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2×21 Is It Me You Want, or Is It Him?

2×21: Is It Me You Want, or Is It Him? 

Previously on Liberty City:
Jamie confesses to Derek that she slept with Dustin.
Logan announces she’s leaving town, and that Jennifer has to move out.
Madison and Diane come to a mini-blow out.
Jennifer gets a mystery guest at her doorstep.

Scene One: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina sits on her couch, looking over documents concerning her deal with Alecia Hughes making her the majority stock holder of Liberty City Hotel, which in-turn puts her control of Johnson Industries. As she leans back on the couch, she begins to think. This triggers the flashback…

Infuriated Logan replies, “Excuse me? When on earth did this happen?” Cristina throws the contract Alecia signed at Logan. Upon looking it over, she says, “Cristina. You did not do this. This is not possible. You did not do this to my family.”

Cristina, in a firm voice, says, “No Logan, I did it to my family. You’ve done nothing but push me, Tim and Theo aside for your own personal gain. And throwing me out during Tim’s memorial at your home and lashing out at me when I tried offering moral support was uncalled for. I am done being treated like the martyr of this family. You’ve done it to yourself Logan.”

Taken aback by her firm voice and tone, Logan silences herself and calmly says, “Cristina, I did not intend to offend-” Cristina interrupts, “It is your manner that offends Logan. Things are changing here at Johnson and at the hotel. You must be in everyday, I don’t care if you have a cough, you come in. Unless you’re on your death bed, which I wouldn’t mind seeing in the near future, your ass should be at work from the time you are expected to begin, till you are expected to leave. Now get your boney ass out of my office, and don’t let the door slam it on the way out.”

As the door slams again, Cristina is knocked out of her daydream to a knock at her own door. As she walks over to the door, she opens to see Donna Roberts standing in her door. “We have to talk,” Donna exclaims as she barges into the loft. Cristina closes the door, with a worried look upon her face.

Scene Two: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Little D quickly rushes underneath the dining room table, as if hiding from something or someone. As he heavily pants, he creeps his way towards the other side of the table until he sees two legs stop dead in front of him. Little D slowly and quietly creeps to the end of the table cloth, to see who it is without blowing his cover. As he gets close enough, the table cloth is thrown up and Susan Smithson exclaims, “Gotcha!” “Aw, Nana, you cheated that time,” Little D replies. “Well, I am good at seeking during Hide & Seek.”

At the moment, Dustin comes through a swinging door that connects the kitchen into the dining room. He enters holding a tray and says, “Okay you two kids, it’s time for lunch.” “But dad, we were just getting started,” Little D pleads. “Yeah, daddy, we were just getting started,” Susan as well remarks, in reference to Dustin’s choice of “you two kids.” Dustin laughs and replies, “Okay you two. One more round. Then it is lunch time.” Susan turns to Little D and says, “Why don’t you go hide somewhere upstairs and I’ll come find you in two minutes.” Little D agrees in excitement and dashes his way upstairs.

It sure is good to see him smile like that,” Dustin remarks. Susan replies, “Yes, it is. That poor guy has been through so much in his little life. The fact he still has energy is mind-blowing to me.” “Yeah, well, I’m sure going from having his mother here, to his aunt and now no one is a big adjustment.” “You can’t blame yourself Dustin, you were played by the Pied Piper.”

At that moment, the doorbell rings. Susan rushes to the door, to be greeted by Jamie Lane Smithson.”Oh. Hello Susan. It’s lovely to see you,” Jamie greets. Susan returns the sentiments and responds, “You too Jamie. Won’t you come in.” “Hey,” Dustin lets out in a despondent tone. Jamie returns in the same tone, “Hi.”

Aware of the obvious tension in the room, Susan interjects and says, “I hate to cut this short, but I have a little guy upstairs hiding and I have to seek him. We’ll chat later. Nice seeing you Jamie.” “You too,” Jamie returns with a somewhat insincere smile.

As Susan makes her way upstairs, Jamie and Dustin stand in the entrance way staring at each other, unknowing of what to do.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane enters into The Buzz Café and orders a coffee, black. As she receives her coffee, she goes over to the concession table to put her cream and sugar into her drink. She then makes her way out onto the lanai, where she’s greeted by Madison Newton. Diane quickly asks, “What are you doing here?” “I could ask you the same question,” Madison replies without feeling threatened of their last involvement.

