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2×16 Decision Gained, Decision Lost

2×16: Decision Gained, Decision Lost 

Previously on Liberty City:
Monica’s secret comes out, and has devastating consequences.
Sophie leaves town on the heels of Jamie’s memory recovery.
Cassandra tries to take Claire away.
Two new hospital employees are hired.

Scene One: Town House Nº2, 1250 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
Diane walks around her dining area, shuffling through her mountain-high pile of paperwork from cases she’s been slowly neglecting over the past month. She pauses for a moment, and remembers her moments with Adam in bed, and begins to stare off into the nothingness of the air. Jessica steps in the dining room and asks, “Are you okay?” “Huh? Yes, I’m fine. Just haven’t been sleeping well,” Diane says, snapping out of her daze. “Where have you been? Haven’t seen you around lately?”

Jessica responds, “I’ve been around. Just doing me.” “How are you handling the divorce?” “As well as someone could handle a divorce. It’s bittersweet. I mean, I love him but the marriage broke.” “You’ll be strong, I know you will. And you always have me if you need me.”

Jessica nods in acceptance, and grabs her coat and bag. Diane asks, “Going somewhere?” “Yeah, I’m going to go for a walk. Maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping,” she responds. As the two ladies wave each other goodbye, Diane enters into the kitchen to pour herself another cup of coffee and heads back to the dining table. As she sits, there’s a sudden knock at the door.

As Diane opens the door, she says, “Did you forget your…” and after a brief pauses finishes, “.. key.” Diane is shocked to see Adam standing on the other side of the door, the last person she had hoped to see.

Scene Two: Liberty City Hotel – The Midnight Lounge, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Jamie sits at a table in The Midnight Lounge, finishing up her lunch – a cesar salad while on a business call.

Yes sir. No, no your order is on its way. Yes, I understand how important the Monet’s are to you. Of course Mr. Sinclair. Happy Holidays to you too,” Jamie says wrapping up her phone call. As she hangs she looks as the phone, sticks her tongue out and says, “Push over.” “Sounds like he’s a joy,” an unidentifiable woman says. As Jamie looks up, she sees her mother and asks, “Mom? Is that you?” “Yes, honey it’s me. Who else would it be,” her mother, Shirley responds.

As Jamie embraces her mother, she asks, “Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you had to take care of daddy?” “You’re father is doing better, and he has your Aunt Linda looking after him,” Shirley replies. “Ugh, Aunt Linda? You trusted him with her? Were you drunk?” “Okay, your Aunt may not be the world’s saint, but she’s all your father has. You know that.”

As the two ladies take a seat, Shirley asks, “So, honey, how are you doing? Sophie called and told me about what happened and I feel terrible. Are you feeling okay?” “Let’s see, I forgot that my husband cheating on me with my sister and had to find that out again. And she supposedly had his baby, which is ridiculous because Dustin never wanted any kids. Oh, and I’m dating the Chief of Staff at Liberty City Memorial. And I just got my memory back to remember all these lovely revelations. And have piles and piles of work my own employees couldn’t even muster up and do,” Jamie sarcastically laughs.

Well, it’s a good thing I’m here to help you,” Shirley says with a smile. She extends her hand into her daughter’s comforting her.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Jessica enters into The Buzz Café and brushes her hands off from the cold. She walks up to the main counter and orders a hot cocoa with Cinnamon on top, to go. As she receives her cocoa, she turns around, only to be greeted by Jason, her now ex-husband. “It’s good to see you,” Jason greets to Jessica. She responds, “Yeah, you too. How have you been?” “I’ve been okay. Been working a lot, lately. We’ve been under-staffed at the hospital so I’m working extra shifts.”

That’s good Jason, you don’t need to explain anything to me,” Jessica says walking off. Jason follows her and replies, “I wasn’t trying to explain anything. I was just making conversation.” “Well, I ended the conversation by walking away Jason.” “Well, I wasn’t finished Jessica, just like I wasn’t finished being married to you. I know I screwed up, but I’ve been trying to fix it.”

Jessica snaps and goes, “Fix it! You want to fix it? Where were you when I finally for the goddamn divorce? You didn’t try and contest it or stop it. You let it happen, and to me, that’s not fixing anything. That’s running Jason.”

Out on the lanai, Tori impatiently sits, waiting for her company to join her. Galvin then walks in and says, “What do you want Tori? I thought we agreed we wouldn’t speak to each other?” “Exactly, so why don’t you tell me how that Thanksgiving mishap happened, because I am dying to know,” Tori demands in her reply.

Scene Four: Town House Nº2, 1250 Oakland Road, Liberty City, 01948.
May I come in,” Adams says standing at Diane’s doorway. Still a bit shocked, Diane responds, “Adam, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” “Come on Diane, I only want to talk.” Hesitant, Diane extends her arm, welcoming him into her home.

I hope I’m not intruding,” he says. She responds, “No, just doing some work that I’ve fallen behind in completing. What is it you want Adam?” “I want to talk about the other night.” “Adam, there’s nothing to discuss. We had sex, we made a huge mistake, I realize this. We can’t take it back­­–” Adam interrupts, “And why should we?” “Why should we? Because you’re a married man. If I had even known that, I wouldn’t have been seeing you this whole time,” Diane snaps in response. “That’s bull Diane. You and I both have a connection, it’s still there. You know that.” “I thought there was, but giving in was my mistake. Letting you in was my mistake.”

