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1×04 The Wedding Day

1×04: The Wedding Day

Previously on Liberty City:
Theo confesses that he’s gay to Cristina.
Mathew and Brenda re-connect on an intimate level.
Leah breaks barriers and calls her mother.

Scene One: The Stevens’ Residence
Mathew and Brenda are left sitting on top of their dining room table, covering themselves up with the blanket they’re both sharing, look at Roxanne in horror.

 “Looks like I interrupted something. Mind telling me what?” Roxanne asks sarcastically, pretending to be shocked at what she walked in on.

Roxanne, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in Atlanta with your mother,” Mathew asks of his soon-to-be ex-wife.

I came back hoping that we could, you know, work things out between us.

 Mathew quickly grabs his boxers and pants and slips them off quickly to make things a tad less awkward in the room. Brenda then slowly begins to collect her clothing. Mathew quickly pulls Brenda aside and quietly tells her, “Why don’t you go into the bathroom, get dressed and leave. It’s best you not be here when this goes down. Don’t worry.” Brenda answers with a quick “But..” but then quickly stops herself, walks into the bathroom and leaves Mathew and Roxanne in the dining room, pondering how to begin this long awaited conversation.

 Scene Two: Dan/Leah’s Residence
Leah walks into the kitchen where Dan is seen cooking dinner for the two. She walks over to the cabinet next to the fridge, and pulls out two plates and wine classes, and pulls the drawer below out and grabs silverware and begins to set the kitchen table for two. Once complete, she walks over to Dan and slips her arms from behind him up onto his shoulders and leans her head onto his shoulders.

 Dan lets out a quick laugh and says, “You trying to distract me from finishing our dinner because it’s working,” and then turns around to pull her in and kiss her ever so gently.

 Leah gives a little smirk and replies, “If I wanted to distract you I wouldn’t be so sneaky about it. You might want to get back to cooking before you burn it.” Dan smiles back at Leah, before turning around to continue cooking. A knock is then heard at the door.

 “Don’t worry,” Leah says, “I’ll get it.” Leah then walks from the kitchen into the living room, which leads to the front door. Leah, with a kind smile then opens up the front door, only to find that her guest of honor is not who she expected it to be. “Hello Leah dear, may I come in?” her mother says as she greets herself into the residence, leaving Leah’s smile to drastically change when she closes the door.


 “Mom, this is an such an unexpected visit, I wish I had known you were coming,” Leah says to her mother as she walks into the living room after her mother.

And both you and your sister left so unexpectedly, I wish I had known you were planning on ripping my world apart, but I guess we don’t always get what we want now do we sweetie?” Patricia retorts in a serious, yet mocking tone to her daughter. “But of course, that’s all in the past now. It’s time to move forward towards the future as a family.

 “Yes it is. I apologize if that came out wrong, I just wish I had known you were coming so I could have at least prepared dinner for three and picked you up at the airport,” Leah replies.

Oh it’s fine. I took a cab, plus I will be staying at the Liberty City Hotel, with your sister until she’s ready to deliver her baby,” Patricia replies happily. Though she tried to hide her frustration with happiness, Leah couldn’t help but show every single thought running through her mind on her face, showcasing to her mother that something wasn’t right. “Honey, is there something you’re not telling me?” Patricia questions of her daughter. Leah then turns from her mother, trying to hide the tears gathering up in her eyes.

Scene Three: The Johnson Loft
Theo wakes up after a long night to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking in the kitchen. Intrigued to see what’s going on, he throws back the blankets of his bed and walks out into the hallway, and walks into the kitchen to see Cristina in the kitchen cooking.

Did I sleep all night?” Theo asks Cristina. “No, just a few hours. It’s about 8 o’clock. Want some?” Cristina responds. “If it’s 8 o’clock at night, why are you cooking eggs and bacon?” Theo asks once again.

Sometimes I like breakfast for dinner, and since I figured you were probably spending the night, I’d cook for two. Come on, grab a plate. I have potatoes cooking as well.” Cristina responds in a perky tone. Theo then grabs an empty plate, and puts on a spoon full of eggs and two slices of bacon, and then sits down at the bar and begins to eat. Cristina then prepares herself her own plate, and serves Theo some potatoes before joining him eating.