You’re both here because of me,” Adam says at the lanai entrance. Both ladies look at Adam and then at each other, confused about what was about to go down.


Jennifer sits at a booth in the main sector of the café; upon looking up from her phone, she see’s Garrett Gregson enter. She quickly flags him down to signal him over to her.

Jennifer gets up and kindly greets, “Hi.” “Hi. I wasn’t expecting coffee so soon since my arrival back in town,” Garrett kindly greets to Jennifer. As both of them take their seat, Garrett asks, “So, what agenda can I thank for such a kind gesture on your part?” “I just wanted to catch up, no agenda here,” Jennifer responds. “Jenny, with you, there’s always been an agenda.”

Jennifer takes a sip of her drink before pressing her lips and giving a stern look at Garrett into his eyes.

Scene Four: The Johnson Loft, 1219 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina walks back into her loft and asks, “Is everything okay, Donna?” “No. Logan left town and it wasn’t a split minute decision. Nor did it have to do with that intervention we held,” Donna responds. “She left town? Like permanently or temporarily? I don’t understand Donna…” “She left with Meredith. She went with her back to Oregon with Meredith because Shaun had some difficulties with the house.”

Cristina asks, “And Shaun is Meredith’s husband, yes?” “Yes. He is. But the thing is, Shaun and Logan never got along; she never supported the union or them moving away,” Donna responds. “That doesn’t surprise me.” “I just don’t get why she left Cristina, I really don’t.”

Because I took the hotel away from you guys,” Cristina responds absently. Donna responds, “You did what?” “I made a deal with your mother. She sold me her shares and your father’s shares indebted into her to me, putting me into the sole ownership of Liberty City Hotel.” “How could she? She had the least amount out of all of us. What about the shares I had?”

Cristina explains, “Your mother knew that the only way I could get the ultimate revenge was to sell her portion of the hotel into my possession. As for your shares, they don’t exist. Your mother knows you know that.” “Well, what are you going to do now that you have the controlling interest? Don’t do something you’ll regret Cristina,” Donna warns to her. “Don’t worry, there will be no regrets. Logan will just have wished that she hadn’t been as deliberately resentful as she was. Payback is the ultimate bitch.”

Cristina you need to leave town,” Donna says in sincere concern. Cristina asks, “What do you mean? Why would I need to leave town?” “You know why Cristina. You know that Logan is going to come back from her ‘vacation’ and want the company. She’ll do anything to destroy you.” “I do know that, but I can’t leave my job at CJ Fashions and Theo needs me Donna. Trust me, there’s nothing I’d want more than a fresh start, but there are priorities here.”

I’ll take care of Theo. I promise you, I won’t let anyone hurt him Cristina. Logan will come back and she will kill you. She’ll make your life a living Hell.”

Scene Five: The Smithson Residence, 1423 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Dustin walks into the living room, holding two cups of tea. “Thank you,” Jamie says accepting her cup. “You’re welcome. It’s nice to see you,” Dustin says happily. He asks, “What can I do for you?” “Dustin, we have to talk about what happened between us,” Jamie responds. “I thought it was pretty self-explanatory. We made love on this couch.” “No Dustin, we had sex on this couch; while you’re married and I’m in a tough state in my own relationship.” “So we both cheated with each other.”

Jamie exclaims, “No!” “Yes Jamie, we both did,” Dustin responds. “No. My relationship with Derek was stalled. Sure, we got together when I got my memory back but our relationship never resumed. We never discussed it. You’re the cheater Dustin, again. And I’m the mistress. What we did was wrong.” “No it wasn’t Jamie. What we did was right. It felt amazing to be with you again. You cannot deny that. It was equally each other’s fault what happened. We made love because there’s a chance we can still be together.”

No Dustin, we can’t,” Jamie responds. Dustin questions, “Why not? Why can’t it work that way?” “Because that just isn’t the way. Did it happen? Yes. Was it equally each other’s fault? Yes.” “You just stated facts, so why can’t we give this another go? Sure, I screwed up but who doesn’t? Don’t we all deserve second chances?”

Dustin then gets up and in a sudden moment, drops down to one-knee. “Dustin, don’t do this. Please don’t,” Jamie pleads with him. He goes on, “Jamie Lane Smithson, I now know what I lost. And I vow to never forget it again. Will you marry me, again?”

Looking down at the ring, Jamie quickly removes herself from the situation and leaves. Dustin slowly gets up and is unsure of what has transpired in his living room at that moment; the woman he just proposed to left, without his ring.

