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1×06 Honeymoon Is Over

1×06: Honeymoon Is Over

Previously On Liberty City:
Monica announces her pregnancy to Dustin and Jamie.
Jennifer’s past haunts her through Natalie.
Jessica imagines an intimate moment with her husband.
Jason comes home to find a jilted wife.

Scene One: The Spencer Residence
Jason is seen standing in the doorway, staring at his wife, noticeably pissed off.

 “What are you still doing up? It’s nearly three in the morning,” Jason questions of his wife. “I was about to ask you the same thing. You see, I was promised by my husband, which is you, a nice, relaxing evening together. So I’m up, waiting for the evening,” Jessica so bluntly replies.

 Jason walks over to his wife saying, “Baby, I’m sorry. I had a late shift, very late shift. I was prepared to leave when an emergency came in, and the dude on the shift after me wasn’t in yet, I had to scrub in.”

 “So you couldn’t tell someone to call me? Or even call yourself? You promised me Jason, you promised, something we both agreed that if we ever did, we would never break.

 Jason then looks at his wife, with the biggest look of guilt any husband could ever have.

 Scene Two: Liberty City Court House
The door opens and we see Mathew and his ex-wife Brenda walk into the LC Court House. Before the two can walk into the courtroom, Mathew stops his ex-wife, and says to her, “Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t need to be here to see me finalize my divorce to someone else.

 Brenda then reassures him, “Of course I want to be there, to support you and show that bitch…

 And at that moment, Roxanne walks into the Court House with Brenda’s son, leaving Brenda and Mathew speechless and in shock at the picture they see.


 “Um, excuse me, but what the hell are you two doing together?” Brenda questions. Her son then replies, “Momma, I never meant to upset you. Ms. Roxanne just needed a ride, and I supplied her with one.

 In a very serious, motherly tone, Brenda commands, “Braden Alexandra Montez, you be get yo’ behind in that courtroom before I whippit.” “But momma…

 “Don’t you dare ‘but momma me’ young man.” Brenda then points her finger to the courtroom door. Braden then walks himself into the courtroom, with his mother following him.

 Mathew then turns to Roxanne, who seems to have the biggest smirk on her face.

 Scene Three: Liberty City Hotel, Appt. 48
Jamie opens the door to her apartment and turns the light on inside. She closes the door, and throws her keys into the bowl in front of the mirror. She quickly walks from the entrance into the living room area, where her boyfriend, Derek was sitting, completing work.

 “Uh oh, what’s wrong?” Derek questions, taking a quick break from his paperwork.

 “My sister, she’s pregnant and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it,” Jamie replies. “And of course Dustin was right there to here the oh so amazing news. But something doesn’t sit right with this pregnancy. It’s all too quick, and she was gone way too long not to share this information with Dustin.

 Derek folds over his paperwork, and pulls Jamie into a cuddling position. “Maybe she’s just pregnant with her husband’s baby. Did you ever consider that possibility?” he asks her.

 “No, because that’s not possible this time around. Monica did something, I’m sure of it. I won’t accept that she’s just pregnant with Dustin’s child,” Jamie argues.

 “Well, if you want to one up her, we could always practice for a baby ourselves and see what happens?” Derek jokingly comments. “You know, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

 Jamie leans into Derek, sensually kissing him on the lips, while he pulls her on top of him.

 Scene Four: The Spencer Residence
So, I’m going to ask you again. Where the hell where you?” Jessica asks in a very stern tone.

 “I told you, I was in emergency surgery. Nothing I can do about it,” Jason replies, throwing his bag onto the ground. “Until almost three in the fucking morning? Really Jason? I’m not that naïve,” Jessica retorts.

 “Honey, it was a long surgery. You can call anyone at the hospital to clarify this. I promise you, it was not my intention to skip our night together. My patients need me.” “I needed you. I’m your wife. I think that takes reigns for one damn night in my book,” Jessica replies, holding back the tears she so desperately wants to let out.

