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S05E02: Meet the Carraways

Episode: S05E02, “Meet the Carraways”
Premiere date: 8 October 2022
Written by: Scott Andrews
Warning: This episode contains explicit language


 As the sun begins to rise in the mid-morning of the day, the quiet blooming of spring’s calm begins to rumble. On the uppermost peak of Seneca Avenue, the rumble begins to intensify, as the sight of moving trucks and movers begin to shift furniture into the once empty Bancorage estate.

 Entering into the hustling driveway arrives an all-black town car. Avoiding the moving tracks, the car parks itself directly in front of the grand double-door entrance of the home. Once parked, the formally dressed driver exits from the driver’s side door, to immediately walk behind the vehicle, opening the back right passenger side door; upon doing so, a female swings both of her feet — dressed in black suede Jimmy Choo shoes — and exits the vehicle. Walking at a brisk pace to the front door of the estate, the female enters in. Aimlessly viewing the movers within the estate, she immediately turns her way to the right of the entrance to another set of double doors, only slightly ajar.

 Opening the doors, the woman removes her sunglasses and greets, “Hello darling.”


Standing in the entranceway to the study, Grace Carraway loosely holds her sunglasses, dangling from the fingers of her right hand. “I thought I might find you in here,” she states, continuing from her introduction moments ago.

Behind an oak desk stands her husband, business tycoon Walter Carraway, who responds, “Yes. Just getting a feel of things. How are things going out there?” “Business, as per usual. The movers seem to be bringing in the furniture as we speak. Hopefully they won’t take too long.”

As Grace meets her husband behind the desk, Walter places his hands softly on her shoulders and kisses her gently on the cheek. Embracing his wife, Walter remarks, “This is where we’re going to be calling home for our families.” Taking in a deep breath, Grace responds, “Are you sure this was the right decision to make?”

“Of course the right decision was made,” Walter states in a deep, assertive tone, before continuing: “Why would you think otherwise?” “No reason,” Grace coyly responds. “I know we debated all of the pros and cons, and we made the best decision.” “Plus, it is a bit too late to reconsider our decision, wouldn’t you say?” “Yes, I would. Thankfully, we made the right one for our family and the business.”

Embracing his wife into a brief, yet intimate kiss, the two comfort each other in their new home. “So,” Grace begins, fixing her blazer, “are you happy with your new home office?” Satisfied, Walter responds, “Yes. I am. What do you think of it?” “It’s adequate,” she absently responds, wiping her hand across the desk, testing it for the potential of dust and dirt. “Of course, your office back in Denver was a bit better. 

“Of course it was, but this office will do just fine while we wait for our offices downtown to open.” Outside of the office, Walter and Grace hear a female voice loudly discussing with two male voices. “I wonder what that’s all about,” Grace inquires, as they both go to exit the office, back into the foyer entrance. 

“What is going on,” Walter questions, in a deep, demanding tone. In the foyer of the home, Brianne Carraway and one of the movers stand, arguing with each other. “Sir, I apologize, I must’ve upset Ms. Carraway in some kind of way,” the mover quickly states. “No,” Brianne rebuts. “That is not what’s happening. I merely pointed out to this gentlemen that the way they were handling the furniture, antiques I must reconfirm, is unacceptable and that they must be handled with the utmost of care.” “I can promise you, Mr. and Mrs. Carraway, we are handling everything with top care.”

“Of course you are,” Walter assures the mover and his crew, while Grace swiftly takes Brianne with her. “Please, continue on and I apologize for this inconvenience. You are all doing quite well. My family and I thank you.” He gestures to the workers in a way, which allows them to continue their work, as Walter joins Brianne and Grace back in the study.

“What the Hell was that about, Brianne,” Walters questions his daughter. Slightly calmed and demure, Brianne apologizes, “I am sorry, dad. I did not mean for that to happen.”

“I just don’t understand. What caused you to have an outburst like that?”

 “I am sure,” Grace interjects, while placing herself between Brianne and Walter, while standing at a slight support to Brianne, before continuing: “Brianne did not mean for that outburst to happen. This move is stressful on all of us, and it is a major change, so of course emotions are going to be heightened. Right?”

Taking a breath, Walter relents, “I’m sorry. Seeing you like that just left me unsettled. It is so unlike you.”

“I know, and I am sorry. Between the stresses of moving the family to New York and, the company, it has been a lot. I think I just need to unpack and rest,” Brianne quietly responds. “I love you.”

