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3×13 Unexpected Arrivals

3×13 • Unexpected Arrivals
26 October 2012
Written by: Scott Andrews

Previously on Liberty City:
A new relationship is formed between two unlikely Liberty City residents
Dillon comes home with a secret
Leah confides in Anneliese over some concerns in her relationship
Galvin spends time with Garrett and Tori
Chelsea and Dustin have an interesting first encounter

SCENE ONE: Town House N°2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As the daylight hit its high time, sharp rays of light snuck through the cracks of the shades in the living room of the townhouse, which housed Adam Newton and his daughter Ava, as well as Adam’s current lover, Diane Newton. Sitting on the couch, lounging on one of his days off, Adam Newton enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day of some television surfing, and the reading of the current day’s newspaper.

Walking into the living room, Diane appeared to be well put together, readying herself to head back out to work after an at-home lunch break. Impressed by his girlfriend’s professionalism and look, Adam woos, “My oh my, don’t you look ravishing.” Blushing in the compliment, Diane responds, “I look no different than I did when I left this morning, or whenever I go to work, period.” Smitten by his love for Diane, Adam quips, “Yes, but you know I always appreciate you every single morning, afternoon and evening.”

Pressing her lips by Adam’s persistent flirting and hinting for some afternoon delight, she let’s out a brief smirk and chuckle as she collects her legal documents from the coffee table. “Do you really have to go back to work,” Adam questions hoping to seduce Diane into returning late to work, or not returning at all. “No, I have to get this deposition secure and ready for trial in a couple of days. If I could, I would,” Diane responds in somewhat of a disappointed tone.

As she finishes collecting her legal documents, Adam gets up and escorts Diane to the door, stopping to give her a kiss as she leaves for the remainder of her workday. As they each say “I love you” to each other, Diane exits the townhouse and heads on her way, leaving Adam to continue on with his day off plans of lounging.

As he begins to settle back onto the couch, a knock is heard at the front door. In the hopes of it being Diane, Adam calls out, “Did someone forget their ke–,” which him stopping in shock as he opens the door. “I never had a key,” a brunette female remarks to Adam.

Shocked to see the female, Adam’s mouth opens ajar and he remarks, “Deanna?”

SCENE TWO: Loft N°1 (The Johnson Loft)
1219 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As the morning begins to loom into the early afternoon hours, the atmosphere in the Johnson Loft has become an increasingly more positive one. Walking into the living room parlor, Donna Roberts picks up a manila envelope, which contains her pending divorce documents from her estranged husband, David. Flinging her chest-length blonde hair back, she removes the documents from the envelope and ponders them underneath her bottom lip. As she begins to think back, she remembers her conversation with Jennifer months earlier:

Feeling pressed, Donna blurts out, “It was my divorce lawyer!” “Divorce lawyer? So that must mean,” Jennifer responds before being interrupted by Donna, “Yes. I’m divorcing David.”

 Jennifer asks, “But why? I thought you guys were getting better?” “I haven’t had contact with him in months. I told him I’d come back to London to work things out. And by then, he was ignoring my phone calls,” Donna explains. “So, you’re just going to divorce him?” “I don’t have any other option Jennifer. 17 years is a long time to be married, and the last three-and-a-half has been so damaged before repair. I’ve sacrificed by life for him, and I’m not happy with the woman I was during our marriage.”

“Donna,” a male voice echoes, snapping Donna back into her present day of life. Blinking her eyes and jumping in a startled state of being, she looks up to see Theo standing over here, appearing somewhat concerned over his aunt’s clear absence from reality. Struggling to conceal the documents, she quickly places them back into the manila envelope and states, “Oh, I’m sorry Theo. I wasn’t paying attention.” “No, it’s fine. I was just worried; that’s all. Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine. Don’t you worry bout a thing,” Donna smiles assuring her nephew. “Hey, I thought you were going into the office today for interviews?” “Oh yeah, I just have to gather a few of the applications I was looking over last night,” Theo responds more confident than he’s spoken in the past few months. “Well, you better go then! You don’t want to be late.”

As Theo rushes off to his room, Donna grazes her right hand over the envelope once more as she bites her bottom lip, again thinking about the decision that was soon to be made concerning her broken marriage. Again, she is startled, this time by a knocking at the front door of the penthouse. “Don’t worry,” she shouts out. “I’ll get it.” As Donna rushes to the front door, and upon opening it, her face blanks in shock.

