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2×07 Ghostly Sights

2×07: Ghostly Sights

Previously On Liberty City:
Brenda sees a vision of Roxanne.
Jamie throws Derek out of her hospital room.
Galvin is shocked by who he spots at The Buzz Café.
Susan tells Jason she’s moving in, and he’s moving out.

Scene One: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda walks into her office, and places her paperwork onto her desk. She then sits down in her chair, and begins to log into her e-mail. She is then immediately put off by one of the e-mails from an “Unknown Sender.”

As Brenda goes to open the e-mail, she hears a knock at her door. “Come in,” Brenda says. As she clicks open the e-mail, the door opens and Brenda is suddenly consumed by who’s in the doorway. “You’re here,” Brenda exclaims. At the door is old friend Dr. Brian Connolly. “Yes Brenda, I am here,” Brian says to his friend.

What are you doing here? I told you that you didn’t need to come here,” Brenda says to Brian. “I know, but you sounded so concerned and distant on the phone Bren, that I got worried. You can’t blame me for that.” “No, I suppose I can’t.”

The two embrace, leaving Brenda to forget about the mysterious e-mail in her Inbox.

Scene Two: Liberty City Apartments, Apartment 5B, 20 Delaware Circle, Liberty City, 01948.
Susan unlocks the door to her daughter’s old apartment, and enters inside with her bags. As she enters the apartment, she hangs her coat up on the coat rack. She then enters into the apartment, and places her bags down at the end of the sofa. “Well,” Susan begins to say out loud. “At least he listened and left.

Susan then walks herself into the kitchen, opens up the fridge door and pulls herself out a cold water. As she takes a sip of water, she is startled by an unknown man saying, “So you were telling the truth. You’re moving in.” As Susan turns around, Jason Spencer is seen sitting at the kitchen table. “I thought-,” Susan begins to say before being interrupted. “You thought you said that either I leave or you kick me out? Yeah, thought about it. And I’m not leaving. Natalie loved me, and she told me to stay here,” Jason interrupts.

She told you to stay here? Before or after she told you the affair was over?” Susan asks of Jason. “She didn’t straight-forwardly tell me. But it was in the way she loved me,” Jason says in a lie. Susan gives Jason a disgusted look and says, “You’re mentally twisted. You’re so horny you can’t even think straight.” Jason leans back in his chair and laughs.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Galvin sits at a table, and receives his cup of coffee from a barista. Just then, Tori walks in and approaches the table. “What do you want? I don’t have all day, I have to go into work,” Tori rudely greets to Galvin. “I wanted to catch up Tori. It’s been a while,” Galvin responds. “Not long enough Galvin. I don’t have all day.” “I know, I know you have work. But that doesn’t excuse you being so rude to me. I mean who the hell works at 3PM? Is your boss a psychopath?

No, she’s a grieving widow and needs someone to go and run the operations at the her corporate office.” “Someone, entrusting you? With corporate business? She definitely is a psychopath.” Tori huffs  and says, “Listen, if you’re just going to pester me, I don’t see why I bothered to come. You’re wasting my time. Now what do you want from me?

What’s the matter Tori,” Galvin begins, leaning in close to Tori. “Don’t you have time for your dear old brother-in-law?” Tori’s face then turns to horror at what Galvin has just said.

Scene Four: Liberty City Memorial, 1281 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Brenda and Brian take a seat on the couch in her office. “So, how’s everything going for you and the practice back home?” Brenda asks of Brian. Brian replies, “It’s going well, thanks. It isn’t the same without you, though. Your infectious banter and witty charm is dearly missed.” “Missed? Last time I checked, Cherie hated me.” Brian lets out a laugh and answers, “Cherie hates everyone. But I mean, you have an office here. I would’ve never thought of you to be the type to get to be Chief Of Staff.”

Brenda lets out a laugh and says, “I’m not the head of the hospital. I’m the head of the nursing staff.” “Head of the nursing staff? With that personality of yours? That’s a joke, right?” Brenda smacks Brian in and arm and says, “No, you ass. It’s not a joke. I happen to be very well respected around here.” As Brenda gets up and walks over to her desk, she see’s Roxanne waiting outside of her door.

