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2×05 Unfamiliar Settings

2×05: Unfamiliar Settings

Previously On Liberty City:
Cristina finalizes Tim’s funeral plans.
Diane experiences a close encounter with Adam.
Jamie and Monica’s sister shows up in town.
Someone from Jennifer’s past shows up.

Scene One: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina sits on her couch, pondering the days that has past and the days ahead of her. In a short time, she’s planned a memorial service to her deceased husband, and would soon have to go through with it.

Unable to deal with any of the other duties at her disposal, such as her work at her clothing boutique, she grabs her glass of wine and heads to her bedroom. As she closes the door to her bedroom and begins to settle into a good book for distraction, the doorbell rings. Startled by the sound, she cautiously leaves her room. “Who is it?,” she asks out. No one answers.

As she unlocks her door and opens up, Cristina is shocked by who she see’s: Tim! “Told you I’d be home,” Tim says with a smile on his face. As she goes to hug Tim, her touch shatters him into piles of rocks and dust. As the pile collapses, Cristina shockingly awakens. “Oh shit, it was only a dream.

Then, her doorbell really rings. As she quickly turns to the door, she wonders if it was a dream or a telling of the future. As she gets up, a knock is then heard. As she unlocks her door and opens it, her hope quickly fades into a harrowing shock. “Hello, my sweet daughter,” the woman says Leaving Cristina’s face in shock.

Scene Two: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Jennifer takes a seat on the outside patio with her iced mocha. As she sits there, she pulls out a folder with documents in them. She then begins to look over documents, presumably about the hotel and Donna’s recent stock increase and predicament.

As she begins to truly invest herself in the documents, Galvin walks over and says, “Jennifer?” Startled, Jennifer looks up from her paperwork and says, “Oh, Galvin! You scared me half to death. Are you coming or going?” “Coming actually. Mind if I sit?” Jennifer nods her head and extends her arm to the chair across from her, allowing him to sit. “I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything important. You seemed very invested in your paperwork,” Galvin says sitting down. “Paperwork? O-O-Oh you mean this? Oh, it’s just some stuff I have to look over for the Hotel,” Jennifer replies.

So, Galvin, what can I say about this unexpected visit back to Liberty City?” questions Jennifer. Galvin answers, “Missed the life here. Missed the people. Life in LA was too boring.” “Boring? LA? Stop lying.” “No, you stop lying. Cause we both know what you really care about knowing is how Garrett is,” Galvin says, leaning closely in. This leaves an intrigued look on Jennifer’s face.

Scene Three: The Spencer Residence, 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Derek walks out of his bathroom with his dress slacks, and button up shirt on. He grabs his tie up off his bed, and as he goes to put it up, and glances over to the other side of the bed and notices a picture of himself and Jamie, realizing all they could’ve had by now. Realizing that the “what could have been” will most likely never happen, he leaves the room, slamming the door shut.

As Derek walks down the stairs, he enters into the kitchen. He takes out the materials to begin making a pot of coffee. As he begins to make the coffee, he hears a knock at the door. As he makes his way to the front door, the knocks continue. “Hold on! I’m coming,” Derek says in an annoyed tone.

He opens the door and bluntly says, “What.” At the door is Sophie who says, “Hello. You wouldn’t happen to be Derek Spencer, would you?” “Why? What’s that any of your business,” Derek says, leaving the door unattended to head back into the kitchen. “Where I come from,” Sophie begins. “You either shut the door in my face and let me decide to leave, or invite me in. You don’t just leave in the middle of the damn conversation without ending it someway.” “Listen lady, I don’t know what your deal is..” “My deal is that you’re probably Derek Spencer and I can see why my sister would be into you.

Derek turns around with a puzzled look upon her face. “Your sister?” he questions. “Yes, my sister, Jamie. I believe that’s who you’re dating.” “Yeah, I am. But you’re not Monica, so that means you must be…?” “Sophie. Sophie Michaels. Eldest sister. I try and stay out the lives of my siblings.” “Ah so you’re the happily married one.” Sophie smiles and gives an eyebrow lift, sighting him being somewhat right.

Scene Four: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Mom. What are you doing here?” Christina questions in a state of shock. “Can’t I come and visit my eldest daughter?” her mother questions. “Depends. How much money are you looking for this time?” Cristina’s mother laughs as she enters in her daughter’s apartment. As Cristina goes and closes the door, she is blocked by another female. “So, this is where you live? So cool!” says the other female. “Ugh, did you have to bring Porky Courtney?” asks Cristina. “Oh, shut up. Just because I’m not a size zero like you does not mean I’m porky,” exclaims Courtney. “So sorry I can’t live up to your fashionista standards.

Listen, Amanda Joy what are you doing here?” Cristina asks. “So, a minute ago I was Mom and now we’re back to Amanda Joy? I thought we would’ve grown out of this phase,” Amanda Joy says. “Grow out of it? I thought you would’ve taken the hint years ago when I left your family.” “Yes, and you have another one I know nothing about. All I know is that my son-in-law is some rich dude. Is he packing?” “That is none of your business.

What she means,” Courtney begins. “Is that, oh how to put this, is he rich?” “That is none of either of yours business. I thought you of all people Courtney would’ve gotten away from her and her schemes.” “I do not scheme Cristina. We came here to support you. We knew Tim died, and we came here to support you. And it only took you thirty seconds to jump down our throats and accuse us of wanting something,” Amanda Joy explains. “Yeah, so we figured, why not play with you,” continues Courtney.