“Hey there darling,” a sharply dressed businessman greets in a grey pinstripe suit. “Aren’t you going to say hello to your husband?”

SCENE THREE: The Michaels’ Residence
729 Brooklyn Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Placing down two full plates of breakfast food onto the dining room table, Shirley quickly makes her way back into the kitchen, preparing to grab one final plate. Meanwhile, in the living room, adjacent to the dining room sits Jamie and Sophie surrounded by a surplus of magazines, books and other wedding day-related articles.

Letting out a deep sigh of exhaustion, Jamie throws down her notebook and states, “I can’t do this anymore.” “Of course you can,” Sophie says in assurance, giving her sister of look disbelief. “You know you are not tired of planning your wedding.”

Amused, Jamie cracks a smile and beams, “Of course I’m not. I’m just over being surrounded by magazines and books, and orders for food and venues. I just want it to done, so Derek and I can say our vows and live happily ever after.”

Popping her head around the corner, Shirley interjects her daughters, stating, “Why don’t you guys take a break and come have some breakfast.”

Gathering their current projects and placing them onto the sofa where they were once seated, Jamie and Sophie make their way into the dining room, where a table of breakfast foods is prepared — bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausages, multiple kinds of toast and home fries. As their eyes widen with delight, likely larger than their stomachs, Jamie remarks, “This is like being a kid again. I miss this.” “Yeah mom, why’d you stop this?” Sophie asks.

“I stopped because I got tired of doing the dishes at the end of breakfast every single morning,” Shirley responds. She continues, “But now we have Sophie who can clean them.” “Me?” Sophie questions in confusion. “Yes you. It is your house,” Jamie interjects, chuckling as she takes a bit of her bacon.

As the ladies share an exchange of laughter, Sophie remarks, “And that is why I have my son and a dishwasher.” As they begin to settle into their breakfast, a ring at the front door is heard, followed by multiple knocks. Unsettled, Shirley asks, “Are you expecting company?” “Not this early,” Sophie responds, as she wipes her mouth and excuses herself from the table to make her way to her front door.

As Sophie opens the door, she is left for shock. “Oh my God,” she remarks in shock, before questioning, “Tommy?”

“Yep, it’s me. The one and only,” the unknown male answers back with a smile on his face.

SCENE FOUR: Liberty City Courthouse
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Sitting at her desk, Lisa looks over multiple caseloads that are presented to her, after the hectic summer months. Included in those cases is the rape case of Theo Johnson. Picking up the paperwork, Lisa takes an intense look at the documents, and remarks out loud, “Out of all of the cases I have to work and a rape is at the top of them. How pathetic.”

“I’d be careful about what you call pathetic, Ms. Daley,” a strong, yet intimidating female voice states. Confused, Lisa looks up to notice a longhaired blonde woman, dressed in a knee-length silk dress. Perplexed, Lisa remarks, “I’m sorry, but I don’t recall asking for your unwarranted opinion, Miss…”

“Oh, I’m sorry, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Hillary Davis,” the woman introduces, “Mayor Hillary Davis. So I suggest you lose the entitlement before I take you out of your position faster than you just dismissed that case.”

“Mayor, I’m so sor…,” Lisa begins to apologize, before Hillary interrupts, “Save your apologies for someone who actually gives two-shits about them.”

Moving every so seductively, in the most non-sexual manner, Hillary takes a seat in front of Lisa and questions, “Why is it you feel that the Theo Johnson rape case is ‘pathetic’, as you so bluntly called it?”

Slightly shaken, Lisa responds, “I really did not intend to mean it as it came out, Ms. Davis. I only meant to suggest that there is insufficient evidence pointing out who attacked the victim, and that my time would be better spent on cases that are ready for trial.”

“Drop those cases and pass them to your ADA,” Hillary demands. “I want the rape case at the forefront of your attention right now.”

Intrigued by the sudden demand of Hillary, Lisa leans forward and questions, “Why is it that you want my attention solely on this rape case? Or better yet, who is it that’s making you make it my main focus?”

Leaning back in her chair, Hillary firmly presses her lips together and stares directly into Lisa’s eyes, not showing the slightest disregard for her question.

SCENE FIVE: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
12814 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As the hustle and bustle of the hospital remains at a standstill, Derek Spencer emerges from the main elevator and makes his way directly to the Nurses’ station. There, she runs into an on-staff nurse, and questions, “Nurse Rose, could you please on Mrs. McNally in Room 314, and see if how she’s doing?” “Certainly,” the nurse responds, not moving a wink from her station.

