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3×04 Welcome Home, but Not to My Family

3×04: Welcome Home, but Not to My Family

Previously on Liberty City:
Jamie breaks the news of her engagement to Dustin.
Garrett and Tori finally meet eye-to-eye.
Ameera has her lunch date with Mathew and Braden.
Monica and Keith elope.

Scene One: Loft Nº1 (The Johnson Loft)
1219 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Donna sits at the kitchen island, eating her breakfast of eggs, bacon and English muffins. As Donna takes a sip of her coffee and a bite of her eggs, she looks at her iPad and continues to read up on the latest stock changes. As she reads on, Jennifer enters into the kitchen and asks, “So how is it?” Startled, Donna replies, “Huh? Oh, it’s delicious. You always do so amazingly well with everything you cook.” “Thank you.”

As Jennifer pours herself a cup of coffee, Donna asks, “Did you sleep well?” “Yes, I did. Thanks for letting me crash for a couple of days until I can get my living arrangements settled out.” “Oh it’s no problem, please. It’s horrible as Logan just threw you out like that, without a care of where to go.” “Yeah, well you know Logan, it’s either left or right with her. No in-between. Speaking of Logan, have you heard from her? She hasn’t called anyone since she left?”

Donna responds, “No. I haven’t heard from her. I keep calling Meredith and she says she’s either not there, busy or just doesn’t want to talk. So I just stopped calling. She doesn’t want to hear from us, I don’t want to hear from her.”

Scene Two: The Johnson Estate
721 San Quentin Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

An over-view of the darkened parlor is drawn, with the subtle pieces of sunlight beaming through the closed draperies. White sheets cover the furniture of the parlor, with not a peep of sound heard from inside of the home. Each bedroom door closed, with no light available inside of them.

Suddenly, a light is dimmed inside of the parlor and two female feet inside a pair of custom designer Nine West heels make their way down the steps into the parlor and over to the mini-bar. As the shoes stop, we hear the pouring of alcohol into a mini-glass and the pitcher of alcohol put back on the waiting bar.

The shoes then make their way over to the fireplace to light a fire and then make a B-Line to one of the couches. As the sheet is pulled off, we finally see who the mystery woman is: Logan Johnson. As she sits down on her couch and takes a sip of her drink, she says out loud, “Home sweet home.” She lets out a smile before continuing to take a sip of her drink.

As she begins to enjoy herself more, a ring at her doorbell is overheard. Startled, unsure of whom it could be, she gets up and walks towards the front door. As she opens the front door, she sees her son, Michael, standing in the door way.

Hello mother,” he greets to her with his smile. She happily responds with a hug, “Michael! Oh, how I missed you.” “I heard you were out of town so I was hoping you’d be back by now.” “I just got in, why?” “I have some big news, good big news.”

Intrigued, Logan goes to close the door, only to be stopped by an unknown female. Confused, Logan asks, “I’m sorry, but who are you?” “Rebecca. Rebecca Flynn. It’s nice to meet you,” Rebecca introduces of herself.

Michael interrupts, “Mom. This is Rebecca, my wife.”

Scene Three: Liberty City Hotel, The Midnight Lounge
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Inside of The Midnight Lounge, Alecia Hughes enters into the lounge and immediately heads to the bar. When asked what she’d like to drink, she responds, “Martini, dry.” As she places her purse to the side of her, in her seat, she flips her hair back and quickly grazes over the room.

As she receives her drink, she takes a plentiful gulp. “I’ll have what she’s having,” an unknown voice says. As Alecia turns, she sees her friend Susan Smithson sit down next to her. “I don’t suppose you have anything strong to go with this, do you,” Alecia asks. Susan lets out a slight laugh and responds, “Not unless we’re getting wasted tonight.” “You want to get wasted? You? What could cause you to get wasted? You’re like the Mother Teresa of being sober and straight.” “Let’s just say fuck it to the rules.”

Impressed, Alecia alerts the bartender, “Hey, bring us a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses please.” “Well then, I know why I’m going all out. Why are you?” “Why the hell not.”


Across the way at a booth, Courtney Willis sits awaiting her guest. As she grazes over her phone, she is joined by Tori Walker. She says, “You wanted to see me. What can I do for you?” “I heard how my mother treated you. And I know how she operates. And I know that’s not how my sister wanted things to be,” Courtney explains.

No, Cristina was never like that. And I heard that’s how she treated you,” Tori responds. Courtney laughs and says, “It’s just how my mother operates. But there is a way we can get her out of the company and put somebody else in charge.” “Who?”

Me,” Courtney responds, with a satisfied smile on her face.

Scene Four: Liberty City Memorial Hospital, Level 4, Conference Room
1281 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Bridget and Brian sit in the conference room, looking over some final detailing for the upcoming medical center. The two sit across from each other at the table, bantering over certain design layouts.

Bridget says, “Why would you leave barely any room between the main desk and the front door? We need space to get in so we don’t over-crowd.” “Because it makes the most sense or the fung-soo shit people are crazed up,” Brian responds. “You mean Feng Shi.” “Huh? What did you say?” “You said fung-soo. It’s Feng Shi. The organization of the way things are spaced is Feng Shi.”

