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2×12 Hurts Just a Little

2×12: Hurts Just a Little 

Previously on Liberty City:
Cristina declares war on Logan.
Logan and her family say goodbye to Tim.
Brenda leaves town.
Lisa is cornered by Roxanne.

Scene One: Loft N°1 (The Johnson Loft), 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina quickly moves around the kitchen of her loft; pouring coffee for two, serving eggs and bacon onto a plate, and only taking a bite of toast for herself.

Theo comes out, finally dressed and showered after weeks of not doing either and asks, “Are you going anywhere today? I was hoping we could go out, maybe see a movie?” Cristina quickly finishes up her coffee and replies, “I’m sorry Theo. I’d love to, but I have work to get to. Maybe this weekend we can go into the city and do some shopping? See a musical?” Theo nods and agrees.

Cristina quickly grabs her purse, coat and kisses Theo on the back of the head. “See you tonight, right? Call me if you’re going out, or leave a note. There’s some money on the table for pizza or something.” As she quickly leaves, Theo grabs his plate and goes over to the TV to watch television, again, by himself. As he eats, he gets a text from an old friend, which reads: “Hey, throwin’ a party 2nite. Come and hang. U must b there!”

Smiling at the offer, Theo finishes up his food, and runs to his room to get ready for the party. Then, a knock is heard at the door. “Ran out of here so fast, must have left something,” Theo said out loud, running to the door.

Upon opening, Theo is shocked to see his mother, Logan, on the other side.

Scene Two: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Meredith enters into the café, and walks up to the counter. There, she orders a hot cocoa with whipped cream to go. She is then startled when she hears a familiar voice call out her name. Upon turning around, she notices Tori Walker. “Oh my goodness, could it possibly be Tori Walker; long time, no see. How are you doing?” Meredith asks. Tori nods in agreement and says, “Yeah, I know. How have you been?” “Good, married. In town recently to help out my mom.” “Yeah, I heard about that. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Meredith acknowledges her, grabs her cocoa and the two make their way out onto the lanai. “So,” Meredith begins out. “What brings you to Liberty City? This is the last place I would have ever expected to see you.” Tori lets out a quick chuckle and replies, “Work. I work here now.” “
Oh really? Where are you working?” “I’m a sales associate at CJ Fashions. Do you know it?”

Meredith’s facial expression changes for optimistic to slightly disappointed and says, “Yes, I do. My sister-in-law owns it.” “Bad ties in the family I’m guessing,” Tori replies.

Meredith lets out a slight giggle and says, “You have no idea.”

Scene Three: Johnson Industries, 350 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina arrives at the building that houses Johnson Industries, which is the sole owner of Liberty City Hotel, and several other sub-leased industries in town. She goes to the elevator, which takes her to the top floor, which she heads to the main desk. She tells the secretary that she has a 11:30 lunch meeting with Alecia Hughes.

Cristina is then brought to the main office, which is neatly furnished with top-of-the-line furniture and technology. She is then greeted by Alecia, “Hello Cristina. So glad you could make it today and take me up on my offer.” “Well, you and I both know it isn’t the exact offer you made,” Cristina says in return. Alecia slightly nods and replies, “No, it is not. But it’s still a deal, that’s what we’re here for.”

As the two sit down, Cristina blatantly blurts out, “Listen, if this is to just jerk me around, then I should just go.” Alecia replies, “No. This is strictly the deal you wanted. I even let you make up the documents to prove how serious I was about this.”

Cristina then pulls documents out of her purse and says, “And I did. Now if you could simply sign and I could get on with my day Alecia, I have other things to attend to.” Alecia, taken aback by how forward Cristina is, agrees to sign the documents. “There you go. What you wished for. Glad to do business with you Cristina,” Alecia says, following the signing of the documents.

Cristina picks up the documents and says, “You sure you don’t want to read them over and make sure that it’s exactly as it should be?” “Why would I do that Cristina? I trust that you haven’t mislead me in any opposing directions.”

Cristina and Alecia shake hands in agreement that they have officially joined into some kind of partnership.

Scene Four: Loft N°1 (The Johnson Loft), 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Hello Theo,” Logan says at the door. “May I come in?” Theo reluctantly agrees and says, “Sure. Why not. I have a few minutes to spare.” “Oh, did I catch you at a bad time?”

As Theo shuts the door, he replies, “No, of course not. It’s never a bad time when you’re around.” Logan’s eyes roll into the back of her head and she replies, “I hope you’re kidding with me.” “What do you want Logan?”

Stunned by being called by her first name, Logan asks, “Logan? So we’re on a first name basis now?” Theo replies, “Why wouldn’t we be? You haven’t earned the right to be called my mother.” “Of course I have. I birthed you, I cared for you, I held you inside of me for nine months. No one else did that for you.” ‘You cared for me? That’s priceless.”

