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2×15 My Dirty Little Secret, Part II

2×15: My Dirty Little Secret, Part II 

Scene One: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Monica,” Dustin says in his firmest tone yet. “Turn around.” With no response, Dustin grabs Monica’s arm and forcefully turns her around and says, “I said turn around. Look me in the eyes, is Isaac my son.”

Looking directly into Dustin’s eyes, Monica’s emotions gain the best of her and with tears building in her eyes, she replies quietly, “No.” “Who is,” Dustin demands. “Monica, if I’m not the father of that baby upstairs, who is,” Dustin exclaims in rage.

I am,” says a male at the front door. As everyone turns to the door, Susan and Dustin’s face grow in horror as Keith stands at the door, staring at his wife and son.

I am, I’m the father,” Keith says repeating himself. Keith gives his attention back to Monica, who’s guilt is written all over her face. He asks her, “This can’t be true Monica! Tell me it’s not true?” “I’m sorry,” Monica let’s out.

While Dustin tries to take in the news he’s heard, Susan’s emotions turn from disgust at Monica to rage from Keith.

Scene Two: Liberty City Hotel – The Midnight Lounge, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Madison walks up to the front desk to ask if she had any mail awaiting her. When the staffer goes to check in the mailroom, Madison spots Adam in The Midnight Lounge. Madison then struts her way into the lounge, walking up and sitting next to Adam, who’s sitting at the bar.

Is this seat taken or is your mistress coming to join you,” Madison greets. Adam, baffled by his wife’s presence, replies, “No. She’s not coming. Nor is she my mistress.” “Adam, I caught you two in bed together. And it didn’t look like you’re first time sleeping with her.”

Adam takes a sip of his drink and replies, “That time, it was. We had only gotten together the night before.” “And that’s supposed to make it better Adam,” Madison replies, unimpressed. “Ma’am,” the attendee from the front desk greets to Madison. “Here is the mail you’ve received.” Madison looks through her mail, ending at a letter. “Who is it from,” Adam says to Madison. She replies, “It’s Ava.” “Is everything okay? Is she healthy?”

Madison gets up and replies in a monotone voice, “She’s coming here, to Liberty City.”

Scene Three: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Derek sits in his office, looking over paperwork concerning Jamie’s progress. As someone brace fully knocks on the door, Derek says, “Come in.” Dr. Brian Connolly walks into the office. “Sir,” he begins. “Those doctors you hired are here for the recently opened jobs.” Derek closes his case files and replies, “Please, send them in and join us.”

Dr. Derek Spencer, may a present to you Dr. Ameera Perry of Chicago and Dr. Bridget Carter of  San Diego,” Brian greets to the two newest employees of the hospital. “Hello ladies, thank you for joining me,” Derek says to the ladies, extended his hand to the two seats in front of his desk.

Thank you for meeting with us,” Ameera begins. Bridget continues, “We’re both so grateful to be here. We’ve heard wonderful things about this hospital.”

Derek lets out a slight giggle and replies, “Thank you ladies. I’m grateful that you both were able to come here on a somewhat short notice. Dr. Connolly has told me a lot of good things about yourselves.”

Dr. Spencer,” Ameera begins to ask. “May I ask what positions we are filling?” “You Dr. Perry will be filling the position as Head of Nursing. Our previous occupant, Dr. Brenda Montez left abruptly,” Derek explained.

And me?” Bridget asked. “Oh, yes. Dr. Carter, you and Dr. Connolly will be working together in our ever-growing pediatrics department on the lower floor.” “And where would that be, exactly?”

Brian quickly interrupts and says, “I can show you, I’m heading that way now.”

As Brian and Bridget leave, Derek says to Ameera, “Ameera, could you stay for a moment, please? I’d like to talk to you about the position you’re filling.” Ameera sits back down in her chair, somewhat afraid of what her new boss was about to say.

Scene Four: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Keith, look at me. You didn’t do what this tramp is accusing you of, did you?” Susan asks of Keith, trying to not freak out at him. In a moment of disappoint, Keith replies, “Susie Q I wish I could. But I can’t.”

Keith, don’t defend me. It’s over, they know,” Monica says. “Monica, don’t even try and protect my husband.”

