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1×07 Honesty

1×07: Honesty

Previously On Liberty City:
Jamie and Derek made love together.
Jessica confronts Jason, and reveals she wants a divorce.
Roxanne shows up at the court hearing with Brenda’s son, and reveals she’s filing for spousal support.
Logan and Jennifer returns home to find her sister and mother in her living room.

Scene One: The Johnson Estate
After a long night in prison, Logan Johnson finally arrives home with her sister. They intend to reconnect after a short time apart, and discuss what to do next. When they open the door to the main estate, they are shocked to find their sister Donna, and mother Alecia sitting on the couch in the living room.

Hello Logan, Jennifer. So nice of you both to finally grace us with your presence,” Donna says. This leaves Logan with a look of disgusting and yearning to kill, and Jennifer with a small, yet devious smirk upon her face.

Now Donna, play nice,” Alecia exclaims to her eldest daughter. “Logan and Jennifer, it’s so great to see you both. Oh how I missed my daughters,” she continues as she begins to hug both her daughters.

Hello mother, it’s so lovely to see you visit,” Logan greets in a sarcastic tone. “Now Logan, play nice,” Jennifer says, mocking her mother. She then walks over to Donna, hugging her. “It’s great to see you Don. You hardly ever call anymore,” Jennifer sincerely says to her sister.

I know, that’s why mother and I are here. We have some news to break to you,” Donna says, leaving Jennifer and Logan in worry.

Scene Two: The Spencer Residence
A car pulls up into the driveway, with Jamie and Derek exiting, grabbing their suitcases and progressing towards the house. “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I can wait,” Jamie says.

No, we’ve discussed this. We’re both ready for this commitment together. I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you,” Derek replies, reminding Jamie of why they are moving into the home together.

As she goes to knock on the door, it is opened by her daughter, Jessica. “Hey mom, hey Derek. Come on inside to your new home.”

As they walk inside, they see bags already packed.

So, hun, are you and Jason doing this because you’re getting your own place?” Jamie questions. “No, actually, I am doing this because I kicked Jason out.”

Confused by her daughter’s comments, Jessica continues, “I’m divorcing Jason. That’s it, we’re done together as a couple.


A divorce? You are divorcing my son? That’s impossible,” Derek exclaims to Jessica.

It’s not like I’m doing this pre-maturely. I’m doing this because I love him, but the relationship was doomed from the start,” Jessica explains.

Jamie takes her daughter by the hand, and sits her down on the couch and says, “Honey, what went wrong?

Well, his shifts at the hospital have been getting later and later. And last night he promised me plans for an evening together, something we haven’t had since our wedding night. But he didn’t come home until twenty minutes of three this morning.

So that gives you the right to divorce him?” Derek taunts to Jessica. “Yes, it does. He’s putting his hospital work over me. I get that it’s his job, and it’s important to everyone, but I’m important to. I’m not some wallflower that’s just going to sit and play to her husband’s rules.

But that’s the thing,” Derek interjected. “He wasn’t at the hospital last night.

Jessica’s face goes from furious to that of a scorned wife.

Scene Three: The Johnson Loft
You know, you should really try and live a life behind the walls of this loft,” Cristina said to Theo, who since the attack from his mother had become quite a recluse and distanced himself from everyone in his life, including Cristina.

I don’t want to,” Theo replies emotionless. “But you have to. You could always call Meredith or even Michael. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Meredith is too busy living her life in California and Michael is somewhere in Spain. Neither of them care, or else they’d be here right now, helping me through like Tim would,” Theo says. Cristina then says, “I know. You and Tim were always very close. And I’m sure that’s why he made you his best man at our wedding. He always cared for you Theo. You have to believe he’d be here if he could.

Theo then pops up and angrily says, “Then he should’ve here.” “He couldn’t Theo. You know that, he felt he had to…” Theo then interrupts, “Fuck what he felt he had to do. He should have stayed here. Mom can’t even function right without another child here. He always kept the family connected. Now look what’s happened to us. I’m so sick and tired of this fucking family trying to pin their problems on someone else.

Scene Four: Town House #2
For the first time in days, Diane Taylor finally had some down time to herself. She’s had a busy schedule, especially with client Logan Johnson. Getting herself arrested and filing top secret documents not even Diane could know about was exhausting.

So, she grabs a cup of tea, a crossword puzzle and sits herself down on her couch, with some Paula Cole music playing in the background. This put her into complete peace and relaxation. But just as she gets settled into her crossword, her phone begins to ring. She begins to get up to grab it, only to second guess herself and remains sitting to finish her crossword and let the phone ring.

After a few minutes of trying to complete her crossword puzzle, she begins to drift off and eventually falls asleep.

Moments later, she wakes up to find herself in her apartment, being woken up by two un-identifiable children.

Mommy Mommy!” one child exclaims. Diane then lifts herself up and responds, “What’s wrong sweetie?

You fell asleep, and we didn’t know if you’d wake up,” the second child exclaims. “I know honey, I’m sorry,” Diane replies. She then gets up and walks over to the side table, and looks at a family picture of her, the two children and a man from her past, which leaves a smile on her face.

Scene Five: The Spencer Residence
What do you mean he wasn’t at the hospital last night?” Jessica asks with such a tone that could be cut with a blade.

Derek then replies in a very sarcastic tone, “I mean that he was not at the hospital last night. He didn’t work.” “I have to go,” says Jessica in a hurt tone. She kisses her mother, grabs her bags, and leaves.

