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3×05 The Intervention

3×05: The Intervention

Previously on Liberty City:
Logan returns to Liberty City.
Alecia and Susan have an afternoon full of drinking over their woes.
Bridget and Brian have a close encounter.
Theo terminates Logan from her job.
Michael returns from Australia with his new wife, Rebecca.

Scene One: The Smithson Residence
1423 Seneca Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jessica walks up the walk way to the front door of her father’s home. Before she’s able to enter, her phone starts to ring. She answers, “Hello? No I just got here. You’ll get it when I can get it to you. Today. I got to do. Bye.”

As Jessica opens the front door, she yells out, “Dad! I’m here. What is it you wanted to-” Before she can finish her statement, she walks into the living room where a group of her loved ones and friends are sitting, awaiting her arrival. She finishes her statement, “-Talk about?” After standing there for a few moments, she asks, “What is this?”

An over-all shows all of her loved ones, including: Jamie, Dustin, Susan, Dan, Cassandra, Diane and an unknown woman. The unknown woman stands up and says, “Jessica. Your family and friends have gathered to support you.” “And who are you,” Jessica asks. “I’m Anneliese, I’m here on behalf of those gathered here for you.” “I’m not doing this.”

Please baby. Please sit down for us and hear us out,” Jamie pleads. Diane interjects and says, “Jessica, I found the drugs in your room. And I came to your mother and father about them. They’re concerning.” “You were in my room? How dare you,” Jessica distantly responds. “It was for your own good. Information came to me and I had to make sure not only that I was living in a safe environment but that you were, too.”

As Jessica turns around to go, she’s stopped by Jason. He firmly looks at her and says, “Turn around and sit down.” Jessica looks into Jason’s eyes with a distinct fear of what was to come.

Scene Two: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Leah walks out onto the lanai, where she goes to the mini-bar and puts cream into her tea. As she stirs it up with a little red straw, she puts her tea onto the table and as she turns around, collides into a civilian. The civilian, Galvin Gregson, looking disgruntled says, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking if anyone was getting up.” “Oh please, it was mine. I should have been more careful who I was bumping into,” Leah says. “Bump anytime.”

As he goes to enter into the café, Leah asks, “Would you care to join me? I’m just having some tea and I’d love some company.” “Sure. Let me go get a coffee,” Galvin responds.

Leah lets out a slight smile, her first in what feels like forever.

Scene Three: Town House Nº2
1221 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Adam enters in the living room, frantically looking for his shirt, which he seems to have misplaced. Upon finding his shirt, a knock is heard at the door. “Coming,” he shouts out.

As the knocks get more and more frequent, Adam becomes increasingly frustrated. As she answers the door, he is shocked to see who stands before him. He questions, “Ava?” The young woman smiles an ingenuous smile and says, “Yes. It’s me.”

After moments of silence, Madison surprisingly turns from the corner and says, “What’s the matter Adam? Don’t recognize our daughter?” Still in shock, Adam responds, “Of course I do. I’d recognize my girl anywhere.” Ava pushes Adam aside as she enters into the house and says in a tone, “Of course you would. I mean, that’s why you left isn’t it? Because you’d recognize me every time you’d have to look at me for doing what you did to us by leaving?”

Adam questions, “What are you talking about? Since when can you talk to me that way? I’m your father and I demand respect.” Ava stands there with a normal teenage attitude and eventually says, “Well? Are we going to get this show on the road?”

Madison interrupts and says, “I apologize Adam. But I think it’s time we told our daughter the truth. That’s why we’re here.”

Scene Four: The Grove
26 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Live Jazz music plays at The Grove, setting to mood for a slightly romantic yet relaxing setting. At the front of the restaurant, Mathew and Ameera enter and ask for their reservation. As the pair make their way to the table, Ameera says, “Mathew, you didn’t need to go all out for this.” “Oh it’s nothing. Figured it’d be nice to get to know the locations of Liberty City from someone who has lived here for a significant amount of time before you,” Mathew responds.

As the pair take a seat, Ameera asks, “So, what did you ask me to dinner? I mean I thought for sure after I asked you and Braden to lunch that you’d consider me weird.” “No. It’s actually quite nice I must say. And I asked you out because I’m intrigued to get to know the real you; the real Ameera Perry,” Mathew responds.

The two just smile at each other as they prepare to embark on their dinner date.

Scene Five: The Smithson Residence
1423 Seneca Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jason get out of my way,” Jessica demands as she stands in front of Jason. He responds, “No. You turn around and you face your family. If not for you, do it for them.” After standing there for several moments, Jessica finally turns around and walks back into the gathering of friends and family.

