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1×12 The Aftermath, Part II

1×12: Aftermath Part II

Previously on Liberty City:
Brenda calls out Roxanne.
Susan tells Natalie to end her past.
Theo lashes out at Donna.
Natalie breaks it off with Jason and leaves town.

Scene One: The Smithson Residence
You are unbelievable,” Monica exclaims to Susan. “Unbelievable? You’re just upset that I know that the child inside of you is not my son’s. Fess up Monica, I told you not to work me, and that’s exactly what you’ve been doing since I arrived here,” Susan replies. Monica gives Susan a scowling look and blatantly says, “I did not under any circumstance sleep with anyone other than Dustin to conceive this child.” “Bullshit Monica. You know it and I know it, and I’m making sure that little spawn is not brought into this world under this roof,” Susan says in a fit of anger.

As Susan begins to walk away, Monica grabs her and begins to try and forcefully stop Susan to which Susan says, “Monica, what are you doing? You’re pregnant.” “I’m stopping you.” “Stopping her from what?” Dustin interrupts at the top of the staircase. Monica then let’s go of Susan and both look at each other with different looks; Susan a look of deception and Monica and look of guilt.

Scene Two: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
Brenda walks into her office and throws her pile of paperwork down onto her desk. She takes a seat in her chair while her hands shake. She thinks to herself How would this be happening? That couldn’t have happened. She then looks at a photograph of her and Mathew and then another of Braden and thinks to herself Stupid bitch. I can’t tell them this, I can’t. I’d break their hearts and I can’t be the person who does that to them. I just can’t.

Brenda then grabs her coat, and as she begins to leave her office she turns and looks and says out loud to herself, “Even dead you’re still causing unnecessary drama.” And on that, she exits her office.

Scene Three: The Johnson Loft
I’m home,” Cristina says as she opens the door to Theo’s room only to find him asleep. She walks over to his bed and rests herself on the edge, rubbing his back. She says out loud, “You look like your brother so much. He wouldn’t want you going through so much pain, and I only wish I could relieve some of the pain you feel.” And on that, she presses her lips together and lets out a deep sigh, before pulling up his covers a bit more, and leaving his room.

As she walks into the living room/kitchen area, the door bell rings. In a rush to get the door as to not interrupt Theo. Upon opening the door, she seems Alecia standing in her doorway. “Hello Cristina. May I come in,” Alecia asks. “Alecia I just got in from a very heated conversation with Logan and Meredith and I’m not in the mood for another one,” Cristina said in a tiresome tone.


So this is where you live, huh? In this dapper, closed in loft? No wonder you bicker with my daughter,” Alecia questions and offends. Cristina in an act of defense says, “Well, Tim and I enjoy- enjoyed living here. And now it’s a comforting place for myself and Theo to live, where Tim will forever and always be loved.

Alecia gives Cristina a horrid look of disgust and says, “Oh yes, you live here with my grandson. My other, unmarried grandson. You cease to amaze me Cristina. You’d think someone like you would worry about doing such a thing, especially with a mother-in-law such as my daughter.” “I can handle Logan. She’s nothing I can’t deal with. Listen Alecia, why are you here?

Alecia sits down on the couch and pulls out a manila package and hands it to Cristina. “What’s this?” she asks. “It’s a severance, an opportunity. A chance to pull the rug out from underneath my daughter. A chance to become 50% share owner of Liberty City Hotel.

Scene Four: The Liberty City Church
The main door to the church opens as Brenda enters into the chapel. As she walks further into the church, she sits on one of the pews. As she sits there, she begins to ponder what it is she wishes to say. She begins, “Lord, I don’t know why I’m here. I mean, I understand why I’ve come here, but I don’t know why here. I could easily go find a friend and explain myself to them but I feel like with you I’m not as judged. Lord, I’m at a crossroads. I have something I feel I need to tell my family, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I wish I wasn’t presented with such a dilemma.

Brenda gets up and walks more towards the front of the church and continues, “And now it’s not just Mathew I have to worry about, but my son. My son. My son doesn’t deserve this. Why am I the one that must bring such news to them? I already know the answer, so no need to answer. I guess it’s not easy, your job that is. To have to listen to everyone’s issues, and give us hope and guidance. Well, I’m done wasting your time. I think you’ve given me my guidance on what I need to do. Thank you.

