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Liberty City (current)


Carraway Compound

Address: 1051 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Built in 1941, the estate, formerly known as Bancorage, is the oldest established home in Liberty City. Bancorage is the former first family, the McAllisters; the home was remodeled in 2016, in an attempt to sell the home, following the death of Cliff and Pamela McAllister, by their children. The home was purchased by the Walter Carraway in early 2020, when his family relocated from Denver, Colorado. The property holds eight spacious bedrooms and six bathrooms. The estate also holds a heated, in-ground pool, basketball and tennis courts, and a private garden across 6.1 acres of land.

Residents: Walter Carraway, Grace Carraway, Claudia Carraway, Brianne Carraway, Charlotte Carraway, Kendall Carraway & Riley Carraway

Hughes Estate

Address: 1001 Seneca Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

The Hughes Family Estate, purchased and established by the late Richard Hughes and his wife, Alecia Hughes. Together, the spouses raised three daughters. The estate holds five bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, and sits on two acres of land.

Residents: Alecia Hughes & Donna Hughes

Johnson Estate

Address: 721 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Purchased in June 1982 by Julian P. Johnson, this is where he and his wife, Logan, raised their three children and planned on spending the rest of their lives together. In 2002, the home was remodeled the delight of the lady of the home; it consists of seven bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths, with an estate pool — with a live-in pool house — and tennis court.

Residents: Logan Johnson, Ethan Johnson & Meredith Johnson

Windsor Estate

Address: 937 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

The Windsor estate is one of Liberty City’s newest real estates. Built in 2014, the home is the most modern of estates, settled on 4.9 acres of land. In 2019, the prestigious Windsor family heir moved into the estate with his wife, and her family. The property houses six spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a four-car drive-up garage. The grounds also houses a pool, green house and a summer garden.

Residents: Penelope Carraway, William Carraway & Amelie Ashford

Carraway Home

Address: 1099 Brook View Way, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Built in 1971, this home is one of the city’s more modern-centric homes. The home was purchased in early 2020 by Phillip Windsor and his wife, Olivia.

Residents: Phillip Windsor & Olivia Carraway-Windsor

Johnson Family Tack house

Address: 937 San Quentin Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

This tack house was purposed in 2001 by Julian P. Johnson for his family. The luxurious home houses five spacious bedrooms, four full baths, kitchen, dining and living rooms, and an enclosed three-part wrap around porch.

Residents: Meredith Johnson & Colin Jones

The Michaels’ Home

Address: 729 Brooklyn Road, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Purchased by Eric and Sophie Michaels in 2012, the multi-bedroom home has become the epicenter for many family gatherings in recent years. Since Eric’s death, the cottage-inspired home has become a safety net for Sophie and their son, Morgan.

Residents: Shirley Lane, Sophie Michaels, Jamie Spencer, Morgan Michaels & Adalynn Spencer

Daniel Smithson’s Home

Address: 745 Brooklyn Road, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Daniel Smithson purchased the three-bedroom, two-and-half bath home in late 2009, as a police officer with the Liberty City Police Department. Daniel initially resided in the home with his then-pregnant girlfriend, Cassandra Brighton, however, soon moved in with eventual wife, Leah Brighton.

Residents: Daniel Smithson, Leah Brighton, Claire Smithson & Robert Smithson

Dustin Smithson’s Home

Address: 68 Sapone Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Dustin Smithson purchased the home in 2000, alongside his then-wife Jamie Smithson. The family includes a Cape Cod-style kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms and three baths, with a perfect-sized backyard for family gatherings and outdoor activities. Since purchase, several renovations have been made to improve the home’s look to match modern day designs.

Residents: Dustin Smithson & Dillon Smithson

The Spencer Home

Address: 12 Mohegan Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Purchased by Derek Spencer upon relocating to Liberty City in 2001 after accepting the Chief of Staff position at Liberty City Memorial Hospital from Santa Barbara, California to raise his son, Jason. This Cape Cod family-style home features a bright, open-concept living space with three bedrooms, a bonus room, spacious kitchen, dining and living room and two-and-a-half baths.

Residents: Derek Spencer

CEDAR Point Brownstones

Address: 1458 Topaz Street, East Holland, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Cedar Point is located right outside of the main suburban area of Liberty City in the East Holland neighbourhood. Developed in 1985, the Cedar Point Brownstone building is one of the oldest existing residences in East Holland. The property was purchased by Dustin Smithson in 2014, who gutted and completely remodeled it, making it one of the high-end looking, cost effective places to live for young, growing families.

Liberty City Apartments

Address: 1366 Oakland Drive, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Liberty City Apartments are the premier living for Liberty City residents. Originally constructed in the 1950s, the building went public in the 1990s, and was redeveloped to meet modern standards. Today, it remains the top spot for city living, holding over 100 units across its 20 floors.

Residents: Brian Connolly, Bridget Carter, Courtney Willis, Joshua Smithson & Natalie Smithson

Liberty City Townhouses

Address: 1248–1252 Windmill Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

The Liberty City Townhouses are located within the epicenter of Windmill Avenue, where the Liberty City Apartments are also located. The area was previously established as the city dump, until it was re-developed in the mid-2000s to provide residential placement for residents. The townhomes consistent of three similarly established places of residence, each with their own unique entryway and parking behind the building.

