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3×07 It’s Over for You

3×07: It’s Over For You

Previously on Liberty City:
Jennifer confronts Garrett about his marriage.
Logan and Rebecca have lunch together.
Dan serves Cassandra with annulment papers.
Dan, Cassandra and Patricia all leave town separately.
Theo admits his secret to Donna.

Scene One: Liberty City Courthouse, Room 400 (District Attorney’s Office)
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Inside of an elevator, Lisa Daley stands in her own stance while speaking on her phone. She speaks, “Yes, this is Lisa Daley returning your phone call. Well where are you? That’s unacceptable. I busted my ass to get back here to help you with this case.”

Lisa steps off of the elevator and up to her office door. Still on the phone, she continues, “Listen. If your ass isn’t in my office in the next hour, I will no longer represent your case. And then you’ll have to go to some incompetent ass who can’t do their job. Yeah, same to you buddy.”

As she hangs up her phone, she enters into her office. As she throws her jacket and bag onto the chair, she sighs and says out loud, “Damn fools. Can’t even take care of their own bullshit.” As Lisa sits down, her office phone rings. Over the intercom, a female voice says, “Ms. Daley, your clients are downstairs awaiting your arrival.” “Okay, thank you. On my way,” Lisa responds.

As she quickly fixes up her makeup, she stands up and heads out of her office to go tend to her first job of the day.

Downstairs in the main court room, Lisa enters into the room and heads to her clients, Monica and Keith Smithson. As they both sit nervously, Monica snaps up and says, “Oh, Lisa! I didn’t think you’d get here in time. Thank you so much for taking on our case.” “Well, I am first and foremost a lawyer so of course I would take something like this on. It’s about reuniting families how they rightfully should be,” Lisa responds.

Across the courtroom sat Dustin, with his lawyer. All their attentions are turned to the front of the courtroom for the judge’s entrance. “All rise for the honorable Judge Perez presiding,” the bailiff says.

Scene Two: Liberty City Police Department
1228 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Donna and Theo sit inside of an office space alone. “Aunt Donna I don’t think I can do this,” Theo says with nerves so tight in his voice they could be cut with a dull knife. Donna responds in a calming tone, “It’s going to be okay Theo. I promise you, nothing bad is going to happen.”

At that very moment, the door opens and an unknown gentleman walks in. He introduces, “Sorry for keeping you two waiting. My name is Detective John Marley and I’ve been assigned to this case.” “Nice to meet you Detective Marley,” Donna says shaking his hand. She continues, “This is my nephew Theo Johnson.” “Nice to meet you Theo.” Theo does not reciprocate the detective’s kind gesture.

John sits down and asks, “What is it can I do for you two today?” “It’s about Theo. He was attacked and…” “And what? You kind of have to tell me what happened in order for me to get the full blown story.”

I was raped,” Theo blurts out, obviously irritated with Detective Marley, which prompts the detective to be taken aback. “Listen, Mr. Johnson I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to try and help you out in any way I can. I get it, I’m a guy and you have an issue with that. But I’m just here doing my job.”

Theo looks up at Detective Marley and simply says, “I’m sorry.”

Scene Three: CJ Enterprises
14 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Elevator doors open to the main office area of the building and Amanda Joy exits, looking over the past month’s revenue from the company and CJ Fashions. As she continues to make steady, risk walks she halts and realizes no one is in the office. Infuriated, she yells out, “Where the fuck is everyone! Tori, if I find out your ass messed up the schedule, I swear to God-” Amanda Joy pauses when she see’s Courtney sitting in her office.

Hi mom,” Courtney says sarcastically happy. Amanda Joy asks, “Where is everyone?” “Oh, I sent them home for the day,” Courtney responds. “Why on earth would you do that?” “Because the company is in ruins. You saw the revenue. It sucks.”

No. What sucks is that my incompetent daughter sent my staff home when we should be working overtime to make sure this doesn’t happen next month,” Amanda Joy spits out. As Courtney lets out a slight laugh, Amanda Joy inquires, “What is it you find so funny?” “You. You’re such an uptight ass. Live life, enjoy and be in the moment. You’re starting to get a few stress lines across your face,” Courtney says patronizing her mother.

