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2×10 Savings Of a Lifetime, Part II

2×10: Savings Of a Lifetime, Part II 

Previously on Liberty City:
Dan and Leah bring Claire home.
Jennifer offers her home to Jamie.
Adam and Diane have sex in his hotel room.
Patricia returns to town, with Cassandra.

Scene One: The Smithson Home, 745 Brooklyn Road, Liberty City, 01948.
With Leah still in shock of her mother’s arrival, Patricia walks into the house and says, “Yes, and the whole family is back together again.” “How did you know I was talking about Claire? We just brought her home,” Leah says.

She’s not talking about Claire,” a mysterious female voice says. Leah quickly turns around to be even more shocked see her sister standing in the doorway. “She was talking about me,” Cassandra says standing in the doorway with a clear grudge held against her sister.

You’re… A-A-A-Alive. How?” Leah tries to get out of her. “What’s the matter? Surprised to see me?” Cassandra replies in a snarky tone. Dan, still upstairs, turns his head around the corner, and catches his first view of Cassandra since her coma last year.

Scene Two: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Mathew and Braden enter into the café and are signaled over to a table in the back. Awaiting their arrival is D.A. Lisa Daley. “Thank you for joining me on such short notice,” Lisa says to the men. “It’s no problem, especially when the D.A. gets me some time off of work just to come meet her. Not often does that happen,” Mathew says, suspicious on why he’s there.

You two must be wondering why I called you here.” Braden says, “Yes. Is everything okay?” “No. We’re here to talk about the lady you two have in common.” Mathew asks, “Brenda?

Lisa looks directly at both men and bluntly says, “No. Roxanne Stevens.” The name sends the two men into shock, wondering why such a name would be brought up.

Scene Three: Liberty City Hotel – Room 423, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
We see an over-view of the hotel room, with clothing marking a line from the door to the bed, where we find Adam and Diane laying naked with each other. The two lay entangled in the bed sheets, which have been slept in.

Adam continues to kiss up the side of Diane’s arm and goes up into her neck. “Stop that,” Diane says, smacks his hand which lay on her hip. “If I stopped when you told me to stop, we would’ve been done after the second time,” Adam jokingly points out. “And the third, and the fourth.” Adam and Diane share a chuckle before they make out, and continue on their fifth round of sexual passions with each other.

As Diane climbs herself on top of Adam, the door of the hotel room slams open. Startled, Adam and Diane quickly cover up and her shocked to see a woman standing in the doorway of the room.

Madison, what are you doing here?” Adam questions. “Madison? You know this woman?” Diane asks Adam, confused on what was going on. The woman, clearly identified as Madison, replies, “This woman is his wife. So that begs the question, who the hell are you and why are you with my husband?

Clearly shocked, Diane quickly turns and looks at Adam. With the look of a guilty man on his face, Diane says, “You’re married?

Scene Four: The Smithson Home, 745 Brooklyn Road, Liberty City, 01948.


As Leah shuts the door, she says, “I wish I had known. I would’ve picked you up or something.” Patricia smiles and says, “Well, we figured we’d surprise you. You always did love being surprised when you were a little girl.” “Mom, she may not be little but she’s still a girl,” Cassandra says.

All three ladies move their focus to the staircase, where Dan is seen coming down. “Is she asleep?” Leah asks Dan. “Yes, she’s down. And sleeping like the angel she is,” Dan replies. He then turns his head and sees Cassandra. “Hello Daniel. Long time, no see,” she says to him. “Yes, it’s been a while now hasn’t it?” “Can I get anyone anything to drink? Or offer a seat?” Leah says, to break the obvious tension in the room between everyone. “Thank you, darling. I’d love some water,” Patricia says.

Dan offers himself to grab the water so Leah and her family could reconnect after so much time apart. “So, how long have you been awake?” Leah asks of Cassandra. She replies, “A few weeks now. Speedy recovery. It was like a long nap.” Patricia interjects and says, “Doctors say her determination to wake up is what brought her to right here so fast. My baby girl is a fighter.” “There’s a reason why I’m here Leah,” Cassandra begins, catching her attention. She continues, “I’m here for Claire, my daughter. She’s the only person in this world I care about and that I have, besides mom.” Leah says, “You have me. You’ve always had me.”

Cassandra laughs off what Leah said. She gains her composure quickly and says, “I’ve had you? Where were you when I pregnant? Oh yes, that’s right. Sleeping with my man.” Leah, clearly pissed that she’s held onto her past this long, replies, “Your man? What happened between Dan and I wasn’t intentional. You know that Cass. And if that’s all you can hold onto, that’s sad.

What’s going on in here with you ladies?” Dan says, clearly trying to ignore what he was walking into. All the ladies star at each other, clearly each having their own eggshells to walk on.

Scene Five: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Roxanne? Why do you want to talk to us, especially me about her? I barely knew her,” Braden tries to explain. “Yes, especially you. You had a romantic entanglement with the late Ms. Stevens in November of last year, did you not?” Lisa asks. “I did, but that’s beyond the point. It was a mistake.” “Woah, did you just say the late Ms. Stevens?” Mathew interruptions and asks.

Yes, I am investigating the disappearance and possible murder of Ms. Roxanne Stevens,” she replies. “Murder? Who would murder Roxanne?” “Brenda is my main suspect. I have to rule you two out, as well. I take it you didn’t suspect a disappearance?” Both gentlemen shake their heads no. “And Mathew, you look suspicious as well. I mean, you are her ex-husband and you did cheat on Brenda with Roxanne.

