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3×03 A Match Made in Hell

3×03: A Match Made In Hell

Previously on Liberty City:
Dan and Cassandra have a heart-to-heart moment.
Leah has choice words for Patricia concerning her childhood.
Jessica falls deeper into her addiction.
Jason discovers Jessica’s secret, and shares it with Diane.

Scene One: The Spencer Residence
12 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jamie sits at her vanity and finishes putting on her makeup for the day. “Derek,” Jamie exclaims out loud. “I have to run out for a couple of errands. Do you need anything before I get home?” “Huh,” Derek says poking his head around the corner from the adjoining bathroom entrance.

I said do you need anything before I get home, I have a couple of errands I have to run,” she says. He asks, “Where are you going?” “I have to run to the gallery and interview the new booker since my mother can’t hold that job for long. And then I have to run and get Dillon from Dustin.” “Have you told him?”

Jamie pauses and takes a look at the ring on her ring. In a split, absent response she says, “No. I haven’t. That’s why I intend on doing it today. I’ve put it off long enough.” “Are you regretting your decision? Or have second thoughts? I wouldn’t blame you if you were,” Derek says coming out in his underwear, wrapping his arms around Jamie’s waist. She responds, “No. Why would you even ask that?” “Because you were looking at your ring and I just thought-” “You just thought I was going to him. And by looking at my ring you thought I was second guessing myself. But I’m not Derek. I wouldn’t give up the life I have for anyone or anything.”

After pausing, Jamie confesses, “It’s just tough, you know? I’ve never had to do anything like this before. It’s new territory.” “I get it. As long as you come home to me tonight, I’ll be happy,” Derek says wrapping his arms around her from her front side. “And every night after that,” she continues for him. The two embrace in a passionate kiss, before Jamie giggles and pulls away. “Stop it. I have to go pick up Dillon and take him to soccer,” she says. “Okay. Call me when you’re on your way,” Derek responds, heading back into the bathroom to take his shower.

Scene Two: Liberty City Hotel, The Midnight Lounge
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Ameera walks into The Midnight Lounge, and asks for a table and three menus. As she sits, she orders a glass of water. As the waiter brings over her drink, she notices and flags down Mathew and Braden. As the pair approaches the table, Ameera gets up and greets, “Hello. Thank you so much for meeting me. I hope I’m not taking too much time out of your schedules.” “Anytime Dr. Perry,” Mathew responds kissing her cheek as his greeting. “Please, call me Ameera.”

As they all sit down and place their orders, Braden asks, “Well, Ameera, what can we help you with?” “Well, first of all, I wanted to give you this,” Ameera says, handing the picture frame she kept back to Mathew and Braden. Mathew asks, “What’s this?” “It’s a photo Brenda had on her desk. I kept it because it was such a happy family portrait that I hated to see shattered by her leaving. And it reminded me of the family I once had and always dreamed of having again.”

Braden asks, “So you were married?” She takes a sip of her water and responds, “No. Never been married, just wasn’t in my cards I guess.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” Mathew asks, “What about your parents? Are they around?”

Looking to avoid the subject, Ameera says, “Food’s here.” As the waiter serves them all their food, they quickly forget about the conversation and begin to eat their meal.

Scene Three: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Shirley sits her desk in the back office, organizing paperwork from the recent gallery showing.  She suddenly gets a text message from Jamie that reads: “On my way 2 pickup Dillon. Be there in 5.” Shirley smiles and puts her phone back down, only to be interrupted again by the ringing of the front store door. As she takes off her reading glasses and puts on her jacket, she walks to the front door.

As she opens the door, she is greeted by a female who introduces herself, “Hi. I’m Chelsea McIntosh. I’m here for the job interview for the booker. I have a 3:30 appointment with Jamie Lane.” “Yes. Nice to meet you, I’m Jamie’s mother Shirley. Jamie is going to unfortunately be late, she has to pick up her son. I’ll be doing the bulk of the interviewing for her,” Shirley responds with her smile. “Excellent. I hope I’m not interrupting your day, then.” “Oh Heavens no, you’re actually helping me. I’m a psychiatrist; I’m simply helping my daughter right now get this place off her feet.”

As both ladies sit down, Chelsea says, “That’s wonderful.” Shirley asks, “What is?” “The fact that you gave up your own life; even if for a short while to help your daughter out.” “It’s what being a mother all is about. How about your mother? What’s she like?” “Well, my adoptive mother was amazing. She was the greatest friend I could have ever asked for.”

I see. You say ‘was’, did she pass,” Shirley asks. Chelsea replies, “Yes, she did. About a year ago; I didn’t take it well. Wait a minute, are you trying to psychoanalyze me?” Shirley laughs and responds, “Sorry. It’s a habit. Let’s move on.”