So what’s the game plan Theo? I mean, are you going to go home and tell your mother or what?” Cristina asks Theo while eating. “I don’t know. I mean, I know if I stay there, I’ll probably end up losing my mind,” Theo responds in a serious, yet joking manner. “Aha, who wouldn’t go insane staying with your mother,” Cristina responds. She continues on, “Well, you’re welcome to stay here with me as long as you need. The guest room can be your room. And if you want, I’ll go over to your mom’s house if you want with you to pick up some clothes and stuff. Whatever you wanna do, I’ll support,” Cristina assures Theo.

 Theo then turns to Cristina and gives a smile of gratitude, which Cristina returns.

 Scene Four: The Stevens’ Residence
Roxanne walks over to a side table, and looks at an old photograph with Mathew and Brenda, feeling disgusted. “So, you’ve already removed our photos and memories and replaced them with hers?” Roxanne asks on the verge of anger and tears.

 “Roxanne, you and I both agreed to time apart to figure out what we wanted. What I want is Brenda.” Mathew confesses to Roxanne.

And what I want is you Mat. Don’t you get that? That’s why I came back early, to work on us. Counseling, small family outings. All of it, I’m ready for it,” Roxanne pleads as she begins to breakdown. Mathew then walks over to Roxanne, and pulls her in close and tells her, “I know baby, I know. But trust me, it’s for the best. I love you, but I love Brenda and I need to give our relationship another go. I don’t regret the time I’ve had with you, and never will. But it’s our time.

 Just then, Brenda exits the bathroom, and just as she begins to exit the apartment, she turns to Roxanne and says, “I’m sorry Roxanne.” Upon hearing this, Roxanne quickly picks herself up and tells the pair “No, don’t leave, either of you. I’ll go. You two stay and enjoy your night together. Good luck Mathew, I wish you the best.” And with that, Roxanne walks quickly and politely out of the house, leaving Brenda and Mathew alone to ponder what just went down.

 Scene Five: Dan/Leah’s Residence
Leah, answer me. What is going on?” Patricia asks of Leah in a firm tone, walking over to her and pulling her around by her arm. And at that very moment, Dan walks in stunned to see his girlfriend’s mother standing in their living room.

 “Patricia! What a surprise!” Dan exclaims, entering the living room. “Daniel? I thought you were living with Cassandra, not my daughter Leah?” Patricia asks Dan in a confusing manner.

 Leah then walks to her mother and questions her comments. “Mom, what’s going on? We talked on the phone and I told her that Cassandra had her baby and she’s in the hospital. And that Dan and I were together, officially.

Cassandra’s in the hospital? She must be so excited!” Patricia explains as she exits the residence and rushes to the hospital. Leah then looks at Dan with worry and hysterically exclaims, “Now I know that my mother is a crazy drunk, but what was that? What’s wrong with my mother?” And at that very instant, Dan pulls a hysterical Leah into an embrace.

 Scene Six: The Johnson Loft
Theo rests on the couch, watching television, while Cristina enters the living room all dressed up. “Where are you going hot lady?” Theo asks of Cristina with a flirtatious tone. “I have to go down to the boutique to check over some last minute details before we open next month. I’ll be home in about an hour. If you go to bed, make sure the lights are off, except for the lamp next to the door, okay?” Theo nods in agreement, and Cristina heads towards the door and leaves.

 – Two Hour Lapse Time –

 Theo is seen sleeping on the couch, when a firm knock is heard at the door. Theo awakens and walks over to the door with his eyes barely open. Theo then opens the door, to reveal his mother awaiting the door to be opened, hoping to find Cristina, but utterly disgusted to find her own son.

 “Hey mom. Can you come back when it’s actually daylight out?” Theo asks. “No. And the fact that you’re here is even more reason to stay. Why are you even here?” Logan asks of Theo, walking rapidly into the loft. “And she has you sleeping on the couch?

 “No mom, I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. I’m staying in the guest room, and plan on staying there for some time.” Theo retorts to his mother in a stern tone.

