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2×22 I Choose You!

2×22: I Choose You! 

Previously on Liberty City:
Adam makes a decision concerning Diane and Madison.
Donna instructs Cristina to leave town.
Garrett and Jennifer reconnect.
Dustin proposes to Jamie.

Scene One: Liberty City Hotel – Room 313, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Shirley sits at the desk located inside of her room. As she sits, she continues to talk on her cell phone. She talks: “I know darling. I miss you, too. The girls are okay, you know them. They’re just like us, complicated and love each other; whether they choose to believe it or not.”

As she continues her conversation, a knock is heard at the door. She finishes: “Listen, honey, there’s someone at the door. Yes, I will call you later. Tell Linda to lay off the cheese, she doesn’t handle it well. Okay, love you too. Bye.”

As Shirley hangs up her phone, she walks over to her hotel room door, opens it up and see’s a distraught Jamie standing in the door way. She asks, “Honey, what’s wrong?” “Everything is wrong. I have two men who proposed to me, and I don’t think I can say yes to either of them,” Jamie frantically says entering into her mother’s hotel room.

Shirley turns and looks at her daughter entering into her room. She looks confused and somewhat worried; she closes the door.

Scene Two: The Spencer Residence, 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Leah stands in the kitchen with Claire in the kitchen sink giving her a bath. “There isn’t that nice to be clean,” Leah coos to Claire is a bouncy voice. “I wonder where your daddy is, though. We’ve been missing him, huh? Yes we have.”

At that moment, Leah hears the front door open. Leah gives Claire a shocked and excited look, hoping to excite her. She the two head for the front door, Leah is shocked to see both Dan and Cassandra standing there hand-in-hand.

Leah asks, “What is this? What’s going on?” “Come to mama,” Cassandra coos in a spooky, Evil Witch tone. As Cassandra tries to take Claire, Leah twitches away. She asks, “Why are you here Cassandra?” “Because she’s my wife,” Dan speaks.

Leah stutters, “S-s-she’s your what? I’m sorry, I must be drunk. I could have sworn you just said she was your wife?” “Yes, she is,” Dan responds.

Scene Three: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Derek sits at his desk, looking over some paperwork. A knock is heard at the door; he responds, “Come in.” As the door opens, Dr. Bridget Carter enters. “Yes, Dr. Spencer, you were looking for me? And I just wanted to make sure everything was okay,” she says.

Yes. I heard you were looking for me the other way and I wasn’t here. What’s going on,” Derek responds. Bridget says, “I was going to talk to you about the patient with the dislocated shoulder and what we should do for after-care treatment since they can’t take morphine.” “Well, we could give them Hydrocodone, though that isn’t the greatest option in my opinion.”

Before Bridget can give her reply, another knock is heard on the door. “Come in,” Derek announces; Dr. Brian Connolly enters. Derek asks, “Can I help you?” “Yes, I have the outline for the Medical Clinic. And the board wants you to look it over,” Brian replies. Derek nods his head in thanks.

Excuse me,” Bridget begins, “what medical clinic? Are we opening another part of the hospital?” Derek responds, “You could say that. The hospital, under my OK is going to be sponsoring a medical clinic up the road for families under tight budgets, bringing in pediatric doctors, clinic technicians, etc.”

Bridget nods, obviously interested by the idea that’s been entertained to her. Derek then says, “Dr. Carter, I hate to cut this short, but I unfortunately have a personal appointment to attend to. We will discuss this at a later time, yes?”

Derek exits his office, leaving Bridget to sit there, continually thinking about the medical center.

Scene Four: Liberty City Hotel – Room 313, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Shirley makes her way over to Jamie and sits down besides her; she asks, “Honey, what’s wrong? What do you mean two men proposed to you and you can’t say yes to either of them?” “Derek proposed and Dustin proposed, separately of course.”

Confused, Shirley asks, “Wait, why would Dustin propose?” “Because we slept together,” Jamie responds frustrated at her situation. “You two did what?” “It was unplanned mom, we had been talking and things just seemed like normal again before the divorce.” “Honey, don’t feel upset. We all make mistakes.”

But was it a mistake? How do we know it wasn’t meant to be,” Jamie responds. Shirley says, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” “How do I know, though? I mean, I was married to Dustin. We had a life together and he broke it. And then I found Derek and we’ve had wonderful times together. With Dustin it was about supporting him and his dreams; with Derek it’s about supporting each other.” “Do you love Dustin?”

Jamie gets up and walks over to her mother’s vanity, which holds a photograph of her mother, father and her sisters. She picks it up and asks, “Mom, how did you know daddy was the one?” “He was the only one without a hair piece,” Shirley responds, getting a laugh from both women. She continues, “In all seriousness, I didn’t until we had you, your sisters and your brother. Once we had your kids, I knew he was the one. The way he softened up with you guys. That’s when I knew your father was the one.”

You didn’t know until you had us? What if you never had children together? I would hate to think that you and him could have split,” Jamie responds, sitting back down next to her mother. Shirley replies, “We’ll never know because your father and I are together and are madly in love like it’s Day One.” “Okay, save the details. I don’t need the images. But mom, how am I supposed to choose between them?”