Roxanne waves her hand to Brenda with a devious smile. Brenda immediately opens the door and yells out, “Bitch, come smile and wave at me to my face. Don’t hide behind a door!” “Brenda,” Brian says. “No one was there.” Brenda turns around and faces Brian. “What’s wrong? You can’t hide that from me anymore,” Brian says. Brenda closes the door, and tells Brian, “You should sit down.

Scene Five: Liberty City Apartments, Apartment 5B, 20 Delaware Circle, Liberty City, 01948.
Listen Jason, I want you out,” Susan directly tells Jason. “Out? Are you serious? What is your problem?” Jason questions of her. “My problem is you Jason, it’s you and everything that you’ve done.

Everything that I’ve done? How about everything that you’ve done Susan. You drove Natalie out of town, and look how that ended up! She’s dead!” “She’s dead Jason, because you were unfaithful to your wife and couldn’t take no for an answer.

Jason smacks Susan’s bottle of water off of the table in a fit of rage and says, “Listen to me, I did not have anything to do with Natalie’s death. When she left here-” Susan interrupts and says, “Wait, you saw her before she left? What did she say, Jason? What the hell did my daughter say to you?

Jason then flashes back to the night Natalie left…

Jason confusingly questions, “What are you saying Natalie?” Natalie firmly says, “It’s over Jason. I can’t continue this affair, especially against my niece.” Jason in a fit of disappointed rage grabs Natalie and says, “I said I loved you and my wife is divorcing me. This is our chance to make it right and be together. Don’t you love me?” Natalie in a state of fright replies, “Yes, I do love you.” “Then what’s the issue?” “It isn’t enough Jason. I’m hurting my own family.” “So what? It’s not like she loves me anymore, we can be together,” Jason argues.

Jason is then snapped back into reality. “Nothing. She said nothing Susan,” he says.

Susan grabs Jason by the arm and says, “Then I’m done with you. I told you that if you weren’t out before I came back, I’d throw you out myself. And you’ve wasted more than enough of my damn time.”

Scene Six: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
What the hell do you think you’re doing saying that out loud?” Tori asks in a very nervous tone. Galvin replies, “What’s the matter Tori? Ashamed of your in-laws? Is that why you left?” “I am not having this conversation. Wherever you came from, go back!

Tori gets up and immediately goes and exits the café. Galvin follows and grabs Tori by the arm and says, “Tori you couldn’t run forever. Did you actually think you could?” “Listen, I left Oregon for a fresh start. He should’ve just let me go.” “Who? Garrett? Is that honestly what you want for you two?

Tori rips her arm away from Galvin and replies, “It’s what he wants. If he wanted me back, he would’ve followed me. If he loved me, that’s exactly what he would’ve done. Which brings the question, why did you follow me?” Galvin looks around and coyly answers, “Because Garrett couldn’t, you know he couldn’t.” “Yes, he could. But he decided not to and stay at his damn job.” “And to take care of other obligations you’ve forgotten about.”

Tori begins to tear up and says, “How is he?” “Who?” Galvin replies. “You know who Galvin. Don’t play with me like this.” “He’s fine.

Scene Seven
So, that’s all that’s been going on?” Brian asks of Brenda. “Yes,” she responds. “Well, I’ll support you in whatever you wish to do about it. You know if you need me, to come to me.” “I know Brian, it’s just hard. I’m such an independent person, that I hate asking for help.”

The two hug, and go their separate ways, with Brenda once again forgetting about her e-mail.

Susan opens the door to the apartment, and throws Jason out into the hallway. Jason leans his back up against the door and thinks about his final moments with Natalie…

As she picks up her bags and begins to leave she says, “And to answer your question, she does love you. Go save your marriage, people would kill for what you two have.” And on that, she exits.

Tori and Galvin both have their peace outside of The Buzz Café, and go their separate ways. Behind a bush, a man looks at his phone, which has a photo of Tori and Galvin together. The person then snaps the phone away and disappears.