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1×01 The Pilot

1×01: The Pilot

Scene One: The Smithson Estate

We begin to zoom into the front door window where we see Monica pacing back and forth holding a glass of water. Dustin is sitting on the stairs.  “Would you calm down?” comments Dustin.

How am I supposed to calm down? Is it almost up?” replies Monica in a worried tone. “This isn’t something that happens everyday to someone like me.” Then, a timer starts to beep. Both Monica and Dustin rush over into the kitchen and pick up what resembles to be a pregnancy test.

What does it say?” questions Dustin. “It’s negative. I’m not pregnant. We were so close Dustin. So close to having a second chance.” exclaims Monica.

Baby, we can always try again. We have a whole lifetime worth of chances to have a baby together.” explains Dustin. “No we don’t. Once Jamie sees that we aren’t pregnant, she’s going to try and steal you back away from me.” cries Monica. “She could never break up a family. It’s her one flaw no matter what’s going on behind the scenes. She can’t break us up if we have that family we always talked about together.

Dustin turns and holds Monica and tells her, “Jamie and I are history. I wouldn’t have picked and married you if I didn’t love you, or if I was still in love with her. The marriage got too complicated. You and I were the ones who were meant to be that twelve years ago when I married her.

The scene ends with Monica’s face hugged tightly into Dustin’s shoulders with tears beginning to fall down her face.

Scene Two: The Johnson Estate

You think you’re smart enough to get away with this?” exclaims Logan in a seriously angry tone.

No, because I have nothing to get away with Logan. Why must you accuse me of sleeping with fists full of men while I’m happily married to your son?” questions Cristina to her mother-in-law.

Logan swiftly replies, “Now, now Cristina. Stop becoming defensive, and putting words in my mouth. Never did I once suggest you were sleeping with ‘fists full’ of men.

Cristina quickly steps in, “Logan, don’t go trying to pull your fancy ‘Oh I didn’t mean it that way, nor did I say that’ bull on me. You may be my husband’s mother, but to me, you’re nothing but that mother-in-law who wants nothing but to wiggle her way into her child’s life and make it that way she wants it, including his choice of wife. Marrying your son was the best thing I have ever done with my life, it got me clean and sober and I now realize I have much more to look forward to, with Tim coming home.

Logan then turns around and looks intensely at Cristina, with a questioning face. “What did you just say?” asks Logan. The camera turns and pans into Cristina’s face with an evil grin.


Scene Three: Spencer Residence

We enter into the living room where Jessica is seen pouring a glass of wine, with her mother Jaime sitting on the couch sipping water.

Why am I having such an unexpected meeting with you mother?” questions Jessica. Jaime gives a stern look at her daughter and replies “Since when am I referred to as mother?
Since you let Dad break up our family and you started hooking up with my father-in-law,” responds Jessica in a very disrespectful manner.

First off, your father has nothing to do with this. He was the one who decided to have an affair with your aunt, and second of all, me dating Derek was happening long before you even began to date Jason,” replies Jaime to her daughter.

Jessica then sits down in the chair next to where Jaime is seated and questions her mother, “Why are you even here?

I’m here to share some news concerning myself and Derek,” responds Jaime with a smile on her face. The screen pans to Jessica and shows her with a worried face looking at her mother.

Scene Four: Liberty City Hotel

The scene enters in a hotel room, with what seems to look like no one in it. A knock at the door is then heard. The bathroom door opens, with Cassandra walking out of it. She then opens her hotel room door to find her sister, Leah standing outside of it. Leah then rushes into the door.

Hello big sis, why don’t you come in?” says Cassandra with a sarcastic tone.

This is not a time to be joking around Cass. We have a bigger problem. My boyfriend, who is your ex and your baby daddy, is filing for full parental custody,” says Leah in a worrying tone. Cassandra then quickly shuts the door and runs over to her sister. “You cannot be serious right now. He can’t do that, he screwed me, made me pregnant and then dumped me for you!” exclaims Cassandra. Leah then turns to her sister and looks at her sister with disgust.

How dare you make Dan out to be the bad guy! He didn’t know you were pregnant at that point. He couldn’t handle your dependency on him nor your drug addiction,” screams Leah to her sister.

I was not dependent on him. It’s called love Leah and it’s something you’ve obviously never experienced. And my drug addiction is obviously gone now that I’m pregnant,” defends Cassandra.

