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2×13 Thanksgiving, 2011

2×13: Thanksgiving, 2011

Previously on Liberty City:
Cristina corners Logan by taking over Johnson Industries.
Meredith reunites with an old friend.
Jamie moves in with Jamie.
Theo is attacked in the park by an unknown person.

Scene One: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Dustin and Monica both walk into their kitchen, where Susan is finishing up making a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mmm, smells good. It smells like the world’s famous…. Chocolate-chip cookies,” Dustin says as he is about to grab a cookie. Susan slaps Dustin’s hand with a wooden spoon and replies, “You get your filthy paws off of my cookies. You always were the type to spoil your appetite with cookies. You, your brother and your sister.” Both Dustin and Susan share a laugh together; Monica then interrupts and says, “Susan, everything smells delicious. I can’t wait to dig in.”

Thank you Monica, I appreciate it,” Susan replies. Just then, a door bell is heard, and Monica rushes out to get it. “You’re being awfully nice to her today,” Dustin says. “Well, you know me and my cheery disposition,” Susan says in a joking tone. “Oh, by the way, your father says Happy Thanksgiving.” “He isn’t joining us? How come?”

He has a conference in D.C., so he couldn’t make it. He’s really sorry,” Susan says as she puts the turkey into the oven. “But that’s okay because this turkey is stuffed and is now cooking. Hopefully Dan, Leah and Claire get here soon.”

In the other part of the house, Monica arrives at the front door. As she opens it, she is shocked to see her father-in-law, Keith, standing at the front door. “Keith,” Monica greets. “We weren’t expecting you this year. This is a surprise.” “Dad,” Dustin exclaims as he comes out of the hallway from the kitchen to the main part of the house and greeting his father. “Mom said you weren’t coming this year.” Keith smiles, hugs his son and replies, “Yeah, well you know your mom, gotta say something to track her off the beaten path. Conference was cancelled last minute, so I came here instead.”

As Keith and Dustin make their way into the kitchen, Monica closes the door and says out loud, while holding her stomach, “A perfect family dinner. You’re definitely in a family full of love.”

Scene Two: The Johnson Estate, 721 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Logan finishes setting up the dining room table, and straightens up her dress. “Perfect. It’s all going to be perfect,” Logan says outloud.

I hope so Logan,” Donna begins to say. “Because I don’t think this family could handle another feud, especially on Thanksgiving.” Logan replies, “Yes. And with Cristina and her mother coming, I hope to have a peaceful evening.” Confused, Donna replies, “Cristina? Her mother? Since when were they invited?” “They were invited yesterday. I figured it’d be nice to have everyone here.” “And that Theo will come along with her, yes? Logan you can’t-” “I can’t what? Hope that my son comes to Thanksgiving dinner so I can spend time with him? Of course I can,” Logan interrupts. “I know Logan, but you have to give him time.”

She’s right,” Meredith interrupts. “You can’t expect Theo to all of a sudden snap and be okay with being around the family. He’s fragile. We just have to be careful with him.” “I know,” Logan replies. “When will Jennifer and mother arrive?” “Mother is on her way, and was being picked up by Jennifer and her date,” Donna replied. “A date? Who is she dating?

A hot stud,” Jennifer interrupts at the top of the stairs that come into the dining room. “Logan, Donna, Meredith, please meet Galvin Gregson. Galvin, these are my sisters Logan and Donna, and this is Logan’s eldest daughter, Meredith.” “Very nice to meet you all,” Galvin says. “Nice to meet you too. And I hope everyone is okay that I asked a friend to come,” Meredith says.

All the guests look at Meredith in confusion, until she goes up the staircase and announces, “Everyone, please meet Tori Walker.” Tori greets everyone, and upon getting to Galvin, says, “Nice to meet you Galvin.” Galvin replies, “You too, Tori Walker.” The two look at each other, as if horrified that they’re both at the same event, both supposedly unsuspecting of each other.

Scene Three: The Spencer Residence, 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Derek and Jason sit on the couch, watching their sports and drinking their beer. “So, no Jamie this holiday season?” Jason asks of his father. “No,” Derek responds. “She’s taking the kids to Dustin’s to be with their father and grandmother. No matter how pissed she is at him, she’s not going to deprive the children of their family.”

Are you okay with her doing that?” “Yes, of course. But, if I had to choose, she’d be here, with me, at our table. But such is life.” “So we sit here, with our Chinese food.” “And our beer.”