Logan, irritated by her son, snarks, “What is it that you want from me Theo? What is it that you want so that we’re not so against each other anymore?” “I want you gone. I want you out of my life, I want you out of my business. You haven’t given a damn about me in years. If you had ever given a damn about me, you would’ve been there after father died,” Theo confesses to his mother. “I was there Theo, you just didn’t accept it. You shut me out, and I haven’t figured out why nor why you wouldn’t let me back in. I’m your mother, let me back in.”

Theo laughs off what Logan has said and replies, “You’re my mother? Since when.” “Since I gave birth to you. Day One.” “Listen, just because you gave birth to me, that doesn’t qualify you for mother of the goddamn fucking year.”

After several moments of silence, Theo walks back to the door, and says, “It’s time for you to leave.” And as Logan walks out of the loft, he turns and says, “Never come here. Ever. I’m done.”

And as he slams the door in his mother’s face, he takes a deep breath in. During moments following, he begins to second-take his anger towards his mother, and debates running after to apologize. However, he remembers about the party and rushes to get ready.

Scene Five: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Meredith and Tori take two seats out on the lanai, and continue to get re-acquainted with each other. Tori says, “So, tell me more about the bad blood between Cristina and your mother. I’m just dying to know.”

Well,” Meredith begins. “Cristina married my late brother Tim in September of 2007. And mother was always against it. But Cristina brought out the best of Tim, and vice-versa.” “Well, wouldn’t your mother appreciate that?” Meredith chucks and replies, “You don’t understand. My mother believed that Tim would marry someone exactly like Cristina.” “And the problem with that is?”

Meredith takes a quick sip from her cocoa and explains, “That is the problem. She never thought Tim would marry. He was always the one who loved adventure, like Michael. Neither have them were ever expected to be married. So when Tim married Cristina, she was shocked and taken aback. But they complimented each other so nicely. I always liked her.”

Tori takes a bite of the bagel she purchased earlier and asked, “Then why does she feel like everyone hates her?” Meredith replies, “Her past is colourful. And I’ve always sided with mother because it’s how I was simply raised. I never went against what mother said.” “So that keeps you from having your own separate opinion? I get that your mother is set in her ways, but if she respect that her children have their own ideas and opinions, how does that prove that there are differences in this world?”

You know what Tori, you’re right. I just, I don’t know. I guess I was never phased to stand up to my mother. Just wasn’t how I was raised.” Tori looks at her watch and says, “Meredith, I’m very sorry but I must be going. I have to get to work.”

The two exchange their goodbyes, and go on their separate ways. As Meredith reaches the main door to the café, she thinks of what Tori said, and lets out a brief smile, before continuing on with her day.

Scene Six: Johnson Industries, 350 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Logan arrives to the top of the building, and greets the secretary at the front desk. The secretary informs her that her mother is in the middle of a lunch meeting. Logan informs her she’s just going to pop in for a quick hello, and that Alecia is expecting her.

When Logan walks into the office, she notices her mother in the chair at the main desk, with her back towards her. “Hello mother, you could greet me,” Logan says to Alecia. “Hello Logan,” a female voice says. As the chair spins around, Cristina is seen sitting in the chair and continues, “It’s so lovely to see you this afternoon. Can I offer you some tea?”

Confused, Logan asks, “Excuse me? Where is my mother?” Cristina smiles and replies, “At home, enjoying your retirement. This is no longer her office.” “Well, if it isn’t her office, who’s it is then Cristina?” “Mine. I own Johnson Industries and all of your mother’s stock in Liberty City Hotel, making me your boss.”

Infuriated Logan replies, “Excuse me? When on earth did this happen?” Cristina throws the contract Alecia signed at Logan. Upon looking it over, she says, “Cristina. You did not do this. This is not possible. You did not do this to my family.”

Cristina, in a firm voice, says, “No Logan, I did it to my family. You’ve done nothing but push me, Tim and Theo aside for your own personal gain. And throwing me out during Tim’s memorial at your home and lashing out at me when I tried offering moral support was uncalled for. I am done being treated like the martyr of this family. You’ve done it to yourself Logan.”

Taken aback by her firm voice and tone, Logan silences herself and calmly says, “Cristina, I did not intend to offend-” Cristina interrupts, “It is your manner that offends Logan. Things are changing here at Johnson and at the hotel. You must be in everyday, I don’t care if you have a cough, you come in. Unless you’re on your death bed, which I wouldn’t mind seeing in the near future, your ass should be at work from the time you are expected to begin, till you are expected to leave. Now get your boney ass out of my office, and don’t let the door slam it on the way out.”

As Cristina goes into work at the office, Logan, in shock, immediately leaves the office. As she curls her fingers in anger, she marches out of the office in rage.

Scene Seven
Theo walks peacefully in the Liberty City Parks. As it begins to get dark, he grows increasingly worried about arriving to the party on time. As noise is heard in the bushes, Theo moves increasingly faster.

As he is about to hit the outer limbs of the park, he is grabbed by a mysterious person who says, “Shut the fuck up… or else.”

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