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3×09 A Murderer is Loose

3×09: A Murderer is Loose

Previously on Liberty City:
Meredith returns to town with the news of her pregnancy.
Leah and Galvin go on their first official date.
Sophie returns to town permanently.
Monica says her goodbyes to her mother and sisters.
Derek and Donald get to know each other.

Scene One: The Stevens’ Residence
46 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Shontelle makes her way into the kitchen to grab herself a cup of coffee. As she fills her mug and adds her condiments, she takes a sip and turns around to head to the table. She suddenly jumps and stops, caught off-guard by her older brother Mathew.

Don’t do that,” Shontelle exclaims in shock. Mathew lets out a slight laugh and responds, “Sorry. Thought you knew I was here. Since when does my sister drink coffee?” “Since when did my big brother become an instigator?” “Touché.”

As Shontelle sits down at the table, she questions her brother, “So where’s that weird guy? What’s his name, Brickface?” “Braden,” Mathew responds unimpressed. “Yeah, that’s what I said Brickface. Where is he?” “Braden,” Mathew emphasizes, “is at work for the day.”

Work, huh? Where’s he work?” “The Buzz Café. He’s a barista for the summer.” “That sounds oh-so fun,” Shontelle sarcastically states.

Unimpressed by his sister’s horrible attitude, Mathew remarks, “Well maybe you’d learn a thing or two from Braden. By the way, this escaped my mind, what exactly are you doing here in Liberty City?” Unsettled by her brother’s question, Shontelle shuffles in her seat attempting to conceive of an answer.

Scene Two: The Michaels’ Residence
729 Brooklyn Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

An over-view of a newly painted and redecorated home is seen; a living room with a sofa, love seat and chair-and-a-half with a coffee table reaching each piece of furniture. At their front door, Sophie walks into her home, carrying a box. She drops it onto the floor and exclaims, “In here!”

Then, her husband Eric walks in carrying an end table. He asks, “Where do you want it?” Pondering, Sophie looks around the home while Eric pleads, “Honey, I’m dropping it!” “Oh! Oops! Sorry, I guess put it down right next to the couch,” Sophie says in a pinch.

As Eric puts the table down next to the couch, their son Morgan runs into the home and asks, “Mom are we done yet?” “Yes sweetie we are. Why don’t you go up to your room and settle in. I’ll be up in a few to help you, okay? I promise,” Sophie says to him as he scurries along upstairs.

I don’t think he likes it here,” Eric assesses. Sophie lets out a sigh and says, “No. I don’t think he does, either. But he’s young and he’ll get over it. Thank you for doing this for me, it means a lot to be closer to my sister and parents.” “Well we both agreed that his fresh start would be good for you and I, as well. And I hope that it is.” “Me too.”

Mom! Are you coming up,” Morgan exclaims from upstairs. Sophie remarks, “I should go help him.” “Yes, you should. I’ll unpack down here and make some tea,” Eric says, comforting his wife.

Scene Three: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Tori enters into The Buzz Café in a steady rush. At the main counter, she runs into Braden Montez, the café’s newest barista. He greets, “Hello Tori. How are you doing?” “Hi Braden, I’m done fine. I’ll take an iced coffee, with sugar, to go. And a quick rush on that, please. I’m late for work,” she responds. “One iced coffee, with sugar to go in a rush coming right up for you!” “Thank you Braden. You’re the best.”

As Tori swiftly turns herself around to go to the side counter to get herself what she needs for her coffee, she bumps into her estranged husband, Garrett. “Oh I’m sorry,” the both say simultaneously with each other. “I’ve been meaning to call you,” Garrett says subsequently. Tori responds absently, “Oh. I’ve been busy these days. Shift changes at work. So it really hasn’t been the easiest of times for me to really be chatting it up lately.”

Tori, your coffee is ready,” Braden interrupts as he hands her the coffee. She responds, “Thank you Braden. And keep the change as a tip.” “Thanks. Will do.” As Tori goes to exit the café, Garrett stops her and says, “Tori we really have to talk. I think it’s time we decided what we want to do with us.”