The boys cheer themselves and continue on with their night.

Scene Four: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
It’s weird having you here,” Susan says to her husband. “I know, but surprises are nice, aren’t they,” Keith replies, met with a kiss from his wife.

At that moment, Jamie and the kids walk through the door. “Hi dad,” Jessica says to her father as he picks up Little D. “Hi honey,” he said in return. Jessica, surprised by her grandfather, greets him with a big hug.

Pulled aside, Jamie is greeted by Monica who says, “I’m happy you came Jaim.” Jamie, not impressed, replies, “I’m only here for the kids. Don’t get your hopes up.”

Then, Dan and Leah walk in, with Claire. Dan and Dustin greet each other with a brotherly hand shake and back pat. “This couldn’t be my lovely granddaughter, could it?” Keith asks, reaching out his hands to hold Claire. “Yes it is,” Leah and Dan answer. “I’m happy you two could come, I heard Cassandra is back in town. I hope that’s going okay with you guys and isn’t interfering with raising Claire or you two’s relationship,” Susan says to Leah.

She smiles and replies, “We’re as solid as a couple could be with a child in the picture. Cassandra just adds a kink; one we’re sure we can remove.”

Dustin and Dan take themselves into the living room with their father, leaving the ladies in the kitchen to fawn other the baby girl. “So, my sons, how is everything in your lives,” Keith asks.

Well,” Dan begins. “Having Claire is the most amazing feeling. And bringing her home was great. But with Cassandra back, it definitely puts a riff in my relationship with Claire.” “Are you two having problems?” “What couple doesn’t? I mean, we both love each other. And our vision for Claire is still the same as always. We want what’s best for her.”

And you, my eldest son? How are things with you and Monica?” “Well, they’re as good as good could be. She’s dying not to be pregnant. She just wants to bring that baby into the world.” “And things with Jamie? How is she recovering?” “It’s tough, but she’s strong. She’ll remember, sooner or later.”

Scene Five: The Johnson Estate, 721 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
As the family gathers in the living room, Cristina and her mother arrive at the home. “Cristina, Amanda Joy, it’s so lovely to see you both,” Logan greets to them. “No Courtney?” Amanda Joy smiles and answers, “No. She got a job offer in Los Angeles and is pursuing a life out West. We’re very happy for her.”

Theo sends his regards,” Cristina says in a distance, hoping to not get grief from Logan. Logan peacefully replies, “Oh? Is he okay?” “I think he’s just not up to being here and I didn’t think it would be right to force him into going somewhere he did not feel comfortable coming. I had the hotel deliver some food earlier before we left, and left it for him if he felt up to eating. He’s just been cooped up in his room for the past few days.”

Well, thank you Cristina. That was nice of you to do. You can put it on my tab,” Logan says. Cristina smiles and replies, “Already did.”

Outside, Alecia walks up the walkway, struggling whether or not to take a drink out of a flask she is holding. As she goes to take a sip, a photo falls out of her pocket. The photo is an old one of her, her daughters and her husband.

Realizing how much her family meant to her, Alecia covers up her flask and puts it back into her purse and enters into the house.

Scene Six
As The Johnson Family begin to sit down for dinner, Alecia walks into the dining room. Pleasantly surprised by her mother’s appearance, she quickly walks over and hugs her, and is embraced back by her. The two share a smile together, before joining their family to sit down and eat.

As The Smithson household, the family enjoy laughs and giggles, only to be interrupted by Monica gasping and saying, “It’s time.” As everyone panics, Jamie is taken aback and begins to experience déjà vu, remember all of the past year’s events, ending with the bus crashing and her attempting to save her own life. As Dustin rushes Monica out the front door with the family following, Jamie escapes out the back through the kitchen.

In the bathroom, Jessica unwraps a cloth that holds a photo of Jason, and a white power. As she bends down, she sniffs the powder and as she comes up, she looks in the mirror, feeling more satisfied with who she sees.

As Derek cleans up the Chinese food, he hears a knock at the door. As he opens it, Jamie is seen standing her, looking at him with a lost look in her eyes. In a split moment, the two embrace with a very passionate kiss. Derek shuts the door, leaving the two to reunite.

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Monica and Dustin bring their son home.
Leah and Dan clash with Cassandra, when she comes with an order to take Claire away.
Monica’s secret is no longer safe.