 “Well, at least it isn’t her own bed. That’s a shocker,” Logan sarcastically remarks. “Come on honey, come home. I’ll make you a nice bowl of ice cream and we can talk in the morning when you wake up.

 “No. I’m staying here. I’ll be by tomorrow to grab my clothes and some stuff. The rest I’ll get at the store.

 Logan turns to her son with a look of disagreement and disgust.”Like hell that will happen. I will not allow another one of my sons to be destroyed by the banshee of the family.

 Theo then retorts with, “You won’t speak about her like that. She’s a human being, who has made me feel more special and loved than you ever have or could. Maybe you should take some notes.

 Logan’s facial expression turns from disgust to fury, and results in slapping Theo, who bounces back and gives his mother a devilish grin, which results in Logan repeatedly slapping her son for a continuous three times, harder each time. Finally, at last, Logan refrains from hitting her own son with a feeling of hurt and pain. She begins flashing back to images of Cristina in her mind, and pictures Theo as Cristina herself, and begins to strangle her son on the floor, with Theo struggling to break free.

 Scene Seven: Liberty City Memorial
Patricia rushes through the main lobby of the hospital and up to the main desk, excitedly asking the main nurse, “Excuse me, my daughter recently gave birth and I was wondering if you could tell me her room number?” The nurse then proceeded to ask for the patient’s name, and she replied, “Cassandra. Cassandra Brighton.” The nurse then informs Patricia of her daughter’s condition, leaving Patricia in a state of shock. She then rapidly runs to the nearest elevator, continuously pushing the button of her daughter’s floor.

 She then rushes into the room she’s been told holds her daughter, to walk in and to see her daughter hooked up to machines and looking very pale. She then grabs a chair to wheel it over next to her daughter, and sits down and holds her hand tightly.

 Patricia begins to speak out loud to her unconscious daughter, “Cassandra, what have you done? What happened to my beautiful baby girl. You were always so strong and Independent. Come back to me.” At that very moment, a hand touches her shoulder, and she turns around to see a apparition of Cassandra. “Hello mom. How are you doing?

 “How am I doing? My daughter, you, I thought you were in a coma! But you’re right here in front of me, alive and well. You’re here with me and your baby,” Patricia exclaims, thinking it’s her daughter truly in front of her.

Yes mom, I am here. But not for long. Only long enough to tell you, you have to be strong for not only you and Leah, but for my daughter.

Daughter? I have a granddaughter?” Patricia says in excitement, hugging her daughter, then pulling away questioning, “Wait.. strong? Why strong? Where are you going?

 Cassandra then quickly answers, “I have to go away for a while, to find myself again. But I’ll be back someday, don’t know when though.” Patricia then watches as her daughter disappears into the light. The light then dims back into reality and into Leah. Leah begins to walk over to her mother, and place her hand right on her mother’s shoulder, as Cassandra did in the apparition. Patricia quickly turns around, sees her other daughter and exclaims “She’s gone.” At that very instant, the machines begin to beep rapidly, showing negative change in her condition.

 Scene Eight
Leah and Patricia are both alerted by the doctors to leave the room, so work can be done on Cassandra to better her condition. Patricia leaves the room, comforted by her daughter.

 Logan is left strangling her son, still thinking it’s Cristina, who walks in to discover Logan attacking her son, pulling her off, leaving Theo grateful and Logan disheartened by her actions. Cristina then comforts Theo while contacting the police about the incident she’s walked in.

 A doctor then walks out as Dan runs into Leah and Patricia, as they all receive some sort of news that shoots all three into hysterics and comforting stages, walking towards the elevators, with an apparition of Cassandra looking upon her body and then her grieving loved ones, smiling and fading away in peace to find herself.

 The police arrive at Cristina’s loft, and question both Theo and Cristina, and arrest Logan and take her away in handcuffs, while she fights trying to make sure her son is not left with Cristina. Cristina and Theo look on, surprisingly more worried about Logan than themselves.

 Brenda kisses Mathew goodbye and walks out of the house and to her car to see her car completely destroyed with a note reading:

 Let the games begin, bitch.

 We then see two people holding hands together, with wedding rings. You then hear someone say “I now pronounce you man and wife.” Leaving it to the imagination of who just got married.