Tori stops in her footsteps and looks as Garrett, giving him such an innocent and understanding look, as if she was finally giving into her estranged significant other.


In the lanai of the café, an unidentifiable woman enters into the establishment with her two younger children, ages 12 and 10. “Mom,” the 12-year old begins to state, “Can we get something to eat?”

I don’t know sweetie. We’ll see what mommy has for cash on her, okay,” the woman responds. As she and her children emerge more onto the lanai, she posts a couple leaving their table and the café. Her eye glances at the tip the couple left of $7 and quickly rushes her way to the table.

As she goes to sneakily grab the money from the table, a male voice says, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The woman turns her attentions to Jason Spencer, the man who just gave the woman a piece of advice concerning her near incident.

Scene Four: The Grove
26 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Arriving inside of The Grove, Madison is greeted by the host and requests to know the name for which her party is under. She alerts him of the name and is taken over to the table that is seating Amanda Joy Willis.

Amanda,” she greets, “Thank you for taking my meeting on such short notice.” “Of course. Someone with your impressive résumé, I would be a fool to turn down this opportunity,” Amanda responds. She further asks, “What is it I could possibly do for you?”

As Madison settles into her seat, she explains, “Well I understand you recently took over your daughter’s company and a little birdie told me you were possibly looking to renovate your head offices, and I would love to be a part of that opportunity.” “Well that birdie was right. What is it you think that you could bring to the offices,” Amanda responded and subsequently asked.

Well, from the photographs I’ve seen, the offices are far too bland and impersonal. I think we could add a touch of colour for your own taste and maybe some furniture to warm the room up to those who come into your office?” Amanda strikes an interested pose and responds, “Hmm.. what makes you say that? What ideas do you have?” “Well I think that you could add a sitting area so you’re not stuck at your desk 24/7 and it would add a nice warm touch in case someone that was a non-client came in to visit you.”

Intrigued, Amanda lets out a satisfied smile while taking a sip of her wine.

Scene Five: Town House Nº2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Adam and Diane lounge together on their couch, watching their television. Adam lounges leaning up, with Diane nestled underneath his left arm and legs folded underneath her. “Ugh, I feel so lazy. I feel like I should be doing something,” Diane retorts. Adam lets out a slight giggle and responds, “You agreed to just lounge today. And that’s what we’re doing.” “I know but I suck at lounging.” “Oh really? I couldn’t tell,” Adam responds sarcastically.

He further asks, “Do you want some popcorn?” “How sweet of you. I’d love that,” Diane responds. As Adam lifts himself up to head into the kitchen, a knock is heard at the door. As she lifts herself off of the couch, she makes her way to the door. As she opens the door, she’s greeted by a disgruntled looking Ava.

Ava I wasn’t expecting to see you,” Diane says in a surprising tone. Ava bluntly says, “Hi to you too, though I wouldn’t expect manners from someone like you. Where’s my father figure?” “He’s in the kitchen.” “Well do you think you could get him for me, or am I going to wait all day?”

At that moment, Adam comes walking back into his living room, shocked to see his daughter standing in the doorway. “Ava, is that you,” he absently asks. She responds, “No. It’s the boogey man.”

Scene Six: The Stevens’ Residence
46 Mohegan Avenue
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Still unsettled by her brother’s question, Shontelle re-words the question, “What do you mean what am I doing here in Liberty City? I’m visiting you.” “In all of the years I have lived here, you’ve never been one to get up and visit. So what don’t you tell me the real reason why you’re here,” Mathew responds.

I told you! I’m here to visit. I don’t see what the problem is. I should be able to visit you,” Shontelle responds getting irked by her brother’s persistent insistence of knowing her reasons for visiting. Mathew responds, “Listen, you’re my baby sister. I’m always going to be inquisitive about these things. But if you’re here for a visit, you’re here for a visit.”

