As she walks up to the door, she soon begins to think about whether or not it’s Tim. As she opens the door, she sees her brother-in-law, Theo.

 “Theo, what can I help you with?” Cristina asks Theo.

Theo terrifyingly answers, “I need someone to talk to. Can I come in?

 With a compassionate look on her face, Cristina nods and opens her arm welcoming Theo in, very well knowing the commotion it will cause between her and Logan; a plan too well placed into her palm.


 Scene Three: The Stevens’ Residence
After a long days work, Dr. Brenda Montez Stevens walks into the home she shares with her ex-husband Mathew Stevens and her son, Braden. As she walks into her home, she smells the scents of a home cooked meal.

 “Honey, I’m home! And what smells so good?” Brenda announces as she walks in the door.

My famous homemade macaroni and cheese!” Mathew says to welcome his ex-wife home while walking into the dining room.

Hmm, well it smells damn good, that’s for sure. Where’s Braden?” Brenda compliments and asks.

 Mathew smiles and replies, “He went out for the night, so we have this place all to ourselves.

At that very moment, Brenda leans in and kisses Mathew romantically. As the moments go along, Mathew quickly leans and swipes the dining room table clean, and picks up and puts Brenda onto the dining room table. Brenda then rips off Mathew’s shirt and throwing it onto the ground as they both lean back onto the table, not paying attention to anything else going on around them.

Scene Four: The Johnson Estate
Logan walks down her staircase and enters into the main foyer of her estate and walks over to a china buffet, and picks up a photograph of her, her late husband, daughter, and three sons. Logan begins to smile at the happy times her family has had in the past, and how much she misses those times.

 She is then jilted by a sudden knock at the door. She places the frame back onto the buffet, and regally walks up to the main door, and opens it. Upon opening the door, Logan is shocked to see who is standing in front of her.

What are you doing here? You’re not due back for another week.” Logan greets her mystery guest.

Diane Taylor then enters into her home, answering, “I got back a week early because I heard drama in Liberty City was at an all-time high. So, what’s going on with you?

 Logan steps down into the foyer, and replies, “I need you to draw back up those contracts I asked you to cancel.

Diane looks at Logan with a confused face and questions, “Are you sure you want to do this Logan? Last time we talked you had decided you wouldn’t do this.

Logan turns to look at the family portrait, and sharply replies, “Yes. File the paperwork. Now.

 Diane swiftly nods her head in agreement, and walks out of Logan’s home. Logan then looks next to the family portrait and looks at Cristina and Tim’s wedding photograph and sternly remarks “Stupid bitch” and throws the frame and lets it shatter into pieces, as she walks away.

 Scene Five: Liberty City Memorial, NICU Waiting Room

Leah hastily walks out of the NICU with Dan following right behind her.

Are we even going to discuss this?” Dan questions.

Leah quickly turns around and sharply answers in an urge of tears “No we aren’t!

 Dan grabs Leah by the hand, and sits her down. “Baby, what’s wrong?

Leah looks at Dan, and begins to stand up replying, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong! What’s wrong is that I’m torn between my sister and her newborn child, and all you seem to care about is if our ‘mother’ knows?

Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would affect you like this. I don’t know the history between you two, so I didn’t think it would be an issue to call her.”

Leah looks at Dan and replies, “An issue? Of course it’s an issue Dan. Where do I even begin with our history. I guess it began when she drove Cass’ and I’s father away. I don’t even remember what he looks like. Or maybe, just maybe it was the constant drinking I can’t seem to get past. The one thing I know I could never get over was when I needed to raise my little sister because our mother was too damn drunk to even open her eyes for anything other than to pour herself another glass of Vodka.

 Dan then gets up, and wraps his arms around Leah, and tells her, “Okay, okay. Calm down. I love you, and I know you’ll do what’s right for your sister and her baby.

 Dan then walks away, while Leah walks back into the NICU pondering what choice to make.

 Scene Six: The Johnson Loft
Cristina walks from her kitchen to the living room with two glasses of water, and hands one glass to Theo, who is sitting on the couch comfortably.

 “So, what do you need to talk to me about?” Cristina asks Theo.

Theo then looks at Cris with worry, “Cris, it’s something that could tear my mother into pieces. It could possibly destroy our family.”

Cristina looks at Theo and worrily replies, “Theo, are you okay? You’re scaring me. Are you sick? Did you enroll in the army like Tim?

 Theo looks at Cristina with a short smirk and laugh and replies, “No. I wish I had, it’d be the least of my problems. This is bigger than the army to my mother. Cris, I’m gay.

 Cristina then puts her glass down on the table, walks up to Theo and hugs him. “Theo, your mother loves you and would do anything for you. Hell, I even know this. But I’m willing to keep your secret for as long as you need. You can stay the night if you’re not up to going home.

 Theo hugs Cristina and gracefully accepts her offer to spend the night.

 Scene Seven
We see Brenda and Mathew laying on top of their dining room table cuddling in blankets, resting in solitude. At that very instant, the front door and we see Mathew’s current wife, Roxanne walk in the door, leading Mathew and Brenda to quickly leap up, covering themselves and look at Roxanne with a look a horror.

 Cristina walks into the guest bedroom of her loft, where Theo is seen undressing himself. Cristina throws down a pair of pajamas for him to wear. They both exchange smiles and Cristina leaves, closing the door.

 Leah is standing outside of the baby’s NICU Room, looking at her baby niece with such little hope that she was on the verge of tears. She then sniffs back whatever emotions are to spill out to appear strong. She then begins to walk towards the exit of the NICU, pulling out her cell phone, and dialing a number. We then hear her say “Mommy?” and then walk out of the NICU, and the waiting room, and down the hallway.