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2×03 Admission Submission

2×03: Admission Submission

Previously On Liberty City:
Jessica is told about her mother’s accident.
Dan and Leah decide it’s time to bring Claire home.
Donna tries to reach out to her sisters about their mother’s addiction.
Jamie is found alive, and says something that off-puts Derek.

Scene One: Liberty City Memorial, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Dustin, Susan, and Monica are sitting in the waiting room, awaiting the doctor who was currently in with Jamie while Jessica is pacing back and forth. “When will we be able to see her?” Jessica asks. Dustin turns and says, “Soon. We just have to make sure the doctor gives us the okay to go in and see her.” “Well I wish he’d hurry up. I can’t stand waiting anymore. I just want to see her.” Monica speaks up and says, “Why don’t you sit down? Maybe that’ll calm your nerves.” Dustin agrees, “Yeah, Jessica sit down. All this pacing back and forth cannot be good for you. Just sit and calm down.” “No,” Jessica says, “I don’t want to sit. Sitting means it’ll settle in, and I don’t want it to.” “Well you’re kind of making me nauseous,” complains Monica, placing her hand on her stomach. “Well deal with it,” Jessica recants. “Where’s Little D?” “He’s with Derek. He offered to watch him while we came here,” Dustin replied.

Susan, who has been noticeably quiet gets up and says, “I’ll go get him.” “Mom you don’t have to,” Dustin says in reasoning. “No, I have to run a quick errand. So when I’m done with what I have to do, I’ll go and get him. He should be here when Jamie wakes up.” And with that, Susan gets up and walks out of the hospital waiting room.

Scene Two: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina opens the door to Buzz, and walks up to the counter. After greeting herself to the person behind the counter she orders, “I’d like a Double Mocha Frappe please, to go.” As she goes to turn to the side bar she says, “Extra foam as well! Thank you.” As she begins to grab things such as a napkin and other condiments, a voice exclaims, “Shit!” Cristina looks over to see an unknown woman at the edge of the bar, whipping up her shirt after being bumped into and having her coffee spilt all over her. “Excuse me, is everything okay?” Cristina questions. “Oh yeah, fine. Some jerk just bumped into me without care and made me spill my coffee all over my shirt. And I have an interview today to boot,” the woman exclaims.

Cristina grabs extra napkins and says, “Here, use these.” “Thanks,” says the woman. “Oh, where are my manners, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Cristina, Cristina Johnson.” As both women extend their hands to shake, the woman says, “Nice to meet you Cristina. I’m Tori Walker.

Scene Three: The Johnson Tack House, 609 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
In the kitchen, Jennifer pulls down two cups from the top self of her cabinets. As she puts the cups on the counter, she walks over to the pot of tea screaming at her.  As she grabs the pot and begins to pour it, she begins to daze out. The ring of her doorbell snaps her out, only to realize she’s been pouring the tea out of the cup. The sudden ringing again startles her and she spills the tea onto herself exclaiming, “Shit!

As the bell rings a third time, and a knocking begins, she yells out “I-I’m coming!” She then puts the pot on a cool burner on the stove and walks out from her kitchen to her living room and opens her door. There, her sister Donna was standing. “Good morning,” Jennifer greets to her. “Good morning, did I come too early?” Donna questions. “No,” Jennifer replied. “You came right on time.

Can I come in then?” Donna questions with a slight smirk on her face. Startled Jennifer quickly replies, “Oh yes, sorry. I was just in the kitchen pouring tea and dozed off and spilt it all over my hands and a bit on my shirt.” “Are you okay? Did you burn yourself?” “Oh, I’m fine. Nothing a little hot water will do to these clothes. Please, sit down I’ll be right back with our tea.

As Jennifer makes her way back into the kitchen, Donna sits on the couch and looks around at the home her sister had made for herself. At a quick glance, she seems an old photo on the end table to the couch. As she picks it up, she glances at the photo of Jennifer and her husband which makes her begin to realize not only had she missed so much in her family and their lives, but missed important things that she could never make up for.

Scene Four: City Apartments (Appt. 3C), 1209 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Susan walks up to the apartment door of the place Natalie once lived. As she places her hand on her necklace and closes her eyes, it begins the flash:

Susan grabs her daughter by the arm and says, “Natalie Diane Smithson I raised you better. Now when you came to visit me I told you to end it. And to come here and know that it still isn’t over?” Natalie rips her arm out of her mother’s grip and says, “Tell Daniel I’m sorry I could’ve stay. I have some things to attend to.” “Natalie, I’m sorry. It’s just think of your family and those you’re hurting with this secret. Think of the people who are going to be directly and indirectly impacted by this. I had so much hope for you as my daughter.

As Susan slowly opens her eyes she says to herself out loud, “Why didn’t I stop her?” Snapping herself back into reality she puts the key to the apartment into the door, only to realize the door itself is unlocked. As she opens the door, she sees a coat hanging on the coat hanger and realizes someone is in the apartment. As she walks further in, she looks into the kitchen and views a pot of water boiling on the stove.