Scene Six: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
You always did love making those sly remarks in your own suave way,” Jennifer flirtatiously says. Garrett responds, “Hey, I got to have something on my side. The good looks didn’t come easy.” “Yes they did. You were always a dreamboat.”

Jennifer then asks, “What brings you back to Liberty City anyway? You left years ago without a trace, why come back now?” “Shouldn’t we be discussing you? Why don’t you catch me up on the latest Liberty City scandals,” Garrett responds. “Well, I got married back in 2000. He was a special guy.” Garrett asks, “Was?” “Yes, was. He passed away in September 2009 from a car accident,” Jennifer responds. “Oh, Jenny, I’m so sorry.” “Thank you. It’s been a tough road to recovery, but I’m facing life. Mitchell was special. It was a chance marriage. Dated two months and we knew.”

Garrett grabs Jennifer’s hands and says, “You’re a strong woman. And I’m happy you had someone to share your time with.” As the two share faint smiles, Garrett concludes, “And you still do.”


Both Madison and Diane still look at each other dumbfounded by Adam’s sly meeting with them. “I brought you both here to say I made a decision concerning our situation,” he says. Diane responds, “I shouldn’t be here then, it’s about you two and your relationship.” “No,” Madison responds. Diane halts in her steps as Madison continues, “You’re a part of this relationship now whether you wanted it or not. We both deserve to hear what he has to say.”

Adam continues, “I’ve obviously hurt you both, unintentionally. Things happened between me and Diane that hurt you Madison, and I apologize. And in that process, I hurt you as well Diane, and I apologize.” Both women accept the apologies given to them. He continues, “I’ve left you both instructions at your places of residence in hidden places. They each include separate instructions that will lead you to a certain place. Once place will have me at the end of it, and one won’t. Your choice is to take the gamble of seeing if I’m at the end of that journey. And if you meet up to me, we’re meant to be.”

As Adam leaves the café, Madison swiftly leaves after wanting to grasp at her chance to continue her life with Adam. Diane collapses into a chair, stuck on the lanai. Unable to decide what to do, she ponders to make her decision: does she take a chance and break her heart, or does she take a chance and break a marriage a part?

Scene Seven
Theo enters into the empty, dark loft. “Cristina I’m home,” he exclaims out hoping for a response. As he places a bag of food from The Grove onto the counter, he walks over to an envelope and manila folder left on the coffee table. Upon opening the letter he begins to read the contents inside. It reads:

[ In Cristina’s Voice ]

Writing this is especially hard to do, but what has to be done has to be done. I’ve tried sticking around for as long as I possibly could, but life for me is to start a-new someplace else. I wish I could have given you a better goodbye than this, but I had to make a decision and make it fast.

The door to Diane’s house flies open. Diane frantically enters into her home, and begins to search through every book on her bookshelf, every CD in her CD rack, destroying her already messing dining room table filled of legal work. As she gives up, she slams her hands onto her coffee table and throws the books on the table off. In doing so, the note from Adam that he has previous hid was revealed. As she opens it, she dashes for the door to begin her own journey, gambling that Adam may or may not be there.

Both Diane and Madison reach their separate destinations. As both creep up to their retrospective doors, both halt before opening, giving it one last thought. As both doors open, we see emptiness in both rooms. As both ladies enter their different rooms, Adam pops out of the shadows of one of them.

I knew you’d show up,” he says to the mystery woman. Diane turns around and smiles, seeing Adam standing there, waiting for her. She asks, “Why me?” “I left you once, I’m not leaving you again,” he responds. Both smile before embracing each other into a long, passionate kiss.

In Madison’s room, she walks over to a chair underneath a spotlight. On the chair is a letter addressed to her. The letter reads:

[ In Adam’s Voice ]

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, I won’t be showing up. I understand the hurt and deception you must feel, but we must be honest with each other, you deserve all the happiness in the world; happiness I cannot bring to you anymore. I’m setting you free and I don’t expect you to understand this right now, but it’s what right. You deserve the world, and I can only offer a continent to you. 

Deepest love, 


Madison picks up the divorce documents, already pre-signed by Adam. The documents are also pre-dated back to 1993. The documents have been re-contested to December 2011; showing that the pair had previously been filed for divorce, but it had not been sent in for finalization.

As Madison pulls a pen out of her purse to sign the documents, Adam and Diane leave their location hand-in-hand, finally together like they had always belonged.