Kissing her father on the cheek, Brianne retires from the study, and makes her way up the staircase. Standing in the doorframe of the study, Walter watches, as his daughter makes her way upstairs. Grace comes from behind, gliding her hand over Walter’s left shoulder, as a way of comfort to her husband. 

Upstairs, Brianne opens the door to her spacious, yet, packed bedroom. As she enters into the room, she casually opens the tops of several boxes, while remaining removed from the situation. Outside the room, the sound of heels begins to grow closer and closer to her door, before they suddenly stop. 

“Grace,” Brianne begins, “I know you’re just trying to help, but now it not a good time.”

“Grace,” a familiar voice retorts, before continuing, “Since when did you and Grace become such good friends?” 

Turning around, Brianne is greeted by her identical twin sister, Charlotte. An equally well-dressed woman, however, with a more name-brand fashion-forward position, she enters into the bedroom and slightly closes the door to the room. 

“I’m sorry. I thought you were,” Brianne begins to apologize before being interrupted, “I know. But, again, since when did you and Grace become good friends?”

“We’re not. I just had a lapse of judgment and sanity downstairs, and Grace was able to remove me from the situation.” “A lapse of judgment and sanity? You don’t have lapses in judgment or sanity.”

Laughing off Charlotte’s attempts of making light of the situation, Brianne responds, “I assure you I do.” “I know,” Charlotte agrees. “But, you don’t have them outright like that. What’s going on with you?” Sitting down, she questions, “Have you told mom and dad yet?” “No,” Brianne responds in a knee-jerk reaction. “It is not the time for that.” “Why not? There is no right time Brianne and, you know this. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be for them.”

Pausing for a few brief and silent moments, Charlotte reiterates, “You have to tell them.” “I will,” Brianne quietly assures. “Once the move is settled and we can get the company set up here in New York, then I will tell them. I’m just not ready.” “Okay. I’m going to hold you to that.”

Charlotte lovingly places her hand on her twin’s shoulder, before standing up and beginning to exit the room. “You know,” Brianne remarks, “for the younger sibling.” “By three minutes,” Charlotte interrupts. “Yes. But, for the younger sibling, you sure are quite the big sister sometimes. 

Exchanging comforting smiles, Charlotte exits the room, leaving Brianne to exhale a deep breath, and resume unpacking her room.


Olivia Carraway-Windsor stands at the base of her stoned steps up to the front door of her newly purchased home. Contemplating her decision, she readjusts her leather jacket and floor-grazing pants before making her way up to the main staircase and front door of the home. As she arrives to her front door, she takes another momentary pause to take a deep breath in. Re-adjusting herself once more and releasing her deep breath, she opens the two-door front entrance to the estate, walking into the modern designed foyer. 

Taking in her environment, Olivia could not help but question her decision to relocate, alongside her family to Liberty City. While like Denver, Liberty City holds the promise for the family business for which Olivia is heir to, alongside her siblings. However, unlike her home in Denver, she finds her new home quite cold and lonesome. Walking across the dark wooden floors of the isolated home, she makes her way into the living parlor, where she whisks off a sheet covering a couch. Folding the sheet into her arms, she pauses once more and closes her eyes, as if to imagine it all a dream she wished to awaken from.

“Is everything satisfactory,” a male voice speaks out. “More than I guess,” Olivia responds, turning around to see her husband, business mogul Philip Windsor standing behind her. Joining his wife, Philip remarks in his thick Newcastle accent, “It’s quite grand, isn’t it?” “It’s grand, alright.” “What, is it not to your liking?” Placing the sheet down on top of the couch, Olivia assures her husband is an uncertain tone, “No. It’s fine. I just… I’m still unsure about this move, that’s all. I know it was for the benefit of the company to relocate from Denver to Liberty City, but, I cannot help but feel like this could’ve been either put off or delayed.”

Taking his wife into his arms, Philip assures her, “Trust me, my darling, this was the right decision. Think of this as a brand-new start, in a new place of opportunity at our disposal. I do believe we will be quite happy here. Settling down, starting a family of our own.” “I’m going to stop you right there,” Olivia interrupts her husband, unsure of the comments he just made. “You don’t agree?” “No, I do. I’m just not so certain of the family part right now, with everything that’s going on. I would like some time to settle, get a routine started, make sure the company is in the right position it’s meant to be in. And, of course, then there’s my…”

“Olivia, Philip,” a woman’s voice calls out, before entering into the entryway of the living parlor, “Oh there you are!” “My mother,” Olivia finishes of her previously cut-off statement, before greeting, “Hello mother, how are you?” “I am fine. You know me. I’m used to change,” the woman, Penelope Carraway, responds. “Mom,” Olivia states, “was the sarcasm really necessary?” Giving her daughter a look only a mother could give, Penelope responds, “ I have not the slightest idea of what it is you are speaking about.” “C’mon, mom. This is me you’re speaking to. You taught me all of the snark and sarcasm I know.”

