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2×08 Timely Matters

2×08: Timely Matters 

Previously On Liberty City:
Brenda see’s Roxanne again.
Galvin and Tori’s ties comes to light.
Susan throws Jason out of Natalie’s old apartment.
Brian witnesses Brenda’s outburst to Roxanne.

Scene One: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Sophie walks in Jamie’s hospital room, only to find that she is not in the room. “Jamie,” Sophie says out loud. Sophie then begins to frantically search the room for her. “I’m right here, don’t worry,” Jamie says, exiting the bathroom wearing clothing that is not a gurney. “Wow, you’re dressed. That’s a shocker! Going anywhere special,” Sophie questions.

Jamie responds, “Yes, I’m going home, hoping I still have one.

Scene Two: Town House N°2, 1250 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane sits at her dining table, frantically attempting to work her way through the stacks of legal paperwork she had been ignoring over the past few weeks. As she picks up her cup of coffee and takes a sip, a knock on the door is heard, startling her. Saving the coffee from running down her chin onto her paper, she exclaims, “Hold on a moment, please.

As she places her cup on a dry, non-papered part of her table, she gets up and rushes to her door. As she opens it, she see’s Jason standing there. “I did to talk to you,” he says, letting himself walk in. “I can’t talk to you Jason,” she says to him. “Yes you can.” “No, I really can’t. I’m your wife’s lawyer, it’s sort of a conflict of interest. And since I have yet to hear from your lawyer, I’m assuming this has to do with the divorce.

Yes it does,” he begins. “I don’t know if I can divorce her, not yet anyway.

Scene Three: The Stevens’ Residence, 46 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda finishes getting ready for another day at work. She puts on her heels and tidies up her pencil skirt. She slicks her hair back into a high-pony, and places on her jewelry. As she gathers her briefcase, and car keys, she dashes for the door realizing she’s 20 minutes behind schedule.

As she opens the door, she is startled by a woman who’s in the process of knocking on her door. “I’m sorry if I startled you,” the woman says. “No, it’s fine. But I kind of running late for work, so if you could possibly keep it brief,” Brenda says in a frantic tone.

Well, Ms. Montez, you have be even later to work,” the woman informs Brenda. “Excuse me? If you don’t mind, I’d like to be going. And who did you say you were?” “Oh, I apologize. Mind my manners, I’m Lisa Daley, the District Attorney.” “Oh, well Ms. Daley, if you’re here campaigning, you definitely have my vote for the next term.

Lisa lets out a slight smirk and replies, “No. I’m here on official business. I’m here investigating the disappearance and believed murder of Roxanne Stevens.” Trying to hide her heightened nervousness, Brenda replies, “Murder? Disappearance? Why are you coming to me about this?

The DA then pulls out a note from Roxanne and shows it to Brenda. Brenda says, “You cannot possibly believe what’s written here, can you?” Lisa replies, “Well, if I do, you have high motive to not only want Ms. Stevens gone, but also dead. She did, of course, have an affair with your ex-husband, who you have happened to reunite with. And she also happened to have a brief encounter with your son, if all my documents serve me correctly.

As Brenda takes a minute to take in what’s been said to her, she composes herself and replies, “Yes, she did have an affair with my husband. But we’ve reunited now, she’s no threat to my family anymore.” The DA says, “Ms. Montez, I think you should call in sick and start brewing some coffee because I am not leaving nor are you. So we either go inside or we could go down to my offices and I can question you there.

Scene Four: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
As Jamie begins to pack her bags, Sophie asks her, “Why wouldn’t you have a home to go home to?” Jamie slams one of her belongings down and says, “Because you failed to mention to me that I don’t have a husband. Or that my husband is married to our sister and is having his baby. Oh and that I’m dating the Chief Of Staff of this fine establishment.

Sophie takes a deep breath in and replies, “I’m sorry Jamie, I didn’t mean to keep any information from you, or mislead you. It’s just that -” Jamie interrupts and says, “It’s just that you thought you could spare my feelings, right? Well that’s too late.” “No, it’s just that the doctors told us not to tell you and fill your head with too much information at once. We weren’t sure how intense your memory loss was.

So, instead of letting me be the judge of how much I could handle, you left it up to some doctor to tell me that my husband is a cheat and that I’m already moved on to someone I have no recollection of.” Just then, both Derek and Dustin enter into the room. “Well, don’t you look good and ready to come home,” Dustin says to Jamie.

Jamie lets out a snicker and says, “Home? There is no home with you and that slut of a sister of mine.” “Huh? What are you talking about?” “Oh Dustin, don’t try and fool me anymore. I know about the affair you had well over two years ago with my sister.” “Jamie, we were going -” “You were going to what? Tell me? When Dustin? When it was comfortable with you again? Or were you going to play the best of both worlds and continue to let me believe I was your wife, while married to my sister? You know what, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m leaving the hospital today and going home with no one in this room.

Scene Five: Town House N°2, 1250 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane looks at Jason with confusion and says, “You don’t know if you want to divorce Jessica? You have no choice, she’s already filed the papers and even if you don’t comply, she’ll get it.” “Because you’ll make sure of that? I don’t care Diane, I’m staying married to my wife, I’m not going to lose her,” Jason pleads.