Jamie in a state of angered shock, stands up and says, “So you mean to tell me that your son is likely to be cheating on my daughter?” “I never said that. All I said was that he wasn’t at the hospital.”

And that suggests to myself and obviously my daughter, that your son is cheating until almost three in the morning!” Jamie exclaims. “Yeah, so?” Derek replies, sending Jamie into a frenzy.

So? So!? You wanna say the situation is reversed and it was Jessica cheating on Jason, and Jason just walked out, you cannot tell me you’d be happy with me saying ‘Yeah, so’ or me saying she’s probably cheating on me?” Jamie says, trying to explain the situation to Derek.

You’re right, but this situation wasn’t ideal in the first place anyway. We all didn’t want them to get married. We all objected the marriage,” Derek says.

Sure we did, at first. I thought we had all grown to accept the marriage and that they decided to join together,” Jamie cries.

Sure, but that doesn’t change why we all went against the marriage, and didn’t tell either of them why,” Derek insists. “I know, but look how it turned out anyway. They want out already. It’s just, they were both so happy,” Jamie tries to explain.

Honey, if they knew the truth, we all know how it could turn out. That’s why we chose to hide it from them,” Derek explains.

Jamie hugs Derek to console herself, and says, “I know.

Scene Six: The Johnson Estate
Logan walks into the living room, holding a tray with tea cups and a pull fresh pot of tea. She places the tray onto the table, with each lady grabbing themselves a cup of tea.

So Donna, mother what brings you here to Liberty City?” questions Jennifer.

Well, as you know, daddy left us equal shares of the company. However, there were shares that were left hidden. Whoever found those shares would be put into control of the hotel,” Donna explains.

And since your sister found those shares, I have decided to give my shares as well to her,” Alecia says to her daughters.

So, basically you’re putting us at the end of the pole when it comes to the hotel Jennifer and I have been running for years while you’re off together shopping as a solo pair in Paris and Milan,” Logan exclaims.

I think you’re being pretty harsh about this Logan. I thought both of you would be happy about this? Single women, you could finally get some breathing room,” Donna says.

Single women? Try widows Donna. How’s your marriage by the way?” Jennifer retorts. “David is fine, thank you. He’s in London on business right now.

Logan then stands up and says in a danger tone, “Get the hell out of my home. You think you can come here with your hidden shares and take the company? Fuck you and fuck your shares Donna.

You will not speak to your sister that way, because I am giving her my shares as well,” Alecia exclaims.

Logan walks over to her mother, and hastily slaps her across the face. “You will not lay a hand on your mother again, you hear me. I raised you better than that.

Again, Logan takes her hand and slaps her mother again, harder than before.

I think it’s time you both left, and we can discuss this tomorrow over breakfast at the hotel,” Jennifer suggests. “Oh, that sounds wonderful. Great idea. We will be there,” Donna agrees, hoping it breaks the tension in the room.

Scene Seven: The Johnson Loft
Cristina walks down the hallway, and quietly knocks then opens the door to Theo’s bedroom.

She walks over to his bed, where he’s laying, facing the wall away from the door. She sits on the edge of his bed and says, “Tim didn’t just leave you Theo. He left me alone too.

Yeah, but you can handle mom. I can’t. I can’t face her like you do Cris,” Theo says crying into Cristina’s arms. “Then we’ll face her together Theo. I’m on your side. Forever

She Cristina consoles Theo, the phone begins to ring. “Don’t you need to get that?” Theo asks. Cristina nods her head no, and Theo quickly tells her, “Go. It could be important.”

Cristina then quickly walks into the living room, and picks up the phone.

Hello. Yes, this is she.

Scene Eight: Town House #2
Still gazing into the picture, Diane begins to find comfort in seeing the family she’s always wanted inside a photograph.
Mommy?” one of the children asks. Diane quickly snaps out of a daydream, looks at the child and says, “Yes honey. What is it?
When is daddy coming home?” Diane bends down, grabs her child’s hand, and assures her, “Daddy is going to be home very soon.

She then embraces both of her children and hurries them alone to go play in their room. She then walks back over to the photo, picks it up and goes to pay back down, where she awoke from sleeping, slumbering back off into her dream. Diane is once again back in reality, with her crossword held over you, being pulled tightly as if it were the picture frame.

Scene Nine
Jamie grabs a picture frame off of the mantle in the living room of Jessica and Jason together. Realizing the relationship is past them, she opens up the frame but to her surprise, there’s another picture. The picture is that of her family with Dustin, Jessica and Derrick. She ponders the photo for a few moments, remembering her past with Dustin and how happy she once was. She then hears Derek calling for her in the background, and happily walks towards her future.

Logan opens the door and lets her mother and sister leaving. Donna then turns around to say something to her sisters, only to be met by the door slamming in her face. Jennifer then looks over to her sister, realizing the drama and fights have only just begun for not only her family, but herself as well.

Cristina, still on the phone, drops down to her couch. She quickly drops the phone from her hands onto the ground, before completely shutting herself down to anyone. Then, Theo is seen in his room, on the phone, hearing exactly what Cristina had just been told, breaking himself down as well, slamming the phone down on the receiving end.

Diane wakes up to find someone has been knocking at her door. She quickly gets up off the couch, and walks over to the door. She opens the door to find the man from the photo, standing in her doorway, leaving her shocking surprised, almost to the point of collapsing.

Hello Diane,” he says to her.