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1×09 Good News, Bad News

1×09: Good News, Bad News

Previously on Liberty City:
Jamie leaves town.
Patricia argues with Leah and Dan.
Diane sees Adam after years.
Susan arrives at Monica’s doorstep.

Scene One: The Smithson Residence
Hello Monica, are you going to let me in?” Susan once again asks of Monica, who is still weighing the possibility of who was actually standing in front of her. “Well I guess I’m going to sit outside in the cold alone,” Susan once again says hoping to push Monica into letting her in.

 Monica quickly snaps out of her daze and replies, “Sorry Susan. Please, won’t you come in?” Susan then enters the house, dropping her bags at the door. “Thank you Monica. It’s quite chilly out there,” Susan says hoping to strike up a conversation.

 “Is it? I hadn’t noticed unfortunately,” Monica absently replies. Susan turns around and says, “Oh, dear, you really should lose some weight, you’re starting to look.. plump.” “I’m not plump Susan, I’m pregnant,” Monica scowls as she walks into the kitchen, leaving Susan behind, pressing her lips in such a devious way that shows her distaste for the child Monica was with.

 Scene Two: The Johnson Estate
Logan walks down her staircase, wearing a svelte-body fitting black dress with five inch Monolo Blahnik heels. Her hair was perfectly slicked back, up and a tightly configured bun. As she walks over to her side table, to place down her purse and touch-up some of her make-up, her phone rings.

She quickly opens up her purse, and answers her phone, “Hello? Yes, this is Logan Johnson. Oh hello Gina, how are you? Well that’s good, I’m glad to hear that. Yes? Well, unfortunately I don’t know at this moment if I’m at liberty to make those kind of decisions. Well, it seems like there might be a power shift at the hotel as far as controlling partners are. I promise you that I will make sure one way or another that your position at the hotel are safe and secure. Yes of course. You too Gina, and yes we must get together soon and have ourselves a real ladies afternoon. Speak to you soon! Ok, buh-bye.

Just as Logan prepares to touch-up her make-up, the door bell suddenly rings and a constant knock is heard at the door. She walks over to the door, and upon opening it see’s Cristina in the doorway. “Cristina,” Logan begins, “I don’t have time to deal with whatever it is you have to say to me…
It’s about Tim Logan, and it’s serious,” Cristina interrupts.


Cristina walks into the estate mid-way between the front door and the living room. Logan closes the door and quickly follows Cristina. She blurts out, “How serious could it be?” “I heard some bad news, and it’s not looking good for him Logan. Doctors told me that we should prepare for the worst situation possible,” Cristina explains. “The worst? Cristina, what is going on?” Logan inquired.

 “There was an accident; him and his brigade were coming back from Northern Iraq back to the base and there was an explosion,” Cristina began to explain only for Logan to interrupt, “Is he okay? Is Tim okay?

 “Logan they haven’t recovered any bodies yet. And they told me that chances of recovering any type of person, dead or alive are unlikely to merely impossible.

Scene Three: Liberty City Hotel, Midnight Lounge
It was 2:30PM and the Midnight Lounge was quite desolate and dank, as most of the guests were busy in the pool area or checking out. Since the depression, people’s drinking habits had changed. Most wanted to drown themselves in their own private company rather than in public.

 Both Donna and Alecia entered the lounge together, both dressed in their business attire. “I think we should order some drinks from the bar,” Alecia spoke. “I can go order them if need be.

 “Mom, you know you can’t do that. Why would you jeopardize yourself on today of all days?” “Because honey, your sisters cannot know. We came back here with a purpose, and until we play out that purpose they cannot know a thing,” Donna insists to her mother. “I know I know. But we can’t have our plan falter. We have come too far and sacrificed too much. Now I’m going to get the damn drinks and you’ll go act normally. Mommy has this under control.

 As Alecia walks towards the bar, Donna walks into the lounge to see Jennifer sitting at a table seated for four. She continues to walk over to the cable to greet her sister, “Jennifer, so sorry to keep you waiting. Hope you weren’t sitting here that long.”
Oh no, I just got here a few minutes before you arrived, it’s no worry Donna,” Jennifer insists. “Will Logan be joining us?” Donna inquires. “She should be,” Jennifer replies, only to be interrupted by her mother joining them with drinks.