Scene Four: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
1284 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Bridget exits the elevator of one of the main floors of the hospital. As she makes her way to the main desk, she asks, “What you got for me today?” “One head trauma in Room 1 and another in Room 12,” a nurse at the station says. “Thanks. I’ll get on them.” “No you won’t. I’ll handle them,” Brian says behind her, grabbing both of the charts.

As he heads to the first room, Bridget side-swipes him into a conference room and locks the door. He annoyingly asks, “Excuse me, but what is that?” “What was what? You mean the point where you took my patients for the day and have been continually undermining me since our close encounter,” Bridget snaps out. “You call that a close encounter?” “And you don’t? What would you call it then?”

Brian laughs, leans in close and says, “I’d call it you falling and me catching you. And that maybe, just maybe, you wanted thing to do a little too far.” As the pair stare at each other for a few moments, Brian pulls Bridget close and they immediately lock lips, joining each other in a full blown kiss.

Scene Five: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jamie enters into her art gallery, carrying an overloading amount of stuff for the gallery. Clearly stressed, Jamie yells out, “Chelsea! Are you here! I need help!” Chelsea runs out from the back room to rush and help her. “I’m here. Sorry. I was busy doing inventory in the back,” Chelsea responds as she takes some of Jamie’s weight from her. “Thank you Chels. Hey, can we chat for a couple of minutes,” Jamie says. Chelsea, in a worrisome tone responds, “Sure. Is everything okay?”

As both ladies take a seat on a couch, Jamie begins, “Everything is okay. I just wanted to know how your adjustment into Liberty City is going. You know, I’m your boss but I also want to be someone you can confide in.” “Awe well, thank you Jamie. That does mean a lot to me. As for settling in, I am doing as well as can be expected,” Chelsea responds. “So, are you dating anyone?” “No. I’m not. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to it. I’m just not looking for it.”

Jamie gives a look to Chelsea, a kind of ‘yeah right’ look and both the ladies let out an enjoyable laugh. “Well, isn’t this a sight to see. My daughter getting along with another female counterpart,” an unknown voice says. As Jamie turns her attention to the entrance, her face lights up as she exclaims, “Dad!”

Scene Six: Liberty City Courthouse
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

As the court hearing leads into its end, Dustin’s lawyer states his final statements for the judge. He states, “My client has provided a stable home for the child in question for nearly half a year. And in that time, he has acted as the child’s parental guardian while Mrs. Smithson acted out selfishly, keeping the child’s true paternity from the former Mr. Smithson. I move that my client maintain his position as it is.”

After, Lisa stands up and makes her own case towards Monica and Keith. She states, “While Mr. Smithson’s lawyer does present a reasonable case, my clients are still the biological parents of the child, Isaac Smithson. Mrs. Smithson’s actions were made out of love and believed to be in the best interest of the child. Mrs. Smithson and the former Mr. Smithson were attempting to have a child for a number of months, with no avail. And upon finding herself pregnant, she wished to keep her family and marriage intact. Nothing was done in malice. It was made in complete favor of the defendant. And Mrs. Smithson and her husband, the child’s true biological parent, are in a happily committed marriage. And unlike the defendant, can provide a stable home for their child. And plan to make well on that decision by leaving Liberty City to start a-new as a family unit. Thank you.”

After several silent moments, the judge returns from his chambers and announces, “It appears both sides of the courtroom provide strong cases for their own sides of the story. However, that does not mean Mr. Dustin Smithson should automate guardianship of Isaac Smithson as his father. He has kept Mrs. Monica Smithson from her son out of anger for the dissolution of his second failed marriage. I see no reason why legal rights shouldn’t be put back in the current Mr. and Mrs. Smithson’s hands, as they seem to be providing a solid and firm foundation for the child. I have no choice but to strip the defendant Dustin Smithson of his parental rights and return them to the biological father, Keith Smithson and his wife Monica Smithson, effective immediately. Court adjourned.”