Chelsea smiles back, while playing with a ring on her right ring finger.

Scene Four: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Tori enters into The Buzz Café and orders a coffee to go. As she receives and pays for her coffee, she goes to the side bar and puts two packets of sugar and cream into her cup. As she heads to leave, the barista yells to her that she forgot her purse at the bar. Sighing in relief, she walks over and says, “Thank you so much. I would have hated to call and cancel all my cards.”

The two acknowledge each other as Tori pays him an extra tip. As she turns to leave again, she bumps into a stranger, spilling her coffee all over each other. As she tries to gather herself, she apologizes to the stranger, only to be shocked by who she sees. As she sees the man’s face, she sees Garrett Gregson.

Hello Tori,” Garrett greets to his estranged wife. Shocked, Tori books it out of the café towards the lanai. As she makes it towards the exit, she is stopped and grabbed by Garrett, who says, “Not so fast. It’s time we talk.”

Scene Five: Liberty City Court House
1230 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

We travel down an empty hallway hauntingly tinted blue, no sounds heard for what seems like days. We then see Monica and Keith sitting on a bench together, awaiting for someone to come see them. Keith asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?” “Yes, I’m sure. I would not be here if I weren’t,” Monica replies. “Monica, I don’t want you feeling pressured into this or feel like you’re only doing this to make either me happy or to take back at Dustin.” “Why the fuck would you ask me that?”

As the pair begin to embattle into an argument, the Justice of the Peace peaks his head out of the door, telling the couple he’s ready for them. The pair tells him they need a minute. Keith says, “Listen, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just want to make sure we’re both walking into this with the same intentions.” “I get that, but you specifically asked me if it was to get back at Dustin. Who does that,” Monica responds. “It came out the wrong way Monica. I just want to make sure we’re both going into this for us and our family. I mean, that’s the one common goal?” “Of course it is. Getting Isaac in our lives is the number one goal. We love each other and we love that little boy.”

Keith gets up and extends out his hand and says, “Let’s go.” Pausing for a moment, Monica grabs his hand and they go into the office ready to embark on the new phase in their life.

Scene Six: The Smithson Residence
1423 Seneca Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jamie pulls up into the driveway of the place she used to call home. As she sits in the driveway, she continues to take deep breaths and debate whether to tell Dustin about what is happening. Deciding that she must, she turns off her engine and makes her way to the front door. She rings the doorbell and knocks on the door. Dustin arrives to the front door and simply says, “Hey.” “Hi,” Jamie begins. She continues, “Is Dillon ready? Or is he still getting his things together?”

As Dustin invites Jamie in, he says, “I dropped Dillon off at practice and told him you’d pick him up. Figured we needed to talk. I mean you’ve been picking up Dillon through my mother for a while. Figured we needed to be face-to-face about this, to get it out of the way.”

“Okay, what’s going on,” Jamie asks. “We need to talk about that proposal I made and you ran out on. I mean, that’s not exactly the response I was hoping for,” Dustin reveals. “I know. And I’m sorry about that, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I was taken a-back by it.” As Jamie uses her left hand to tuck her hair behind her ear, Dustin notices the diamond ring on her ringer. He asks, “What’s that?” “I think you and I both know what it is Dustin,” Jamie responds.

Irritated Dustin asks, “Kind what of bullshit is this?” “Excuse me,” Jamie responds. “I propose to you and you go to him? After we slept together? How much of a hypocrite do you need to me right now? To go and be with him? Does he even know you cheated on him?” “He knows we slept together, yes.” “But you don’t call it cheating?”

No Dustin, I don’t. Derek and I weren’t together then,” Jamie responds, trying to keep her cool. Dustin responds in an angry tone, “That’s bullshit Jamie and you know it!” “No Dustin, you know what’s bullshit. You sleeping with my sister. That was bullshit. You destroyed our marriage and I am so thankful that my sister destroyed hers.” “Very mature of you Jamie, saying all that. Shows how much of an immature little girl you are.”

Jamie exclaims, “Immature little girl!? I’m not the one whose karma came back ten-fold. You couldn’t keep it in your damn pants long enough to say ‘No’ to my sister. You dug yourself right into her life and destroyed our family. If anyone is immature it’s you. I could never marry you again. Been there, done that. And it’s not all that.”

You love me Jamie, admit it. You’re only with the doctor because he’s too busy to cheat on you,” Dustin snaps back. Clearly irked by her ex-husband’s thoughts, Jamie hurries herself to him and punches him straight in the face. “Hope you enjoyed your final day with Dillon because it was your last,” Jamie promises. Dustin exclaims on the ground, “What the fuck!”