Thank you, now I have to go. I have things to do and job interviews to try and score.” “Okay, you have a good day. Nice seeing you taking in initiative to make your life here work,” Mathew sarcastically states.

As Shontelle exits the residence, Mathew scratches his head in suspicion of his younger sister.

Scene Seven: The Michaels’ Residence
729 Brooklyn Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Sophie makes her way down her staircase after helping her son unpack his room. She kicks off her shoes, and makes her way into the kitchen where Eric stands putting the tea into a teapot. He asks, “Is he all settled in?” “As much as he can be. Of course, the bed isn’t positioned right and the favourites aren’t unpacked. Ugh, he is so high maintenance,” Sophie remarks letting out a sigh of relief. “Well he is your son.” “He’s yours too!”

As Eric sits down at the table with Sophie, he hands her a cup of tea. He remarks, “Well, luckily we’re slowly unpacking. But we have a lot of ground to cover before we really start making this a home.” “Yeah, definitely. It’s a work in progress, but this move is going to be a beautiful one for everyone. This is good for us,” Sophie remarks.

Well, I am heading to bed. Are you coming,” Eric questions of his wife. Sophie smiles and responds, “I’ll be up in a few minutes. I just need to unwind a bit.” Eric kisses Sophie’s cheek as he makes his way up to their bedroom. Alone, Sophie sits to herself and takes a quick glance over her kitchen, thinking of what could potentially come of her new home.

Scene Eight: The Buzz Café
10 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Sitting at a table together, Tori and Garrett begin to discuss the decisions they’ve needed to come to, concerning the status of their marriage. Garrett begins, “I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and chat with me. I know it’s probably not the easiest thing for you to be doing right now.” “I know. And part of that is partially my fault and I can take responsibility for that,” Tori explained in her response.

Yeah, well, I was a bit of a hard ass. I can admit that,” Garrett remarks. Tori lets out a slight giggle and responds, “You’ve got that right. You sometimes could be beyond a hard ass, but I loved you. I still do. If I didn’t love you, I just would have filed for a divorce instead of leaving.” “Yes, but I didn’t really give you that much of a choice. I can take my own responsibility for that one.”

Tori grabs Garrett’s hand and explains, “Garrett it was me. I’ve been able to come to terms with everything, and I’ve come to realize that I took the easy way out and was selfish. We both were in our own ways. And the one person to truly suffer was our son.” “But JR is fine. Trust me. As far as he knows, mommy just went away for some ‘mommy time’ to feel better. Nothing bad was ever said, nor ever could be said,” Garrett responds. “Thank you for that. You didn’t need to go and do that. I don’t deserve that kind of respect.”

Garrett removes his hand from Tori’s and places hers inside of his. He says, “And you deserved a hell of a lot more time and attention than what I was giving to you other than being Mrs. Garrett Gregson. And I made that mistake once, and if given the chance, I won’t make it again.” Tori picks her head up and looks at Garrett with an interesting look. Her look soon turns into a compassionate one when she responds, “It won’t be the same. And you’re not off the hook so easily. But we do owe it to JR to give this another try.”

Both Garrett and Tori exchange pleasant smiles, before exchanging a loving kiss, reuniting them in the first time in what felt like forever.


And who the hell do you think you are telling me what I should and shouldn’t do,” the woman asks in a snotty tone as Jason. Jason lets out a slight laugh and responds, “I just mean, this place is rigged with cameras and plus, why not just let me pay for whatever it is you and your children need here.” “I’m not some charity case. If I wanted to be one, I would’ve stayed back home and lived in shelters.” “And where would home be exactly?”

Irked, the woman bluntly responds, “None of your damn business.” “Well well, don’t we have a bit of a ‘tude today? Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Jason remarks sarcastically. “You have no idea. Listen, I’m sorry for snapping. I just got off of the longest bus ride of my life and I’m starving and need to at least feed my children.”