Residents (TH 1250): Adam Newton, Ava Newton, Diane Newton & A.J. Newton



Address: 555 Fifth Avenue, Algonquin, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Arena is a lux nightclub that opened in 2017 in the downtown Liberty City area of Algonquin, within the Junction Square neighbourhood. Owned and operated by Meredith Johnson, through Johnson Industries, the club is open seven days per week, and has become a usual location for business folk to hold meetings, both during and after hours.


Buzz Café

Address: 101 Boyden Avenue, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Buzz Café was opened in 2002 and is considered one of Liberty City’s most beloved businesses. Whether you are a Johnson or a Smithson, all are welcomed and all love the array of foods and sweets offered alongside a special, house-brewed cup of coffee. Indoor, veranda and outdoor seating available; outdoor seating weather permitting.



Address: 1411 Saints Boulevard, Algonquin, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Carraco is a privately-owned company that was founded by Carraway family patriarch, Ernest. His son, Walter, inherited the company after graduating from business school, and kept the company running from Aspen, Colorado until 2020, when Walter moved his family and the business to Liberty City. At a Fortune 500 status, focused on a myriad of businesses—such a real estate development, venture capital and publishing—the company is one of the world’s most recognizable privately-run and operated, leaving the Carraway family to be listed within the “Top 50 Most Wealthy Families in America.”

Employees: Amelie Ashford, Brianne Carraway, Charlotte Carraway, Claudia Carraway, Grace Carraway, Kendall Carraway, Mason Carraway, Penelope Carraway, Riley Carraway, Walter Carraway & William Carraway

City Art Gallery

Address: 494 Galveston Way, Algonquin, Liberty City, New York, 01948

The City Art Gallery is an independently-owned company by Jamie Spencer. Opened in 2000, the gallery is home to some of the most prestigious works of art, from paintings, to drawings to sculptures. Independent, local artists also feature their works here. The gallery was re-modeled in 2013, following a fire that damaged more than 95% of the gallery’s property.

Employees: Jamie Spencer


Address: 800 Guantanamo Avenue, Bohan, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Domestico is a lush restaurant located within the Bohan borough of Liberty City. With its dark and mood-setting environment, there are long-standing speculation about the establishment’s not-so-appropriate dealings, Domestico is one of Liberty City’s most mysterious destinations.


Eric’s Diner

Address: 55 Denver Place, Broker, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Eric’s Diner is one of Liberty City’s most classic establishments. Located in the Broker borough of the city, Eric’s opened in the 1970’s as a casual diner, serving breakfast all-day, as well as lunch specials, and in the 1990’s, began to server dinner plates.


Johnson Industries

Address: 464 Union East Drive, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Johnson Industries is a multinational conglomerate founded and headquartered in Liberty City. Founded by Johnson family patriarch, Victor, who turned the company over to eldest son, Julian following his own retirement. Under Julian’s reign, the company reached new heights and business peaks. Following Julian’s death in 2008, the company was placed into the hands of his surviving family.

Employees: Rebecca Flynn, Donna Hughes, Logan Johnson, Meredith Johnson & David Roberts

Liberty City Country Club

Address: 1099 Parkview Way, Broke, Meadows Park, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Liberty City Country Club is located on the outskirts of Liberty City, in the Meadows Park area. Home to several extended-stay suites, it also houses a pool, golf course and on-sight dining. With some of the greenest pastures around, it is a wonderful place to hold special functions, such as weddings, amongst others.

Public Services

Liberty City Courthouse

Address: 1277 Paleto Boulevard, Liberty City, New York, 01948

The current courthouse was constructed in 1993 following the over-time deterioration of the original building, built in the early 1900’s. Owned and operated by the city, this where justice and legal tasks are made by some of the city’s most powerful residents. The courthouse is also the temporary home to the District Attorney and Mayoral offices.

Employees: Hilary Davis, Nicholas Robinson

Liberty City Medical Center

Address: 97 Cassidy Street, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Liberty City Medical Center is a sub-division of Liberty City Memorial Hospital. Conceptualized by Dr. Brian Connolly, development on the project began in 2010. Brief medical care was had in 2013, following a fire that rendered several portions of LCMH unusable. Construction finished in the late months of 2018, and has been open since. Several staff members of the Hospital also work at LCMC.

Employees: Bridget Carter, Brian Connolly & Deanna Newton

Liberty City Memorial Hospital

Address: 350 Jefferson Street, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Liberty City Memorial Hospital was founded in 1810, and is one of the oldest-operating hospitals in the state of New York.  At a capacity of 1,000 hospital beds, LCMH is known for its top-tier care and service. In 2013, following a fire, the hospital was remodeled with modern construction. As of 2020, LCMH ranks as the third-best hospitals in the United States, and is known for its leading hospital-based research programs. The current Chief of Staff is Derek Spencer.

Employees: Brian Connolly, Michael Johnson, Shirley Lane, Derek Spencer & Jason Spencer

Liberty City Police Department

Address: 1256 Paleto Boulevard, Liberty City, New York, 01948

Liberty City Police Department is one of Liberty City’s newest facilities. Constructed in 2006, following the deterioration of the original police station, it is home to several of the city’s police departments. The current police commissioner is Lieutenant Beth Reynolds.

Employees: Lauren Bouchard, Garrett Gregson & Beth Reynolds

Parks and Recreation

Liberty City Public Garden

Liberty City Public Garden is located just outside the mainland of the city. During the spring and summers months, the LCPG comes alive with a myriad of flowers and greenery on paths where residents and visitors may walk every single day. On occasion, weddings are scheduled at the garden. During the fall and winter months, access to the LCPG is limited to select areas.

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