Brian laughs and says, “Okay, okay. You got me on that one.” “Yes I did. That’s because I’m too smart for you,” Bridget jokes. “Yeah, you wish you were smarter than me.” “You know, us women can be just as smart, if not more than men.”

Brian laughs off Bridget’s claims and they begin to clean up the plans. “We can continue this next week with Dr. Spencer gets back to work,” Brian says. Bridget asks, “Oh yeah, he’s celebrating his engagement, right?” “Yes, he got engaged to his girlfriend. So he took a couple of weeks off to spend with her.”

As both Bridget and Brian turn, they bump into each other, almost resulting in Bridget falling over. Brian, in reaction, releases all of the paperwork and catches Bridget before she’s able to completely fall. Startled, Bridget and Brian seem to intently stare into each other’s eyes, as if desiring each other like they hadn’t before. As they get close enough to embrace each other, Bridget moves her head and gets up on her own. “Thanks,” Bridget says absently before leaving the conference room.

Scene Five: Loft Nº1 (The Johnson Loft)
1219 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jennifer and Donna sit on the couch watching their daily ‘stories’. Theo exits out of his bedroom with a duffle bag, and tries to hurry his way to the front door without his aunts knowing. “Hold it,” Jennifer says without even looking. She turns her head and says, “I don’t believe I ever got a ‘Hello’ or even a ‘See you later’ from you.” “I’m sorry Aunt Jen, I’m just in a bit of a hurry right now,” Theo responds. “Hurry? Where are you going?” “I’m going to the gym. I wanted to get a bit of a workout going with summer coming.”

As Theo kisses his aunt on her cheek, he goes towards the door. Donna quickly gets up and stops him to say, “Theo, we need to talk about what happened.” “What do you mean? We talked about it and I apologized for it,” Theo says trying to rush out. “Well, I didn’t find that satisfactory. So we’re going to talk about it right now or when you get home. We’re not avoiding it.”

Unconcerned, Theo exits the loft anyway. Jennifer asks, “What are you talking about? What do you mean by what happened?” “There was a mishap where he got a little out of control,” Donna responds. “Out of control? Like how?” “He got a bit heated and pushed me. But it’s okay, I wasn’t harmed or anything.”

Jennifer stands up and exclaims, “Are you nuts?! He could have hurt you!” “I’m fine. With everything that he’s going through Jen, it’s a little bit certain. I mean, his brother dies overseas, his mother is going through personal issues and his only friend left town. He’s obviously hurting and doesn’t know how to deal with it,” Donna explained. “That doesn’t excuse behavior like that. Nothing should.” “And being a pushover is not going to help him either, Jen. He needs support, and I’m trying to give some guided support. That’s what he needs.”

Jennifer shakes her head in disapproval.

Scene Six: The Johnson Estate
721 San Quentin Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

[ The role of Michael Johnson will now be portrayed by Kyle Lowder. ]

Logan enters back into her parlor, where her newly returned son and his wife sit awaiting her entrance. Logan begins to pour three cups of tea, and places a tea bag into each up. “Oh, I’ll just take a lemon in mine please,” Rebecca politely says. Logan responds, “Just a lemon, huh? Most want the teabag, too.” “Not Rebecca. She’s as unique as they come,” Michael boasts.

As each person takes a sip of their tea, Logan sits down and asks, “So, why did you two get married? Recently?” “No, we married back in September,” Rebecca responds. “So, you two were married when you were in town?” “Yes. I didn’t bring it up because it wasn’t the right time mom. I mean, we were there for a memorial,” Michael explains.

Logan smiles and says, “I understand. I’m just so happy for you, darling. I just wish I had known and we could have had the wedding here.” “We couldn’t wait. It was true love at true first sight,” Rebecca says wrapping her arms into Michael’s. Michael asks, “Have you seen or heard from Theo? I was hoping to see him as well.” “No. I haven’t. I actually have to go to the hotel and see what kind of damage Cristina has done to the hotel. How long are you two in town?”

Both Rebecca and Michael look and smile at each other. Michael responds, “Permanently. I have a job interview at the hospital and Rebecca has a head for business. She’s going to school for it in the city.” “Michael, that’s great! I’m so happy to have my boy home,” Logan says happily while hugging her son.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Hotel, The Midnight Lounge
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Confused, Tori looks at Courtney and asks, “Wait, so what you’re asking me to do is get your mother out of the control of CJ Enterprises so you can get in-charge? Why would I help you do that?” “Because it’s what my sister would have wanted,” Courtney responds. “No. Your sister would want herself in power or someone she could trust. You and I both know that deep down your sister didn’t trust you nor your mother. And that’s a fact.”

As Tori gets up to leave the lounge, Courtney stands up and says, “I’d think about going to my mother or denying this request. It wouldn’t be in your best interest.” “Is that a threat,” Tori responds. “No. It’s a promise. I could bring your whole life to shreds.” “You wouldn’t be that devious. You may be vindictive, but you’re no crook.” “No, but you wouldn’t want your husband knowing about your secret meetings with his brother, now, would you? Or does that not bother you at all?”