Unsettled by Nurse Rose’s reaction, Derek intensifies his tone and states, “I meant now.” “Yes sir, right away,” the nurse responds, moving swiftly to check on the patient. Following the nurse with his eyes, he shakes his head, as if in disbelief in the tone he needed to take in order to get his staff to do what it is he’s asked of him.

“Well,” a deep male voice states, “that was a bit harsh, don’t you think?” Intrigued by the mysterious voice, Derek turns out to be left in complete shock of who it is he’s looking at.

“Oh shit,” a shocked Derek responds, greeting a young handsome man, “Talk about a blast from the past.” Shaking the gentleman’s hand and giving him a manly pat on the back, he questions, “When did you get in?”

“I got in just a bit ago,” the man responds. Just then, Nurse Rose reappears and states, “Dr. Spencer, Mrs. McNally is requesting your –,” as she pauses upon realizing she had interrupted a conversation.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she apologises.   “Oh no, Rose, it’s fine. This is my brother, Aleksander,” Derek introduces.

“Very nice to meet your acquaintance,” Rose introduces herself. Aleksander returns the sentiment, responding, “The pleasure is mine.”

SCENE SIX: Town House N°2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

“What’s the matter? Not who you were expecting,” Deanna teased to her older brother. Standing there for a brief moment, Deanna casually asks, “Well, aren’t you going to let me in?”

Semi-shaken out of a trance, Adam swiftly responds, “Oh gosh, I’m sorry Deanna. I’m just so shocked to see you.” Greeting his sister with a hug, he opens his home to her. Shutting the front door to the townhouse, he inquires, “So, what are you doing here? If I had known you were coming for a visit, I would have picked you up at the airport or something.”

“Oh, you know me, I live for the art of a surprise. And, who said anything about a visit?” Confused, he remarks, “I wasn’t trying to imply anything, D. I just figured you’d want to get back to South Carolina with mom and dad.”

“Mom and dad do not need me around anymore,” Deanna scoffed at her brother. She continued, “Besides, I haven’t been living in South Carolina; I’ve been in Wisconsin.”

“How long were you there for,” Adam asked. Taking her jacket off, Deanna looks at her brother and responds, “Since around the time you left to come back here.” “Well, that sure is a long time. I wonder why they didn’t tell me, or better yet, why you didn’t tell me.” “Because, I didn’t want you to worry, thinking I was in some kind of trouble or that I was incapable of taking care of myself. I’m not 12 years old anymore, big bro.”

After pausing for a few brief interludes, Deanna again teases her brother, stating, “So since I invited myself in, does that mean I have to get my own drink, or will your manly manners finally kick in at some point?” Laughing at his sister’s remarks, Adam responds,” Sure. I could get you some water, tea, coffee –“

“Coffee is fine for me. Black, two sugars, no milk,” Deanna responds with a smile. As Adam begins his journey into the kitchen, Deanna stops him and says, “It sure it good to see you, Adam.” Smiling back at his sister, who he still sees as his little sister, Adam reciprocates his sister’s sentiments, stating, “Same to you, Deanna. I’ll go get that coffee now.”

SCENE SEVEN: Loft N°1 (The Johnson Loft)
1219 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Still in a state of shock at the sight of her estranged husband, the expressionless Donna stands at the doorway in a state of absent-mindedness. “David, I uhh, wasn’t expecting you. I mean, why are you here,” Donna states in a struggled state of being. In a confidently smug tone, David retorts, “What am I doing here? I’m here to see my wife, why else would I be here?”

As David lets himself into the loft past Donna, she immediately snaps out of her state of shock and lets out a slight scoff, responding, “Why else would you be here? Well, let me think, maybe it has to do with the divorce papers that are about to be finalized in a matter of days. Maybe that is why you’ve come to town, thinking you could seemingly change my mind, after years of estrangement.”

As Donna makes her way to the living room, David devilishly responds, “Maybe I just missed my wife and decided it was time for us to give our marriage another try.” “Yes, like the last handful of times we tried it?” “This time is different,” David assures Donna, attempting to place his hands on her shoulders. Put off by her estranged husband’s attempt of affection, she jerks herself back and gives David a look of complete disgust. “What do you think you’re doing?” Donna asks, clearly off-put by her estranged husband’s sudden body language change. Smirking in a way a deviously devilishly male only can, David retorts, “What do you think I’m doing?”

