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2×06 Memorial Address

2×06: Memorial Address

Previously On Liberty City:
Sophie and Derek meet and connect over Jamie’s accident.
Galvin hits a nerve with Jennifer.
Cristina finalizes memorial arrangements for Tim.
Cristina’s mother and sister pay her a surprising visit.

Scene One: The Johnson Estate, 721 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Logan exits out of her bathroom and into her bedroom. She slips on her black dress, puts on her black pumps, and puts her hair up in a carefully crafted bun. She then sits in front of her dresser, and pulls open the main drawer. She then pulls out a jewelry case.

 “A woman as gorgeous as you shouldn’t be so sad. It’s a damn shame,” an unknown voice says. Logan then turns around and says, “Michael!” “Yes Mom, it’s me,” Michael replies. “Oh, I didn’t think you’d make it. Meredith told me you were traveling Australia?” “I was. I was in Sydney when I found out. So I hopped on the first flight back home,” Michael replies, embracing his mother.

 At that point, Meredith opens the door, and exclaims, “Michael! Y-y-you’re here! Wow. I wasn’t expecting to see you be back so soon from Down Under.” “Yeah, well, I couldn’t miss this. I belonged here with my family,” Michael replies. “Speaking of which, where is Theo? Will he be coming through those doors next?” Both Meredith and Logan give each other looks, that do not send Michael a feeling of family. “Guys, where is Theo?” “He’s with Cristina,” Meredith bluntly says, which makes Logan twitch. “Cristina? Why would he be with her?” “Because,” Logan begins. “He lives with her now. And he’s an adult, so that’s his choice. But he will be at the service.” “Yes he will and we’ll all be there to support him. I mean, he was the closest person to Tim,” Meredith says, as she puts her arms around her mother’s shoulders and directs her back to her vanity.

 Michael then opens up the jewelry case that Logan had pulled out, which reveals a pearl necklace. Michael then unclips the necklace, and places it on his mother’s neck, clasping it in place. Meredith, in turn, adjusts the necklace. Logan places her hand lightly onto the necklace.

Scene Two: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina fixes her hair to look less messy than it already did before. Her tousled curls were the least of her worries. She clips on a chunky bracelet, and places earrings into her ears. As she grabs her clutch, she exits her bedroom.

She walks up to Theo’s door, and politely knocks on the door. She then opens the door to poke her head inside. She see’s Theo sitting on the edge of his edge, looking very somber and disconnected. She walks in more and says, “You look good. He’d be proud of you, being so strong and vigilant right now.” Theo looks at her and says, “I don’t want to be strong. I don’t care if I look good. I’m not ready for this.

Cristina walks over to Theo and says, “I’m not ready, either. But we can’t put it off anymore. He’d want us to do this as painfully as possible and get on with our lives.” “I don’t want to get on with life. I mean, this isn’t me. I don’t do this.” “I know you don’t Theo, and neither do I. You don’t know how much I wish he were with, with me and you. But he wouldn’t want us stopping our lives for him. He never did.

Both Theo and Cristina embrace each other. Cristina gets a laugh out of Theo by fixing his tie, in a face that Tim would’ve used on him. As they both walk into the living area, they are both startled by the sights of Amanda Joy and Courtney. “Mom,” Cristina says. “What are you doing here?” Amanda Joy lets out a sigh and slight smile and says, “We’re both here for you two. We figured you’d both need some extra support today.

Cristina hugs her mom and sister, jointly and says, “Thank you.” They all then pull Theo into the hug.

Scene Three: Liberty City Memorial, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.

 Derek walks up to Jamie’s hospital room door and as he goes to enter, he halts and becomes hesitant to enter. Behind him, Sophie lays a hand on his shoulder and says, “Be brave Derek. You can do this, she needs this. It’s not Dustin she wants, it’s you. Remember that.” Derek then walks into the room, followed closely by Sophie.

 Jamie looks over and questions, “Derek Spencer? Is that you?” “And your sister,” he replies as Sophie enters into the room. “Hello troublemaker,” Sophie greets to her sister. “Wow, I would’ve never guessed you two would come visiting. Especially together,” Jamie says. “Yeah, and I never thought my older sister would be giving my grey hairs already.” “Oh stop it, you’re beautiful,” Jamie replies with a smile. “Both of you are beautiful,” Derek chimes in with.

 “Well, thank you Derek. Anyways, what are you two doing here? I wasn’t expecting any guests today,” Jamie says in confusion. “Well,” Sophie begins. “I’m only here for a minute. I actually have to go to Tim Johnson’s memorial service. I brought Derek to your room so he could visit. I love you, and will give everyone your love.” “Yes, please do.