Walking further into the apartment, she sees Jason Spencer sitting on the couch watching television. Immediately taken aback by his presence she disdainfully says, “What gives you the right to be here.” Startled, Jason quickly jumps off the couch and says, “Natalie said I could.” Replying in a somewhat mocking tone Susan says, “She said you could stay here? What makes you think even though she said that you had the right?” “Because.” “Because she said so? Or because she’s never coming back.

With a look of confusion, Jason questions, “Never coming back? What do you mean never coming back? She just left.” “I mean the fact that you have a wife and you were sleeping with my daughter. My daughter who’s now dead because of you!” Susan exclaims out in disdain and anger. In a state of shock, Jason turns himself around and collapses back onto the couch.

Scene Five: The Buzz Café, 10 Windmill Street, Liberty City, 01948.
Cristina grabs her coffee and walks over to a table where who newfound friend Tori is sitting. “So,” Cristina begins. “What brings you to Liberty City?” “Well, I’m here starting fresh. And I had a job interview today,” Tori explains. “Oh really? Where at is your interview? Maybe I could give you a ride, if you need one?” Tori smiles and kindly says, “Thank you. That’s very sweet of you. But I don’t need a ride because I don’t think I’m going to the interview.” “Why not?” “Because, it’s totally not something I’m up for doing. I don’t want to do office work, I’m more of a fashion person.

Cristina alarmed by an idea says, “Hey! I have a crazy idea.” “And what is that?” “Come work for me!” “For you? I barely know you,” Tori expresses. Cristina smiles and shakes her head, “I run a fashion shop down the street. And I’ve been looking to hire another employee and you sound like you could really fit into the job.

Overcome with joy, Tori genuinely replies, “No really Cristina. I couldn’t do that. You barely know me.” “Yeah, and you’re not from town which means you don’t already hate me and have an agenda against me.” “True. But why me?” “Why not you? Why not follow your dreams. I’d pay you enough, benefits and all.

Tori smiles again and goes, “Okay! You got yourself a new employee. And what did you mean earlier by people having an agenda against you?” “It’s just complicated,” Cristina tries to explain. “I’ve done some things in my past that aren’t so accepted by those involved in my life at the moment.” “It happens to the best of us. No one should be judged by the things they’ve done in their pasts.

Cristina, shocked by what Tori said gives a little smile and says, “Thank you. I have a feeling you’ll be more than just my employee in no time.” Both girls smile and clunk their cups of coffee.

Scene Six: The Johnson Tack House, 609 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
I’m back!” Jennifer exclaims as she walks back into the living room, with two cups of tea. One for herself, and one for her sister. “Thank you,” Donna says. “So, I suspect you called me over today to discuss our mother?” Jennifer nods and says, “Yes, I thought we’d touch upon that. But I more so invited you to just talk. I don’t want this tension in our family anymore. Too much has gone on for all of us to hate each other. We have to be a connected family.

Donna lets out a quick laugh and questions, “And what about Logan? Does she share your same sentiments or does she still believe I’m a backstabbing, two-faced bitch?” “Oh c’mon Donna, even I still think that. You can’t escape who you were born to be,” Jennifer says in a joking tone, which sends both ladies in a joint laugh. Donna breaks the laughter by saying, “You know, this is what I miss most. Laughing with my sister.” “Me too,” Jennifer agrees. “So, let’s get down to business. Are you sure mom is drinking again? I saw how you two looked at each other at the Hotel Lounge that night.

Donna nods and says, “She’s showing all the signs of consuming alcohol as she did when she came to London to live with me. And of course, a glass of wine at dinner seven days a week kind of helped figure out her addiction.” “Donna, how did it get this bad? What could’ve triggered it again?” “To be honest, I think returning home and giving me those shares at the Hotel. But you have to know, I took them. I was never given them.” “So you took the shares and you’re playing our mother? Why?So you took the shares and you’re playing our mother? Why?

Donna takes a sip of tea and says, “Because Mom has every intention in taking both you and Logan out of the company and claiming the money for herself.” Jennifer in shock says, “But there’s no excessive funds something from the Hotel. Just standardized funds.” Upon finishing her statement, Jennifer clicks something in her head and says, “Unless, she’s selling the Hotel for the funds she never got from Dad’s death.” Donna nods and reveals, “Exactly. It’s the only way to get the full funds from the Hotel. Buy us out and somehow take out all of the funds going into the Hotel and create a Ponzi Scheme. Trick investors that are pouring the money into the Hotel and steal it for her own gain. She’s being driven by greed and vanity.

But why buy us out and put you into the gig?” Jennifer questions. “By inquiring the shares I did, I threw off her plan. So now she has to include me, selling me her shares,” Donna shares. “But the only way to get your shares and her own back Donna, is if you’re dead and you willed them to her.” “No, the contract I signed buying out her shares clearly stated that if I were to, by accident, die her shares would return back to her power.” “Why would you do that? Why not transfer them to me or your sister?” “Because, putting them in your hands would set her off. And it would send her after you two, and I want you guys out of this mess.