And on that, Brenda grabs her bag and coat and walks out of the church.

Scene Five: The Smithson Residence
Dustin, honey. I didn’t realize you were home,” Susan says trying to avoid answering his question. “You knew I was home Mom. What’s going on here? Why are you two arguing, especially with you being pregnant?” Dustin demands to know. “Nothing. It was just me and Susan practicing something we plan on doing once I’m pregnant,” Monica tries to deflect. “And that is?” “Acting classes,” Susan interrupts. “I thought it’d be a good way for us to bond, you know since we really haven’t gotten to know each other since the wedding.

Dustin nods in agreement as he walks away. “Nice cover up, not,” Susan pesters. “Acting classes as a bonding experience? That’s a funny one Susan. You should try acting actually, you’d do well.” “You’re already winning the Academy Award for Best Actress Monica. Lying about that baby. Just tell me the damn truth, and I won’t tell Dustin anything.

Monica laughs and says, “Aha, that’s the best lie for Best Supporting Actress. Though, you’re not a very supportive person Susan. I am only telling you this once, I am not pregnant with any other man’s child than Dustin. I love my husband. I would never do anything to break his heart, nor his family.” “Is that what you said when you helped him cheat on his wife? You know, the mother of his two children.

You mean one, I’d hardly call Jessica theirs, I mean after all, she was adopted,” Monica snarls in a disrespectful demeanor. Susan’s face turns from tired to shockingly angered. And in a fit of rage slaps Monica clear across the face and says, “You listen here Monica Lane, you will never speak of my granddaughter like that again. You will never match up to your sister. You’re far too easy and how my son ever left such a respectful woman for such an easy lush is beyond me.

Monica deviously walks to an end table and picks up a family photo. She emotionlessly says, “You see this family in this photo? It’s me, Dustin and Derrick. Jessica never showed. So once again I say, she’s not part of this family. It’s us three and our baby.

If you hadn’t noticed Monica, Jessica is a grown woman, with a husband,” Susan corrects. “You mean ex-husband. I mean, she filed for divorce. I guess it runs in the family.” “Which means you’re next, in that case.” “Excuse me?” “You can that divorce runs in the family, means you’re next. After all, you are blood related to Jamie. And that means you’re more connected to that divorce than Jessica even was.

Susan walks up closer to Monica and gets really close into her face and says, “I’d be careful Monica. I won’t stop until that little thing inside of you is away from you and my son.” As Susan walks off into the kitchen, Monica lets out a deep sigh and places her hand on her stomach, as a tear gently slides down her face.

Scene Six: The Johnson Loft
Alecia, I am very appreciative of what you’re offering me, but I could never take control of such a legacy in your family,” Cristina tries to explain as she hands the paperwork back to Alecia. As she denies the paperwork, Alecia says, “Yes, but think about the control you’d have over Logan. Think about how you could tear her world to shreds.

Cristina with a look a confusion says, “Alecia, you want me to take out Logan? B-b-but she’s your daughter. You love her, don’t you?” “Yes I do, but she’s ungrateful. I have tried putting her in her place. She’s a devious little twat and it is not how I raised her.” “But surely Jennifer or even Donna would be better suited for these shares. I’m not family anymore.

Alecia in a look of compassion says, “But this would keep you as family, my family. Think of all you could do to help support my grandson. Think of your fashion career, it could bloom with the money you get from tackling these shares. This could put you in power Cristina. This could make you the richest person in this town.” “Yes, but at what cost? I have to think of Tim and what he’d want me to do for me and for his brother. Theo’s relationship with Logan is already broken. Why would I want to intentionally harm it more?

Because you can,” Alecia sternly says. “Donna already has majority shares so she doesn’t need any more of them. And Jennifer, well, she’d only simply secure her and Logan’s place in the company more. But you, you can overthrow Logan and within time Jennifer as well. You’re the power card.” “I don’t want to be your power card Alecia. So find yourself some other willing accomplice to your scheme to overthrow your daughters for whatever reasons you have. Now please leave, I’d like to get some sleep.