 Jamie and Sophie exchange kisses on each other’s cheeks as Sophie leaves the room. Derek hastily follows behind her, and nervous says, “Sophie, I don’t think I can do this.” “Yes you can! You just be you, the you she fell in love with,” Sophie assures to Derek.

 He walks back into the room, and both Jamie and Derek look at each other, both speechless about what to say to each other, making the situation that much more awkward.

Scene Four: The Liberty City Church, 1820 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Logan enters into the church, on the arms of her two eldest children. She is greeted by her sisters, Donna and Jennifer. As the sisters embrace, Donna says, “Logan, are you okay? Can we get you anything? The minister says if there’s anything you need before, or during the service he’s more than happy to do such.” Logan nods her head in a perfect manner, showing little-to-no emotion. Jennifer points at Michael and says, “And you, young man. Where in God’s name have you been? Huh? No postcards for your aunt?” “Sorry Aunt Jen, been a bit busy,” Michael replies embracing his aunt. “And don’t forget about me, huh? Am I not good enough,” Donna jokingly says to Michael.

As they embrace, Logan overlooks the church, and focuses her eyes on the casket, which contains her deceased son. At that moment, Cristina and her company arrive. She nods her arm and jerks her head to Logan’s direction to Theo. He walks over to his mother, with whom he embraces. Logan says, “You look very handsome. Tim would be in awestruck at you all dressed up, and out of those clothes you normally wear.” “Yeah, well I’d only do this for him,” Theo coldly replies.

As time goes by, more and more people arrive to pay their respects to Tim Johnson. Sophie Michaels enters into the church, and is immediately greeted by Jennifer. “Jennifer, I’m so sorry for your families loss,” Sophie remarks. “And you are?” “Oh, I’m so sorry, Sophie Michaels. Jamie’s sister.” “Oh yes, how is Jamie? I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to visit her since the accident.” “Oh, she understands, trust me. She’s so sorry she couldn’t be here. But she’s doing good, recovering slowly. Memories come and go. But we’re sure she’ll recover about 90% of the memories she’s lost.” “Well, I’m so happy you could make it. And just so you know, we’ll be meeting back at Logan’s place for coffee and dinner.” Sophie smiles, nods and continues to her seat.

Next to enter is Susan Smithson. She greets Jennifer and says, “Well, Jennifer, aren’t you a vision.” Jennifer replies, “Thank you Susan. How are you doing? It’s so lovely to see you back in town. I understand your son is expecting a child soon?” “Yes, he is. And I’m… very pleased by it. I love being surrounded by-uh, grandchildren. Is your mother here? I haven’t seen her since I returned, and understand she was in Europe with your sister, Donna.” “Donna said she wasn’t coming, since someone had to watch the hotel.” Obviously set off by what Jennifer had said, Susan quickly said, “You’ll have to excuse me, I forgot to lock my car. Excuse me.” She quickly rushes out of the church, and thinks Alecia, where are you. Jennifer joins the rest of the guests inside of the chapel.

The scene inside of the chapel is very divided. On one side is Logan with Meredith, Michael, and her sisters. On the other: Cristina, Theo, and Cristina’s mother and sister. A clear dividing factor of how each side feels towards each other.

Scene Five: Liberty City Memorial, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Back in Jamie’s hospital room, Derek and Jamie are continuing their silent treatment to each other.

So, Mr. Spencer, are you here on hospital business? Because, if so, the treatment of your staff has been quite above standard,” Jamie says to break the silence. “I know they are, I told them to.” “Why would you do that? You barely know me.” “I actually do know you, Jamie. You’re my girlfriend.

 Stunned by what she’s just heard, Jamie shakes her head in denial. “No, you’re telling a lie. I’m happily married to Dustin. I have been for over ten years. We have beautiful children together.” “No Jamie, you don’t. No marriage. You and Dustin divorced in the end of 2009, and we’ve been together since January of last year.

 “No, you’re lying to me. You’re messing with my damn head. Dustin and I would never divorce. We’ve been together forever. There’s no reason for us to divorce. That only way that could’ve happened… no, it’s not possible.

 “I’m sorry Jamie, I thought someone would’ve told you by now,” Derek says. “You can leave now, I’m tired. I want to sleep,” Jamie demands to Derek. After standing there for a few seconds, Jamie screams, “Get out of my damn room!” Startled by her actions, he leaves the room quietly.

 Outside of the room, his facial expression drains and we walks away.

Scene Six: Liberty City Hotel, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Susan enters The Lounge at the Hotel, and finds non other than Alecia at the bar. She walks up to the bar coyly and says, “I’ll have whatever she’s having. And what is that you’re drinking Alecia? Water, on the rocks?” “Yeah, hard up.” “Not funny. My main question is, why aren’t you at your grandson’s memorial? I mean, I’ve never seen you this bad.