Jennifer takes a deep breath in and asks, “Then why not give them to David?” Donna sets her tea cup down and gets up to walk towards the mantle and says, “David and I are on the outs with each other. Why do you think I came home? I don’t belong in London anymore.” Jennifer, filled with concern says, “What happened? I thought you guys were good and trying for children?” “Children don’t fit in with the rich and famous regal lifestyle David wants to be used to. Our relationship has been in trouble for a while.” “So why are you here, not working on your marriage?” “No, I want to fight for what he had before our mother came in and ruined it. But I could only deal with one person at a time, so I told him I was leaving him for the safety of my mother.” “So, you’re going to fight for your marriage?” “I promise!

Both girls embrace in a loving hug, but Donna’s expression turns from a smile to a worried look as if she had just committed the Ponzi Scheme herself.

Scene Seven: City Apartments (Appt. 3C), 1209 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
What’s the matter Jason, shocked someone got onto your games?” Susan questioned. “My games? What games? You think I had to do with Natalie’s death?” Jason asks as if being accused. “No, but I should with you bringing it up. By games I mean the game of sleeping with my daughter, while you’re married to my granddaughter. Where do you get off young man?” “Listen, Susan, Ms. Smithson, I did not set out to hurt anyone.” “Like I believe that bull. Who do you think I am? Obviously my daughter was put on by that witty charm, but I will not.

In an attempt to save himself Jason blurts out, “I loved Natalie. I would never hurt her.” “But you did,” Susan replies in a playful tone. “By sleeping with her you hurt her, you drove her out of town driven by guilt.” “How did I do that?” “Are you that slow? You slept with your wife’s aunt. Natalie was crazy with guilt over even sleeping with you.” “No she wasn’t.” “Oh she wasn’t? So she left town to get away from Jessica? Your wife? Natalie came to me, told me about the affair. She also expressed how she had no more desire to continue on with the affair. But knowing you, you didn’t want to believe it. So you begged her, on your knees no less, for her to stay. You proclaim you love her and thought she’d express the same and stay. But instead she left. And by leaving, left you this apartment as some sort of consolation prize. I’m sure she even told you to call off the divorce and go back to Jessica.” Jason without thinking replies in a smart ass tone, “All of that happened, except we stayed standing up.

Susan snaps and brace fully walks over and slaps Jason straight across the face. “You listen to me young man, I’ve put up with many of men in my life. Many of which would make you look amateur. So you will watch your mouth and will not cross me like you just did, or I will make sure you will be held accountable for everything you’ve done.

As she begins to leave, she turns and says, “Oh, and you’ll tell Jessica about Natalie or else I will. And you better be out of this apartment by tonight.” “And if I don’t?” Jason questions. “Oh you will, or I will come back here and kick your ass out myself. Momma’s back in town and she’s cleaning house. And if you don’t tell Jessica, I will. And I’ll make sure you don’t get a dime in the divorce settlement.

Susan leaves the apartment with Jason standing in the middle of the room looking lost.

Scene Eight: Liberty City Memorial, 1280 Bunker Hill Avenue, Liberty City, 01948.
Back in the waiting room, Dustin and his family still sit awaiting for the A-OK to go in and see Jamie. “Did anyone call Derek?” Jessica asks. “I’m sure he’ll come with Susan goes and gets Little D,” says Monica. “Honey did you bring any crackers? My stomach is acting up?” “Yes I did, they’re in the bag,” Dustin replies. “I wish we could see her,” Jessica sighs. “I know honey, but even when we are able to see her, who knows how long it could take for her to recover from the trauma and everything,” Dustin says, rubbing her back. “I know, but I really need her right now as much as she needs me. She was my rock, especially after finding out I was divorcing Jason.

In a state of surprise Dustin questions, “Wait. You’re divorcing Jason? Since when?” “Since things just weren’t working out. We’re both on two totally different paths at this point. Besides, I’m still young. I can recover from a divorce.

Before he can reply, Dustin see’s the Nurse exit Jamie’s room. “Nurse!” he cried out. “Is she okay? Can we see her?” “She’s just waking up,” the Nurse says. “But you may go in to see her.

As both Dustin and Jessica enter into the room, they see Jamie laying in bed waking up out of her sleep. “Hey Jamie, how are you?” “Yeah mom, how are you doing?” both Dustin and Jessica, retrospectively ask.

Jamie smiles and says, “Finally, they let my husband and daughter in to see me. I thought they’d never let you two in.

Both Dustin and Jessica look at each other with looks of confusion, and with Monica at the door, she looks over at her sister with a look of worry, as if her world was about to come crumbling down on top of her.

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Jennifer is visited by an old friend.
Cristina finalizes Tim’s funeral plans against Logan’s wishes.
Jamie and Monica’s sister comes rolling into town.
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