 “Hello darling, how are you?” Alecia asks, putting down three martini glasses, smiling at her daughters. Jennifer kindly nods back at her mother, while Donna nods with a questionable look upon her face.

Scene Four: The Johnson Estate
You’re lying Cristina. You’re just doing this to get at me,” Logan says in denial. “Logan, trust me, I wish I were. But you know I would never use your children against you like this.” Logan then goes over to a picture frame, and picks it up and says, “But this can’t be what you’re saying. My son, my Timmy. There are so many things I wish I could have said, or even done.

 “Logan, we can’t hold onto the past. We only have the future.
And he won’t be in it.
You don’t know that. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And as long as we have hope, we can get through it. And as for said and done, don’t make those mistakes with your other children,” Cristina says.

Logan then attempts to reply, “I…” “Yes you have, with Theo. He feels alone in the world, and that his own mother can’t understand him. If you open up to him, and let him in, maybe you’ll get what you want in return.

Logan picks up the picture frame, and grasps it tightly to her chest.

Scene Five: The Smithson Residence
Susan follows Monica into the kitchen, where she finds what seems to be Monica preparing a home cooked meal for her husband. Monica looks up and says, “If I had known you were coming I would have prepared a bigger meal. But since you wanted to show up unannounced, I only have dinner for two.
Oh, it’s fine. I probably won’t be staying long, have to go check into the hotel,” Susan replies, only to find Monica acknowledge her for a split second. “So, you’re expecting? How long have you two known?” “For a little while now, we’re both very excited.

Susan walks her way over to the island where Monica is preparing the meal. She then asks, “Last time I talked to Dustin, he didn’t even realize you were pregnant and lead me to believe you weren’t able to conceive.” “Well, we were all fooled. Listen Susan, I do not know why you’re here or what ulterior motive you have right now, but Dustin and I are pregnant and happy, so please just let us enjoy these nine months.

Susan presses her lips and replies, “Monica, I’m a mother of three, I understand the whole pregnancy process.” “Then you know the types of emotions I’m feeling, and protective instincts I have with this child,” Monica replies as she begins to set the table in the kitchen. “Yes I do, but there is no way you’re as far along as you and Dustin believe for that child to be his. So, tell me Monica, who’s the father of my so-called grandchild?

Monica looks up and turns around to face Susan with a look of guilt written upon her face.

Scene Six: The Johnson Estate
Logan, if there was anything I could do,” Cristina begins to say as she reaches out a hand to place on Logan’s shoulder as support. Logan quickly jilts away saying, “Anything you could do, where have I heard that before?” Cristina turns to Logan with a confused, concerned look. “Logan, I only meant…” “Yeah I know what you meant and what you did Cristina. You tell me to look out for my children, yet you can’t even look out for yourself.

Cristina turns and defends, “Not look out for myself? Are you seriously turning this around on me right now Logan for your own sick pleasure?” “Cristina my son left to go fight in a war which brought a big possibility of him never coming home, and you stand here and tell me to worry about my other children when all I’ve ever done is worry about my children. How they’re doing, how they’ll settle in the outside world without protection. I have always been and always will be a mother first, and enemy second.

Look who’s being a hypocrite now. I tried offering you support and comfort in finding out about Tim. I could’ve easily let you get it from some random person in the street. I came here to offer my sympathy and mourning, and then to hopefully give you a push to reach out to your son,” Cristina confronts. “Cristina, I don’t need you to tell me how to raise my children.

Then start acting like one Logan. Instead of supporting your son, you strangle him because of your detest of me. He is heartbroken. He sits in his room, and when he does come out, he sits on the couch and says nothing. He’s a broken person Logan. I know you love him, so do what you know you need to do. Reach out to him Logan, rebuild the relationship while you still can or you’ll him just like we’ve lost Tim,” Cristina declares.