 Alecia retorts by saying, “And who are you to judge? You used to be able to throw back a few in the day.” “Yeah, and as I can recall, you threw back about five more than a few in your day.” “So what? I like my martinis and vodka tonics.

 As Alecia gets up with her drink to move out of The Lounge, Susan grabs her arm, sending the drink onto the floor, shattering that glass. “You will get your hand off of me,” Alecia says in a demanding voice. As Susan gives her a death stare, she lets her go.

Scene Seven: The Liberty City Church, 1820 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
At the service, it’s time for those who are close to Tim to say their piece or a few words in honor of their memories of him. Several family members share their remarks.

 Michael:  My brother and I grew up twins, fraternal nonetheless, but twins. We couldn’t have been more different, though. My idea of adventure was traveling to other places, but to him, it was a rollercoaster ride or a joyride into the country. And now that he’s gone, I feel a piece of me has gone, too. And now he can go on all those adventures he never would’ve gotten to go on. And hopefully, I’ll be able to do the same for him.

 Jennifer:  That nephew of mine, he was definitely spunky. He always had the greatest advice, but could never follow it for himself. He once shared with me that I shouldn’t stop my life because we all lost his uncle, so I wish the same for everyone else, to not stop their lives. To continue them, for Tim.

 Cristina:  To say Tim and I were star-crossed lovers would be an understatement. He grew up in a privileged life, and I grew up making ends meet, trying to fulfill myself. But from the moment I met him, I realized I was already fulfilled, and he was my cherry on top. When he told me he wanted to enter the army, my heart sank. But I knew why he wanted to do it, for honor. Honor of his mother, his father, his brothers and sister, and for me. I couldn’t have loved a man more than I loved him. I love you baby.

 Theo:  Tim, was ahh, my rock. He was the brother I could tell all my secrets to. And I never thought my rock would be shattered into a bunch of uneven, non-repairable pieces. But he never let me give up, and ahh, I don’t think I have. I try to live moment-to-moment, and it gets hard. But I’m trying to honor my brother the best I can.

 As Tim steps down, he is embraced by Cristina. The minister then announces that everyone was welcome at Logan’s estate for coffee and dinner if they so desired.

Scene Eight: The Johnson Estate, 721 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Back at the estate, everyone is seen having coffee and reminiscing on Tim’s memory. “Cristina,” Logan kindly says. “You did a wonderful job on the service plans. I appreciate you doing that, Tim would’ve loved it.” “Thank you Logan,” Cristina replies. “Your words were lovely as well, very polite and well versed.

Cristina smiles a bit and says, “Thank you Logan, I only wished you had shared your thoughts as well.” “My thoughts are for me and Tim only, I didn’t see the need to share such personal thoughts with everyone.” “It wasn’t about sharing intimate details of your relationship with your son, Logan. It was about embracing his memory for everyone to feel. It was supposed to be a healing and warming experience. Not something to be dreaded.

Logan, trying to keep her composure, releases, “Well, unlike you Cristina, I didn’t try and overcompensate on my relationship with Tim for everyone to see. I prefer to keep my memories to myself. And you’re right, star-crossed lovers you were, but that’s it, you weren’t lovers. You used him to rob him of his birth right. You came from the squanders of the slums.

Clearly pissed, Cristina’s mother soon rushes to her daughter’s aid, “Excuse me? You will not speak to my daughter in such a way. You have no right. You clearly have issues with my daughter, but this is not the place for you to be dishing them out.” “And this isn’t the place for you to try and play mother of the year Amanda Joy. Don’t think I don’t know about your history with your daughter. You could barely parent long enough without a bottle.” “And you couldn’t parent long enough with a lady-in-waiting to raise your children. You pawned them off to boarding schools.

Jennifer and Donna both rush to their sister’s rescue. “Cristina, maybe it’s best you and your family go back to the loft. We’re all clearly emotionally drained and wanting to blame each other for their faults,” Jennifer remarks.

Cristina slams down her coffee cup, and takes her sister, mother and Theo and leaves the home. Logan composes herself back into her proper stature, and excuses herself from the guests and heads upstairs. As she enters her bedroom, she collapses herself against the door, and begins to weep to herself.

Outside, Cristina fumes to herself. “Honey, I’m so sorry for what transpired inside,” Amanda Joy remarks. “It’s okay mom, can you take Theo and Courtney back to the Loft? I have an errand to run.

Amanda Joy agrees, and as Cristina walks off to a more secluded part of the estate, she takes out her phone, dials a number and waits for someone to pick up. She then speaks into the phone, “Hi. It’s me. I changed my mind, can you meet me in 15 minutes?” She then hangs up, and says outloud to herself, “You pushed the wrong buttons at the wrong place Logan, and now, we’re going to play on your playing field. But we’ll play my way. To Hell with false modesty.