Penelope gives Olivia a smile, a subtle yet apparent agreement of her daughter’s statement. At that very moment, Olivia’s phone pings; she removes the phone from her back pocket and immediately reads her messages. Taking advantage of the momentary break between mother and daughter, Philip questions, “Are you settling in alright, Penelope? Is there anything we can do or get for you?” Pausing briefly, Penelope responds, “Oh, I’m fine Philip. Thank you for asking. Such a gentleman you are.”

Noticing Olivia’s lack of participation, Philip questions. “Is everything alright, darling?” Noticing her lack of response, Penelope chimes in: “Olivia? Is everything okay?”

“Hmm,” Olivia snaps out of her trance. “Oh, everything is fine.” “Who messaged you?” her mother questions. “Oh, it was just dad making sure we got settled in. And he’s hoping to have all of us for a family dinner.”

“Well, doesn’t that sound just… fantastic,” Penelope responds with the slightest hint of sarcasm in her tone, “Well, I should go up and settle into my room.” “I’ll be up in a minute to help you,” Olivia extends as her mother turns to ascend up the staircase to the home’s second level. 

Wrapping his arms around his wife, Philip questions, “Are you sure everything is okay?” “Yes,” Olivia assures her husband, before continuing: “And thank you for allowing my mother to stay with us.” “And who else was she going to stay with? William and Amelie? No one would stay living in that home.” “You’ve got that right. It’s so clear there is something going on beneath the surface in their relationship, and I just wish my brother wouldn’t let it happen. He’s too good for that.”

Kissing his wife’s forehead, he states: “Your brother is a big boy. And his relationship is his own.” “I know. I just can’t help but worry. I’m his big sister. It’s what I do, and I’ll never stop worrying. Anyway, I should go up and check on mom. I’ll see you soon?” 

“Of course,” Philip responds, giving his wife a passionate kiss before she follows her mother upstairs. Watching his wife join his mother-in-law, Philip turns back into the living parlor, removes his phone from his suit pants pocket and immediately begins to send a text message to an unknown recipient.


“Did you really think it such a good idea to have the movers put the boxes right in front of the front door,” Amelie Ashford says in a slightly dumbfounded tone out loud towards her husband, William. Stepping out behind her, William responds: “I did not even think about it if I am being completely honest. I just figured you’d find some place for them once the movers had left. Didn’t think we would need people to do everything for us.” Crossing her arms in disbelief, Amelie responds, “Well, it would have been nice if they could have at least placed the boxes in their proper rooms is all. It’s why they were hired to do the moving for us.” Placing his hands subtly on his wife’s shoulders, he responds: “Baby, you know perfectly well just because you’re married to money now does not mean you need act like it.”

Whipping around in an irritated manner, Amelie blasts William: “Of course I know that. But does that mean we shouldn’t indulge ourselves in some advantages of that? It isn’t as if we asked them to unpack our belongings. Simply that they could have put them in their proper places. Is that too much to ask?” “Of course not, but why hire someone to do something we are capable of doing ourselves?” Scoffing off her husband’s attitude, Amelie turns around and walks immediately from their entry way into the open-concept living area and kitchen, the latter of which is off-to-the-left of the entryway. 

“Why are you so upset?” William questions his wife’s behaviour. Refusing to turn around, Amelie coldly responds: “I’m not. We’ve just got to unpack, right?” “Look, it’s clear you’re upset with me, so let’s talk about it. You always want us to talk about it, so let’s talk.” “Oh, so when it’s convenient for you we can talk, but when I want to talk it’s not the right time? That’s a laugh.” As William reaches his hand out to his wife’s shoulder for comfort and understanding, she jerks it away, demanding: “Don’t touch me.” Becoming increasingly pissed off by his wife’s cold and distant demeanor, William snaps: “What the fuck crawled up your panties and got them in a twist?”

Snapped in reaction, Amelie smashes a glass down onto the white marble island counter of their kitchen, before exploding: “Don’t you dare speak to me like that! You are a Carraway, so why don’t you wake up, realize it, and begin acting the part, because this weak-ass man in front of me is not the potential leader of CarraCo or his family’s legacy. The person in front of me is a weak boy ignoring his dynasty.”