Alecia gets up and takes the paperwork from Cristina. As she leaves, she says, “Whether Tim is alive or dead, you’ll always be my granddaughter Cristina. That’s why I want you to have these shares, cause you’re part of this family, my family.” And as Alecia leaves, Cristina collapses herself onto her couch and curls over in tears.

Scene Seven: The Stevens Residence
Brenda opens up the door to her home and is greeted by the scents of several home cooked foods. “Hello? Is anyone home?” Brenda asks, seeing if anyone is home. “Welcome home Momma. Here let me take your coat,” Braden greets to his mother. “Why thank you sweetheart. I appreciate that.” “Hello lovely woman in my life,” Mathew to kindly greets her carrying a casserole. “Well you keep talking like that, and I’ll continue to be lovely. So, what’s for dinner?” Brenda says in a happy tone.

As Mathew and Braden join her at the table, Brenda looks at her family and realizes that she finally has the home and people around her she’d always dreamt of.

Mathew then grabs his glass of wine, raises it, and says, “To Brenda Montez, the glue that holds this family together. May you have all the happiness in this world.” “Yeah Momma, you deserve it.

With a smile on her face Brenda says, “As long as it’s just us three, I have all my happiness in the world. Nothing more, nothing else. We’re a family, together forever.

And with that, Brenda enjoys a family meal with her family, realizing no matter the news she has to share, it is not worth ruining this perfect moment for anyone, herself included.

Scene Eight: The Smithson Residence
As Dustin sits in the kitchen, waiting for a pot a coffee to brew, he hears a knock at the door. He looks up to see Derek Spencer standing in the doorway. As he opens the door, Derek says, “Hey, have you heard from Jamie?” “No, why?” Dustin questions. “Because she said she’d call an hour ago. And she never did, and she never forgets to call.” “Well, maybe she’s in a dead zone. I mean, wasn’t she coming home tonight?” “She was, but wasn’t sure if the bus would make it into Liberty City tonight.”

What’s going on in here?” Susan questions as she enters the kitchen mid-conversation. “Mom, this is Derek Spencer, Jamie’s boyfriend. Jamie was due back in Liberty City tonight, but he hasn’t received a phone call.” “And I came over to see if he had called Monica or even Derrick. Thinking maybe she phoned someone other than me.” “Well, I’m sure she’s fine Derek, she’s a strong woman. I’ve learned that over the years,” Susan assures him.

A loud shatter is heard from the living room, as if a glass has shattered onto the ground. As Dustin, Susan and Derek rush into the living room, they see Monica over shattered glass looking at the television. “Monica, what’s wrong?” Dustin asks. Monica turns and says, “There was a bus crash and explosion. And one of the parties involved was Natalie.” Susan lets out a deep gasp as Derek catches her from fainting. “Mom, are you okay? Everything is going to be okay, Natalie is fine,” Dustin says, hugging his mother.

The doorbell then suddenly rings, with a continuous knock at the door. Monica goes to the door, answers and says, “Officer, please come in.” “Officer, is everything okay?” Dustin questions. “No,” the Officer says. “This involves the recent bus accident and explosion.” “There were two parties involved that are part of your family, a Miss Natalie Smithson and Jamie Lane-Smithson.” Monica’s face turns from horrified to devastated. “Unfortunately Natalie was driving on the wrong side of the road, and crashed into the bus, which impacted the explosion. No word on why or how, but it just happened. We’ve evacuated most of the passengers that weren’t thrown off the bus, and Jamie was not one of them. We believe she is trapped either in the rubble of the explosion or was throw from the impact into the woods. I’m deeply sorry to have to give you such information.

Monica pushes herself into Dustin’s chest crying. Dustin’s facial expression empties as he looks over to an old photograph of him, Jamie, Jessica and Derrick. Derek cries into his heads up against the fireplace mantle, and Susan drops herself onto the couch, as she takes a deep breath in and grasps her hand to her chest.

At the crash site, the bus remains on fire with many passengers wrapped in blankets at ambulances. In the forest, surrounded by dark, an unconscious Jamie Lane-Smithson is seen on the ground face down under pieces of the bus, bleeding from her head.

To Be Continued…