Logan continues to stand in the middle of her living room, grasping the photograph of her family. Cristina then begins to leave. Upon opening the front door, she turns and says, “I’ll call about funeral arrangements, we shouldn’t hold off any longer with what we know we have to do.” She then closes the door, and the closing of the door jilts Logan as if it were an unexpected noise. She slowly walks out of her living room and upstairs to her bedroom. As she closes the doors to her dark and dank bedroom, she leans herself up against the doors and begins to break down, all while holding the picture frame.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Hotel, Midnight Lounge
Alecia seats herself upon arriving at the table, joining Donna and Jennifer. “So, darling, how are you? Will Logan be joining us?” Alecia asks. Jennifer politely replies, “I am doing quite well. And as far as I know, Logan should be here shortly.” “Great. Then maybe we could get this show on the road and fill her in when she arrives,” Donna suggests. Jennifer nods in agreement, and as Donna looks to Alecia, she sees her begin to take a sip of her martini. “So,” Jennifer begins, “you told us you found controlling shares of LCH. What are your intentions?
Donna turns and replies, “My intentions are to take control of LCH and make it into a conglomerate like our father meant for it to be all those years ago.
And what makes you so sure dad wanted the hotel turned into a conglomerate like you have planned? As far as we always knew, dad wanted LCH to remain a one-spot hotel. And if he hid these shares you somehow magically have, he obviously did it for a reason.
Honey, your father always dreamed of making his hotel venture a chain. And as for these shares, he obviously put them someplace he knew one of you girls would find,” Alecia tries to explain.

 Jennifer begins to open her mouth as her phone buzzes. “Oh it’s Logan, I’ll be right back,” she says as she answers the phone with a Hello and walks away from the table. Donna swiftly turns to her mother and exclaims, “What do you think you’re doing, taking a drink like that?” “I know what I’m doing. We can’t seem suspicious in any sort of way. We both agreed on that when we decided to come to town with this declaration. Besides, it’s water and an olive. I wouldn’t blow sobriety for the world,” Alecia assures to her eldest.

 Jennifer frantically returns to the table and says, “I’m sorry but we need to reschedule.” “Is everything okay?” Donna questions. “No. It’s Logan, something has happened.” “Oh my, maybe we should go with you to…” Alecia begins to offer. “No,” says Jennifer, “I think it’s best you stay here, especially after the last time we had a big family reunion. I’ll be in touch,” Jennifer assures as she walks towards the exit of the lounge.

Scene Eight: The Smithson Residence
Monica continues to look as Susan with a look of guilt. In an attempt to change the subject, she quickly rushes back behind the island to continue preparing the meal. She blurts out, “You really should get going. Places to go, children to see. Can’t spend your whole time here with little ‘ol me.

Susan deflects, “I’ll see Daniel and Natalie in my own time. And ignoring my question won’t deflect me Monica.” “Deflect you from what Susan?” “The fact that you are not carrying my next grandchild.

Monica swiftly moves into the living room, arguing with Susan, “Listen Susan, I do not know who the hell you think you are or what you’re doing. But you cannot just come into my home and accuse me of cheating on my husband. I love Dustin, I have loved him for years. I never dreamed we’d be reunited and having a family together. I’m sorry I’m not your precious Jamie. It’s obvious Dustin was unhappy long before their divorce, and it’s time you accept that. Dustin and I are married. We’re having a baby.

 Susan grabs Monica by the arm and says, “You Monica will not work me. I’ve been on this earth longer than you’ve been alive. Now you listen to me carefully; you slept with my son while his wife, your sister, was battling cancer. You broke up a 10 year marriage and destroyed children’s lives. Dustin has been calling me non-stop telling me how much difficulty you’ve been having trying on conceive. Then magically boom, you’re pregnant after weeks away? So unless you jacked my son off and brought some of it with you on your trip, I highly doubt that thing inside of you is my grandchild. Don’t cross or play me Monica.

 Monica stares deep into the eyes of Susan, filled with worry and truth. At that moment, the door opens and Dustin walks through it. “Mom,” he releases, “I didn’t realize you were in town.

 Susan gives Monica one final stare, before throwing on a smile and replying, “You know me! I’m always up for a surprise visit to my sons and daughter. And of course my grandchildren.

 Dustin and Susan meet each other for a loving embrace. Monica gives her husband a hesitant smile, before turning around and gently placing her hand onto her growing stomach, wondering if her happiness would be destroyed by her mother-in-law’s impromptu arrival.