Mathew gives Lisa a confused look and says, “My affair has nothing to do with this. My affair was not planned, nor did I intend on ever losing Brenda. And getting her back in my life has been the most amazing feeling.” Lisa smiles, as she now has Mathew where she wants him. “So, does you having her back mean that you would do anything and everything to keep Roxanne from ruining that again?

Why would Mathew try and kill Roxanne? He has no reason to,” Braden interjects in. “But you could Braden. That little romantic fling, I know your mother wasn’t too fond of that. You’d want to protect your mother and the man in her life, wouldn’t you?” “Of course, but not to the point of murder. Besides, that romantic stuff only happened a few times. It didn’t mean anything to me. She’s not my type.

Lisa smiles, and lets out a slight chuckle.

Scene Six: Liberty City Hotel – Room 423, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
As Adam stands in his room, finishing putting his clothes on, Diane exits the bathroom with everything but her bra on. “I can’t seem to find my bra, I can’t find it,” she says quietly. “Is this it?” Madison asks with it dangling from her finger. Diane creeps over to Madison’s finger and as she goes to grab it, Madison drops it to the ground. “Madison!” Adam exclaims. Madison, untouched by his statement, replies, “What? She can pick it up off the floor like the skank she is.

As she picks up her bra, and her coat, she turns to Adam and says, “I guess I’ll talk to you later. Once again, sorry.” “Yeah, you should be,” Madison says to her in anger. As Diane leaves, Madison focuses her attention to her husband. She puts her purse onto the chair and says, “Well look at this place, we need to clean it up.” Confused, Adam says, “Clean it? What, wait! Why are you ever here?” “I’m here following my husband. And without me, he can’t keep anything clean or tidy.

Adam grabs her arm, and she immediately yanks it away. “Why are you being like this Madison? You’re not like this,” he says. Madison snaps back and says, “I’m like this Adam, because I just walked in on my husband and that woman.” After a sudden pause, it clicks with Madison who the woman was. “Wait, was that Diane? The Diane?” Adam bows his head down in shame.

Laughing it off, she tells him, “I knew. The moment I could let your past go, you’d go running back to her and try and get her back into your life no matter the cost. Our marriage, our daughter. You’d throw away me and Ava for her? For the woman that you couldn’t commit to?” Adam replies, “She didn’t know I was married.” “And that makes it all better, doesn’t it?

Madison walks close into Adam’s space and gets up in his face and says, “You’re no better than the druggies, the child molesters. You’ve molested our family the first and final time.” Adam looks at Madison with a look of confusion.

Scene Seven: The Smithson Home, 745 Brooklyn Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Cassandra was just explaining to us the road of recovery,” Leah says to Dan, avoiding the actual subject of Claire.

Well,” Cassandra begins, playing along with the game. “I woke up, and still thought that I was in Liberty City. But luckily, I had mom by my side and she was able to explain to me that she brought me to Boston for the best care possible. And I spent a few days in bed, but quickly began therapy so that way I could get home for Claire.

And we had hoped to get here before she went to bed to see her,” Patricia interjects in. “Well, you didn’t. And besides, there is a lot to do before seeing Claire,” Leah declares to both her mother and sister. “I don’t think that your choice, Leah. Your sister is her mother.” “And I’m not? I’ve been here taking care of her.” “And I would have, too. But unfortunately I was in a coma,” Cassandra interjects.

Ladies, I think we should settle this at another date. We don’t want to wake up Claire, it’s been a long day for her,” Dan says. As the ladies agree, Leah opens the door lets the girls walk out, before slamming the door behind them. “She’s the mother of my child,” Dan says to Leah. “And I’m not? I’ve been caring for your daughter as if she was my own since day one, does that not constitute anything to you?” Leah says, fighting back.

Clearly upset, Leah makes her way upstairs, leaving the situation and Dan alone downstairs.

Scene Eight
At the café, Mathew, Braden and Lisa all sit staring at each other. “Listen Lisa, we hate to waste your time but we have nothing to say on this matter. We’re as shocked as anyone would be that Roxanne is missing. She’s had a rough past, so it’s not exactly out of her norm to leave,” Mathew says to the D.A. She replies, “Obviously, you two could care less. I suspect you get lawyers next time we must talk because it’s obviously this isn’t going anywhere.

At the hotel, Madison grabs her bag and says to Adam, “I’ll be staying in town while we settle this. Because I don’t want Ava to have to deal with this. Think about our daughter in all of this Adam, and how much you’re tearing her family apart.” As Madison leaves, Adam sits on his bed and ponders the day.

Arriving home, Diane shuts her door, goes into her bedroom and crawls into a ball on her bed, clearly being hurt once again by the man of her past.

Back at the café, Mathew and Braden get up and clean. After they’re out of sight, Lisa takes out her cell phone and makes a call. “They just left. We have them right where she want them,” she says to someone on the opposite end of the phone.

Good,” the mystery person says. “That should make this go much easier than planned. You will be paid fully for the work you’ve not only done, but that you’re about to do. Continue on, you know how this is to go.” And as the phone is disconnected, we see Roxanne sitting in a chair, dressing formally, in a large office smiling at the games she’s begun to play.