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1×02 Three Years

1×02: Three Years, $100,000 Dollars Later, and I’m Still Mourning Like Day One

Previously On Liberty City:
Monica and Dustin don’t get the news they wanted to hear.
Logan and Cristina begin a face-off, and Cristina reveals a shocking revelation.
Jamie reveals a decision that upsets her daughter.
Leah and Cassandra have a heated argument over Cassandra’s current pregnancy.

Scene One: The Johnson Estate

Logan begins to ponder what just happened in her. Did her daughter-in-law really just say her son was coming home? “I have much to look forward to, with Tim coming home.” Those words swell her brain with happiness. For once, her daughter-in-law was good for something.

Is everything okay? You and Cris seemed pretty heated when I walked in?” questioned Jennifer. Logan shakes her head out of confusion, and looks at a sister, forgetting she was there. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. You know how Cristina can be when she and I are in a room together.” “Yes I do, so that’s why I’m going to ask again, is everything okay?”Logan then slowly looks at her sister, with tears in her eyes. “No, everything will never be okay with Cristina Willis hanging around this city.

 Scene Two: Liberty City Hotel (The Rooms)

The scene begins with an unconscious Cassandra laying on the floor on top of the broken glass coffee table. “Oh my god. What did I do? Cassandra, Cassandra! Come on Cassie girl wake up!” Leah continues to yell at her unconscious sister, while shaking her to attempt to wake her up. As she begins to touch her sister’s head, she feels something cold. She removes her hand to reveal blood, a stream of blood. Stunningly shocked, Leah then runs out of the hotel room screaming for help, leaving Cassandra lying on the floor, dying.


Scene Three: Liberty City Hotel (The Rooms)

Leah rushes back into the room, with three EMT’s following her. “How long as she been like this?” asked the first EMT.

Only about ten minutes. I had to come looking for you guys, so I had to leave her here.” Leah answered with tears and worry filling her eyes and voice. What could she have done? Did she just kill her sister and unborn niece or nephew? Could this have been avoided?

 As the parametics begin to put Cassandra on a stretcher, Dan runs into the doorway. “I heard a pregnant woman was collapsed, and I was hoping it wasn’t her.

It is her, and I can explain what happened once we get to the hospital with her.

What do you mean you can explain? Did you do this?

Leah then looks at Dan with worry and hesitation. “Yes, but only in…

Dan cuts off Leah, “There are no buts in this situation. If she or the baby passes away, it’s on you.

Leah then goes from worry to hurt and disappointment.

Scene Four: Spencer Residence

Still in a loving embrace, Jaime and Jessica begin to come back to their discussion. “Are you sure this is okay with you?” Jaime asks of her daughter. “I guess I can get used to it. Or we could just move out and officially get our own place. I just want things to be the way they used to be.

They will be soon. Derek is the first guy since your father that I’ve really cared about. But my children’s happiness is most important to me, more than my own.” Jaime assures her daughter.

At that very moment, a cell phone begins to ring. Jessica and Jaime pull out their cell phones to see whose phone is going to be answered.

Hello? Uncle Dan, what’s wrong? What do you mean accident? Does Dad know yet? Okay, I’ll let him know and we’ll get there as soon as possible. Good luck.” Jessica says as she hangs up her phone.

Who was that? Your uncle? What’s wrong?” Jaime begins to ask of her daughter with a concerned face.

It’s Cassandra and the baby, there was an accident. They’re on their way to Liberty City Memorial. I need to go tell Dad and get to the hospital.” Jessica says with fear in her eyes thinking about the prospect of losing an unborn family member.

Jaime looks at the fear in her daugher’s eyes. “I’ll go tell your father. Go and be at the hospital. Tell your uncle I’ll be there with Dustin as soon as possible.

Mom I don’t think it’s the best idea you going to break this news to Dad.” Jessica says to her mother was a hint of suspicion.

Don’t worry about me and your father. I’m over the whole divorce. I’m being civil for you and your brother. Trust me, it’ll be fine. No arguments I promise.” Jaime tells her daughter with a smile on her face.

Scene Five: The Johnson Estate

Jennifer walks into the living room of the estate, with Logan seated on the couch directly across from the entrance way. Jennifer is carrying a tray of tea and cookies. She places it down on the coffee table, tours herself and her sister a cup of tea with lemon, and seats herself down in the chair directly adjacent to the couch.

So, what brings you here? You don’t ever come over unless I invite you.” Logan asks her sister.

It’s about mother. She’s coming to town.” Logan turns to her sister with anger in her eyes. “So, the so-called loving role model of our family is coming to town?” “Yes, and so is Donna.

Logan’s emotion goes from anger to fury. “Donna? That little two-faced whore is coming back with mommie dearest after 12 years. Missing our father’s funeral wasn’t enough, she stays away for 12 years without contact or even a phone call but owns a third of our father’s pride and joy?

Jennifer gently puts down her tea cup to break some even more earth shattering news to her sister. “She doesn’t own one third anymore. She owns the whole hotel.

Logan’s facial expression goes from fury to emotions not even felt by a human being.

Scene Six: Liberty City Memorial

Emergency room doors fly open with three EMT’s pushing Cassandra into an emergency patient room. Dan and Leah are seen running in after them. “What are they going to do? Are they going to be able to save her and the baby!” Leah exclaims in complete distress.

Maybe you should have thought about that before you two faught it out.” Dan remarks in a snotty tone.

Would you stop trying to put me down? Jesus, I told you, it was in self dense. She was choking me. I had to defend myself, it was an instinct.