Before she’s capable of fishing for an answer, David swiftly grabs Donna by the arms, and thrusts himself into a kiss with his wife.

SCENE EIGHT: The Michaels’ Residence
729 Brooklyn Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Standing still in an apparent state of shock at the sight of her brother, Jamie walks up behind Sophie and asks, “Sophie, who’s at the door?” Before her sister can begin to answer her question, Jamie exclaims in excitement, “Oh my God!   Tommy, isn’t that you!”

Smiling at the excitement of his older sisters, Thomas responds, “Yes, it’s me, your baby brother. Now, care to let me in? It’s a bit nippy out here.” “Oh, of course,” Sophie offers, “Come on in.” As Thomas enters into the home and begins to drop his bags, Sophie begins to close her front door, only to hear a subtle voice yelling, “Wait! Wait!”

Startled, Sophie re-opens the door to see a female hastily walking towards the door. Stopping at the front door, she smiles and states, “I’m here, too!” Smiling at the sound of the female’s voice, Thomas turns around and greets, “Honey, come on in.” Walking into the home to join Thomas, Sophie greets, “Sarah, it’s nice to see you, too. So glad the both of you could join us, unexpectedly.” “Well, both Thomas and I felt it would be appropriate to visit his family right now,” Sarah responds in a perky tone, finally catching her own breath.

“What made you come to that decision?” Jamie asks, while being inquisitive of his brother and sister-in-law. Letting out a sarcastic laugh, Thomas responds, “Well it’s not as if there’s no reason not to be here, sis. You and Sophie are here, mom and dad are here, so why shouldn’t Sarah and I be here, too?” “Well, I guess that makes sense to me. I’m just so happy to see you! Just wait until m—“

“Oh my goodness,” Shirley’s voice haunts, interrupting Jamie’s sentiments. “Is that really you?” “Yes mom,” Thomas happily responds, “it’s me.” “Oh darling, I cannot believe that you’re here,” Shirley exclaims in emotion, embracing her son in a loving hug. “When did you get into town?”

“Just a little bit ago,” Thomas replies as Sarah interjects, “We came directly from the airport to here. We figured it’d be where everyone would be, especially with Jamie’s upcoming nuptials.”

“Of course you would come here, where else would I rather you be,” Shirley retorts, smiling at the sight of her son, once again embracing him lovingly. “This is a dream come true. A wonderful dream come true.”

SCENE NINE: Liberty City Courthouse
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Still leaning back in the chair, Hillary remarks, “I want you to continue pursuing this case.” “And you’re avoiding the question,” Lisa rebuts, sending Hillary into an electrifyingly still position, barking back, “I am making sure that things are running smoothly in this office, and if that means making one case your sole purpose, then that’s what I am going to do as Mayor of this city. And you’re going to like it, or else you can get out of that chair and I’ll find someone who does.”

Standing up and leaning onto her desk in Hillary’s direction, Lisa seductively remarks, “I understand, complete, Madam Mayor. What I do not understand is why you’re avoiding such a simple question, which you seem to be so desperate to avoid.” Mimicking Lisa’s movements, Hillary responds, “If I were you, Ms. Daley, I would watch the tone in which you’re speaking to me. I do not answer to you; you on the other hand, do answer to me. And I expect that respect to be returned ten-fold.”

“I think you’re scared that if you don’t get this case solved, which quite frankly, I do not see happening without more concrete evidence, you’re scared your tenure as Mayor, which has been questionable at best, will come to a sudden halt, per the order of the Johnson family.”

Feeling disgusted, Hillary stands back up straight and neatens up her attire, before responding, “Ms. Daley, if I were you, I’d tread lightly on this subject. You’re speaking on things you haven’t a single clue about. You’re deflecting the fact that you’re clearly unsuitable to handle the tasks at hand, and that maybe, I need to begin looking elsewhere for a more competent District Attorney for Liberty City.”

“And you are deflecting the fact that your tenure as Mayor has been less than adequate, and that should this case not be solved, your position of power will be stripped of you, permanently making you useless to this town,” Lisa snaps back, sending Hillary into a tense moment of unease.