Tori gets close to Courtney’s face and says, “I’ll take that risk. You see Courtney; I was trained under your sister. So if there’s something decent enough to take over the company, it’s me. And that’s what my goal is. I wouldn’t step in the way of that.”

Tori then walks off, leaving Courtney to ponder her newest opposition to gaining control of her absent sister’s company.


Susan and Alecia take another shot of what they’re drinking. “You know, I never knew how much fun this could be,” Susan admits. Alecia responds, “Well, maybe if you lay off of me and let me just do what I do, there wouldn’t be an issue. And we could just enjoy ourselves.” “Oh Alecia, don’t think you’re that off the hook with this one girl.”

As the bartender pours them one last shot, Alecia remarks, “Oh come on Susan, you enjoy this. Why can’t I girl just have some fun.” “First off, we’re far from girls. Secondly, I’m not an addict. But I figure if you’re going to drink, you’ll do it in my presence,” Susan responds. “You never told me why you’re drinking tonight?”

As Alecia takes her final shot, Susan holds hers and explains, “My husband of 40 years cheated on me with our husband’s ex-wife, the slut of sluts. And they had a child, to boot.” “You and Keith divorced,” Alecia asks. “Yes we did. Now I’m a single lady. But I don’t feel as sexy as Beyoncé did in that ‘Single Ladies’ video.” “Well, to be honest, you’re not a size two anymore either.”

Both ladies look at each other and let out a laugh. Susan takes her final shot and says, “We should both go.” “Neither of us can drive, though. We’ve both been drinking,” Alecia responds. “Come to my house. We’ll take a cab. That’s how my fat ass got here.”

Both ladies agree to leave together, laughing at where their lives had gone to.

Scene Eight: Johnson Industries
350 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Logan exits the elevator, and makes her way into the main office area of Johnson Industries. She happily greets familiar faces and makes her way towards Cristina’s office. As she opens the door, she notices the main chair’s back is turned towards the door. “I can see that you’ve adjusted nicely into your new quarters Cristina. It’s been a long time since we’ve last chatted. And it’s about time we settled this out, like two adults,” Logan says.

In a shocking turn, the chair turns around only not to reveal Cristina; it reveals her son Theo. He says, “Yes mother, we should settle this out. It has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?” “Theo? What are you doing? Where is Cristina, and why are you in her chair,” Logan asks. “Cristina left town shortly after you left. And this isn’t her chair, it’s mine.”

Confused, Logan expresses a heavy look of confusion upon her face. Theo stands up and says in a firm tone, “I’m the reigning CEO and Sole Controlling Owner of Johnson Industries and Liberty City Hotel. Surprised?” “How is that even possibly? Cristina-” “Cristina signed the contracts? Yeah, she did. And then when she left, she signed them over to me, putting me in control of my own destiny and putting me rightfully where I belong.”

This then triggers a flashback to the night Cristina left town:

Theo enters into the empty, dark loft. “Cristina I’m home,” he exclaims out hoping for a response. As he places a bag of food from The Grove onto the counter, he walks over to an envelope and manila folder left on the coffee table. Upon opening the letter he begins to read the contents inside. It reads:

[ In Cristina’s Voice ]


Writing this is especially hard to do, but what has to be done has to be done. I’ve tried sticking around for as long as I possibly could, but life for me is to start a-new someplace else. I wish I could have given you a better goodbye than this, but I had to make a decision and make it fast.

But don’t let this temporary goodbye be bittersweet, Theo. You kept me here in the times I thought I could never have thought of staying. And this is my gift to you: your heritage. Enclosed are documents that state that you are the acting CEO and Sole Controller of Johnson Industries and Liberty City Hotel. This is for you, Theo. This is to make sure you make something amazing out of your life.

Don’t be afraid, stay strong and keep that head of yours up. Whenever you feel alone, know, I’m always on your side.



Back in the present, Theo remarks, “And that’s how it went down.” “She can’t do that. She had no right having that control,” Logan debates. “Nor did you, or Aunt Jennifer or Aunt Donna. I’ve sat in the background for years while you take your reign on this family. And now, that reign is over.”

Logan asks, “What are you talking about?” “I’m talking about settling burned bridges. You’re out. You’re no longer part of this company and those included in it,” Theo explains. “You’re firing me?” “No mom, I’m terminating you.”

As Logan fights back her tears, Theo returns to his chair and as he sits down he firmly says, “Now, leave the building immediately.” She asks, “And if I don’t?” In that instance, two male police officers walk into the room. Theo responds, “Or you can leave with these two fine gentlemen. Take your pick.”

As Logan leaves on her own accord, Theo finishes, “Oh and never show your face or step foot in this building again. Or you will be thrown out.”

As Logan leaves the building, Theo takes his seat and folds his hands together. He looks at a photo of Cristina on his desk and says to it with a smile, “Thank you Cristina.”

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