As the judge pounds his gabble down, Monica and Keith embrace each other in their win while Dustin wallows in his loss against his ex-wife and estranged father.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Police Department
1228 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Donna and Theo exit out of the conference room, followed by Detective John Marley. The pair stops to turn around and thank the detective for his hard work. “Thank you Detective Marley for everything,” Theo says. John smiles and responds, “No worries. We’re going to catch this creep if it’s the last thing we do. I promise you that.”

Thank you Detective Marley. We’ll be in contact I’m sure,” Donna says, shaking the detective’s hand. As Donna and Theo exit the station, John heads to his desk and sits down in his chair. He throws Theo’s case file onto his desk and leans back, pondering thoughts on his mind.

Outside, Donna and Theo head to their car. Stopping, Theo says, “Aunt Donna, thank you for everything.” The two share a smile before getting into their vehicle and driving off.

Scene Eight: CJ Enterprises
14 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

You seem to think you can test me. But I am your mother and you will respect me,” Amanda Joy shrieks at Courtney. Courtney lets out a pathetic laugh and responds, “Respect and you in the same sentence? How pathetic. You’re the one who told me we were coming to town to prey on Cristina during her grieving. And then you changed your tune when she started letting you in. And now you’re running her company like it’s yours.”

Courtney you know that’s not true. You’re the one who has something against your sister,” Amanda Joy explains. Courtney explains, “We’re sisters. Of course we’re going to be against each other. But she’s my sister and I love her. And I want what’s best for this company and that’s putting me in charge as active CEO until Cris returns.” “She won’t be returning, you know that. She left Liberty City and is not returning, so please, for your sanity drop this insane belief that I’m out to get you and that you’d be better as the acting CEO. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

As Amanda Joy walks out of the office, Courtney presses her lips and says out loud, “Oh no mother, you’re the one who is about to embarrass herself.”

Scene Nine: Liberty City Memorial Hospital
1284 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

As their kiss continues, Bridget pulls herself back and slaps Brian straight across the face. Taken aback, he remarks, “Wow. Talk about a kiss with a pow! What was that for?” “You don’t just get to toy with me and then kiss me. I don’t know you think you are, but I am not that kind of girl.” “Bridget, you’re far from a girl and far from being honest about your feelings. You know you’re feeling something for me.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Brian lets out a laugh and says, “You came to me being interested in the medical clinic and you were flirtatious with it. And when you fell into my arms you can’t deny that you felt something between us.” “There might have been a slight physical attraction, but it was in the moment. Nothing else. I have no feelings for you,” Bridget responds. She continues, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have patients to attend to.”

As Bridget takes the charts back and exits the room, Brian stands there impressed while rubbing his cheek which still stung from being slapped.

Scene Ten: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Oh daddy, what are you doing here? I mean, I thought you weren’t able to travel,” Jamie says hugging her father. He hugs her tightly and responds, “Your mother thought it was best we begin an early retirement even earlier and came to save me from your Aunt Linda.” “Mom? What do you mean?”

He means, I came to save him from continuous reruns of ‘Bonanza’ as if they were brand-new episodes,” Shirley says at the entrance glowing. At peace Jamie says, “Oh mom, come here!” As Jamie embraces her parents, Chelsea stands up and says, “I’ll give you guys some moments alone. I’ll take all of this into the backroom.”

As Chelsea exits Jamie questions, “So, why the early arrival? I didn’t think you were coming until closer to the wedding?” “Because my daughter needs me and I need to make sure that my future son-in-law is in the tip top shape I hear he’s in. I hear he’s a catch, huh,” Donald teases to his daughter. “Oh stop it Don. We can’t let our daughter know our secret of loving the same men,” Shirley flirting jokes with her husband.

At peace Jamie lets out a sigh and says, “This is perfect. Both of my parents here with me and I have a fiancé who loves me. My family is perfect and where it all should be.” As she embraces her parents as if a little girl, Chelsea spies on them out of the corner of her eye in the back room.

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