At that very moment, Dr. Brenda Montez Stevens and Dr. James Lawrence come running down from the main section of the hospital. “Dr. Lawrence, you go with the patient. I have a feeling you’ll be more trained at this than I would be.” Dr. Montez Stevens remarks. She turns to Leah and Dan.

What happened? Did she over-dose or black out?” she asks the two.

I wasn’t there, Leah was. I just want to make sure my unborn child is going to be okay!” Dan exclaims.

We were fighting. She thought Dan and I wanted to adopt her child, and make sure she had no connection to it being raised. She stopped going to meetings and such. So I assumed she was using again.” Leah explains to Brenda.

Is this true Dan? Are you and Leah trying to take her baby away?

No. I did file for sole custody because I feel Cassandra is unstable to raise a child by herself, with her history of addiction. But Leah had no legal connection.”

Brenda then looks at the emergency patient room, and immediately Dr. Lawrence runs out.

She’s crashing Dr. Montez Stevens. We need to know if she’s using, so we can save her!” Dr. Lawrence screams out.

At that very moment, Brenda runs into the room to attempt to help out the situation.

Jessica runs into the emergency room, and spots Dan and Leah.

Uncle Dan! Leah! What’s going on? Where’s Cassandra!” Jessica exclaims with worry.

She’s in a room. They’re trying to save her and the baby. It’s looking pretty bad. Where’s your dad?” Dan replies.

He’s at the house, Mom went to go get him. Not the best choice I know but I had to get here ASAP!” Jessica quickly replies.

Dan and Leah’s facial expressions goes from worry for Cassandra to fear for the explosion about to happen at Dustin and Monica’s place.

Scene Seven: The Smithson Estate

Jaime walks up to the front door in a rush. She steadily and firmly knocks on the door repeatedly while ringing the door bell. Natalie walks up to the door. She quickly answers the door, and slams it in Jaime’s face.

Who was that?” Monica asks. “Oh, just some trash that the trash men haven’t picked up for about 20 years.” Natalie replies. And at that very moment, Jaime walks right into the house, slamming the door. “Nice to see you too Natalie. Glad to know you’re still the nice one in the family.” She gives Natalie a devilish grin.

Who do you think you are just walking into my house and insulting guests?” Monica questions with anger.

Oh I’m sorry. I guess I lost my manners when my sleaze of a sister slept with my husband, stole my house and completely tried to ruin my life. Let me rewind my life and totally re-do those months for you.”

Thanks. I’ll send my bill.” At that moment, Dustin enters into the parlor, and quickly goes to question why his ex is standing in the middle of it. “What do you want?

I actually came to tell you that you might want to get over to the hospital. Dan is there, something’s wrong with Cassandra. You need to get to the hospital.” Jaime replies in a civilized tone.

What happened? Is everything okay?

I don’t think so. Jessica went over fearing the worst.

Natalie then steps in “Of course she did, she’s faking this to get you and Dustin back together. How can you not see it?

Jaime turns to Natalie and quickly responds “Out of everyone in this family, you should be over there. You go missing every three minutes to go run to mommy. Is there ever a moment when you’re not a selfish bitch?

Okay, stop you two. I’m done with the fights. Dustin and I are grieving right now. We found out we’re not pregnant.” Monica remarks.

You’re actually mourning the fact that you two aren’t pregnant. You think you should be rewarded for being the two biggest cheats on earth? We have bigger issues, like Dan and Cassandra.” Jaime remarks about her sister’s selfishness.

Alright, everyone stop it! This is not about any of us. It’s about my brother and his unborn child. He was there for the birth of Derrick, so I can be there for him throughout anything. Jaime, Natalie and I will go to the hospital to be there for my brother and our daughter. Monica, stay here.

At that moment, Monica chimes in, “You, going to the hospital with your ex-wife? That will never happen!

You need to stay here. Derrick is coming home in about twenty minutes, you should be here when he gets here. Don’t worry, I’m coming home to you, always to you.” Dustin then kisses his wife tenderly.

Jaime, Natalie and Dustin then leave the house, leaving Monica in the parlor. She then picks up her phone, and makes a call. “Hey, it’s me. I need that favor I asked you for.

Scene Eight: Liberty City Memorial

Leah, Dan and Jessica are sitting in the waiting room, waiting for news on Cassandra and for Jaime and Dustin to arrive. Then, the emergency room doors open, with Jaime, Dustin and surprisingly Natalie walking in.

Natalie? Is that really you after three years?” Dan asks with a hint of hope in his voice.

Yes, it’s me. I’m back, again. I’m so sorry about Cassandra.” Natalie says in a monotone voice.

What’s going on? Any new?” Dustin asks Leah.

No. None yet. Brenda ran in about twenty minutes ago. No one has come out since.

At that very moment, Brenda comes walking down the hallway, not from the way she entered the patient room. Everyone stands up and prepares for good news.

Well, there was complications.” Brenda breaks the news. “Because of her history, she ended up not being able to handle the drugs we gave her to survive, so it ended up putting her into a coma. A coma that may not be reversible, but she’s in a room on monitors.

Leah bursts into tears and leans into Dan’s arms. “And the baby?” Dan asks with tears in his eyes.

We did an emergency C-Section. She’s really small. We’re taking all precautions and doing everything we can to ensure her survival.

She? I had a girl?” Dan questions with happiness.

Yes. Would you like to see her?”“Yes.” At that very moment, Dan begins to walk away, then reaches out his hand to Leah. She looks at his hand with a questioning look. “C’mon. I need you there with me. We’ll do this together.” At that moment, Leah smiles a little smile, grabs Dan’s hand and they walk with Brenda to go see the little baby, with the rest of the crew staying behind, waiting and thinking about the news they had just received.