Ok then, if it’s gone then why did I get a call from your sponsor saying you stopped calling him and going to meetings?” questioned Leah.

The screen zooms into Cassandra as she looks up with a hint of worry in her face.

Scene Five: Spencer Residence

So, what is it? What’s this big announcement?” questions Jessica of her mother. “We’ve decided to move in together as a couple, with the kids,” replied Jamie.

Move in where, here?” asked Jessica. Jaime gets up, walks around, and turns around to answer her daughter, “Yes, in here. Considering it is his home.

Jessica then stood up and walked directly up to her mother and said in an angry tone, “You cannot do this. You cannot just simply walk in here with your head held high and just lay it down like you’re the new owner of this place. Jason and I moved in here to get away from you two. From the Hell we’ve been living in ever since you and Dad split up. You, you, you can’t do this. You just…” As Jessica tries to finish her sentence, she begins to cry.

Jamie takes her into her arms, and comforts her.

Scene Six: Liberty City Hotel

The scene starts out where we left off. Cassandra still looks worried, with her sister Leah looked very ticked off in a questioning pose.

Answer me!” demanded Leah. At that very moment Cassandra spins around and punches Leah in the face, forcing the two into a heated argument.

You’ll never steal my baby. You can’t have my baby!” screams Cassandra while attempting to choke Leah. To save her life, Leah gasps and replies, “I don’t want your goddamn baby. It means nothing to me! If you were sane and sober, you’d understand that. I love you and this baby, but I want you to stay in one piece for that little child who’s going to need their mother.

The scene ends with Cassandra throwing more punches and strangling Leah in an attempt to save her and her babies life.

Scene Seven: The Smithson Estate

We enter the house with Monica sitting on the couch, with Dustin in the kitchen making tea. There’s a sudden knock at the door, Monica blinks out of a daze to get up and answer the door.

When she opens the door, she’s surprised to see her sister-in-law Natalie. “Natalie? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in Chicago?” says Monica. The camera zooms into Natalie to show a stern yet pleasured face to reply, “I was, but now I’m here. And sure Monica, I’d love to come in.” Monica shuts the door with a disgusted look on her face, mimicking Natalie’s facial expressions.

Sis, what a lovely surprise. I wasn’t expecting you back in Liberty City until next week,” says Dustin, surprised to see his sister back in the city.

You see, Natalie was in Chicago supposedly attempting to tempt a client to buy into the family business, Smithson Industries. However, the family were soon to find out her reasons to arrival home early.

You know me, I charm the fellas easily and instead of taking off some time, I decided to come home to see the family I missed so much.” replied Natalie with a wide, deceiving smile as she hugged her brother hello.

Scene Eight: The Johnson Estate

Did you just say my son, the man who was crazy enough to even consider marrying you, is coming home? From war?” Logan’s eyes began to swell up with happiness, yet anger this news was being held from her.

Yes, tomorrow. I’ll be picking him up from the airport tomorrow. And then we’ll be boarding a flight to Miami to get the hell away from you.” replied Cristina with a pissed off, yet scheming look in her eyes.

Logan then walks directly up to Cristina, gleams into her eyes and sternly says “Listen here you little scheming bitch, I will be picking my son up from the airport and I will be bringing him home. Not you, and not to Miami. My son may be blind-sided by the direction his dick is, but let me tell you this; my son will never be with you again. Do you understand me? Your life as Cristina Johnson, as you know it, is over the minute he steps off that plane. So you can open your legs all you want, but get the fuck out of my house before you even think about uttering another word to me.” The screen then pans to Cristina, who has a devilish smile on her face.

And by the way,” Logan continued as Cristina opened the door to leave. “Don’t let the door hit on you the ass on that way out.

At that very moment, Logan’s sister, Jennifer walked into the house. “Is it me, or did I just walk into a battlefield?

No, Cristina was just leaving. We’re done here.”

And as Cristina leaves the estate, and closes the door, she sharply replies, “Not by a long shot Logan. Not even close.

Scene Nine: Misc.

This scene includes no dialogue.

The first scene shows Jamie and Jessica still embracing in a hug, with Jamie consoling her daughter.

The next scene we are at The Smithson Estate, with Monica and Dustin consoling each other on their disappointment, with Natalie in the background, gleaming at her brother and sister-in-law.

In the final scene, we have Leah and Cassandra still fighting. Leah forcefully kicks and pushes Cassandra into the glass coffee table, shattering the glass into pieces and knocking her unconscious.