Scene Five: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Garrett? Well isn’t that a blast from the past,” Jennifer says closing up her paperwork and tossing it onto the table. “Yes, Garrett. You and I both know that’s who you care about knowing about,” Galvin says. Jennifer leans in and says, “And what makes you so sure of that?” “The fact that you two dated for five years, and then all of a sudden it was over? That doesn’t make sense Jennifer. He doesn’t talk about it, and I’m assuming you don’t either.

Jennifer, clearly pissed off says, “People change. Not everyone is meant to stay together. Opinions, morals, futures; they don’t all match up Galvin. That’s what happened.” “Then why are you clearly so pissed off?” “I’m pissed off because you seem to think that something happened. Maybe it’s just none of your goddamn business. If he isn’t sharing, that’s his choice. I don’t share because there is nothing to share.

I’m here, Jennifer, because I missed my home. I missed my past. Maybe you miss yours too,” Galvin confesses. “If I missed anything about my past, it’s my husband. Anything or anyone else is just a miserable part of a miserable life.” “So, Garrett was a miserable person in your miserable life?” “What is it with you? Do you get off through a sick fetish if bringing up relationships that never involved you?” “I did involve me. I had to help my brother through a broken heart,” Galvin screams. Jennifer, feeding off of his energy, screams, “Like he was the only one? How about me? I had to heal from a fucking broken heart. You don’t think I loved him? It killed me to break it off with him. But I had to do it for…” “For what? For who?

Jennifer gathers up all of her paperwork and says, “No one. Nothing, I have to go. Next time, keep walking.” “You’re hiding something. And I recall, you’re the one who stopped me.

As Jennifer walks off, she stops and says, “Welcome home Galvin. Hope it’s everything you remembered.” Jennifer then leaves the café.

Scene Six: The Spencer Residence, 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Derek walks into the living room from the kitchen carrying two cups of coffee. As he hands one to Sophie, she says, “Thank you very much.” Derek then sits down and says, “Listen, I want to apologize for earlier. I’m just on edge lately, I just miss her.” “I know. Have you visited her?” “No.” “Why not?

Derek looks down at his cup of coffee and confesses, “Because the minute she pulled into that emergency room, she didn’t want me.” “She wanted Dustin, didn’t she?” Derek then quickly jilted his head to Sophie, and without trying, seemed so heartbroken it was unhide able.

How did you know?” Derek asked. “She has memory loss Derek. It’s not because she prefers him over you. The accent triggered something. But I’m sure if you showed up, she’d remember you.” “She hated me. And what makes you think her memory would ever come back?” “What makes you think it won’t?

She’s a fighter Derek, she’ll pull through. She loves you, she told me herself,” Sophie assures Derek. “And I love her. With everything I have. Never have I loved someone as much as I will forever love her,” Derek confesses. “You’ll get her back Derek.” “I never lost her. I found her once, I’ll find her again.” “And that, my friend, is the attitude you need to have for her and for your life together. She was in such a shattered place after the divorce, and hearing how she raves about you, there’s no doubt in my mind you two are meant to be.

Derek gives a smirk and asks, “You think?” Sophie smiles and says, “I know.

Scene Seven: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
You guys aren’t very nice, you know that? Playing with me, knowing what we’ve been through?” Cristina questions to her mother and sister. “Honey, you’ve got to lighten up,” Amanda Joy says. “Lighten up? You guys, I just lost my husband and I’m burying him in a matter of days. Do you not care?

Of course I do, Cristina. Why do you think I’m here?” Courtney says. “I don’t know anymore, you guys. I’m fighting with my mother-in-law. I’m dealing with life without my husband. It’s an adjustment period. I wasn’t expecting you two to show up at my doorstep.

As Cristina collapses into her couch, Amanda Joy and Courtney sit beside her and wrap their arms around her. “You know,” Amanda Joy begins. “We’re here now. Let your family take care of you, like we’ve failed to do in the past. Don’t we deserve that much?” “Yeah, I guess you two do. I’m just glad to have people here who can be on my side, you know?

I do know. We’re here for you now. Mom and I aren’t going anywhere. We’re here for as long as you need us,” Courtney assures to her sister. “Thanks you two. Well I’d offer you two the guest room, but Tim’s youngest brother is staying here.” “His brother? I’m sure your mother-in-law must be thrilled about that,” Amanda Joy says. “Oh, she does. She didn’t already hate me enough for marrying her son. Now her other son is living with me against her will. But I couldn’t turn him away, it wouldn’t be fair.

And that’s what makes you a good person Cristina. Everything you’ve done has been for your future,” Courtney says. “Listen, I can call the Hotel and get you two a room there if you’d like?” “No,” Amanda Joy insists. “We’ll stay at the Motel where we are right now. It’s no issue.

Scene Eight
Cristina walks her sister and mother out of her apartment. As they leave she says, “I’ll call you two tomorrow about breakfast, okay?” “Yeah, sounds good,” Amanda Joy says in agreement. “Bye,” Courtney says as she runs back to give her sister a hug. Cristina closes and locks her door. As she leans against her door, she smiles and goes to bed.

 Sophie opens the door to leave the house, and as she begins to leave, Derek stops her and says, “Do you think she still loves me?” Sophie smiles, grabs his hand and says, “I do. I’m sure of it. Now go visit her. She’ll remember you. I know it.” Sophie then walks away, leaving Derek happy to know that he could possibly still have the woman he always wanted, but was it Jamie after all?

Galvin goes back into The Buzz Café to order another coffee to go. Upon turning around, he bumps into a female customer. Shockingly surprised, Galvin says, “Tori?” Surprised, Tori turns to Galvin and with a look of a dead woman asks, “How did you find me?