“Again,” Hillary insists, “I suggest that you stop speaking on matters that do not concern you directly and do focus on the one case file I now have you working on. It’s clear to me; you’re going to have a lot of time to work on it. And if not, well, then you know the outcome.”

SCENE TEN: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
12814 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Walking the halls of the hospital, Aleksander asks, “So when do I get to meet this fiancée of yours?” “I’d say tonight but, Jamie is busy working on wedding plans with her sister and mother,” Derek responds as he continues to be pre-occupied with his charts. “Oh, that’s a shame. I just hope it’s before the wedding, incase I have to help you make a getaway.”

Stopping at his brother’s comments, Derek remarks, “I do hope you were joking about that because I don’t plan on requiring a getaway car, nor do I require it from you.” “Whoa, Derek, calm down there. I was joking about the car; just trying to lighten how uptight you seem to be right now.” “Sorry, I’m just pre-occupied. It’s hard to be chief of staff, while planning a wedding and hoping to take a honeymoon. It’s not easy.” “Anyone who told you I’d be easy,” Aleksander begins to state before entering into a momentary pause, “Lied.”

Entering into his office, Derek questions, “So, aside from the banter, what is it you are doing in Liberty City? I never, in a million years, thought I’d ever see you here. Last time I heard, you were scouring the country looking for invests to build your so-called empire.” Letting out a somewhat disingenuous laugh, Aleksander responds, “Well, actually, my scouring has brought me here, to Liberty City.” “Really? Last time I heard, there were no major investments happening in the real estate.”

“Well, you’ve heard wrong. There are some major developments happening, and as a businessman, I thought it’d be a positive thing to see if I’m capable of putting my name on something worthwhile.” Intrigued by his brother’s mystery, Derek inquires, “And what are these said-developments you’re speaking of, Alek?” “Some new business ventures coming into New York, and one of them happen to be here, in Liberty City.”

“Oh yeah,” Derek states as his interest peaks, “Which one?” “Yours,” Aleksander directly responds. Startled by Aleksander’s admission, Derek enters into a state of confusion.

SCENE ELEVEN: Town House N°2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Sitting at the living room couch, Adam and Deanna continue to gleam with happiness over their reunion. “I just can’t believe you’re here,” Adam remarks smiling at his sister, “I never thought you’d ever come back to Liberty City.” Taking in a sip of her drink, Deanna responds, “Neither did I. But it’s kind of remarkable how much this place has changed, yet I do feel like it’s as familiar as it was when we were kids, you know?”

“I do know. When I came back, as familiar as it seemed, it also seemed to have changed so much. But it’s still good that feel good vibe that it had when we were kids.” “But, we both know why mommy and daddy left, Adam. And it’s not going to change their minds about visiting you here.” “I know but at least you’re here. That’s all that matters to me in the end.”

Feeling warmed by her brother’s sentiments, Deanna takes a quick look around her surroundings and out of the corner of her eye, she notices an image of Adam and Diane together. Picking up the image, Deanna immediately inquires, “And, you and Diane, how’s that going?” “It’s going really well. We’re very happy for the first time in a long time,” Adam responds before correcting himself, “I’m happy for the first time in a long time, too.”

“Good. I’m quite happy for you.” Placing the image back in its rightful position, Adam questions, “So is there any special gentleman in your life?” Taken aback, Deanna lets out a brief snicker and responds, “Oh no. I haven’t that time to date. My work is my relationship.” “Oh, come on, I’m sure you’re wanting to find someone very special to have in your life, D. You deserve to be happy; to experience the same kind of happiness that I’ve found with Diane.”

“Who knows,” Deanna sighs, “maybe one day I just might. But until the day comes, I have my work to keep me company.” Looking at the time on her watch, she remarks, “My goodness! I should get going.” “You don’t have to,” Adam interjects, “You can stay if you want. I mean are you staying?” “For a short stay right now. I’ve got a room at the Liberty City Hotel for the week, and then after that, who knows.” Grabbing her bags, Deanna takes another glance at the photograph and Adam and Diane, and takes a subtle breath in and out.

SCENE TWELVE: Loft N°1 (The Johnson Loft)
1219 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Still trapped in a kiss with David, Donna finally forces her way from the unwelcomed embrace, and immediately slaps David across the left side of his face. Breathing heavily from David’s actions, Donna speaks, “I don’t I know I what you’re doing. I know exactly what you’re doing and I’m here to tell you, it’s not going to work.” Humored by his estranged wife’s comments, David retorted, “And what is it you exactly know that I’m doing that?”