 “Baby, I never meant to do that to you. It’s just, this job requires a lot of sacrifices, you knew that when you married me, even before,” Jason tries to explain. Jessica just turns away from her husband, trying not to show her emotional upset.

 In an attempt to escape being in the same room as her husband, she begins to walk towards the staircase, and begins to walk upstairs.

 “Where are you going?” Jason questions in confusion.

 “Oh, I’m going to bed. You can sleep on the couch, I made it up for you about four hours ago. So, goodnight,” Jessica says as she continues up the stairs.

 As Jason lays down on the couch for the night, he begins to think about the day he married Jessica, and how happy both of them were.

 *Flashback Begins*
Pastor: Do you, Jason Sean Spencer, take Jessica Amelia Lane Smithson to be your lawfully wedding wife. To have and to cherish, through sickness and in health, for the rest of your life?
Jason: I do.
Pastor: And do you, Jessica Amelia Lane Smithson, take Jason Sean Spencer to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to cherish, through sickness and in health, for the rest of your life?
Jessica: I forever do.
*Flashback Ends*

 Jessica looks at the picture frame, thinking about her wedding, and her vows, only to realize her forever was coming to an end.

 Scene Five: Liberty City Court House
What do you think you’re doing with her? Don’t you have any common sense? I raised you better,” Brenda questions of her son.
Momma, it was just the ride over. It’s not like I’m screwing her,” Braden says, who is then graced with a slap from his mother.
You will not try and justify what you did in any way whatsoever. I raised you better. Now since I brought you into this world, I can take you right back out with no problem. Now you best be promisin’ me that you won’t see that skank anymore?” Brenda says in a firm tone to her son.
Braden agrees, “Yes momma. I promise.

 Mathew and Roxanne remain in the main lobby outside the courtroom, still looking at each other as they had before. “What do you think you were doing, coming here with Braden Roxanne? First you left her that message and now this?” Mathew says as he interrogates his estranged wife.

 “He offered me a ride, and I accepted. It was a nice gesture on his behalf. He’s a true gentleman. He’s kind and genuine. And I never did anything to Brenda. No message, no anything,” Roxanne assures to Mathew.

 At that moment, an officer calls Mathew and Roxanne into the courtroom, where Brenda and Braden are sitting awaiting for the finalization of the couple’s divorce.

 The pair take their sides of the courtroom, to be greeted by the judge who went over the case, stating that Mathew had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. However, one new piece of the case was determined, that Roxanne had filed for spousal support the day prior.

 The judge then ruled that the divorce would not be finalized and more court dates would be filed to see if spousal support would be appropriate.

 Scene Six: Liberty City Police Department
Jennifer enters the LCPD in the morning, with hopes of getting her sister released. After seeing her lawyer, Diane Taylor, they both walk over to the open booth at the station.

 “Hello. I’m Jennifer Johnson, and this is my lawyer, and I’m here to see about getting my sister released,” Jennifer greets herself to the police officer at the booth. “And your sister’s name is?” the officer asks.

 “Logan Johnson,” Diane replies, holding the officer will politely reply. The officer then informs both the ladies that Logan is currently being transferred into a main questioning room, where she will be released, since no charges were filed.

 Soon after, Diane and Jennifer are escorted to the room where they see Logan. At the first sight of each other, Jennifer and Logan quickly embrace each other in happiness.

 “You had me worried you wouldn’t come,” Logan says to her sister. “Worried I wouldn’t come? C’mon now Logan, you’re my sister. I can’t leave you sitting in a place where they wear orange 24/7,” Jennifer replies, as she sits down.

 Logan then looks at Diane and tells her, “Diane, I didn’t think you’d need to come. I hope nothing has changed with Theo not filing charges against me?” “No, and you’re very lucky at that. But he did file a temporary 30 day restraining order just in case,” Diane tells to Logan.