As she sits down, Jessica says in an absent tone, “So. Someone speak before I die.” “I’ll start,” Jamie begins. “Honey, why are you doing this to yourself? You have so much potential in your life. You’re wasting it.” Jessica snipes, “How the fuck would you know about my potential?” “Hey, you watch how you speak to you mother,” Dustin exclaims. “Why dad? Aren’t you the one that fucked her sister? And then the sister fucked your father? I hardly think my speaking to my in whatever way you want to call it is damaging to her or this family.”

Jessica stands up and begins to walk out. Jason asks, “Where are you going?” “I’m going to go be by myself,” Jessica responds. “And do what?” “You know what I’m going to do, you all know. It’s no secret anymore. Surprise! I do drugs! I like coke and ecstasy and oxy. I do it all. And at this point, I need to feel nothing.”

As Jessica hurries away, Susan interrupts and says, “Do it here.” Jessica stops in her tracks and asks, “What?” Anneliese interjects and says, “Susan is right. If you’re going to go off and get high, do it in front of your family. You owe them that respect.” Jessica looks around and sees all of her loved ones looking and wondering what she would do. She says, “Fine have it your way.”

Jessica removes three pills from her pocket and waves them in everyone’s face. She walks over to a side table and swipes it clean. She then dumps out the pills onto the table and uses a statue on the table and smashes the pills into nothing. She takes a card out of the bag and lines up the dusted pills, leans over and inhales them through her nose. As she inhales, her family looks on trying not to stop her. As she finishes, she whips herself up and absently asks, “Happy?”

Jessica,” Cassandra begins to say as she stands up, “I know from personal experience that it isn’t easy dealing with an addiction. But you can get over it.” Jessica laughs and replies, “You’re bullshitting me, right? Because that’s a crock.” “Jessica, don’t speak to her that way,” Dan interjects. Cassandra responds, “No. It’s okay. I can handle it. Jessica I’d be careful with what you say.” “What’s the matter Cassandra, worried about what I might say?”

Dan asks, “Jess, what are you talking about?” Jessica lets out a smirk and replies, “Should I tell him Cassandra or should you?” Dumbfounded, Cassandra responds, “I have no idea what you’re speaking of Jessica. You’re making no sense.” “So you want to play the hard way, I’ll do that. Does your husband know who you planned on getting those drugs from to frame him into your marriage? And did he know it was me you were coming to?”

Increasingly pissed, Dan exclaims, “What! This is not true, is it?” “Oh yes, it is. Your wife was planning on buying drugs from me to frame you into a marriage. Not to mention, some for herself. I mean, where do you think I got started in the habit?”

Scene Six: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Galvin walks back out onto the lanai and asks, “So why did you ask me to join you?” “Because you seemed to be alone and I’m alone and figured why not enjoy the company of someone else,” Leah responds. “Good idea. So why are you alone, a pretty woman like yourself?”

My ex married my sister, his baby mama. And they kicked me out of their lives,” Leah responds taking a sip of her tea. Galvin shakes his head and responds, “I’m so sorry. That’s terrible.” “Yeah. But it’s life. You can’t do anything but move on. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to knock my sister’s teeth in and do some bodily damage to my ex.” “Wouldn’t we all, though?”

As both share a genuine giggle, Leah asks, “How about you? What brings you here alone?” “My brother sent me after his wife. And she’s great, she’s truly amazing. And doesn’t love him,” Galvin responds. “Nor does she love you, right? And that’s the issue. She doesn’t love you?” “I wouldn’t even possibly call it love, I’d call it infatuation for their romance. I’ve always been in Garrett, that’s my brother, his shadow.”

Leah leans in close and responds, “I don’t see any shadow now, do you?” “No. I guess I don’t,” he responds. “You wanna get out of here? It’s getting kind of late.” “I’d love to.”

Galvin gets up, as well as Leah and they both leave The Buzz Café together, after arriving alone.

Scene Seven: The Grove
26 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

In the dimly lit restaurant, Ameera and Mathew share a contagious laugh as they finish up their meals. “Well I must say I surprisingly enjoyed this,” Mathew says. Ameera agrees, “I did, too. The hospital has been working me over time since getting the job. A lot of things have been changing and needing to get adjusted to. It’s a lot. I’ve never worked this hard in my entire life.”

The hospital is busy? Did Brenda leave much behind,” Mathew asks. She responds, “No. Not much. There’s just a lot of staff incomings and out-goings happening lately. I even heard in the grapevines that we’re getting a new chief of staff soon.” “Derek is leaving?” “No one knows. With his upcoming marriage, he’s definitely going to be taking some personal time. So it doesn’t surprise me if he temporarily steps down to be a married man.”

Well I’m glad I could take you away from that nonsense for an evening,” Mathew graciously says. Ameera smiles and responds, “So am I. I enjoyed this. It’s the first time in a while I’ve been treated to a nice dinner.” “Treated? I assumed you knew you were paying for it.”