“You’re trying to seduce me, thinking that I’m come waltzing back to you as if these past few years haven’t happened.” “And that, if it is true, warrants an assault?” “You assaulted me first.” Laughing, David states, “I kissed my wife?” “Bullshit,” Donna answers in an intensified tone, “you assaulted me by thinking you could intimidate me, simply because you’re a woman and I’m supposed to bow down to you. But life doesn’t work that way David. I do not work that way. I am an independent woman, and I am not to be controlled or swayed.”

“Oh God, now this feminist bull again,” David berates Donna. “There you again, David. This is exactly why I left. Your constant nagging and berating me, as if I don’t have a say or an opinion.” “You don’t have an opinion Donna, you’ve always had your meek way of trying to make your say but, in reality, it’s someone else’s opinion you’re wanting to stake as your own.”

“Oh, was this before or after you shut me out of our marriage, because I remember this relationship completely different,” Donna retorts to David’s claims. Increasingly insulted, David rebuts, “It was you who shut me out, Donna. You left and you came back here, where you’ve been hiding. I am being a standup man by coming here, to take you back home and to fix whatever mess it is that has been made of this relationship.” “I am not going anywhere with you, David. My family needs me here, and I want to be here.”

Storming her way to her front door, she opens it and demands, “Now, I want you to get the hell out of my home.”

SCENE THIRTEEN: The Michaels’ Residence
729 Brooklyn Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As Shirley continues to beam with joy at the arrival of Thomas and Sarah, Sophie asks, “So have you seen Monica at all?” “Yes. We visited her on the way here, and it was great seeing her. She sends her best,” Thomas warmly responds, while being aware of Jamie’s sensitive feelings on the subject of their sister.

Smiling, Shirley responds, “I’m sure your sister must’ve loved seeing you and Sarah.” “She did, and we loved seeing Isaac,” Sarah interjects, “He’s such a sweet little boy.” Feeling the tension in the air, Sophie redirects the conversation and asks, “So how long are you two planning on staying in town? Is this just a visit?”

“No,” Thomas responds, “actually, it’s a permanent stay, if that’s okay with everyone?” “Okay? Okay,” Jamie responds, “of course this is okay! It’s beyond okay; it is a brilliant idea. My baby brother moving here is the best news I could’ve asked for. And it will be great for you and Sarah to place down roots, and maybe one day start a family of your own.”

Clearing her throat, Sarah interjects, “Actually that’s part of the reason we are moving here.” Picking up on the discussion, Shirley opens her mouth in shock and reacts, “Wait a moment. You guys aren’t pregnant, are you?” Smiling through a look of guilt, Sarah places her hand firmly on her stomach, as Thomas reaches around to join his hand into hers, and responds, “Yes we are, actually.” “Oh my, congratulations!”

“This is wonderful news,” Sophie remarks, “How far along are you?” “Still in my first trimester, about nine weeks now,” Sarah graciously responds. “Oh wow, nine weeks. Almost into your second trimester, so those pregnancy cravings must be kicking in.” “Yes they are, and I smell breakfast. Must be the heightened senses, too.”

“Perfect,” Thomas cheers, “Let’s go eat! I hope there’s room at the table.” “Of course there is, I’ll go grab another setting,” Shirley exclaims in pride and excitement, as they all head to the dining area.

SCENE FOURTEEN: Liberty City Courthouse
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948

As Hillary begins to jerk the door handle to leave Lisa’s office, Lisa antagonizes, “Madam Mayor, I think it’d be wise to remind you that your position in office is because of the backing the Johnson family supports to you and your campaign, so my belief is that if you don’t get me to solve this case, your tenure as Mayor will be over before you can blink and miss it happening.” Jerking the handle to keep the door fully closed, Hillary swiftly returns to Lisa’s desk, slams her purse down and firmly states, “You haven’t the slightest idea what it is you’re speaking of, Ms. Daley. And might I remind you that even if I was kicked out of my position, which is highly unlikely, my last order of business would be to kick your sorry ass out of your own position, and make sure you never work as anything more than a window server at McDonald’s.”

Jerking her hair out of her face, Lisa leans in closely to Hillary’s face and confronts, “Again, Ms. Davis, if your team of police officers and detectives, as well as your clerks and list of lackeys would give me something worth a damn to work with on the case, trust me, I’d be more than willing to solve it. However, until then, there are other cases with more than substantial amount of evidence that actually can be solved, and we can put the very bad people of Liberty City away.”