 “30 days without seeing the one child of mine that lives in the same city as me? I mean, it’s not ideal but it definitely beats the alternative,” Logan debates. “Yeah, and I’m going to be here to make sure you stick to those 30 days. I’m not risking you being thrown back into jail because you decide to take your frustrations out on your son,” Jennifer assures to her sister.

 “Well, I think it’s time we can take you out of here. Paper work should be done. And here’s your copy of the protective order,” Diane says as she stands and hands the protective order to Logan.

 “Alright, c’mon, let’s get you home and out of this, less than average place, shall we?” Jennifer says to her sister, grabbing her hand and walking out with her.

 Scene Seven: Liberty City Hotel, Appt 48
Jamie and Derek lay in bed, with Derek holding Jamie as she slowly begins to wake up after a night together.

 “How long have you been awake?” Jamie questions as she looks up at Derek. “Not long. Just long enough to soak in the beauty that is you.” Jamie then gives her boyfriend a loving look and leans up to steal a kiss from him. As the two get romantically inclined to begin again, the phone begins to ring.

 Jamie and Derek both look at each other with a look of disappointment, however, at the last moment, Jamie reaches over for her cell phone, and realizes it’s her daughter, and quickly picks up.

 “Hello? Jessica, honey, what’s wrong? Of course, I’ll do anything. Yeah, we’d still love to move in. Okay, talk to you in a while.

 “Baby, who was that?” Derek questions in confusion. Jamie turns around and says, “It was Jessica. She just gave us the go ahead to move into the house. I guess her and Jason want to get their own place together. Maybe an apartment.

 “Hmmm… I guess that means we need to get dressed and go move into our new home together,” Derek says, as he gets up, kisses his girlfriend and gets out of bed to go get dressed.

 Scene Eight: The Spencer Residence
Jason wakes up, forgetting he had slept on his couch for the night, rolling over to fall off of it. He slowly stumbles up off the ground, to see Jessica coming down the stairs with two bags.

 “Finally, you’re awake,” Jessica says to him.  “Yes, I am. And I’m hoping we can talk about last night.

 “No because you have to leave. I’m kicking you out,” Jessica reveals. “Kicking me out? Why? All because I didn’t call last night to tell you I wouldn’t be home at a reasonable hour?” Jason reacts.

 “No, I’m kicking you out because we both know this marriage is not working Jason. We need to fix everything,” Jessica replies. “So tell me how to do this Jessica, whatever you want, I’m willing to do,” Jason pleads.

 “I want a divorce,” Jessica so bluntly says, leaving Jason in a state of shock. “A divorce? You want a divorce after everything we’ve gone through?” Jason so coldly says.

 “Yes. I’m not happy, you’re obviously not happy. So let’s just both suck it up and realize, it’s not going to work. I don’t want therapy, I don’t want arguments. I just want to end this peacefully,” Jessica explains.

 “I’ve packed your bags and would appreciate you leaving immediately. My lawyer will contact your lawyer sometime today concerning the divorce,” Jessica says to Jason.

 Scene Nine
Brenda and Mathew sit together on their couch, both looking at each other with such love in their eyes. Realizing that their love is stronger than it ever was before, they both can’t help but just enjoy the moments they share together.

 Jason comes down the stairs, showered and dressed, and grabs his bags, with Jessica walking him to the door. He quickly turns around, looks at her, kisses her and tells her, “I love you always.” He then walks away, leaving Jessica to close the door, with a serene look upon her face.

 Logan and Jennifer walk up to the front door of the main house, excited to be able to go inside and just talk like they hadn’t been able to do for days. As they open the door, their look of happiness is quickly turned into discontentment. Their sister, Donna and mother, Alecia are both found standing in the middle of the living room area, both awaiting the return of the sisters.

 “Hello Logan, Jennifer. Why don’t you come join our happy family reunion?” Donna greets to her sisters, leaving Jennifer smirking and Logan glaring her eyes.