After a few moments of awkward silence, Mathew breaks his stern look and laughs. “I had you fooled, didn’t I?” Ameera breaks into hysterics and responds, “You did! That wasn’t very nice!” “Whoever told you I was nice had you fooled.”

The two continue laughing, as Mathew throws down the money for dinner and the pair leave the evening with a case of the giggles.

Scene Eight: Town House Nº2
1221 Bunker Hill Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Madison sits down next to Ava, who is now cushioned between her mother and father. She begins by saying, “Honey, your father has made some decisions for the family that you should be included on.” “Decisions? What do you mean decisions,” Ava asks. “Your father and I are divorcing and he’s going to live here, with his mistress.”

Ava stands up and exclaims, “Mistress! What do you mean mistress?!” “That’s not at all true Ava. Your mother and I are divorcing but it’s not about Diane,” Adam responds in a fluster. “Diane? That’s her name? How could you do this to us dad? How could you do this to mom? She doesn’t deserve this.” Madison interjects, “Ava, sweetie, listen to me. Everything is going to be fine. I promise you that. We just won’t be together is all. But we’re still you’re parents.”

No. You’re not. My parents would divorce each other, or should I say my father wouldn’t,” Ava says trying to hold back her tears. She continues, “I blame you for this! I’ll never forgive you.”

As she storms out, Adam tries to follow her. Unsuccessful, he turns to Madison and says, “What was that? You know you twisted the truth to your advantage to turn her against me.” “Now now Adam, why would I do such a thing like that? I was simply being honest with her,” Madison says in a manipulative tone. She then leaves the home, leaving Adam to stand alone in the living room, dumbfounded at what had just happened.

Scene Nine: The Smithson Residence
1423 Seneca Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Dumbfounded by the shocking reveal, Dan asks, “Cassandra is this true? Did you really do everything she’s accusing you of doing?” “Danny, I didn’t mean to,” Cassandra responds trying to fight back her tears. As she goes to hug Dan, he pushes her aside and storms out of the home. Crying for forgiveness, Cassandra attempts to run after him with Jessica laughing at the desperation of her “aunt”.

Cassandra turns around and in a pissed tone asks, “You find this funny?” Still laughing Jessica responds, “No actually. I find this hysterical.” “You’re nothing but a junkie Jessica.” “Look at who is calling the kettle black.” “Both of you stop. This is not what we came here for,” Jason interjects.

Jessica takes her focus off of Cassandra and moves it to Jason and asks, “What is it that you came here to do Jason? Apologize?” “For what,” Jason responds. “For cheating on me with Natalie. What, you didn’t think I knew? I’m not dumb Jason. I knew you two for having an affair for the longest time.” “Then why didn’t you say anything?” “Because I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, one day one of you would wake up and smell the goddamn coffee. Why do you think Natalie left town?”

You spoke to Natalie,” Susan asks. “Yes, the night she left town. I confronted her with the truth about the affair and told her if she didn’t end it, I’d expose her for the slut she was,” Jessica responds. “Jessie, I’m sorry,” Jason apologizes. “I don’t want your apology,” Jessica responds fighting away the tears. As Jason goes to comfort Jessica, she pushes him away and explains, “No. We were supposed to be happy. You and I. Death do us part. But that must have been too much to ask. I can’t do this anymore.”

As Jessica begins to breakdown, she admits, “I need help. I don’t want to be unhappy anymore.” Jamie goes to her daughter and comforts her. She then says, “Honey, look at me. There’s a place we can send you to get help. I’d be more than happy to take you.” Susan interrupts and says, “I’ll take her. And I’ll stay until she’s settled in. You have Dillon to take care of.”

Muddled, Jessica says, “I’ll go.”

Scene Ten

Leah and Galvin arrive at Galvin’s room at the hotel. “Well, I guess this is where we depart,” Leah says. He responds, “I guess so.” As the two stare at each other, they slowly gravitate to each other and share a kiss. Both parties quickly pull apart, in shock. They then embrace in a hotter, more sexually charged kiss. As they enter into the room, Leah jumps up onto Galvin and he plants her into the bed. As they continue to kiss, Leah removes Galvin’s shirt and embraces him. She digs her nails into his bare back and lets out periodic sighs of enjoyment.

Ameera and Mathew arrive at her hotel room door. “Thank you for a lovely night,” Ameera says. He responds, “You’re welcome. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.” Ameera nods in agreement as Mathew walks off.

Jessica hugs all of her loved ones, as she prepares to embark on her new journey. As she gets to her mother, she says, “Don’t you worry about me. I’m going to be okay. Us Lane women are strong.” “Yes. We are. I’m so proud of you baby and when you get there, call me,” Jamie responds.

Jessica waves goodbye to her loved ones as she and Susan leave.

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