“You just do not know when to quit, do you Ms. Daley?” “I have not the slightest idea what you’re speaking of, Ms. Davis.” “That kind of attitude will not get you what you want. Solve the damn case, Lisa. Or your deepest secrets will be known for everyone to judge you on.” “You’ve got nothing on me, so go ahead with your empty threats.”

Staring deeply into each other’s eyes, the intensity in the room bursts so high that if ignited by a match, flumes would erupt.

SCENE FIFTEEN: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
12814 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948

Still confused by his brother’s statement, Derek questions, “Mine? What development could I possib—,” Derek stops and remembers, “Wait a minute, you want in on the medical center development?” “Yes,” Aleksander responds, “I do want in on it. It’s a promising investment, and I think I could bring something brilliant to it.” “You develop real estate and major corporations, Alek. You know zero about medical centers and what’s needed to make them a success story.” “That’s why I’d have you, Derek. Come on, we’d make a fantastic team together, don’t you think?”

“I think you want to come into a deal that’s already halfway through development, takeover and then take full credit for the outcome is what I think,” Derek dismissively responds. Unapologetic, Aleksander pushes on, “Derek you’re a brilliant doctor but, like you just told me, you’re trying to fit in a wedding and honeymoon with your work schedule. Teaming up with me would relief some pressure off of the project.” Silently thinking about the points his brother is bringing up, he objects, “No Aleksander. I’m sorry. I just don’t imagine it working out. We’ve never worked well together.”

“Listen, let’s try it out. If you don’t like the work I bring to the table, you can openly fire me and we can go back to being just brothers. No hard feelings.” “I’ll need some time to think about. You can’t expect me to just say yes because you’re my brother.” “Why not,” Aleksander jokingly states.

The pair begin to erupt in simultaneous laughter, much like well connected siblings often do.


Opening the door to leave, Deanna turns around and states, “You know Adam, I really do wish the best for you and Diane, and I know that mommy and daddy do, too. You’ve just got to give them some time.” “I know,” Adam responds in an understanding tone. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow and maybe we can set up a lunch date?” “That’d be nice.” As the two exchange one final hug, Adam closes the door to the townhouse. Outside of the door, Deanna takes one relieving breath out, as if holding tight to a secret.

Holding firmly onto the doorknob to the front door, Donna again demands, “Get out David. You are not welcome here.” Collecting himself, he throws his jacket over his left arm and picks up his briefcase. As he begins to exit, he remarks, “I’m your husband, Donna. Divorcing me is not going to be as easy as you think it is. You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” Slamming the door in David’s face, Donna leans against the door, placing her head over her best, breathing a sigh of relief. Picking up the divorce documents, she lets out an exclaim, “Dammit!”

Sitting around the table enjoying their breakfast, Shirley glances down the table and is understanding of how thankful she is to have three of her four children, together, under one roof, as well her daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild. Happy with his wife, Thomas lays his hand over Sarah’s stomach, as she reaches her hand into his, and they squeeze in comfort together.

Picking up her purse once again, Hillary makes her way to the office door. “I don’t know what you think you have on me,” Lisa states, “but it surely cannot be so damming that it’d forever destroy my career.” Humored by Lisa’s continued cockiness, Hillary swiftly turns around and simply states, “What you say, Tiffany, but remember, if you don’t want people know who you are, then I suggest that the Johnson rape case be solved, immediately.” As she opens the door and begins to exit, she leaves, “I’ll be in touch.” Closing the door, Lisa looks down at her desk and slams her fists down in a fit of rage and anger.

Still somewhat laughing, Aleksander opens Derek’s office door to begin to leave. “I’ll send over some blueprint ideas,” Aleksander remarks. Derek humbly responds, “That doesn’t mean you have the position.” “I know but, knowing you, you’ll allow me to join this project. Especially if you know what’s good for you.” “I’ll be in touch.” As Aleksander leaves the office, he checks his cell phone, dialing a phone number as he heads towards the main lobby elevators.

On the next Liberty City:
Dustin turns to a familiar acquaintance for information concerning his mother’s whereabouts
Jennifer approaches Logan about becoming more of a presence in the family business
Diane begins to find common ground with Ava
Rebecca and Michael have a confrontation about the direction of their marriage