“My dynasty? Since when did you care about my dynasty,” William questions. Moving swiftly, face-to-face, Amelie sneers: “Since the day I said ‘I do.’ You may not like it, William, but you are the heir to the company your father has built from the ground up, and, unless you want Mason to come in and swoop it up, I suggest you buck up, act the part and prove you are the rightful successor, and not him.” “And what if I don’t?” William bluntly questions. “Will you leave me? Has this only been about the company for you? Because, I entered into this marriage for love, not business.” 

“Of course it hasn’t been about the company solely,” Amelie responds. “I love you, but let’s not pretend this is a one-sided benefit of circumstance. I knew coming into this marriage it would come with a price. I would have to play the role of doting wife to the privileged William Carraway, and I’ve played that role since day one. All I am asking for is my husband to play in the same field. Step up. Relocating to Liberty City is the first steps in taking the company to its new chapter, and we both know if Mason were to gain control it would be over.”

“I’m not my brother.” “I know you’re not. And I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh, but we discussed this. I don’t understand why now, after this move, before we’ve even settled, you’ve gone soft. Your father is going to make a decision sooner rather than later, and we both know the kind of games Mason has played and is willing to play to ensure he is the end game. And it is up to you and I to ensure that does not happen. No matter the cost. Trust me. Trust your wife.”

Amelie approaches her husband, kisses him on the cheek, and immediately exits to retire upstairs. As she reaches the mid-landing of the two-tier staircase, she turns around and forewarns: “Trust me, William, the company will be yours. Tomorrow morning we’ll call the movers and we’ll have these boxes put in their proper place.”


“Dad? Dad!” a male voice exclaims throughout the unsettled estate home, calling out for Walter. “I’m in here,” Walter responds from within his office. Opening the door, a salt-and-pepper haired male walks in. Popping his head up, Walter questions: “What’s wrong?” “Did you see the latest report on the status of the new offices? They’re projecting delays. And with the McCreary deal right around the corner, it is vital we are in those offices.”

“I am aware of the delays,” Walter responds in a calm, yet un-worrying demeanor. “As for the McCreary deal, I spoke to Frank myself, and he is still solid on the terms and conditions we’ve set up for acquiring the company and its holdings.” “And you’re sure of this?”

“Mason,” Walter assures, “I’ve got this under control. Why are you so hung up on this deal?” “I’ve spent too long ensuring this deal happens for it to fall apart now.” “It won’t son. Now pour yourself a drink and sit down for a few moments.” Walking over the bar on the side of the study, Mason picks up an Old-Fashioned Glass, opens up the decanter of whiskey and pours himself a healthy pour. Taking a brief sip, Mason sits in the chairs in front of his father’s desk. 

“How are the girls settling into their rooms?” Walter questions. “Fine. Just fine,” Mason responds, taking another sip of his whiskey. “Those girls of mine are warriors.” “That they are.” Mason counter-questions, “And Grace? Is she settling into the Lady of the Manor quite well?” Letting out a chuckle, Walter responds, “Oh, you know it. It is a role my wife plays quite naturally. Brianne and Charlotte are upstairs, as well, which is good after what happened.” “Happened? What do you mean? What happened?”

“Oh Brianne had a bit of a moment with the movers.” “A moment? Is everything alright?” “Yes, everything is fine. Just stress from the move is all. Grace checked in on her a bit ago, and she’s calmed down.” “And the movers?” Mason chuckles, making light of his sister’s moment. “Oh, they’re fine. They got everything settled and made sure to tip them generously.”

“Well,” Mason opens. “This has been nice, dad, but I should really go check on Kendall and Riley.” “Of course,” Walter responds, standing alongside his son. As Mason exits the office and begins to head up the main staircase, Walter interrupts, “Oh, and by the way, I intend on having the entire family for dinner in the next few nights. I am hoping there won’t be any negativity between you and William.” “You can count on me, pops. I’ll be the poster child of civility,” Mason mocks in his response. 

As Mason makes his way to the top of the stairs, Walter returns to his office and sits back behind his desk. As she settles, Grace appears in the doorway, makes her way behind her husband, begins to run your hands on his shoulders and questions, “Everything okay?” Pulling Grace’s hands into his, he responds, “Perfect. Absolutely perfect my darling.”

“Everything alright with Mason?” “Mason is fine. The girls are fine. And you are most definitely fine.”

Standing up, Walter pulls his wife into him, and passionately kisses her in a way only a husband who is deeply in love with his wife can.