Shirley grabs her daughter’s hand and responds, “You don’t. You let your heart make that decision for you.” “But what if my heart and my head say two different things,” Jamie responds. “They you trust your gut, and hope it leads you in the right direction.”

Jamie stands up and goes back over to the photograph of her family, which triggers two flashbacks:

“As Derek cleans up the Chinese food, he hears a knock at the door. As he opens it, Jamie is seen standing her, looking at him with a lost look in her eyes. In a split moment, the two embrace with a very passionate kiss. Derek shuts the door, leaving the two to reunite.”

“As Dustin walks downstairs and heads to the couch, a knock is heard at the door. As he opens up, he sees Jamie standing there with a blank expression on her face. As they stare at each other, they both attack each other in a very rigorous kiss. Dustin slams Jamie against the now closed door and they continue to kiss. Jamie rips the shirt off of Dustin, and he kisses her neck, letting her moan and press her finger tips into Dustin’s back. Jamie jumps up and wraps her legs around Dustin, as both of them go to the couch and continue on; neither of them caring about what they were doing.”

As Jamie comes out of her daydreams, she quickly grabs her purse and jacket and rushes towards the door. Shirley, surprised, asks, “Jamie, what’s wrong?” “I know who to choose, I have to go. I love you,” Jamie quickly says before rushing out of the door.

Scene Five: The Spencer Residence, 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
In a state of shock, Leah asks, “What the hell do you mean she’s your wife? When did this happen?” “When you weren’t looking or paying attention to him. Sorry sis,” Cassandra responds in a snotty tone. Cassandra grabs Claire from Leah and says, “I think it’s time for a nappy, huh? I think so.”

As Leah glares at Cassandra, her attention quickly turns to Dan. Dan quickly says, “Leah, let me please explain.” “No,” Leah interrupts. She continues, “I’ve sat around here for months taking care of that little girl and we have a little argument and you go beyond my damn back and marry her! How dare you!”

Dan exclaims, “How dare I! How dare you! You’d dare deny a child the right to know her mother!” “I am her mother!” “No, her mother is upstairs.” Upset by these words, Leah approaches Dan and slaps him straight across the face. She says, “That bitch upstairs is not her mother, she’s nothing more than a goddamn egg donor.”

Oh really,” Cassandra says, walking down the stairs. “At least I was able to carry his child. Why haven’t you yet? Oh yes, that’s right, you can’t.” “Shut up Cassandra.” “Ouch, did I hit a nerve Leah? Let me rephrase, you’re a baron bitch.”

In a fit of rage, Leah dashes to attack Cassandra, only to be forced back by Dan. “Stop! This isn’t going to resolve anything,” Dan exclaims. “Cassandra is my wife. You have to respect that.” “Respect means dick,” Leah responds. Cassandra, in a cocky tone, responds, “And unfortunately for you, his is mine now. So you have no more need to be here. I took the liberty to pack your belongings up for you. You can go now.”

Dan, don’t do this,” Leah pleads with tears in her eyes. Dan grabs Leah’s hand and says, “I’m sorry Blondie, but I have to do what I have to do.” As Leah, picks up her bag, she walks out of the house. Before leaving, Cassandra says, “Here’s the hotel room key. Enjoy staying with mom. I’m sure she’ll stay, for a day anyway.”

As Cassandra throws the key at Leah, she slams the door in her face, leaving Leah alone in the cold to fend for herself.

Scene Six: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
At the main desk, Dr. Brian Connolly stands looking at paperwork concerning the opening clinic. Bridget approaches the desk and asks, “Hey Brian, can I ask you something?” “Sure,” Brian responds.

Bridget says, “This clinic you’re opening up the road, what’s that all about?” “It’s a walk-in medical clinic for those who need just a regular check-up and aren’t fully insured or need immediately medical attention that possibly isn’t required to be treated at a hospital,” Brian responds. “So, then, it’s almost like a doctor’s office? But different?” “Yeah, I guess you could think of it like that.”

As Brian begins to walk away from the main desk, Bridget asks, “Maybe I could help? I mean, this is what I got into being a doctor for. For things like the clinic.” “I hardly doubt you’d want to give up your job here at the hospital for something like this,” Brian responds, dismissing her question. “No, I’d love to. Even if it’s part-time, I’d split my time between the hospital and the clinic. Please Brian, I’d love to be a part of it.”

Brian smiles at Bridget and says, “Okay. I’ll think about it. And I’ll have to run it past Derek, since he’ll have to work out the schedule.” “Okay thanks,” Bridget responds, smiling at herself. In a chipper mood, she skips off happily.

Scene Seven
Leah enters into her hotel room at the Liberty City Hotel. After settling in, a knock is heard at the door. Upon opening, a man hands her an envelope and immediately walks off. Upon opening the envelope, Leah discovers a hotel bill for $1,587.89, and a note that reads:

Payback’s a bitch.

Leah walks over to the couch and crawls up into the fetal position and begins to cry her eyes out.


Frantically driving, Jamie rushes through traffic, honking her horn and cussing at traffic, trying to get to her destination. We see both Dustin and Derek, in their homes, doing their separate work. Jamie arrives to a front door, but both men hear a knock. As both men walk to their door, only one opens.

Yes. I’ll marry you,” Jamie says, panting to her unknown choice.