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Season 1: Recap

Season 1 Recap

Dustin and Monica Smithson are a newly-wedded couple, with the hopes and dreams of having a family together — dreams that are crushed at the result of a negative pregnancy test.  Their intimate moment is soon interrupted by Dustin’s sister, Natalie, whose surprise return from a trip to Chicago creates some tension between Monica and Natalie.  Elsewhere, town businesswoman, Logan Johnson, goes head-to-head with her daughter-in-law, Cristina, over her belief that Cristina’s deceitful ways are still at work.  Hoping to get a rise out of her mother-in-law, Cristina teases the potential return of Tim Johnson, Logan’s son and Cristina’s husband, who is currently serving in the war overseas.  Taken by Cristina’s bait, Logan continues to hurl name-calling at Cristina, who confesses that upon Tim’s return, they will immediately be boarding a plane to Miami, to keep themselves away from Logan’s meddling ways.

Elsewhere, Leah Brighton confronts her sister, Cassandra, over her manipulation with Daniel Smithson.  Her manipulation, resulting in a pregnancy, is fueled by Daniel’s decision to file for full physical custody of their unborn child, finding Cassandra unfit, due to her actions and her dependency on drugs.  Their confrontation leads to Cassandra attacking Leah, with Leah defending herself, by way of pushing Cassandra through a glass table, leaving her own life and the life of her unborn child, in the balance.  Elsewhere, in town, Jamie Smithson has a discussion with her daughter, Jessica, detailing her relationship with Jessica’s father-in-law, Derek.  At this time, Jamie confesses their plan to move into Jessica’s home that she shares with her husband, Jason.  Emotionally upset, Jessica breaks down, pleading with her mother to not interrupt her life with Jason.

Faced with the future of Cassandra and his unborn child, Daniel immediately rushes to Liberty City Memorial, where he meets Leah and an unconscious Cassandra, as well as Dr. Brenda Montez, who takes over Cassandra’s case.  In an attempt to pull the family together, Jessica goes to her uncle’s side, and Jamie goes to let Dustin know, personally, about his niece’s predicament.  While at Dustin’s home, Jamie gets into a heated verbal insult with her sister, Monica, and Natalie.  Given the circumstance, the unborn child, a girl, was birthed prematurely, via a C-section.  As for Cassandra, the drugs given to her resulted in an unexpected coma.

At her penthouse, Cristina is visited by Tim’s youngest brother, the family’s outcast, Theo.  Faced with the destruction of his family, Theo confides in Cristina his secret: he is gay.  Comforting Theo, Cristina allows for him to spend the evening, given his emotional state.  Some time later, Theo is confronted by Logan, who demands that he return home and not stay with Cristina.  During a moment of mental instability, Logan attacks Theo, in the belief of him being Cristina.  Stopped by Cristina, she throws Logan out and immediately contacts the police department, with the intent of reporting the incident.

Following her shift at Memorial, Brenda returns home to her ex-husband and current lover, Mathew Stevens.  After having a romantic dinner and intimate evening, their moment is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Mathew’s second wife, Roxanne.  Furious, Roxanne confronts Brenda and Mathew over their deceptions; Mathew proclaims his love for both Roxanne and Brenda, declaring his belief to want to give his relationship with Brenda a second chance.  Seeming to be understanding, Roxanne agrees to leave peacefully, and not cause more of a scene.  When Brenda decides to leave, as well, she is greeted with her vehicle vandalized, with the words “Game on, bitch” written on her car.  When Mathew and Brenda attend a court appearance together, Brenda is immediately irritated and angered with Roxanne arrives at the courthouse with Brenda’s young son, Braden.

As Daniel and Leah struggle to deal with the outcome of Leah and Cassandra’s physical altercation, Leah and Cassandra’s deceptive mother, Patricia, arrives in town.  Blissfully unaware of Cassandra’s condition, she unveils her plans to stay with her youngest daughter, in anticipation of her grandchild’s arrival.  Not buying her mother’s sudden appearance and ignorance of the truth, Leah and Daniel try and figure out what kind of plan Patricia is scheming in her head.  While at the hospital, Patricia is greeted by an apparition of Cassandra, who tells her mother that she has to go away for some time, and that when she’s well, she will return.

Feeling ignored by her husband, Jessica and Jason have an awkward late-night conversation.  When Jason attempts to woo his wife, they retire to their bedroom.  Changing into a sexy lingerie getup, Jessica notices Jason’s aroused pants, clearly turned on by his wife’s sexy late-night look.  This later seems to be a wishful dream by Jessica, who enters into their home, only to be greeted by darkness.  Confronting her husband when he arrives in the late hours of the night, she demands he sleep on the couch.  Fed up with her belief of her husband’s deceit, Jessica confesses that her lawyer would be filing for divorce, leaving Jason in a hurtful shock.