Okay, you know what Susan, I’m tired of you and your accusations. If you found me out, you’re just pissed that you found out a little bit too much for you to actually handle. You know what, maybe that’s not it. Maybe it’s the fact that I fucked your husband that pisses you off so much.”

Susan casually walks over, in front of Monica’s face. In a quick movement, she slaps Monica straight across her face. Monica quickly bounces back, as if the slap did not faze her. And in retaliation, slaps Susan back across her face, twice as hard as the slap she had just given.

Hey,” Dustin shouts grabbing Monica’s arm with force. “Don’t you ever hit my mother. Ever! Do you understand me.” Unafraid, Monica replies “Get your hands off of me. I am your wife.” “Not for long.”

Stunned by her husband’s words, Monica quickly tries to reply, “Dustin, you don’t mean that.  You don’t want to end our marriage.” “I do. I can’t be married to someone who could not only lie and cheat on me, but sleep with my own father,” Dustin exclaims in disappoint.

Fine. I’ll go pack my things and get Isaac,” Monica says before being stopped by Dustin. “You’re not taking Isaac,” Dustin says in a firm voice. Keith interrupts and says, “Son. That’s not fair.” “No, you know what’s not fair, you backstabbing me. You’re not fair, coming into my life again after years of being absent and backstabbing me?” “Don’t speak to me like that, son. We can fix this, I know we can.” “No dad, you can’t.”

Dustin, I’m taking my son with me,” Monica says in a firm voice. “No, Monica. You’re not. Isaac is my son, not yours. I’m not letting you take an innocent child into your custody. He’s staying here. And as for your things, you can bring a sheriff with you when you come to pick them up,” Dustin replies throwing a twenty dollar bill at his wife. “That’s the last thing you’re getting from me.”

Scene Five: Liberty City Hotel – The Midnight Lounge, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Ava, why is she coming here?” Adam asks to his wife. She replies, “She’s coming because she misses her family. You know, me and you, her family. Guess you weren’t thinking of her when you were screwing your whore.” “You know that’s not how it was Madison.”

So you weren’t screwed a whore in your hotel room? You just lay naked with them?” As Madison walks away, Adam blurts out, “It was Diane.” “Diane? THE Diane? The Diane I was compared to for years!? The Diane I fought long and hard not to be compared to?”

Guilty, Adam replies, “Yes. When I came back to town, we ran into each other and emotions started reigniting.” Madison interrupts and says, “Stop. I don’t need to hear this. You can have your girlfriend, but when Ava gets here, we’re a united front. There’s no reason to make her worry.”

Okay, we can do that. We can be together as a family.” “No. That’s not what I meant. I mean when Ava is here, we put on a brave front. But that doesn’t mean we’re together. It’s me or it’s Diane. Pick one. And hopefully our daughter helps make that choice easier.”

As Madison stomps off, Adam ponders himself, wondering if the affair was worth hurting those who loved him.

Scene Six: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
What is it you need to talk to me about Dr. Spencer?” Ameera asks Derek. He replies, “The previous employer of this job, she took it very seriously in her own way. What I need is someone who is going to take it even more seriously and not just up and leave.”

Well, Dr. Spencer, at my previous job in Chicago, I was there for fifteen years. And when I left, it was because of adjustments going into the hospital and mergers. It had nothing to do with my qualifications and me leaving of self-pity. I’m dedicated to my job, nothing goes upon or belong it.” “Good. Because this hospital is on the rocks, if I’m being honest. Staff coming and going, it’s not good for business. This place needs stability. I need stability.”

And stability is what I have to bring to LCM. It’s an honor to be here, especially under your control,” Ameera replies. “Well, I best be going to work. Want to start the day off right.”

As Ameera leaves Derek’s office, he takes a seat at his desk. As he sits, he pulls up a file of Dr. Ameera Perry, showing her previous work employments.

Scene Seven
Ameera walks into Brenda’s old office, looking at her old belongings. As she looks at a picture of her, Mathew and Braden. She opens up the desk and puts the picture in face down.

Monica walks down the main stairwell with her bags packed. As she turns to say something to Dustin, he walks away. She walks out of the door, only to turn around with it slammed in her face by Susan. She and Keith leave together, leaving Susan and Dustin alone to comfort each other for the betrayal of their spouses.