Adam goes to grab Diane by the arm, but she pulls away quickly. “Diane, don’t do this. Please,” Adam says in desperation. Diane brisk fully walks to her door, opens it and says, “Adam, I’d like for you to leave.”

Before he leaves, Adam sneaks a note under a pile of books on the coffee table, hoping she would find it. As Adam exits the town house, Diane slowly closes the door. She leans up against the door, takes a deep breath in and goes on to continue her legal work and attacking the stack of papers on her dining table.

Scene Five: Liberty City Hotel – The Midnight Lounge, 300 Earp Street, Liberty City, 01948.
At their table, Jamie and Shirley are served cocktails by their server, who graciously hands them a complimentary bread basket. Both women toast themselves, as part of their surprising and unexpected reunion.

So, how long are you staying in town? For the holidays? More?” Jamie asks Shirley. Finishing her sip, Shirley replies, “For the holidays. Just a quick visit. Hopefully I can go and retrieve your father if he’s well enough and bring him here. Plus, you and your sisters need your mother. It’s a shame you all can’t connect.”

Jamie huffs and replies, “A shame? Oh yes, it’s a shame I can’t connect to my sister who slept with my husband.” “Yes, but think about it, if she hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have found the perfect match in Derek, whom I have yet to meet.” “Yeah, I guess so. Derek has brought a lot of love into my life. He’s been great through everything. I couldn’t be more grateful this holiday season.” “That’s good,” Shirley says, taking another sip from her cocktail. She questions, “And Sophie? How is she?”

She left town a little while ago. She was missing Eric and Morgan. And I understand that,” Jamie responds. “I do, too. She and Eric have really bonded, especially since the miscarriage. But that doesn’t mean I can’t spend time with the daughters that live here, now does it?”

Jamie giggles and responds, “No. It doesn’t.” Shirley then asks, “So, who’s this Sinclair guy who’s a push over?” “Our biggest client at the Gallery. He’s a big collector, and we hear from him every four to six months about pieces he wants to buy. And he’s very particular about how he receives them and how we send them out.”

Shirley grabs the paperwork concerning Sinclair and says, “Well, it’s a good thing I’m here to help.” “Mom, this paperwork could take months to make sure it’s in order,” Jamie replies, confused. “I know. Why do you think I’m helping you with it?”

Still confused, Jamie asks, “Wait, mom, stop. Are you trying to hint that you and daddy are moving to Liberty City?” “Would that bother you,” Shirley replies in a sarcastic, yet funny tone. “No. I think that’d be amazing of you guys to live here. The kids miss you and it’d give you a chance to get to know Derek,” Jamie says with a smile, grabbing her mother’s hand in acceptance.

Scene Six: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
What Thanksgiving mishap are you forever speaking of,” Galvin coyly and sarcastically asks, taunting Tori. She replies, unimpressed, “You know what I’m talking about Galvin. You and I both agreed, we wouldn’t take the risk of getting caught together.” “No, you agreed. I simply just stood there. Besides, how do you know I haven’t already called Garrett and told him you’re here,” Galvin responds walking away.

Tori rushes after him and yells out in a hushed whisper, “You wouldn’t dare!” “Wouldn’t I? I have nothing to lose here, it’s you who does,” Galvin replies, unimpressed and not fazed by Tori’s comments. “Yes you do. The minute Garrett walks into town, you become second best.”

Galvin stops in his tracks. Tori continues, “You’ve always felt inferior of Garrett, everyone knows that. You can’t hide your emotions as much as a baby can. You become a private detective and Garrett becomes the Chief of Police. You learn how to ride your bike with training wheels; Garrett’s learned how to ride a unicycle. You can’t stand coming in second place next to him.”

Oh yeah. What does he have that I don’t? Name one thing,” Galvin snaps back. Tori laughs and responds, “Nothing. When you come up with an answer, come find me. I’d love to know. Don’t let what happened on Thanksgiving happen again. As far as the citizens of Liberty City are concerned, we’re strangers who’ve only met once at the Johnson Thanksgiving.”

Outside of the café, the mysterious person is once again seen, taking more photos and Galvin and Tori together. As the person sees Tori leave the café, they flee from the scene.

Scene Seven
At the hotel, Shirley and Jamie continues their smiles and to reconnect with each other over cocktails, seemingly not to worry about the amount of paperwork in front of them. The pair leave arm-in-arm, happy to be reconnected again.

At The Buzz Café, Galvin stands at the condiments counter and makes a phone call. When no one answers, he leaves a message: “Hey, it’s me. I found her. Can’t tell you when or how yet. But I’ll be in touch.”

At the Liberty City Hotel, Tori walks into her room and upon turning on the light, is frightened by someone. Cautious and shocked by the person she sees, she says, “Garret.”

At Diane’s town house, Jessica makes her way home. When she enters, Diane asks, “Hey, how was your day?” “Fine,” Jessica responds and asks, “Yours?” “Fine, I guess. Still have a lot of work to do. Care to help?” “Maybe later, I think I want to take a shower first.”

As Jessica gets into her bedroom, she locks her door and quickly opens up her bag. In it, she takes out a bag of pills; inside of them: Oxycodone and Oxycontin. She takes out three of each pill, turns her music on, takes off her shoe and begins to smash the pills on a clear surface on her dresser. Then, she takes a business card, Diane’s, and lines up her drugs. She then leans over and snuffs the drugs into her nose and system.

As she whips her head up, she looks into the mirror. As she settles she walks away, taking her shirt off. We then see a photo of Jason and her deceased aunt Natalie, with both of their faces crossed off and marked.

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