Diane closes her eyes, places her hands over her face and just shakes her head in disbelief of what she’s hearing. “Jason, why are you telling me this? I’m your wife’s lawyer, you do realize I can go to her with this information,” Diane informs Jason.

Jason responds, “Don’t you get it? I don’t care. I’ve already lost one person I love, I’m not about to give up another.” “One person you love? Jason, who are you talking about?” “She deserves to know why I was continually late, she does. Doesn’t she?” “She does Jason, she full-heartedly deserves to know that.

Jason collapses onto the couch and says, “But if she finds out, she’ll want to divorce me anyway.” Diane looks at Jason with a hint of question in her expression, wondering what Jason could possibly be speaking of.

Scene Six: The Stevens’ Residence, 46 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda brings two cups of coffee to her kitchen table. As she sits and says, “Listen, Ms. Daley, I honestly have no idea what you’re on about. I haven’t heard from Roxanne since I told her to stay away from my son as I saw that relationship highly inappropriate.

As the DA takes a sip of her coffee, she responds, “Well, according to my research, you and Mr. Stevens married in September of ’95 and divorced him in March of ’04, which I highly assume is due to the affair your ex-husband had with Ms. Stevens, and they continued to date until August 2008, when they wed. And it wasn’t until your return into his life this past February when you two decided to shack up and become the other woman. To me, I read motive. And according to paperwork from the recently departed, she had been granted marital support from Mr. Stevens, which did not settle well with you.

Brenda, clearly trying to hold back her budding anger replies, “Well, Ms. Daley it appears as if you’ve done your work. And if you had continued to do so on my behalf, you will have found she threw a rock into my windshield with a threatening message, and had a highly inappropriate relationship with my son. Though, Ms. Thompson has had a high-regard of inappropriate relationships during her time as a prostitute. Don’t you agree?

Don’t be smart with me Ms. Montez, because if it serves correctly, your ex-husband hired Ms. Stevens to have sex with him during his marriage to you. So obviously, you weren’t satisfying some needs. And from my records, and correct me if I’m wrong, you called the person-in-question, and I quote, a ‘fucking cunt’. Is that right?

The ignites Brenda flashing back to her telling Roxanne off…

Brenda grabs her charts and as she begins to leave the room Roxanne says, “You’re a bitch.” Brenda turns around and releases, “And you’re a fucking cunt,” and slams the door leaving Roxanne there holding her chin.

Brenda then snaps back into reality and replies, “Yes, I did. And if I recall correctly, I said it with a ton of vigor in my tone. Very confident in my wording.

So, tell me, when did you decide to kill her?” “Kill her? How are you so sure she didn’t return to her job as a prostitute and get a last good tumble in the sheets in and get murdered by a man with a firm grip.” “Because, according to what was left on my desk, Roxanne lived in fear of you hurting her and if she went missing, you were sure to do it. She felt you were more than capable of doing such an act, being a doctor and all.

Brenda looks at Lisa and says in a firm tone, “I think you need to leave and not contact me until I get my lawyer involved. Because I’m done being targeted by you since you obviously are only focusing your eyes on the wrong person. And if you find Roxanne, you’ll see that she’s probably happier out of Liberty City.

As the DA leaves, Brenda flashes back to the patient she had in the ER…

As Brenda reenters the room, she begins to uncover the patient’s face. Upon seeing and cleaning a bit of the face, her own emotion turns into horror. Oh no, could it be? It couldn’t, Brenda says to herself.

We then finally see the mystery patient, Roxanne. Brenda then wheels Roxanne, on the bed, down to an isolated area and places her body there. She locks the door and says to herself That bitch is not getting free, no matter what cost.

Back in reality, Brenda grabs her stuff and heads off to work.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Woah, Jamie, you can’t go home with no one to take care of you,” Dustin says, trying to reason with her. “I’ll take care of her,” Derek interjects in.

No,” Jamie says. “Neither of you will take care of me. You’re not my husband anymore. And I don’t even know you. To me, you’re just some random guy who runs this hospital.

Sophie interjects in and says, “You can come stay with me. I’ll take care of you.” “No, I’m not incompetent. What is it with people believing I’m a defenseless, weak woman? I’m strong, I am confident and I am fully capable of taking care of myself. I don’t need my ex-husband, I don’t need a Chief Of Staff, and I don’t fucking need my baby sister coddling me.

And on that, Jamie storms out of her hospital room, leaving Derek, Dustin and Sophie left there to ponder in silence.

Scene Eight: Town House N°2, 1250 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane sits down next to Jason and says, “Jason, if you feel like you have something to tell Jessica, say it. It may turn out differently than you think.

Jason replies, “Diane, stop playing lawyer. I know Jessica lives here, and I know she has put more than a client’s trust in you. I need to know, does she want this divorce?” “I think she’s incredibly hurt. And I think she’s hoping that this divorce wakes you up. That’s what I think as a lawyer. As a woman, I see it as her wanting to live life, really. She’s tired of waiting up for you.

Jason smiles and says, “Thank you Diane. I think I know what I have to do. Thank you.”

Jason swiftly gets up and leaves, leaving Diane to sit there and ponder what she could have possibly just done.