Following her arrest, Logan remains locked up at the local Liberty City Police Department precinct.  Hoping to get her sister bailed out, Jennifer turns to her friend and lawyer, Diane Taylor.  Together, the pair are able to get Logan released on bail.  Upon their return to Logan’s home, they are greeted by their estranged sister, Donna, and their mother, Alecia.  Upon their arrival, Donna and Alecia confess that their equal split of the Johnson family business would no longer be equally split; Donna discovered upon unclaimed shares, leaving Donna with controlling interest in the company.  Upon her discovery, Alecia announced she had signed her own shares over to Donna, giving her a significant lead on the company and its controlling interest.  At her own home, Diane is greeted by the surprise of a former flame, Adam Newton.

Back home from her trip, Monica comes home with the best of news: she is finally pregnant!  Despite their celebration, Jamie arrives, and comes to bare bad news: their mother was involved in an accident, and Jamie would be leaving to help tend to her, with the help of their third sister, Sophie.  Feeling like she is needed, Monica attempts to leave with Jamie; putting their animosity aside, Jamie comforts her sister, telling her to stay in Liberty City, for the health of her unborn child.  As Jamie leaves, a ring at the door is heard; believing it to be her sister, Monica is shocked by the arrival of her disapproving mother-in-law, Susan.  Confronted by her, Susan accuses Monica of not being pregnant with Dustin’s own child; she is in the belief she is pregnant with a total stranger’s child.  Put-off by the accusations, Monica assures Susan that she is, in fact, pregnant with Dustin’s child, and that she has nothing to prove to anyone.

Re-adjusting to life out of prison, Logan is greeted by Cristina.  Immediately throwing her out of her home, Cristina unveils that she has bad news concerning Tim — he was hurt in the line of duty, and has gone missing, as a result.  Seeing this as a ploy by Cristina, Logan immediately enters into denial.  In the hopes of settling their continued fire, Cristina extended her help and condolences to Logan, hoping to put aside their angry, for the sake of Tim’s distancing memory.  Using the recent news to connect to Logan, Cristina tells her to reach out to Theo, in an attempt to rebuilt their broken relationship, given Theo’s depressive state of being.

At Liberty City Memorial, Patricia discusses potential alternatives to Cassandra’s medical treatments while in a coma; she is of the belief that her daughter will wake up, and insists on doing whatever it is she is capable of doing to make sure of that.  At the same time, Brenda gets into a heated exchange with Roxanne, who makes her intentions known about her feelings towards Brenda and her relationship with Mathew.  Roxanne implements that she has been enjoying a sexual affair with Braden, and that she intends to continue seeing Brenda’s son, despite Brenda’s warnings to her.  Throwing her out, Brenda then reveals to Dan and Leah that Patricia left the hospital with Cassandra; it’s later revealed that Patricia not only left the hospital, but that they were leaving town and traveling to Boston, and that they would only return at a time where Cassandra could be strong enough to fight for the time that rightfully belongs to her.

Confronted by the hate in town, Natalie confesses to her mother her intentions of leaving Liberty City.  She also confronts Jennifer, telling her whatever debt is owed to her would no longer be an issue, and she leaves, assuring her that there would no longer be an issue between the pair.  It is then discovered who Jason was having an affair with: Natalie.  Driven by guilt, Natalie confesses she is leaving Liberty City to stop her family from falling apart; she pleads with Jason to return to Jessica, and save their marriage before it is too late to save it.

Feeling the need to ambush her children, Alecia offers her entire shares of Johnson to Cristina, with no strings attached.  Feeling uneasy about accepting her offer, Cristina initially declines, only to agree later.  Alecia confesses that with Cristina’s new stock in the company, she can overthrow Logan and Jennifer within their positions at the company, and she could become the next head of the company.

That evening, Derek Spencer arrives at the doorstep of Dustin’s home, and confesses he has yet to hear from Jamie, who was to be returning from caring for her mother.  While Dustin and Susan assure Derek that Jamie is fine, a glass is heard shattering from the living room.  There, a news report claims there to have been an accident, involving two vehicles: a bus and a car.  Then, a police officer arrives to alert the family of the terrible news: Natalie and Jamie were both involved in the accident, with Jamie being unfound outside of the bus.  The police confess they believe Jamie to be entrapped in the bus, potentially severely hurt, and that time was not on their sides.