I’m Jason. Dr. Jason Spencer.” “Nice to meet you Dr. Jason Spencer. I’m Holly Peterson, and this is my son Andrew and daughter, Faith,” Holly introduces. “So, are you guys in town visiting or here to stay?” “To stay, for now. Providing I can come some place cheap.”

Jason smiles, takes his wallet out and hands Holly a $100 bill. He says, “Take this and buy yourself and your children some food. And then find a room someplace cool. And then tomorrow morning come to the hospital and I’ll give physicals or anything you guys may need or anything, okay?” Holly smiles and responds, “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

As Jason leaves out of the lanai exit of the café, Holly stands there for a few moments before entering into the café to do exactly as she was told.

Scene Nine: Town House Nº2
1250 Oakland Road
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Honey, it’s so good to see you here. I hope you’re doing okay,” Adam says to Ava as she enters into the home. Unimpressed once again with her father’s words, she absently responds, “Yeah, I’m fine. Like you even give a damn.” “Of course your father does. He loves you,” Diane says interrupting the conversation. “And who the hell do you think you are? You’re nothing but some whore my father picked up and used to destroy my family. And now you’re just shacking up. Who is to say he won’t use you and move on again?

Young lady, you will treat Diane with the respect she deserves. I raised you better,” Adam retorts in an authorize tone. Ava snaps back and responds, “Respect? Like you did for your marriage to mom? I don’t owe this slut anything.” Diane interrupts again and says, “Adam, it’s okay. She doesn’t need to apologize.” “Thanks,” Ava responds. “She shouldn’t have to apologize for being expressive about her feelings. No matter how incorrect or rude her remarks are.”

Pissed off, Ava grabs her bag and walks out. Before leaving, she remarks, “Hopefully you’ll come to your senses before it’s too late for you and mom. She won’t be at your access for long.” As she slams the door shut, Diane makes her way over to Adam and comforts him. She says, “We knew this wouldn’t be easy. No one said it ever would be.”

Adam turns his head and kisses Diane on the forehead.

Scene Nine: The Grove
26 Windmill Street
Liberty City, New York, 01948.

Enjoying their business meal together, Amanda and Madison continue to laugh over their conversations. “Well Madison, I like your ideas. And I think you have great promise and potential. I’d love to bring you on as the interior designer of my offices,” Amanda remarks with a smile. Madison exchanges her own smile and states, “Why thank you. I’m quite excited about our new working prospect. I can tell it’s going to be a good one.”

As the women clank both of their glasses, Madison asks, “So tell me a bit about yourself? If we’re going to be working together, we should get to know each other, no?” “You are exactly right Madison, we should get to know each other,” Amanda begins to state as she takes a sip of her wine before continuing, “I was married at one time for two-and-a-half years. I have two daughters, both of whom who are not appreciative of my existence and bringing them into this world. And I have an estranged lover who seems to want nothing to do with me. I run a multi-million company and get little to nothing in return. What about you?”

Madison responds, “I have a beautiful daughter, Ava. She’s gorgeous and the light of my world. And I have an ex-husband, who I’m pinning against my daughter.” “Pinning? Why?” “Because, it’s what I deserve. He went off with his sweetheart, and I get what? A divorce? No. I want what’s left of my heart. And that’s my daughter. And as long as she hates him, I have the upper hand.”

As Madison confesses her true intentions of her manipulation, an unknown spectator over-hears her confession. In a text message to ADAM, they text “WE NEED TO TALK. ASAP.”

Scene Ten

In an unknown location, police and medical examiners surround an unknown person, who seems to be murdered in cold blood. An unknown female voice questions, “What happened?” A medical examiner responds, “Forced entry to apartment about a few weeks to months ago, heavy forced blunt attack onto head. I’d say homicide. Lover, former lover, berated and angered person. Could be a plethora of things.”

An over-view of the dead body shows a man, whose face lay there peaceful, covered in dry blood with only its white eye balls noticeable.

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