As Jamie prepares to leave the house, she says, “I plan on filing for full, physical custody of our son. It’s about time I finally got things back to how they should have been. Oh, and by the way, to answer your question: No. I will not marry you.”

And on that note, Jamie slams the front door, leaving the premises.

Scene Seven: Liberty City Hotel, The Midnight Lounge
300 Earp Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Well, thank you for lunch you two. It was delicious,” Ameera says wiping her mouth with a napkin as the waiter takes her plate away. Mathew responds, “Oh please, it was an honor to come here and have a nice meal with you.” “Why thank you.” “Plus, it was nice to get to talk about mom. We barely get to do that since she left,” Braden interjects.

I’m sorry if you guys had to dig up harsh feelings or anything. I’m just trying to make the transition of me coming in behind her a better transition for everyone,” Ameera explains. Braden responds, “I understand. I getchu. We real. We cool?” “Yeah, we cool.”

As all three of them get up and prepare to leave, Mathew pulls Ameera aside and asks her, “Listen, this may be unorthodox, but would you be willing to possibly go to dinner with me?” Shocked and stunned, Ameera responds, “Like on a date?” “No, like two people getting together for a meal.”

After considering her options, Ameera responds, “Sure. I’d love to. You know my number, why don’t you call me when you’re free.” Mathew smiles and leaves to catch up to Braden. After standing there for a few seconds, Ameera heads back up to her hotel room, smiling as the elevator doors close.

Scene Eight: The City Art Gallery
69 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Jamie enters into The City Art Gallery with Dillon at her side. “Hey buddy,” Shirley exclaims, seeing her grandson run into her arms. Dillon lets out a huge smile and exclaims, “Nana!” “Oh, how’s my big boy doing, huh? Did you kick some butt today?” “Oh yeah, I smoked them.”

As they both share a few giggles together, Shirley can see that her daughter is visibly upset. She tells Dillon, “Hey, sweetie. Why don’t you go do your homework over there, huh?” Dillon smile, agrees and runs off with his backpack. Shirley turns to Jamie and asks, “Honey, what’s wrong? You look pissed off about something?” “It’s Dustin. He pissed me off,” Jamie responds. “Why? What did he do?” “I had to tell him I wasn’t going to marry him. And he saw the ring Derek gave me and flipped out.”

Shirley asks, “What do you mean flipped out?” “I mean, he started telling me I was a hypocrite and all of this bullshit. So I punched him out,” Jamie responds. “You punched him?” “Yes, punched him. And I told him I was filing for full custody of Dillon. He’s my son. I deserve to be with him. He’s had him all this time, it’s my turn. Look at the decisions he’s made in his life so far.”

Before Shirley can respond, Chelsea walks out of the back office and says, “Shirley, I made those orders. Mr. Sinclair is very impressed withoh hi, I’m Chelsea. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you, too. May I ask who are you,” Jamie greets. Shirley responds, “This is Chelsea. My replacement. I interviewed her, and she’s amazing. You got yourself a keeper right here.” “Well, it’s nice to meet you Chelsea. I actually would like to go over some things with you about the job and mom maybe you could join me?”

Actually, I can’t. I have to be going,” Shirley says quickly grabbing her coat. Chelsea dismisses herself back to the back room. Jamie asks her mother, “Why are you leaving? Where are you going?” “Home. Your father is coming a little bit unglued so I have to go calm him down. We both know why, though.” After a few moments of silence, both ladies look at each other and say, “Aunt Linda.” They laugh and share their goodbyes, as Shirley hurries off to get home.

Scene Nine: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Garrett, let me go,” Tori demands as Garrett holds her arm. Garrett lets go and says, “Okay, but we should talk. Right now. And I’m not taking no for an answer.” “What do you want me from Garrett? You should have just let me go.” “Let you go? You’re my wife, how could I let you go? Did you not think about our son for one moment and how he might have felt not having his mother there?”

Tori asks, “How is Garrett Jr.?” “He’s fine, not that you care enough,” Garrett responds. “Don’t tell me whether I do or don’t care for my son. I love him with every fiber of my being. That’s why I left.” “That’s the poorest excuse I have ever heard from anybody in my entire life.” “No Garrett, it’s not.”

After pausing, Tori explains, “I’ve spent 11½ years as Mrs. Garrett Gregson. I’ve been the perfect wife that you seem to need. I’m suffocated. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Dressing up for parties and parading around as the proud wife of an officer of the law. It’s tiring, I’m tired. I came here for a fresh start. And you won’t stop me.”

Before Garrett can respond, Tori leaves the café. Unsatisfied, Garrett goes back into the main part of the café. Unbenounced to him, Jennifer Hughes was eavesdropping on the whole conversation from the opposite side of the café.

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